Saint Albert the Great Parish

5555 W. State Road Burbank Illinois 60459 708-423-0321
Fifth Sunday of Easter - May 6, 2012
Bilek Patrycja, Bryja Julia Anna, Brynarski Dariusz, Bylina Angela Maria, Chowaniec Michał, Czechowski Patrick Michael, Czyż Szymon Albert, Długopolska Jessica, Domagała Monika Zofia, Dzielska Aneta, Filas Wiktoria, Firek Gabriela, Gąsienica Madeline Jacqueline, Gogola Anna Maria, Harbut Suzanna, Jachymiak Claudia, Jarząbek Michał, Kozioł Aneta Veronika, Król Marcin Andrzej, Kubacka Nicole A., Kubasik Karolina, Ivan Anaya, Diane Barahona, Kulach Gabriella Maria, Kwak Caroline, Brayan Bielonko, Raymon Bischoff-Parton, Ledworuch Paulina Natalia, Leja Kamila, Ashley Cano, Jenna Cardona, Diego Casas, Lupa Joanna, Molek Sebastian, Jorge Casas, Aaron Dacer, Bridget Danaher, Nowak Natalie Anna, Nykaza Natalia, Emma Darr, Dulce Davalos, Arly Delgado, Paluch Jakub Jan, Pierwoła Kamil, Loren Diaz, Caitlin Diaz, Matthew Diaz, Piwowarczyk David Adrian, Sean Dowling, Angel Manuel Escobedo, Plewa Anthony John, Aylin Flores, Megan Galassi, Daisy Garcia, Evelyn Garcia, Natalie Garcia, Nicholas Gazda, Rzepka Karolina Barbara, Sekula Matthew Michael, Magdalena Gazda, Isabel Gonzalez, Smyreczyński Natalia Weronika, Cesar Gonzalez, Andrik Gonzalez, Sojka Julita, Solawa Krzysztof Rafał, Payton Goodman, Anyssa Guerrero, Stękała Natalia, Stoch Adrian, Jose Hernandez, Olivia Herring, Tyler Jones, Styrczula Monika Maria, Sophia Kanan, Amber Kasper, Swiecicki Damian Paweł, Emilee Kwitkowski, Sophie Lewis, Szarawarski David S., Natalie Lopresti, Dominik Malek, Szczurek Michał Franciszek, Daniel Malicki, Nicholas Mangiapane, Szeliga Krystian Mateusz, Isis Mendoza, Zihomara Mercado, Tylka Izabella Alexandra, Tylka Karolina, Yessenia Mercado, Emily Minyard, Jesse Minyard, Jack Moczarny, Nicolas Mora, Wijas Szymon Władysław, Zajączkowski Julia Mary, Ziomek Daria Sophia Munguia, Antonio Obregon, Leslie Padilla, Jacob Panek, Melissa Ptak, Veronica Rimsky, Yasmine Rios, Hailey Ruehle, James Salmon, Saturday, May12, 2012 Michael Stefaniak, Anthony Tanas, 10:00 A.M. (English) Nicholas Tanas, Kaitlyn Tosh, 1:30 P.M. (Polish) Samuel Winn, John Wolfe.

1st HolyCommunion

Monday, May 7, 2012 6:30 7:30 8:30 - Umberto Botta 1st Anniv. of Death - Christopher Cook Tuesday, May 8, 2012 6:30 7:30 8:30 - Denise Gerzen, Emily Sekan Wednesday, May 9, 2012 6:30 7:30 8:10 - MORNING PRAYER OF THE CHURCH 8:30 - Henry Sommerdyke - Sr. Mary Cecile Quirke, Loretta Cafarelli Thursday, May 10, 2012 Saint Damien Joseph de Veuster of Molokai 6:30 7:30 8:30 - Josephine Rolewicz, Elaine Dziedziak Friday, May 11, 2012 6:30 7:30 8:30 - Helen Wasik, Cynthia Mega Saturday, May 12, 2012 Saint Nereus and Achilleus, Martyrs, Saint Pancras Martyr 7:30 8:30 - Thomas O’Dea - Merino, Flanagan, Smykowski Families - Blessing 10:00 - FIRST HOLY COMMUNION (English) 1:30PM - FIRST HOLY COMMUNION (Polish) 5:00PM - Salvatore Imbarrato, Mary Duh - Joseph & Dean Szumal 55th Wedding Anniversary - Elizabeth Macklin 5th Anniv. of Death - Mary Ann Ricio - Birthday Blessing Sunday, May 13, 2012 Sixth Sunday of Easter / Mother’s Day 6:15 7:30 - For the Parishioners - Ercole & Innocenza Sturino - Marietta & Carmine Cesario 9:00 - Mary, Ed & Fr. Gerry Roche, Robert O’Grady - Florence Orr, Dennis Miller Sr. 10:30 - Rozalia & Stanislaw Ponicki - Sophie Latocha, Anna Cyrwus, Maria Chlebek 12:00PM –Evelyn Bloczynski, - Elizabeth & James Weiler, Mary & Joseph Trojak 1:30PM - Jan Budz, Dominik - Birthday Blessing - Ewa Salamon 5:00PM 6:30PM - Enrique Rodriguez, Rafael Guzman


