20, 2007 TYPE CERTIFICATE DATA SHEET E1IN Engines of models described herein conforming with this data sheet (which is part of Type Certificate Number E1IN) and other approved data on file with the Federal Aviation Administration, meet the minimum standards for use in certificated aircraft in accordance with pertinent aircraft data sheets and applicable portions of the Federal Aviation Regulations, provided they are installed, operated, and maintained as prescribed by the approved manufacturer’s manuals and other approved instructions. Type Certificate (TC) Holder: Turbomeca S.A. 64 511 Bordes Cedex France Artouste IIIB single stage axial compressor single stage centrifugal compressor annular combustion chamber three stage turbine 5.802:1 reduction gearing Artouste IIIB1 -----Artouste IIID - -(see NOTE 11) ---5.7131:1 reduction gearing ------

I. MODELS TYPE Turboshaft for helicopters

-690 - 33,500 (+1000 rpm transients permitted -(Limited to 543 HP by engine gear -box)(405kw) Takeoff at sea level, 858 - 33,500 (+1000 rpm transients permitted) -Shaft hp., r.p.m. (T.O. power limited to 5 min.) )limited to 563 HP by engine gear box)(420kw) (limited to 590 HP by engine gear box) (440kw) -Drive shaft type Special, 24 internal involute splines according to and 20006 type XVID specification, pitch circle diameter, in : 1.20 Fuel Control Turbomeca governor, or - Turbomeca fuel pump, or - Semca fuel cock, or - Turbomeca automatic starting box, or -Turbomeca micropump (for starting) or -FUEL See NOTE 9 LEGEND: “ - -” INDICATES “SAME AS PRECEDING MODEL” “ - - -” INDICATES “DOES NOT APPLY”

RATING (See NOTE 3) Maximum continuous at sea level, shaft hp., r.p.m.


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Maximum permissible temperatures: Gas temperature at turbine outlet: Maximum takeoff (5 min. Date of Application for Type Certificate 18 February 1960.206. each new engine to be exported to the United States with the DGAC or EASA airworthiness approval shall have a Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) or EASA Form 1.i. (includes all controls.1 393 --- Low energy type (27-vole supply) with two Turbomeca 0. G. Width. registered aircraft. A typical jet pipe. Type Certificate E1IN.25 -21. Exhaust gas temperature is measured by the 2 Turbomeca thermocouples installed on each engine. No external air bleed or aircraft accessory power. for starting) (-4. Type Certificate Number E1IN.29)Engine Type Certificate No. Air-Equipment 81.3 to 17. IIIB1 --Artouste IIID --- NOTE 1. Weight (dry) lb.S. the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) began oversight of this product on behalf of France.773 or 0. in. Locations: Aft of front mounts. in. The JAA or EASA Form 1 should state that the engine conforms to the type design approved under the U. the Direction Generale de L'Aviation Civile (DGAC).2 E1IN I. 29.85 24.g. MODELS: OIL Principal dimensions Length. 2003.30.g.i. E1IN issued 27 March 1962.)550°C(1020°F) Maximum continuous 500°C (930°F) (The turbine exhaust gas temperature is measured by 2 thermocouples. Authorized Release Certificate.3 to 11.6 p. ------ ------ NOTE 3.70 18. originally type certificated this engine.s. fuel pump) starter-generator. when operating) Oil (pressure at engine oil pump outlet) Normal: 20 to 70 psig Minimal:16 psig Minimum ground idle:10 psig -- -- NOTE 2. Artouste IIIB.) Oil inlet temperatures for engine operation: 32° to 185°F (0° to 85°C) Fuel and oil pressure limits: Fuel. . The FAA validated this product under U. at engine inlet:(4. The engine ratings are the minimum guaranteed and are based on the following: Static sea level standard conditions of 59°F.30.4 20. although the engine is not sensitive to small differences in tailpipes.S. Import Requirements To be considered eligible for installation on U.5 26.s. IIIB1 See NOTE 10 Artouste 111D 71.S. Excludes tailpipe and oil tank). C. is in a condition for safe operation and has undergone a final operational check. Hg. Height.0 torch igniters Dual ignition coil.264 or 81.775. in. Effective September 28.92 in. Ignition System Artouste IIIB. in. The aviation authority for France.237.4 p.268/10 -- -- Certification basis CAR 10 (FAR 21.

