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Radiotherapy Sourcebook 2012

Welcome to the 2012 OSL radiotherapy sourcebook

OSL supplies and develops innovative technology in the field of radiotherapy and medical imaging. We provide the full range of clinical and technical radiotherapy equipment from thermoplastic to 4D simulation and imaging, in the areas of immobilisation, treatment planning, medical physics QA and beyond. We are able to fully equip a radiotherapy service from the ground up and offer turn-key solutions.

This brochure contains a selection of the vast product range available from OSL. For more information and up to date product news visit our website:
All systems can be ordered direct or through NHS Supply Chain.

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Imaging & Planning

OnQ rts new atlas-based auto contouring software with multi modality deformable image registration, ProSoma, RT PACS, ACCULOC/ Cortex/Gold Anchor patient markers, skin marking labels

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ImSimQA, phantoms, electrometers, ion chambers, Dosimetry Check, Delta4, QA BeamChecker Plus, Iso-Align, IMSure, RIT113, Radia, eQA, PIPSPro, brachytherapy

Workflow & Verification

RFSuite and RT Workspace clinical and physics management software solutions

Patient Positioning & Immobilisation 23

Couchtops, indexing, Protura, SBRT, head & neck, breast & thorax, vacuum supports, paediatric, abdomen & pelvis, accessories & storage

Relocatable radiotherapy and remote planning services

32 34

Radiotherapy Services
Room planning & design, remote planning, training, service & repair

Imaging & Planning

OnQ rts
Weighed down by contouring for IMRT? Want to do adaptive re-planning but contouring time prohibits?
OnQ rts has been developed by OSL to help you save time for contouring and re-contouring OnQ has single click automation for atlas-based auto contouring and adaptive re-contouring OnQ has a powerful task scheduler with full automation so contouring, fusion and imaging tasks can be batched and timed off-line with no human intervention OnQ learns as more cases are contoured, increasing consistency and accuracy

NEW auto contouring software

Triple fusion for multi modality images

Automate the complex. Reclaim your time.

OnQ, developed by OSL, has been designed from day one to meet the growing demands placed on clinicians for contouring for IMRT and other techniques such as SBRT, and adaptive RT. OSLs main goal has been to develop software that not only automates tasks, but also streamlines workflows. It is now possible to combine multi modality images for fusion, even when one is supine and one prone, or one image is longer than the other, with only a single click action. Atlas-based auto contouring is also initiated with a single command. The only intervention required is for clinicians to review and possibly edit the final contours. More than 60 structures can be automatically generated for a head and neck case.

Want to account for curved couch tops for MR or PET fusion? Want to perform elastic image registration for pre and post op planning?

One click to contour. One click to fuse.

OnQ performs rigid and deformable image registration for CT-MR, CT-PET and for IGRT images OnQ automatically generates SUV-based GTVs on PET images OnQ accounts for differences in curved and flat couch tops and anatomy shape and size when co-registering images OnQ is valuable for tracking anatomy changes during the whole clinical imaging process from diagnosis-planning-IGRT-followup

Not sure how to QA auto contouring and advanced fusion algorithms? Wondering how to QA the contour quality of the atlas library?

Contour analysis and QA tools at the heart of OnQ.

OnQ has integrated QA tools to commission and test the system, and your contouring performance! OnQ analysis can be integrated into your workflow with automated results and error histograms Having previously launched ImSimQA, the ground breaking QA software for atlas-based auto contouring and image fusion registration, we have now brought that know-how into the heart of OnQ. These analysis tools are integrated into the clinical software and can be used to compare user contouring performance, and also system commissioning. They can also be used to validate deformable image registration performance. A powerful and unique toolkit.

NEW auto contouring software


Imaging & Planning

Imaging & Planning

ProSoma continues to lead the market with powerful new functions to save time in advanced clinical practice. In over 40 UK and Irish departments and several universities, ProSoma has become the cost effective clinical front end of the planning process and an invaluable training tool.

NEW Image matching module with statistical trending

Monitor and record IGRT shifts during a course of treatment. Online and offline review of EPI and IGRT images. Powerful dose overlay for IGRT images.