are available on the usher’s tables for those of you who wish to have their mothers (living or deceased) remembered at all the Masses on Saturday (May 12)and Sunday (May 13) and at the Novena (weekdays at the 6:30 am Mass) which will be celebrated for nine days, beginning on Mother’s Day . Please, place your donation, along with the envelope provided, during any Sunday collection.

BEARING FRUIT Few of us, even when we meditate on the image of the vine and branches, stop to really think about how God “prunes” us. For some there is the danger of thinking that we are already producing fruit for the kingdom, in deed and truth as John says, perhaps raising a family, being active in our parish, and so on. But even those branches which are bearing fruit, the Gospel tells us, can be pruned to produce still more. Today Saul, freshly “pruned” by his conversion, arrives in Jerusalem and meets resistance. Since he had been persecuting Christians, this was only natural. But even after he is accepted and begins to bear fruit, he meets further adversity, and his letters are filled with many accounts of how his trials “pruned” him to produce greater fruit for the kingdom. Like him, as long as we remain in Christ we will continue to bear fruit and, when the will of the Father determines it is time to prune us, the strength of the true vine must enable us to endure it. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
LET US PRAY For the sick: Kevin Wiseman, Mitchell Sidorski, Marge Nunez, Marlene Johanes, Nancy Johanes, Arletta Ceynow, Judy Monyak, Anthony Dinovella, Melissa Porfirio, Gerry Smagacz, Michael Mazurek, Pat Fischer, Jeffrey Andrews, Barbara Pavlich, Bill & Ruth Eichnamm, Diane & Robert Juris, Dorothy Reid, Erin DeValek, Salvatore Bottari, Theresa Lonski, Alex Silverman, Pat Williams, Harriet Madey, Richard Polancyk, Andrea Pellicano, Sister Patricia Labuda, Cooper Grant, Carol Berghuis, Johana Pusateri, Janelle Demski, Walter Anderson, Denis Hedderman & Family, Loretta Paulus, Shirley McVane, Catherine, Katie & Lucy Hedderman, Richard & Marilyn Buchalski, Don Kupiec, Cheryl Korosa, Penny Prokop, Mary Ann Riccio.

I am the good shepherd. Mary saw a sign about openings at Catholic Charities’ senior housing. She was a 68‐year‐old nurse’s aide doing back‐breaking work to make ends meet and avoid burdening her children. She wanted to retire, but her budget wouldn’t allow it. She was accepted for an apartment paying only 30% of her income for rent. Her new affordable housing allowed her to retire and live comfortably with her social security benefits. “Thank you for my beautiful apartment; my days of aches and pains are over.”
He had to rise from the dead. Joe, a Vietnam veteran, struggled most of his post service life with addiction. Estranged from his family, he found himself living under a bridge in very poor health. After landing in an emergency room, he came to Catholic Charities. Moving into a private room at Cooke’s Manor, he began a journey of recovery with a good VA doctor, a Catholic Charities chaplain and an AA sponsor. Family reconciliation followed, and he spent his first Easter with his family in 20 years. I am the vine, you are the branches. When Julia’s parish sent her to Catholic Charities, her first question was, “Can you help my child?” He was three years old and still wore a diaper. He didn’t speak, but threw things. Catholic Charities set up testing that diagnosed his Autism, and accepted him into Head Start. He now uses words, and takes his teacher’s hand to go to the washroom. He shares with other children, and sits down to eat. “You helped my son so much. I can’t thank you enough.”

Your gift to Catholic Charities on Mother’s Day, May 13, will heal the sick and the outcast, comfort the broken and the troubled, will rescue someone and carry her a while on your shoulders.
TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION The month of May has not only good weather, but an interesting pedigree. It is named after the Roman goddess Maia, said to be the mother of Hermes, or Mercury. The Romans saw it as “love’s month,” while in England, more practical farmers called it “Three Milks,” since the cows grazing on springtime’s bounty could produce at a phenomenal rate. Old customs die hard, and Christians have never made peace with Maytime frolics. No wonder that popular tradition dedicated the month’s prayers and devotions to Mary, although we cannot lose sight of the fact that the liturgy always has Easter at the center of celebration. Recent developments have enriched Mary’s place in a cycle of feast days woven through the whole year, dedicated Saturday as a weekly day for devotion, and highlighted Mary’s role in the Advent story. In fact, every day of the year Evening Prayer centers on the singing of Mary’s Canticle of Praise. The fifty days of Easter culminate on Pentecost with Mary, present of course for Christ’s birth, waiting in the upper room for the birth of the church.
—James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.


Open Registration Ongoing If you are new to the area or are considering Catholic education, we would like to acquaint you with our school. St. Albert the Great School provides a quality education for all students. Our principal, Mrs. Kurowski invites you to contact us and visit our school. St. Albert the Great offers an excellent academic education, with Religion as its core. In addition to their basic classes, students participate in Physical education, computer and library science. This year we will be offering Spanish Classes for Junior High Grades. Classes range from a 3 year old preschool program through 8th grade. Students in Grades K through 8th grade participate in Enrichment Sessions. Our preschool students also participate in our gym, library, and computer programs all at no additional charge. Additional activities include sports, choir, altar servers, band, scouting, Chess Club, and Student Council. We have an active Board of Specified Jurisdiction , Parents Association, and Athletic Board as well as volunteer parents and grandparents. Our faculty and staff are dedicated professionals. Several of our faculty have full or partial Masters Degrees. All our teachers are in touch with the needs of each student.

The following babies became members of God’s Family here recently: Eva Kozlowski, Lily Gabrys, Adrianna Uvalle, Noel Angel Uvalle, Darek Leja, Olivia Elizabet Muczko, Szymon Jan Tisonczyk, Alexandra Izabela Opyd, Weronika Maria Wojciechowski, Olivia Dominiak, Kacper Szuba, Sara Pawlikowski, Filip Stanislaw Wrzaszczak, Sara Kocur, Angelo Joseph Avila Gagni, Emily Marie Baker, Emmeline Landry Soto, Brianna Haro, Lukas Richard Bylewski, Kamila Karolina Szwab, Nicholas Edward Cervenka. We extend our best wishes and pray that what has begun in them will be brought to perfection.
WEEKEND OF APRIL 28/29, 2012 $13,902.00

Happy Wedding Anniversary
55 years - Joseph & Dean Szumal


Tree of Life The Tree of Life is located in the back of
church at our Shrine. You can establish a beautiful memorial to a loved one by inscribing a leaf with his or her name. The donation for a leaf is $350.00, for a larger memorial, just under the tree, is $1,000.00 The money we collect is used for the maintenance of our church property. More information and forms are available in the rectory.

Congratulations to Shirley Gazda, the winner of the iPad. Thank you, Mrs. Gazda for supporting St. Albert the Great Catholic School, and thank you to all the parishioners who purchased a raffle ticket.

Adoration 7:00 pm 1 Choir Children 5:30 pm Adults 6:30pm Bingo 7:00 pm 2 Morning Prayer of the Church 8:10 am Boy Scouts 6:00 pm SVD 6:30 pm

4 First Friday Adoration all day Confessions 5:00-6:00 pm Mass 6:00 pm
Cub Scouts 7:00 pm 10 Adoration 7:00 pm 11 Cub Scouts 7:00 pm 12 5






May 2012
8 Choir Children 5:30 pm Adults 6:30pm Bingo 7:00 pm 17 Adoration 7:00 pm 9 Morning Prayer of the Church 8:10 am Boy Scouts 6:00 pm 18 Cub Scouts 7:00 pm 19


7 Seniors 11:00 am Pro Life 7:00 pm

First Holy Communion
10:00 am English 1:30 pm Polish

13 14 SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER Parish Council 6:30 pm May Crowning Holy Name 8:00 pm