ENG.ENG.) 135 --Static Torque (in. When DGAC approved Turbomeca Mod.ENG. Fuels shall conform to the specifications as listed in the table below or to subsequent revisions thereof. bleed flow is orifice limited to 170 grams per second.Eng. The mixing of approved fuels is permitted subject to the limitations specified under “Remarks: No adjustment of engine controls is necessary and no loss of performance occurs.RD 2454 D. Automatic sequence device for starting.RD 2494 --D.RD 2453 D. Labinal 2687 A or Rotation (facing drive) Counter-clockwise Speed Ratio 1:5. unrestricted SPECIFICATIONS NATO SYMBOL F 34 NOTE 6.) 170 --- Tachometer.ENG. Horsepower loss is 0.-lb. FUEL TYPE Kerosene .AMA Type 10 Counter-clockwise 1:10.4 kilowatts per gram per second (243. NOTE 7. NOTE 8.) The engine is for use on helicopters and includes the following special equipment: Isochronous speed governing system.00016 .50 (AVTUR-FS-11) JP 8 Kerosene .50 (AVTUR) JP 1 Kerosene Wide cut fuel (AVTAC FS 11) JP 4 Wide cut fuel (AVTAC) JP-4 Wide cut fuel High flash point Kerosene JP 5 (AVCAT) High flash point Kerosene JP 5 (AVCAT FS 11) USA MIL-T-83133 (JP 8) ASTM-D-1665 Jet A1 ASTM-D-1655 Jet A MIL-T-5624 JP 4 --ASTM-D-1655 Jet B --MIL-T 5624 JP 5 UK D. The following drive provisions are provided on the engines: Continuous Torque (in.02 10 6 Production engines are normally provided with a sonic orifice limiting engine bleed air to 65 grams per second.3 E1IN NOTE 4.1080 1:5.5 HP/Lb/sec.RD 2486 --D.0295 Overhang (in. Drive Starter-generator.) 650 --- Acrouste IIIB IIIB1 IIID Artouste IIIB IIIB1 IIID NOTE 5.” Normal fuels.ENG.RD 2498 D. NOTE 9.-lb. TU 1 is incorporated.-lb. This engine has no provision for anti-icing the inlet and has not been substantiated for use in icing weather. This engine meets FAA requirements for adequate turbine disk integrity and rotor blade containment and does not require external armoring.RD\2 452 FRANCE AIR 3405 F34 AIR 3405 F-35 --AIR 3407 ----AIR 3404 F-43 AIR 3404 F-44 FREEZING POINT (Approximately) -50°C ANTIICING ADDITIVE With F 35 --F 40 ----F 43 F 44 -50°C -40°C -58°C -58°C -50°C -46°C Without Without With Without Without Without -46° C With .

Gasoline F 12 F 18 F 22 Automotive Gasoline Automotive Diesel Oil --- F 46 F 54 --F 56 MIL-G-5572 (Grade 80/87) (Grade 100/130) (Grade 115/145) MIL-G-3056 VVF 800 DF2 VVF 800 DF1 VVF 800 DFA MIL-F-16684 --D.A. The restrictions -5°C Not to be connected with such used at a use and the O.T.A. below case by case basis.below15°C Not to be The extended use of used at those fuels is not O. -Use preferably the lowest possible lead content type of gasoline Not to be used at O.003 ----DEF 2402 (47/0 DIESO) DEF 2402 (47/20 DIESO) DEF 2403 AIR 3401 AIR 3401 AIR 3401 DCEA/ 2DMT80 DCEA/21C --Not to be used at OAT below -15°C --7120 STM Not to be used at OAT below -5°C Add 1 to 2% of lubricating oil by volume (mineral if possible) Not to be used at OAT below -5°C Gasoil O F 75 Gasoil 20 F 76 --- 7120 SIM Not to be used at OAT below -5°C Illuminating Oil F 58 VVK 211 DCEA/11C Not to be used at OAT below -15°C .Add approx.4 E1IN FUEL TYPE Aviation Type Gasoline (AVCAS) NATO SYMBOL F 12 USA MIL-G-5527 Grade 80/87 SPECIFICATIONS UK FRANCE --AIR 3401 80/87 D.A.A. below recommended.T.ENG.RD 2485 D.T.2% of lubricating oil by volume (mineral based oil if possible). below associated maintenance -20°C Not to be instructions should used at be assessed on a O.T.A. below -15°C Maximum operating time on gasoline during any period between overhauls: 25 hours. Operating altitude range: row 0 to 4000 m OAT from -50°C to +30°C .A. -5°C Not to be used at O.RD 2401 DEF 2401 TS. below +0°C Not to be used at O.ENG.RD 2485 --AIR 3401 100/130 AIR 3401 115/145 DCEA/2MT80 --- F-18 F 22 MIL-G-5572 Grade 100/130 MIL-G-5572 Automotive Gasoline Automotive Diesel oil 1 F 46 --- MIL-G-3056 VVF 800 DF1 DEF 2402 --- Automotive Diesel oil 2 F 54 VVF 800 DF2 TS 10 003 DCEA/21C Artic Diesel Fuel F 56 VVF 800 DFA -- -- Gasoil O F 75 MIL-F-16884 DEF 2 402 7 120 STM 47/0 Dieso Gasoil 20 F 76 -- DEF 2 402 7 120 STM 47/20 Dieso Illuminating Oil F 58 VVK 221 DEF 2 403 DCEA/11 C RESTRICTIONS ON USE -Maximum operating time on gasoline during any period between overhauls total 25 hours.T.T.ENG.10.