NEW Scripting functions

Powerful automation of contouring tasks saves time and assures quality through consistency. Fully customisable for your local protocols.

4D Motion Planning
Simulation and contouring on 4D CT data ensuring beam and PTV coverage of moving anatomy. Fuse 4D with 3D planning CTs. Generate mean, max and min images.

Dose Review
Review dose maps on your ProSoma workstation freeing up valuable TPS time. Compare plans, summate phases, and plans from different treatment modalities. View DVHs and isodoses on IGRT images - for dose guided adaptive RT.

The most complete clinical breast planning package

Increasingly PTV contours are required for breast planning. ProSoma allows virtual clinical markup with simultaneous visualisation of skin surface and internal markers, making it quick and easy to define clinical PTVs. A second powerful option defines target volumes from beam edges including MLC shapes. Use this function for IMRT, field in field and conformal techniques.

Both methods combined with ProSomas superb visualisation and scripting allows you to create target volumes in seconds

Remote working for ultimate flexibility

ProSoma harnesses up to date technology to enable you to work from any location. Take for example Liverpool University who recently installed ProSoma onto a Citrix network, enabling the students to remotely access ProSoma from any PC in any location. remote desktop and VPN solutions now in routine use across the country remote technical support and training provided, including the most recent installation in Africa

RT PACS is designed for radiotherapy. The imaging and connectivity power of ProSoma has been harnessed to create a new RT PACS system. OSL offers both the software and a range of flexible hardware storage options to suit local department needs e.g. 14TB archive. This extremely cost effective system can also be used in conjunction with hospital wide PACS, but ensures that all dicom RT images and plans are properly archived and retrievable by any other RT system. RT PACS is provided with RT Viewer licenses, ensuring all RT images and information is displayed and presented in a meaningful way, along with diagnostic images and other key clinical information. RT PACS is available as an upgrade for existing ProSoma customers or as a standalone product.

Imaging & Planning


Imaging & Planning


External mark setup introduces considerable target uncertainty resulting from internal organ motion and patient position variability. ACCULOC IGRT eliminates this uncertainty using implanted gold fiducials or anatomic landmarks with EPID or CR images. The 3D transformation software (ISOLOCTM) outputs exact couch translations for high-accuracy, verifiable localisation.

NEW Cortex
New to OSL, Cortex is an advanced implanted marker line (from the same people who brought you ACCULOC). Cortex markers offer a complete solution for all treatment sites and imaging modalities (including CT and MR). Cortexs latest innovations include FlexiMarc, FlexiMarc G/T, FlexiCoil, PointCoil, PolyMark and SureLock.

Gold Anchor
This new fiducial marker is the next step in precise, accurate Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT). With its ultra fine needle, there is less trauma and greater reach. Gold Anchor collapses and folds through insertion techniques to offer a straight strand, semi-folded with a strand, or a completely folded wire, minimising migration risk. The 25G needles minimise infection and travel deeper into tissues (0.53mm dia). Gold Anchor is visible on kV and MV x-ray/CT. Gold Anchor will soon be available as visible on MR. Available as 10mm or 20mm markers in two different needle sizes.

Patient Markers
Bone Marker
Bone Markers are pure gold 2mm spheres used in cranial and spinal applications.

Soft Tissue Marker

Tiny gold rods easily implanted in numerous locations through pre-loaded needles at time of ultrasound. The unique gnarled surfaces inhibit migration.

Suture-type Marker
Designed for high accuracy localisation in any clinician designated location where migration is a concern.

Skin Marking Labels

Suremark Markers
Suremark markers are useful in distinguishing between a nipple, shadow and lesion.

Covermark Labels
Covermark Labels protect temporary tattoos with a watertight seal for up to six weeks.

