Marketing issues in Pakistan
Marketing strategy of PIA

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FROM GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION: Here include both domestic and international flights. 3. Occupation segmentation  Working class (working as an employee inside and outside the country)  Business class (having business) 2. Loyalty status PIA gives different benefits to the fliers but all those who travel a lot get the benefits like discount rates etc. Income segmentation  Upper class  Upper middle class II. Hajj’s occasion When hajj operations in going all those people flying from different cities of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for the performance of hajj ii. iii. FROM BEHAVIORL SEGMENTATION:  Occasion based targeting audience: i.Marketing strategy Market segmentations of PIA: PIA covers all necessary segments 1. . PSYCHOGRAPFIC SEGMENTATION: iv. Behavioral segmentations  Occasion segmentation  Hajj  Eid  New year 4. New Year occasion Now people prefer to have New Year with their family that’s why all those people coming back Pakistan from different countries or moving outside Pakistan are targeted over here. 4. Eid’s occasion When eid occasions are near people within the cities and outside the country move to their homes. Geographic segmentations: In this segment PIA focus both on domestic and international 3. FROM DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION: Two categories: I. Psychographic segmentations:  Social class:  Tourist Targeting strategy of PIA: 1. Demographic segmentations:  Income segmentations  Occupation segmentation 2.

Selecting a pricing method VI.the IATA does not allow any discount on any international routes. Determining demand III. employees perform only essential tasks during peak period. the PIA management estimate the price by using following six steps procedures and sent to the government for final approval: I. 4. Selecting the final price  INTERNATIONAL ROUTES: The prices for international routes are set by the international air travel association (IATA) . Selecting the price objective II. . PIA use following strategies to producing a better match between demand and supply: I. Buyer cannot see the result before the use. 2. of Pakistan for PIA . Price : PIA HAS TO DEAL WITH PRICING ASPECT IN TWO TYPES OF SITUATION PRICING OF PASSENGERS TICKET PRICING OF CARGO AIRWAYS BILL  DOMESTIC ROUTES: Prices for domestic routes are fixed by govt. Non peak demand can be cultivated Reservation system is one way to manage the demand level Peak time efficiency routines are introduces. Analyzing competitors prices and offers V. These services produce and use at the same time (inseparability). 3. PIA establishes the pricing strategies on different international routes keeping In view the following points: Demand for seats. II. Social class a) Tourist Marketing mix of Pakistan international airlines: 1. greater demand tends to no demand Competitor’s price Cost of operations Type of aircraft used  1. the buyer look for the signs and evidences of the service quality. and services provided by PIA are intangible. they provide intangible products. 2. Product: PIA is a service base company. Services are highly variable. III. Estimating costs IV.

and domestic sectors  25% discount to students on domestic routes  10% discount on international routes is valid only the routes where RM is not implemented  Click N fly with PIA web ticketing  Secure online credit card transaction  Convenient accessibility from home or office Unique selling proposition (USP)     Services People oriented organization Patriotism Try to be efficient . Shoulder prices III. June and July for umrah  PIA budget flight enjoy up to 39% discount on regular fares  PIA Introduces budget flight between Karachi. Many travel agents are provided auto ticketing and reservation system. There are two types of agents IATA agency and district sales agents. b) One level channel Here traveling agents and intermediaries are involved in selling the ticket to customers. Higher prices II. Islamabad and Lahore  Discount to students on international. PIA has three categories of their pricing I. Now the PIA sells the tickets to final users through its ticket counter. In Lahore. Promotion: Brochures  Umrah made easier  PIA offers more flights to Jeddah in May. 4. Place : PIA uses two level of channel which is as follow: a) Zero level channels It is also called the direct marketing channel. PIA has ticket and booking office to different place to sell the ticket to customer. Low prices 3. These offices are computerized and directly linked with the head office at Karachi.

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