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food ? ? what's that ? ?

havent eaten since 2003 i think ** dahhhh

no matter ** here's my entry for this week ** what is it : a chameleon
dressed up as a vegetable ** lol :D

Bitter Gourd


ah the settings : well now

*kodak camera
*f 3.2


Vah [= I really like this pic [= Awesome texture !

Posted by ConvexiaLense on 14 Dec 2008, 05:03

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Well done very unique shot.

Posted by Chris on 13 Dec 2008, 19:17

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This is amazing!

Posted by Demi on 13 Dec 2008, 15:13

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Kurt Anderson
Feed me Seymore, Great shot Vah! for some reason i remindes me of "little
shop of horrors"

Posted by Kurt Anderson Photography on 13 Dec 2008, 12:09

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I dont know much about gods but i find this: unusual, compelling, intriguing

Posted by doc on 13 Dec 2008, 04:40

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I dont know much about gods but i find this: unusual, compelling, intriguing
doc +++++++++++++++++++VOTE+++++++++++++++++++++++

Posted by doc on 13 Dec 2008, 04:40

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doc vah so glad you usual susan sees so well..for me...i have a special interest to all
things biological...look at this specimen...all these little bumps progammed into its genes
...but really a metaphore for life...look closely (macro/micro-scopically) at the most
beautiful person and yu see peeling skin, dilated and ruptured blood vessels, scaring...all
unnoticed on casual observation...a gulivers travel (lilliputs?) see the open pores..oh i
admire beauty too..yes in the eye of the beholder...i love the beauty, i love the
imperfection..not one little bump the same...natures program for adaptation

Posted by doc on 13 Dec 2008, 02:37

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beauty would be a vacuum without it's counterpart : the beast : as in yin-yang
there is a small part of the opposite in all things : death in life : joy in despare
& on & on * but here as in all & according to Islam all is imperfect accept for God . .
///.*.* v

Posted by vah on 13 Dec 2008, 03:52

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Susan You posted settings??? VAH!!!! You always cheer me up, and that just made me grin!!!

Strange alienating vegetable. It is almost as if there is a promise of deliciousness obscured

by nature's preserving camouflage! Is it truly bitter? Is nature for once fulfilling its visual
promise? Instead of applied trickery to preserve/camouflage/encourage survival. As
always, provoking!

Posted by Susan on 13 Dec 2008, 01:51

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yep * its visual appearance and taste is a
delicious bitterness that nature intended . . . ///.*.*. v x

Posted by vah on 13 Dec 2008, 03:43

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Photos and
Fine Art by
Reptilian indeed!

Posted by Photos and Fine Art by David on 13 Dec 2008, 00:14

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Res II
Why Vah! That looks positivly reptillian! Or should that be Mossy????
Great Macro Vah, love it!

Posted by Res II on 12 Dec 2008, 22:33

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a mossy reptilian ? maybe >>>> giggles <<<<

Posted by vah on 13 Dec 2008, 03:57

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this is great vah!!! love the macro of this , the green is so great!!! and glad you said gourd ,
cause i almost thought lettuce!! ;) wonderful color!!

Posted by Kel's Photography on 12 Dec 2008, 22:27

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lol.... WOW .. love this vah..great colour and love the details!

Posted by Pyx on 12 Dec 2008, 18:07

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Great macro Vah love the detail

Posted by joe on 12 Dec 2008, 15:08

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