Also available Suremark Tabs, Suremark Relief Tabs, Suremark Wire, Powermark, Clearline, Clearmarks and Visionmark 9

Imaging & Planning

Dosimetry & QA


Virtual phantoms for real QA

Deformable image registration and atlas-based auto contouring are growing fast. How do you use hard phantoms to test these algorithms? Answer: You cant. ImSimQA is an essential tool for testing modern auto contouring systems, IGRT, adaptive RT, deformable and rigid image registration, 4D planning software and more. Edit, deform, transform any imported DICOM-3 image to create new test images, export to test systems, import results back into ImSimQA for quantifiable analysis and results.

CBCT image deformed by ImSimQA for IGRT QA

Use virtual phantoms or real DICOM images to create infinite test scenarios

Simple brain phantom with mask

Mask removed, tumour enlarged

CT of phantom generated by ImSimQA


ImSimQA modules for quantitative testing ImSimQA


Tools to QA deformable image registration include clinical visualisation and quantitative tests with pass/fail criteria.



Contour analysis tools to QA auto contouring systems and user contouring performance.



Create 4D CT test images for QA of resp motion and gating software. Import RPM signals and apply to virtual phantom.

Dosimetry & QA

Dosimetry & QA

Programmable Respiratory Motion Phantom
The Programmable Respiratory Motion Phantom is a state-of-the-art breathing simulator for conducting quality assurance testing on radiotherapy systems.

Catphan Shaker
The Catphan Shaker is designed to enable 4D CT image quality assurance by moving a Catphan phantom with programmable respiratory and sinusoidal motion profiles.

Multi-Purpose Body Phantom

A cost effective tool designed to perform both dosimetric and non-dosimetric tests on radiotherapy systems. The Multi-Purpose Body Phantom incorporates a wide variety of test objects in a solid acrylic housing.

Lucy 3D QA Phantom
The Lucy 3D QA Phantom performs image transfer QA, dosimetry and machine QA within the exact coordinate system of commercially available stereotactic head frames.

IMRT Dose Verification Phantom

The IMRT Dose Verification Phantom can combine absolute, relative and point dose measurements, with up to 16 chamber positions, five film positions and up to nine diodes or TLDs.

MLC Beam Geometry Phantom

MLC Beam Geometry Phantom tests beam integrity from CT simulation.

Measure head-scatter factors down to a 3cm x 3cm field size simply and easily, without side scatter from a water tank.

MIMI Phantom
Isocenter alignment IGRT QA - test the coincidence of the isocenter prescribed by the lasers, treatment beam and image guidance systems.

Virtual Water
Virtual Water is an ideal alternative to traditional water tanks for performing routine QA checks of a linear accelerator using photon or electron beams.

Penta-Guide Phantom
Daily QA for linac mounted Cone Beam CT systems with tests for 3D cone beam registration, kV and MV system coincidence, kV and MV projection images, laser and light field coincidence, and remote table adjustments.

NEW Penta-Guide software

Penta-Guide software is designed to simplify and enhance daily cone beam CT QA through automated image analysis. This time saving application automates the analysis and reporting for kV-MV projection images as well as 3D cone beam CT images.

Dosimetry & QA

Dosimetry & QA

DoseViewTM 3D coming soon

The DoseView 3D is a new 3-axis water phantom for performing comprehensive linear accelerator beam commissioning and quality assurance measurements quickly, accurately and intuitively. Built for consistency and convenience: robust construction, accuracy and reliability within 0.1mm per axis designed to minimise degradation even after 30000 measurements fast, easy to use hardware minimise cable and instrument clutter comprehensive positioning and reservoir system powerful acquisition software

A next generation, two channel, reference grade electrometer with an advanced, intuitive touchscreen interface, built-in chamber library for real-time dose and dose rate display, and 1 fA resolution.

MAX 4000
A reference grade instrument for use in a wide range of radiation therapy applications, including external beam, low dose, high dose, intravascular brachytherapy, diagnostic x-ray, and mammographic x-ray.

CDX 2000B
The compact, stable, lightweight and easily transported CDX 2000B has wide amp and coulomb ranges for both external beam dosimetry measurements and precise HDR brachytherapy calibrations.

Exradin Ion Chambers

A16 Chamber
Micro chamber (0.007cc) ideal for IMRT, for assessing pinpoint radiation fields for IMRT, stereotactic, orthovoltage x-rays, and superficial skin therapy.

A19 Chamber
Classic Farmer-type chamber designed to fit existing plastic phantoms.

A1SL Chamber
For relative dosimetry scanning and measuring points in water, air or other phantom material.

A18 Chamber
Miniature Shonka thimble chamber for relative dosimetry scanning and measuring points in water, air or other phantom material.

A11 Chamber
A Spokas parallel plate chamber for use in routine electron beam measurements and depth-dose studies in electron, photon, proton, and neutron beams.

A10 Chamber
Parallel plate chamber for use in routine electron beam measurements and depth-dose studies in electron and high energy photon beams.

Dosimetry & QA

Dosimetry & QA

NEW Dosimetry Check

Dosimetry Check IMRT QA software provides an independent check and works with any EPID and any treatment technique including VMAT and RapidArc, to provide a volumetric measurement for IMRT QA. Dosimetry Check IGQA eliminates the need for a phantom, by allowing physicists, therapists and doctors to see the dose distribution on the patients CT plan rather than through planar images. Some of the benefits and advantages of the Dosimetry Check IGQA technology over other phantom based systems include: 3D absolute dose calculation works with any RTP System supports VMAT and Rapid Arc works with Elekta iView portal imager, and Siemens Optivue works with Varians PortalVision using both R and E arms measured Dose Verification using Patient CT image data structured analysis: 3D dose volume (DVH) and gamma volume histograms actual 3D absolute dose (measured analysis) vs. 3D predicted dose from any plan works with any linear ion chamber or diode 2D array to achieve full 3D analysis

Frame screen centred on volume

Gamma 3D


Delta4PT performs complete QC in just one single measurement. Delta4PT imports the 3D dose calculation from the treatment planning system and makes a 3D analysis and comparison with the measured data. Users can select the prescription point from the plan or choose to normalise to any other point. QC status is logged and clearly indicated for any stage in the process, and measurements are available from a comprehensive database.

NEW Delta4AT
Delta4AT at treatment is a new in vivo system for advanced RT consisting of a highly stable, high resolution, thin transmission detector. The system monitors the dose administrated to the patient during treatment and ensures that the correct dose is delivered to the patient at every fraction.

NEW HexaMotion 6D moving platform

HexaMotion 6D moving platform in combination with Delta4 allows: simulation of the patient specific tumour motion pattern in 6 dimensions verification of the delivered dose in a moving target time resolved analysis of the delivery detection of latencies in the delivery system fast positioning within sub-millimetre accuracy

Dosimetry & QA

Dosimetry & QA

QA BeamChecker Plus
The QA BeamChecker Plus is a reliable and uncomplicated daily QA instrument for linear accelerators and TomoTherapy systems. With wire-free technology, integrated build-up and automatic energy detection radiotherapist can quickly and easily perform daily QA. Up to nine treatment rooms can be managed with just one QA BeamChecker Plus. Using the communication software, a complete set of linear accelerator or TomoTherapy Hi-Art system baselines can be created for each room. Once a room has been created, it becomes selectable from the QA BeamChecker Plus in any mode, including wire-free. When performing daily QA, simply select the desired room and the QA BeamChecker Plus automatically detects the energies provided by the operator.

The Iso-Align is a multi-purpose, precision alignment device which assists in the routine quality control of lasers, linear accelerators and simulators. The Iso-Align accommodates a convenient film pack for radiation and light field verification. The Iso-Point Rotational Runout Toll on the Iso-Align allows you to accurately and easily verify the mechanical isocentre of the gantry.

TG66 CT Simulation Laser QA Device

This unique device is an accessory designed specifically to check the performance of electromechanical components, simple geometric and imaging properties of CT scanners in accordance with AAPM protocol TG66. Gantry and vertical side-wall lasers can also be checked.

In Vivo Dosimetry
Dynamic dose measurements and real-time, in vivo dose monitoring for brachytherapy dosimetry.

Portable Dosimeter
The Portable Dosimeter is an economical, compact, stand-alone system for radiation dose measurement. Measurements are available at the touch of a button and display on the integrated LCD, without the need for software or a computer.

mobileMOSFET Patient Dose Verification System

Seamlessly integrated system to minimise QA time and simplify dosimetry.

Mosfets Dxposure Software

The Dxposure software is a software program that works in harmony with the mobileMOSFET Patient Dose Verification System to measure the real-time skin dose that patients receive during interventional and diagnostic x-ray procedures, such as fluoroscopy and CT.

IMSure QA Software
Unprecedented accuracy from the patented 3-Source Model algorithm, easy standard plan MU checks and uniquely comparative IMRT Plan QA - no film, no phantom, no linac time required. intuitive MU dose calculations CyberKnife plan verifications accurate IMRT dose calculations in-depth patient QA

Dosimetry & QA

Dosimetry & QA

RIT 113
A mix of conventional therapy, advanced therapies, IMRT, IGRT, and RapidArc from digital and film images is becoming commonplace in cancer centres. Todays medical physicist needs a single QA package that can provide solutions for every imaging option and every challenge faced. RIT113 does it all for you.

RIT Radia
Radia is RITs new diagnostic software for automated scoring and trending of image quality. Radia is built around a base module which includes a DICOM viewer, DICOM receiver, and an extensive tool box of features to view images and make measurements, as well as directory browsers and filters. Radia imports DICOM images and entire DICOM directories.

eQA Software
eQA Software is designed to simplify linac QA through automated EPID image analysis. This time-saving application automates the analysis and reporting for six important QA tests, most of which are recommended by TG142(1). Using eQA and your EPID eliminates the need to use film for these tests.

PIPSpro helps ensure accuracy by showing you what you cant see - the slow degradation in EPID performance over time. With PIPSpro and QC-3 phantom test patterns, baselines are created that set the standard for future QA testing. Using these baselines youll recognise deviations in the data. Thats how you will know whether you should calibrate, repair or upgrade your system.

HDR 1000 Plus Well Chamber
The HDR 1000 Plus is an air-communicating chamber, so there is no inaccuracy due to undetected gas leakage as in a pressurised chamber. Performance of the HDR 1000 Plus has been validated in over 30 publications. The HDR 1000 Plus is ideal for low dose rate and high dose rate brachytherapy.

The MAX 4000 (see Electometers) has exceptional sensitivity and a wide range, making it the number one choice for brachytherapy measurements. It provides quick measurements of low activity isotopes. A 0.27 mCi iodine seed, measured in the HDR 1000 Plus Well Chamber, gives a typical signal of 1.458 pA. The MAX 4000 also measures 10 Ci and higher activity iridium sources.

Source holders
OSL offers a complete line of source holders for calibrating iodine and palladium isotopes. This line includes: single LDR seed sources seed batch assay tool IBt InterStrand source Imagyn isosleeve sources preloaded needle sources Mick Cartridge sources RAPID Strand iodine seed sources Nucletron SelectSeed sources

IMSure QA Brachytherapy
Unprecedented accuracy from the patented 3-Source Model algorithm, easy standard plan MU checks and uniquely comparative IMRT Plan QA - no film, no phantom, no linac time required. Perform second checks of HDR, LDR and permanent implant plans on a single page interface.

Dosimetry & QA

Workflow & Verification


RFSuite is a comprehensive tracking system for improving clinical workflow. RFSuite utilises RF (radio-frequency identification) technology to track patients, personnel, charts, film jackets and patient positioning/treatment devices. The RFSuite software, RFTrakTM, provides a snapshot of where people and items are located in your facility. How it works: when a patient checks in, he or she is issued a customised RF tag; these same tags can be issued to staff to enable personnel tracking. RF readers positioned throughout your facility automatically detect the tags and indicate their location using the RFTrak software. CIVCOs RFSeriesTM line provides a broad array of products with RF tags including: thermoplastic masks, headrests, bellyboards, breastboards and vac-lok cushions. The RFTrak software allows you to see where devices are located in equipped areas of the department.

