Debunking United States of America Lies About 11th Sept 2001 Attacks

First Lie: On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19
terrorists associated with Usama bin Ladin’s al-Qa’ida terrorist organization hijacked four commercial airliners.

There is NO Evidence 19 people hijacked any planes
• Where is the film footage of these supposedly 19 people from the airport security cameras? • Only two grainy pictures have ever been shown. • 8 of the 19 terrorist are still alive, then the story changes to Oh yes they were using fake passports & names, well if they were using fake passports and names then how do they know the peoples real identity? Then the story changes back to 19 terrorist hijack the planes again. • None of the hijackers names show up on the passenger list, then the story changes to oh Yes they were using fake names and passports. Well if they were using fake names and passports what were the fake names they were using which are on the passenger list? And what methods – means did you use to separate the terrorist using fake names & passports and then discover their real identity’s?

***** Take note these simple questions cannot be answered, which puts in doubt the whole story ***** Second Lie) The al-Qa’ida terrorist organization claimed
responsibility for planning and implementing these attacks, with their leader, Usama bin Ladin, taking responsibility in a video message following the attacks.

This is a deliberate and utter compulsive lie!

• Nobody from Al Qa`eda admitted or confessed to the crime! • Bin Laden denied 4 times he had anything to do with these attacks, 4 times he denied taking part in any way, shape or form. • The video talked about has come to be known as like Bin Laden.

Fatty Bin Laden Tape” because it looks nothing


Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government ama_dead.html

The Fake bin Laden Audio Tape

The Fake 2001 bin Laden Video Tape

Flight 77 Cockpit Door Never Opened During 9/11 “Hijack"
Pilots for 9/11 Truth has reported that the data stream from the flight data recorder (FDR) for American Airlines flight 77, which allegedly struck the Pentagon on 9/11, shows that the cockpit door never opened during the entire 90 minute flight. The data was provided by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which has refused to comment. The FDR is one of two “black boxes” in every commercial airliner, which are used after accidents to help determine the cause of a crash. One black box records flight data, the other records voice data (everything said in the cockpit during the flight). With those two sets of data, NTSB investigators can usually piece together the events that led to a crash.

The status of the door to the cockpit is checked every four seconds throughout a flight and relayed as a simple 0 or 1, where 0=closed and 1=open, with approximately 1,300 door status checks performed during AA77’s 90 minute flight. Every one of those door status checks shows as a 0, indicating that the door to the cockpit never opened during the entire flight.
Accident investigators monitor the cockpit door with the FDR because it may yield clues to pilot error in a crash.

The FDR begins recording once the pilots are in their seats and readying for takeoff, and the plane cannot take off unless the FDR is working.

The official story about flight 77 is that five Muslim terrorists brandishing box cutters forced their way into the cockpit and herded two pilots, four flight attendants and all the passengers to the back of the plane. This story came into being via Ted Olson, US Solicitor General, who told CNN — that he received two phone calls from his wife Barbara Olson, a passenger on the doomed flight. Ted Olson’s story changed several times. Sometimes he claimed that the calls from his wife were made from seat back phones, other times that she used her cell phone.
According to American Airlines customer service, the American Airlines maintenance manual for that aircraft, and American Airlines Captain Ralph Kolstad, seatback phones on 757s had been deactivated prior to 9/11/01.

(They were later removed entirely, as they never worked well.)
Barbara Olson couldn’t have used a cell phone either: numerous 9/11 researchers, most notably David Ray Griffin, have pointed out that cell phones did not work on airplanes on 9/11.

The speed and altitude of a commercial airliner both present overwhelming obstacles to a cell phone’s need to lock onto a cell tower and then hand off to another tower in a new location. It was the FBI that revealed the evidence that decisively disproves Ted Olson’s story. In the Zacarias Moussaoui trial in 2006, the FBI presented a report on the cell phone calls from all four 9/11 flights. Their report on AA77 shows that there was only one phone call from Barbara Olson, but that it was an unconnected call lasting zero seconds. So Ted Olson either lied about receiving calls from his wife or was deceived into believing he received calls from her. According to the UK Telegraph, Barbara Olson delayed her flight on 9/11 so that she could have breakfast with her husband on his birthday. That delay put her on the doomed flight. Ted Olson remarried in 2006 to tax attorney Lady Booth, whom he reportedly met the year after Barbara died.

There are numerous oddities and contradictions about AA77’s black boxes. The government claims that the voice data recorder was damaged during the crash and that no usable data was retrieved from it.


If true, this would be the first time in aviation history that a solid-state data recorder was destroyed during a crash.
While it was widely reported in the media that the FDR for AA77 was found at 4 am on September 14, 2001, the file containing the FDR data was dated over four hours earlier. In other words, we are asked to believe that the data from the FDR was downloaded prior to the FDR being found. Researcher Aidan Monagahan has established that the NTSB does not have either serial or part numbers for the FDRs from AA77. The NTSB’s own handbook indicates that the part number and serial number of the FDR are required for data readout of the FDR. The NTSB did not have this information, giving us another reason to question how the FDR data was created. Structural engineer Allyn Kilsheimer claimed that he personally found AA77’s black box on 9/11. But in the Popular Mechanics book Debunking 9/11 Myths, Kilsheimer is quoted as saying, “I stood on a pile of debris that we later found contained the black box …” Kilsheimer’s story changes again in August 2007 in a piece done by the History Channel, “The 9/11 Conspiracies,” where he claims “I tripped over something; it was the black box.” In earlier work, Pilots for 9/11 Truth (P4T) has determined that the same data set provided by the NTSB shows the plane too high to hit the Pentagon, based on an altimeter that uses air pressure to calibrate altitude.

As reported in the April 2009 Rock Creek Free Press, Citizen Investigation Team, citizen journalists from southern California, has collected evidence from 14 eyewitnesses that shows that the plane seen that morning near the Pentagon did not hit the building, but flew over it at the moment explosives detonated in the Pentagon, leading observers to conclude that the plane had crashed into the Pentagon. Questions about what happened at the Pentagon have intrigued 9/11 researchers for years, beginning with photos from the alleged crash scene which do not show the wreckage of a plane.

This new evidence, showing that the cockpit door never opened during flight, is another nail in the coffin of the official story about flight 77. Clearly, if the cockpit door never opened, then hijackers did not storm the cockpit and herd the pilots to the back of the plane. The data, which originated from the government, does not support the government’s story.
Why would the government release data which contradicts its own version of events? It is possible they were just sloppy, or that they never anticipated that anyone would parse the data as carefully as Pilots for 9/11 Truth have.


They may have also felt secure, that regardless of what damning revelations were contained in the FDR data, no mainstream media outlet would give them ink or air time, keeping the official story intact for the vast majority of Americans who receive their news from mainstream sources.

Rob Balsamo, founder of Pilots for 9/11 Truth, stated: “We have not located any independently verified data which confirms the government’s story. The FBI and NTSB refuse to comment.” Founded in August 2006, Pilots For 9/11 Truth is an organization of aviation professionals from around the globe who are investigating the government’s claims about the attacks of 9/11.

No Evidence To Link the 19 'Muslim Men'

FBI Director Robert Mueller admitted that the FBI had no evidence to link the 19 'Muslim men' who have apparently disappeared --neither on the autopsy
list or the original 'official flight manifests' --to the events of 911. In speech to the Common Wealth Club in San Francisco on April 19, 2003, Mueller stated that the purported hijackers 'left no paper trial'.

"In our investigation", he said: "we have not uncovered a single piece of paper - either here in the United States or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan

and elsewhere - that mentioned any aspect of the Sept. 11 plot."

Indeed, there are no 'Arab names', no names of 'hijackers' on the official pathologist's report.

Several news organizations, most prominently the BBC, reported several of the 19 still alive and interviewed them.

The Washington Post said that Hani Hanjour, the alleged 'pilot' of Flight 77. was still alive. Briefly, the official 911 theory is utter crap.

Bush's Conspiracy to Create an American Police State
Police States Begin With False Flag Attacks
1. The Police State Almost Always Follows a False-Flag Terrorist Attack (911 Sept 11th?) 2. A Climate of Fear is Maintained. 3. The state forces upon its citizens an 'existential' choice: "You are either for me or for the terrorists!". 4. Public Opinion Becomes Irrelevant 5. The government places itself above the law

6. The Government Denies 'Due Process of Law' 8. Dissent is crushed with arbitrary power

7. Atrocities are justified with lies, myths or propaganda

9. War is begun upon a pack of lies

10. The 'state' becomes 'absolute' and absurdly selfjustifying'

Sept 11th 2001 Attacks and what happen afterwards with the introduction of Patriot Laws was to turn America into a Police State The list of 10 above points were implemented by George Bush and Dick Cheney

FBI Denies Mix-Up Of 9/11 Terrorists
Nearly 48 hours after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the names of the hijackers flashed across TV screens for the world to see.

Based on intelligence information gained from interviews, witnesses, flight-manifest logs and passports found at some of the crash debris sites, the FBI claimed it correctly had identified all 18 hijackers.

FBI Director Mueller acknowledged in 2002 there was no legal proof to prove the identities of the hijackers. Yet the bureau insists it correctly has identified them.

A short time later the number was amended to 19.

A few days later the names were followed with photos of the men blamed for the terrorism that claimed nearly 3,000 lives in New York City, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Incredibly fast intelligence work - some of the information coming from the National Ground Intelligence Center in Charlottesville, Va. - enabled investigators to tie the attack to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network. While there is no doubt the hijackings were the work of alQaeda, questions remain about whether some of the hijackers actually were the men the FBI identified.

Last year that doubt crept into the highest levels of law enforcement after a series of sensational news reports aired by the BBC, ABC and CNN, along with several British newspapers, cast suspicion on whether the FBI got it right. The reports suggested at least six of the men the FBI claimed were hijackers on the planes were in fact alive. They didn't survive the crashes, of course, but never boarded the planes.

The six claimed they were victims of identify theft.

They were "outraged" to be identified as terrorists, they told the Telegraph of London.

In fact, one of the men claimed he never had been to the United States, while another is a Saudi Airlines pilot who said he was in a flight-training course in Tunisia at the time of the attacks. The stunning news prompted FBI Director Robert Mueller to admit that some of the hijackers may have stolen identities of innocent citizens. In September 2002, Mueller told CNN twice that there is "no legal proof to prove the identities of the suicidal hijackers." After that admission a strange thing happened - nothing.

No follow-up stories.

No follow-up questions.

There was dead silence and the story disappeared.
It was almost as if no one wanted to know what had happened.
In fact, the FBI didn't bother to change the names, backgrounds or photographs of the alleged 19 hijackers.

It didn't even deny the news reports suggesting that the names and identities of at least six of the hijackers may be unknown. Mueller just left the door open. Until now.

Now the FBI is sticking with its original story - regardless of whether photographs displayed of the suspected Sept. 11 terrorists were of people who never boarded those planes and are very much alive. FBI spokesman Bill Carter simply brushes off as false the charges from news reports that the FBI misidentified some of the Sept. 11 terrorists. Carter says they got the names right and it doesn't matter whether the identities were stolen.

This comes as a complete about-face from Mueller's comment that there might be some question about the names of the Sept. 11 terrorists because they might have been operating under stolen identities. What does the FBI director think now? