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Carbon Molecular Sieves

CarboTech AC GmbH
Elisenstr. 119 D 45139 Essen Tel: +49 (0)201 2489-900 Fax: +49 (0)201 2489-800 Mail: Internet:

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CarboTech AC GmbH CarboTech AC GmbH is the leading producer of activated carbon in Germany. In the city of Essen, CarboTech AC GmbH operates an integrated production plant for the widest range of tailor made activated carbons, including Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) for Nitrogen Generation and Methane Purication (Biogas). CarboTech is service oriented and provides its customers with mobile lter systems, engineering expertise and analytical support. CarboTech AC GmbH has its origins in the German coal mining industry (former Bergbau Forschung resp. RUETGERS CarboTech). Today, CarboTech AC GmbH is a customer oriented, medium sized company owned by an investment group focusing on the chemical industry.


Worldwide, innumerable Nitrogen Generators are powered by CarboTech Carbon Molecular Sieves, starting with small scale laboratory units and covering the whole range up to PSA-plants exceeding the 1.000 Nm/h limit The number of units is increasing day by day, as PSA-based Nitrogen Generation equipped with CarboTech CMS is considered state-of-the-art.

Biogas Treatment The use of CarboTech CMS FB for the Purication of Biogas
is a rapidly developing application. In a four-bed PSA unit, the Biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality - a highly economical process achieving excellent methane yields.

The CMS Business Units Philosophy CarboTech CMS customers are

ambitious PSA manufacturers. CarboTech AC GmbH shares their mission in the gas business. We act and customize according to clients requirements and needs. We aim to offer tailor made solutions, at the highest attainable quality, and accompanied by our service and support. Customer feedback is encouraged and welcome; moreover, we actively strive for a continuous improvement of our value proposition.

Nitrogen Generation

Technical Assistance With more than 30 years of accumulated know-how in

the production and application of Carbon Molecular Sieves, CarboTech AC GmbH is the most experienced partner for PSA-based Nitrogen Generation and Methane Purication in the world. CarboTech AC offers more than just Carbon based Molecular Sieves: Know-how, service as well as the necessary PSA hardware. Experienced engineers and laboratory personnel are always available for direction and guidance. In-house technical support and traineeship, both before and after the sale, are just a phone call away.

Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are the crucial element of any PSA-Plant for the Generation of Nitrogen. The PSA process provides an in-house, independent Nitrogen supply at low cost for inertizing storage tanks, pipelines and tankers, for processing and storing perishable foods and beverages, for heat treatment of metals, for processing plastics and bres, in microchip production and many other applications. PSA Nitrogen is always available, whenever and wherever you need it, because with the Pressure Swing Adsorption-system (PSA) you simply generate Nitrogen from air.

Nitrogen production

Carbon particle
1-20 micron

Carbon molecular sieve

Off gas

Pore structure (0,4nm-25nm)

N 2- molecular O 2 - molecular
More than 50,000 Pressure Swing Adsorption Plants (PSA) in operation world wide

Advantages of CarboTech CMS Products The characteristics of

CMS are unique. It is highly resilient towards long term usage in pressure swing apparatus. Moreover, the excellent autoregeneration characteristics of the sieve leads to many years of high quality Nitrogen Production and Methane Purication. Hence, one CMS charge lasts as long as the hardware of the PSA-plant. CarboTech CMS is a safe and long term investment. Well developed know-how in production and application of Carbon Molecular Sieves Precise quality High hardness Homogenous extrudates for a smooth and homogeneous air ow Reliable performance Stocks all over the world -> short deliveries Engaged distributors all over the world Professional order completion and customer service

CarboTech CMS Products CarboTech CMS are the result of intensive R&D
efforts and the combined experience of our well trained staff in many years of CMS production in Essen (Germany). Our optimized process and rigorous quality control enables us to produce superior CMS of high efciency at an attractive price/performance level. CMS N CMS F Grades: Basic Performance Quality High Performance Quality for Regular Purities 2.3 mm (e.g. VPSA) 1.8 mm (standard) 1.3 mm (improved performance) CMS FB Methane Enrichment (e.g. Biogas Purication) CMS D High Performance Qualitiy for High Nitrogen Purities Coconut mats bed xing