RT Workspace
Clinically proven workflow tools to save you time and money and improve communication and planning. electronic (paperless) workflow management tool for radiotherapy QA and physics guides the entire process from patient entry through to plan approval to plan finalisation in-built workflow analysis tools to determine where productivity and efficiency issues exist physics tools for scheduling, tracking calibration information and notifying re-calibrations, collecting, analysing and storing machine QA data and patient specific QA data electronic sticky-notes (post-its) for instant communication between users, and To Do lists integrated calendar and scheduling system

Universal Couchtop
Thin, homogeneous, lightweight, rigid indexed carbon fibre couch-top with minimal build-up, ideal for IGRT, utilising the same couch top for CT scanner and treatment machine.

NEW Universal Couchtop One Piece

The Universal Couchtop One Piece is a strong rigid and lightweight couchtop with low attenuation, ideal for IGRT tracking. This is equivalent in length to the original UCT plus the rectangular extension.

The Prodigy indexing system features protruding hemisphere style indexing notches and is the most versatile system for your treatment plans.

The Interloc indexing system features notched style indexing points.

The Exact indexing system is designed for the Varian Exact notched style indexing couchtops.

Also available Prodigy-2 and PinnPoint indexing 23

PP & I

PP & I

Protura Robotic Patient Positioning System

CIVCOs Protura 6 degrees of freedom couch is the next generation in robotic patient motion management. Sleek and elegant, Protura combines with CIVCOs Universal Couchtop and SBRT Body Pro-Lok to become an all-in-one motion management solution. Available for use on all vendor platforms including Varian, Elekta and Siemens, using linac couch top supplied or CIVCO Universal Couchtop. The integrated feedback encoders eliminate the need for any external arches, fiducials or cameras to verify couch position. Movements in all six planes are made at the same time (x, y, z, pitch, roll and yaw) all in one smooth movement so the patient is often unaware that they are actually moving. Protura features: virtual pivot point always at isocentre allows for accurate adjustment in-room touch screen controls control panel with indicator lights on the couch supports patients up to 200kg 15cm height for easy patient loading compatible with all IGRT coordinate systems adjustable speed from 4-16mm/second

Protura technical specifications: +/- 5cm travel in X & Y directions, +/- 2.5cm travel in Z direction +/- 3 rotation in pitch, roll and yaw adjustable speed from 4-16mm/second

Body Pro-Lok
The Body Pro-Lok system provides an easy to use modular structure for setting up complex Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Treatments (SBRT). Highly adaptable to the individual patient, the Body Pro-Lok provides a new level of confidence for SBRT treatment.

Body Pro-Lok has numerous accessories which attach directly to the bridges or to the Body Pro-Lok platform with CIVCOs T-pin locking mechanism. The system utilises your existing CIVCO immobilisation devices in combination with Body Pro-Lok Lok Bars.

Selection of available accessories


clam-lok cushion

forehead restraint

patient handles


shoulder bridge

respiratory belt

NEW Body Pro-Lok Rails Only

CIVCOs new Body Pro-Lok Rails-Only system utilises Body Pro-Lok Bridges and accessories without the full Body Pro-Lok Platform or the Universal Couchtop.

PP & I

PP & I

Head & Neck

ZENTEC Thermoplastic
The soft-drape effect results in a high-contouring mask. These masks also require less heating and setup time, providing increased efficiency. Each mask has a thickness of 2.4mm. NEW Now also available for the Uni-Frame system.

Posicast Thermoplastic
Posicast thermoplastic provides excellent positioning and reproducibility during treatment. It does not stick to the skin or hair. If needed, Posicast adheres to itself by applying local pressure. The patented composition of this unique product results in minimal shrinkage after cooling.

Posifix Baseplate
Posifix head and neck baseplates are designed for use with the Posicast thermoplastic masking system. Posifix baseplates are available in two sizes, head-only baseplates and larger T-shaped head, neck and shoulders baseplates.

Shoulder Support Cushion

This wedge shaped cushion supports the shoulders and upper body of the patient.

