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The Pyramid Spread was the spread my grandmother used when she read for clients, and it was one of the first spreads she taught me. This utilizes the entire deck, or as much of the deck you can get through in the time allotted for the reading. I’ve found that it takes an hour or more to get through the entire deck. In my grandmother’s day, fees for readings were not based on an hourly rate. My grandmother would lay down the first card and immediately begin talking, and the reading would end when the last card was placed, and there was nothing else to see. Her readings generally ran for an hour or an hour and a half.

You don’t need to use the entire deck for the pyramid spread. You can decide to limit your pyramid to only 6 rows and 21 cards, or 7 rows and 28 cards, etc. Utilizing the full deck will give you 9 full rows, and one partial row– which is a lot of cards!

This reading does not answer a specific question. It provides a general reading based on the energies working through the querent’s life at that time. The querent makes a wish while shuffling the cards, and the wish card (9 of Hearts) will provide information concerning the wish. If the wish card falls within the first 5 rows of the spread (among the first 15 cards), the wish is sure to come true.

When I first started timing my readings, I would use this spread and simply continue laying down cards and reading until the time was up. For a half hour reading, I could usually get through about 21 cards.

This layout can be a little tricky because each card is read independently first, and then in combination with the surrounding cards, and there are no clear delineations for past, present or future. There are some tricks that can be used to delve more deeply into the past or future once all the cards are on the table, but for the most part the reading must flow from card to card.

Here’s how the reading works…

     

The querent shuffles the cards while focusing on a wish until the cards feel ready. The reader has the querent cut the deck using the left hand into three piles from left to right. The reader asks the querent to choose a pile. The reader takes the chosen pile and begins laying out the cards face up on the table in the shape of a pyramid, and reads each card in sequence until the pile is exhausted. The reader asks the querent to choose the next pile to be used, and the reading continues. Finally, the remaining pile is used as the reader continues the reading.

The cards are laid out according to the following sequence:

Cartomancy Pyramid Spread and Sample Reading By Cardseer
The reading begins with the first card which will set the mood or theme of the reading. The 2nd card will modify or describe the first card, and each subsequent card will provide more information. The reader begins reading the first card, and continues reading as each subsequent card is placed row by row. Of course the reader can stop at any point in order to answer the querent’s questions, or to study any patterns that are appearing in the spread.

Then the columns can also be read. The column running down the left side of the pyramid would relate to the querent’s past. The column running down the right side of the pyramid would be the future. The column running down the center would relate to the current situation.

Specific questions can be answered by pinpointing a specific card to represent the question or concern, and then reading the two cards beneath the chosen significator.

Here’s a sample of a partial reading…

Here’s the interpretation…

(I’m highlighting the main ideas, but there are usually multi-level interpretations possible.)

You’re feeling torn (2 of Spades) about a light-haired man in your life (King of Diamonds).

You’re torn between him and another man with darker coloring (King of Spades).

The lighter man is your husband (4 of Hearts), and your marriage is in serious trouble (9 of Spades).

These problems have led you to have an affair (6 of Hearts) with the dark-haired man (K of Spades).

You’re worried (10 of Spades) that your husband (4 of Hearts) will learn (3 of Clubs) of the affair (8 of Hearts), and you’re feeling lost and afraid (3 of Spades).

Cartomancy Pyramid Spread and Sample Reading By Cardseer
Your husband provides you with financial security (10 of Diamonds) so you’re struggling (7 of Clubs) with the decision to divorce him (5 of Spades) and lose your financial freedom (6 of Diamonds).

Now we can take a look at the columns…

The Past – left column: 2 of Spades + King of Diamonds + 4 of Hearts: + 10 of Spades + 10 of Diamonds

This row confirms what we already know. The querent feels anger and resentment (2 of Spades) toward her husband (King of Diamonds), and the marriage (4 of Hearts) is in serious trouble (10 of Spades). The 10 of Diamonds ending the row shows that there is still hope for the marriage since it brings the querent financial security and stability. The only new information we can pick out here is that there have been sexual problem (4 of Hearts + 10 of Spades in the relationship. The querent doesn’t feel a sexual compatibility with her husband.

The Present – middle column: 2 of Spades + 9 of Spades + Ace of Spades

The querent feels torn and trapped in her current situation, and she needs to make a decsion about whether to commit to trying to make the marriage work, or leaving her husband.

The Future – right column: 2 of Spades + King of Spades + 6 of Hearts + 3 of Spades + 6 of Diamonds

If the querent chooses her lover, she will resent him for not being able to take care of her financially. The future of the relationship (6 of Hearts) is uncertain (3 of Spades) because of financial restrictions (6 of Diamonds). These cards also show that when the King of Spades feels pressured or misunderstood (3 of Spades), he clams up and is not willing to communicate his feelings (6 of Diamonds) which will add to the querent’s anger and resentment.

Answering Questions:

Questions can be answered by choosing a significator for the question, and then interpreting the surrounding cards.

The querent asks…

“Does the King of Spades love me?”

The 8 of Hearts beneath the K:spade: shows that he does love the querent. There are mutual feelings between them. The trio of King of Spades + 9 of Spades + 6 of Hearts shows that they have a karmic relationship, and probably shared past lives together.

“Does my husband still love me?”

The 3 of Clubs beneath the K of Diamonds shows that he wants to work things out. The trio King of Diamonds + 4 of Hearts + 9 of Spades shows that their relationship is also karmic in nature. He still loves his wife, but he’s unhappy with the marriage.

“Will my husband find out about the affair?”

Cartomancy Pyramid Spread and Sample Reading By Cardseer
The 4 of Hearts can represent the marriage or marriage partner. The trio 4 of Hearts + 10 of Spades (secrets), + 3 of Clubs (discovery) indicates that querent will not be able to keep the affair from her husband forever. She needs to make a choice now. The trio 3 of Clubs + 7 of Clubs + A of Spades indicates that the discovery will lead to violent arguments, and the querent’s choice will be made for her.

“Will I be happy if I divorce my husband to be with my lover?”

The trio 6 of Hearts + 8 of Hearts + 3 of Spades indicates that the couple is emotionally compatible (8 of Hearts) but the future is still uncertain and problems are likely (3 of Spades). The trio 3 of Spades + 5 of Spades + 6 of Diamonds show that the problems will stem from financial limitations. If the querent leaves her husband, she will need learn to provide for herself, and she won’t have the same level of financial freedom and security she has with her husband. The cards show that although she’ll have emotional and sexual comptibility with the lover, she will have to make financial sacrifices that can trigger friction between them. The 5 of Spades beneath the 6 of Hearts shows that the relationship with the lover will most likely not last, and the querent would be better off trying to make her marriage work.

You could pick out more information from just this partial reading, but I think you get the drift of how this spread works.

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