15 Choir Children 5:30 pm Adults 6:30pm Bingo 7:00 pm 16 Morning Prayer of the Church 8:10 am Boy Scouts 6:00 pm SVD 6:30 pm WENDY’S NIGHT 5:00 - 8:00 PM



21 Seniors 11:00 am

22 Choir Children 5:30 pm Adults 6:30pm Bingo 7:00 pm 29 Choir Children 5:30 pm Adults 6:30 pm Bingo 7:00 pm

23 Morning Prayer of the Church 8:10 am Boy Scouts 6:00 pm

24 Adoration 7:00 pm

25 Cub Scouts 7:00 pm






30 Morning Prayer of the Church 8:10 am Boy Scouts 6:00 pm

31 Adoration 7:00 pm

JEDNO Z CHRYSTUSEM Słowa Chrystusa o winnym krzewie i latoroślach przyjmujemy z radością, ale też i z lękiem. Radość bierze się stąd, że Chrystus zapragnął zjednoczyć się z nami. Jesteśmy nie tylko Jego wyznawcami, uczniami, naśladowcami, ale należymy do Niego tak ściśle, jak gałąź do krzewu. Możemy w Nim trwać, a to coś o wiele więcej, niż być blisko Niego. Trwanie w Chrystusie nie jest jednak stanem tymczasowym. Jeśli ktoś chce być uczniem Jezusa, nadać swemu życiu głębszy sens i wydać owoce, to nie może być wierzącym „od czasu do czasu”, ale raz podjąwszy decyzję, musi konsekwentnie trwać w komunii z Panem. Lęk natomiast rodzi stwierdzenie, że wśród latorośli nie wszystkie są żywe i owocują. Istnieją także gałęzie uschnięte, bezowocne. Możemy nie odpowiedzieć na pragnienie Jezusa i odrzucić komunię, którą nam proponuje. Możemy próbować układać sobie życie w oderwaniu od krzewu, jakim jest On sam, w oparciu o własne moce i zamiary. Ale czy będziemy zdolni przynosić owoce? Dzisiaj wielu ludzi, zwłaszcza młodych, skarży się na nijakość swego życia i na wewnętrzną pustkę, przeżywa smutek,Chrystus nikogo nie zawiódł. Z Nim nikt nie przegrał życia. Prawdę tę poświadczają święci, którzy zachwycają nas pięknem swego człowieczństwa i wielkością swojej miłości. Ks. Zbigniew Sobolewski. „Kto trwa we Mnie, a Ja w nim, ten przynosi owoc obfity”. (J15,6)

Jestem dobrym pasterzem.
Mary przeczytała ogłoszenie o wolnych miejscach w domu spokojnej starości prowadzonym przez Katolickie Dzieła Miłosierdzia. Mając 68 lat, nadal ciężko pracowała jako salowa w szpitalu, by zarobić na własne utrzymanie I nie być ciężarem dla swoich dzieci. Chciała przejść na emeryturę, ale nie pozwalała jej na to sytuacja ekonomiczna. Dom spokojnej starości zaoferował jej mieszkanie za 30% jej dochodów. Skorzystanie z mieszkania socjalnego pozwoliło jej przejść na zasłużoną emeryturę i żyć w przyzwoitych warunkach z renty. “Jestem wdzięczna za moje nowe mieszkanie, nareszcie nastąpił koniec bolączek i cierpienia.” Twoja ofiara złożona na Katolicie Dzieła Miłosierdzia podczas kolekty w Dzień Matki 13 maja pomoże kogoś ocalić i przenieść część trudu życia innych na Twoje barki.

Drzewko ku pamięci naszych bliskich
znajduje sie na tyle kościoła obok obrazu Matki Boskiej Częstochowskiej i Błog. Jana Pawla II. Składa sie ono z listków które upamiętniją drogie nam osoby które już od nas odeszły a także te które są z nami. Listek może być ofiarowany z okazji urodzin, rocznicy ślubu a także aby upamiętnić imię osoby, ktorej już z nami nie ma. Ofiara za mniejszy listek wynosi $350.00 natomiast większy $1,000.00. Zebrane fundusze są przeznaczone na utrzymanie kościoła. Po więcej informacji prosze dzwonić na plebanię. 708-423-0321

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