Variable Axis Baseplate

Carbon fibre tilting baseplate for comfortable patient fixation in the prone and supine positions.

Breast & Thorax

MT350N Breastboard
The popular MT350N carbon fibre breastboard is lightweight, has low attenuation and a positive locking angulation system. The board features carbon fibre grid treatment panels for rigid support for the bi-lateral treatment windows.

C-Qual Breastboard
The low-attenuating C-Qual breastboard provides a treatment zone ideal for the imaging demands of IGRT. The Sure-Set angulation support provides quick, secure elevation while the C-Quals ergonomic design delivers a new level of patient comfort.

NEW Horizon Prone Breastboard

The Horizon Prone breastboard assists in providing comfortable, reproducible patient positioning for prone breast treatments. The modular design and variety of accessories allow you to customise your patient setups including overall height adjustments.

Posirest-2 Arm Support

The Posirest-2 arm support is designed to create proper and comfortable upper extremity positioning.

Unique positioning device allowing the patient to incline at multiple fixed angles.

Extended Wingboard
CT compatible and indexable for enhanced reproducibility - from imaging to treatment.

PP & I

PP & I

Vacuum & Pliable Supports

AccuForm Cushions
Ideal for head and neck treatments, this soft, cloth-covered pillow is filled with tiny beads coated in water. When sprayed with water it becomes pliable, allowing it to be formed to the patients anatomical contours. After a few minutes the cushion forms a rigid, yet comfortable custom mould.

Vac-Lok Cushions
Easy-to-use, reusable Vac-Lok cushions form a custom mould of the patients contours. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Paediatric Type-S
For children, a narrower thermoplastic radiotherapy frame for the CIVCO Type-S system is offered.

Paediatric Posifix
The Posifix Paediatric baseplate is narrower than a standard Posifix baseplate and accepts PR33 and PR55 precut thermoplastic.

Posifix Paediatric Headrests

Specially designed for radiotherapy treatments with paediatric patients. A prone headrest and a supine headrest are each available in bright, glossy colours.

Abdomen & Pelvis

Contoura Bellyboard
Allows for customised bowel displacement with the use of three interchangeable padded inserts.

Carbon Fibre Bellyboard

Radio-transparent, lightweight, rigid and indexable with two apertures.

Versatile hip and pelvis immobilisation system for prone and supine set-ups.

Kneefix 2
Better stability and reproducibility in the supine position.

Feetfix 2
Feetfix 2 contributes to better stability and reproducibility in the supine position for radiotherapy and diagnostic procedures.

Multi-Purpose Support Cushions

Multi Purpose Support Cushions are exclusive closed cell PE foam which will not stain or absorb liquids. The CIVCO supplied cushions are more firm than regular, coated radiotherapy support cushions. Six different shapes are sold separately or as a complete set. Available in red, yellow, or blue.

PP & I

PP & I

Accessories & Storage

The ideal choice for applications above 1MV where additional tissue-equivalent thickness is required. Available with or without skin.

Tungsten Eye Shields

Proven to provide adequate protection of the ocular structure for electrons up to 9MeV. Available in three sizes: small (19.5mm), medium (23mm) and large (25mm).

Cold Mitt
Contains a pliable gel that conforms easily to body contours, speeding the cooling of formed thermoplastic.

Water Bath available soon

The Water Bath accommodates all thermoplastic sizes including Type-S head, neck and shoulders and HipFix thermoplastics.

Water Bath Cart

The Water Bath Cart provides an easy, efficient way to transfer a water bath from room to room.

Pan Liner
The pan liner helps prevent thermoplastic from sticking to the bottom of the water bath.

NEW Dual Function Vacuum Compressor

Pump which provides both a vacuum and inflate cycle with a convenient hand control or foot control. It provides an audible alarm when your optimum vacuum level is reached.

Storage is available for cushions and supports, bellyboards, baseplates, overlays, Body Pro-Lok, and the Mastercouch. Contact OSL for more information. A selection is shown below.

Storage Racks
These space giving racks hold moulded and inflated cushions. Plastic S hooks are available for hanging cushions.

Posifix Baseplate Storage

Compatible with Posifix Baseplates with attached aluminium rails.

Carbon Fibre Bellyboard Storage

Compatible only with the Carbon Fibre Bellyboard. Not compatible with the Contoura Bellyboard.

Mobile Accessory Cart

Holds a variety of patient positioning and fixation devices weighing up to 135kg.

PP & I


NEW Pioneer
Relocatable radiotherapy
Oncology Systems Limited has developed the only relocatable radiotherapy treatment suite outside of North America, Pioneer. Pioneer can be used as a satellite radiotherapy centre, a support suite during new build or refurbishment, as an expansion to an existing centre or a stand alone service. Pioneer can be delivered with OSL Remote, a high quality commissioning, remote outlining, treatment planning and QA service. The relocatable, stand alone radiotherapy treatment suite accommodates a TomoTherapy Hi-Art or TomoHD treatment machine and any necessary treatment planning software, patient positioning accessories and quality assurance systems.

No build
Removing the need for expensive capital expenditure for new treatment bunkers, Pioneer can be rapidly deployed complete with all the patient and equipment accessories necessary to run a clinical service. The small scanner-like footprint of TomoTherapy, plus its inherent radiation shielding, provide the worlds first mega voltage external beam radiotherapy system capable of being rapidly installed and deployed for all types of cancer cases, both routine and more challenging.

Rapid start-up and service continuity

Planning, designing and building a new radiotherapy facility, can take several years. Pioneer opens up the possibility of no loss of clinical service and revenue whilst existing treatment machines are decommissioned and new ones installed. TomoTherapy with its complete integrated solution, as utilised worldwide, has seen the most rapid start-up of radiotherapy of any modern technology.

Pioneers relocatable potential means that the complete suite can be relocated after a minimum period, meeting the needs of currently under-served populations with poor access to, and uptake of radiotherapy. The sheer quality of IG-IMRT delivered by TomoTherapy ensures that the best radiotherapy available in the world today, reaches more people.

Remote planning
Technology advances mean that many time consuming tasks, critical to delivering radiotherapy, can be performed remotely, away from the treatment suite. Pioneer, offers the potential for remote planning services, such as outlining and plan creation, to be provided off-site. Plan QA results can be measured on-site but analysed off-site. A main cancer centre can manage these remote services for a satellite.

The TomoTherapy radiotherapy treatment system was built for simplicity and ease of use. Smart design and a single, common database drive a completely integrated process for delivering state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatments. Combining image-guided and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IG-IMRT), the treatment system offers greater precision, accuracy and assurance to cancer care.


Radiotherapy Services

Remote Planning
OSL Remote eases the burden and costs associated with the time consuming yet critical tasks required to plan and check a patients radiotherapy course prior to the start of treatment. These complex tasks do not require direct patient contact and so can, with modern technology, be performed remote from the hospital. With decades of experience in clinical treatment planning, medical physics, IT and networking and education of radiotherapy professionals, OSL is perfectly placed to deliver this option. Experienced clinical staff employed by OSL, provide remote outlining and treatment plan options, plus analysis of plan QA results. All images, plans and reports are then reviewed electronically back at the hospital for approval.

Room Planning & Design

OSL works closely with customers, architects, services and structural engineers and contractors in planning, designing and the building of bunkers and associated rooms for installation of linear accelerators. OSL will work closely with the design team or alternatively we can use our own design team for a full turnkey solution. OSLs involvement continues through the construction phase with regular site visits and key stage inspections to ensure that works are correct and finished on time.

Support & Training

OSL offers training and comprehensive clinical and technical support services for all supplied products. This is on both a contracted and one-off basis. Delivered by our team of dedicated clinical specialists and technical engineers located throughout the UK, with close links to the clinical, scientific and technical departments of all our suppliers to ensure high quality support and a comprehensive response.

Service & Repair

OSL can arrange for the service or repair on a wide selection of supplied products. For a quote please contact us.

Contact OSL
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