In case of change of oil brand or specification. D.9°C OAT= -20°C Synthetic 7. are accepted by the FAA and are considered FAA approved.. or brands must be submitted to TURBOMECA for approval.2 APPROVED OILS SPECIFICATIONS UK FRANCE D.. with or without glycerine.0001% in volume.15% in volume. for approvals made before September 28. • Service bulletins. . up to 0.5 E1IN C . • Aircraft flight manuals.9°C 0.149 DER D 2487 RESTRICTIONS ON USE Aeroshell oil 3 BP turbine oil 3 Esso aviation utility oil f EFF JET ENGINE OIL 15 CASTROLAERO CT 11 BP turbine oil 15 Castrol 3C CASTROL 325 Esso turbo oil 2389 Mobil oil Avrex 256 STAUFFER Jet oil 1 ELF jet synthetic oil 15 Turbonycoil 13 B Aeroshell turbine oil 390 Elf Jet Synthetic oil 25 Esso Turbo oil 2380 Mobil Jet Oil 11 TURBONYCOIL 525 CASTROL 5 000 Aeroshell 500 CASTROL 98 AEROSHELL 750 ESSO TURBO OIL 274 TURBONYCOIL 35 m TURBONYCOIL 35 A 0. 2003 by Direction Generale de L'Aviation Civile (DGAC).Anti-icing additive: AIR 3652.RD 2451. flush through the oil system according to Maintenance Manual Instructions. and • Overhaul and maintenance manuals. NATO S748.148 MIL-L-7808 --- --- 0.. The use of different oil spec.9°C NATO SYMBOL 0.150 --0. the specification should be at the latest amendment. 4.9°C OA = 10°C 0.. NATO S 740 S 720 C 624 USA MIL-T 5544 MIL-M-7866 MIL-C-6529 Type III UK DTD 392 DTD 900/4426 DED 2490 DEF 2001 FRANCE` AIR 4247 AIR 4223 AIR 1504 AIR 3515 NOTES GREASES Storage Oils Fuel system and external spray NOTE 11 SERVICE INFORMATION: Each of the documents listed below must state that it is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) or.5 cSt at 98. The oil brands are indicated in alphabetical order.RD AIR 3515 2490 FUEL TYPE Mineral: Fluid 3 to 3. 4.END.ENG.. These approvals pertain to the type design only.135 USA --- Synthetic fluid 3 to 3.Anti-static additive: SHELL ASR-3.159 -- -- AIR 3517 NOTE: 1. • Vendor manuals.ENG. NOTE 10.5 cSt at 98. . .9 cST at 98.The following fuel additives are approved for use: .156 ----MIL-L23669 ------ AIR 3514 ---- Synthetic Medium 5 cSt at 98. MIL-I-27686. Any such documents including those approved under a delegated authority. PHILLIPS PFA-55 MB each is eligible up to . • Structural repair manuals. 3. 2.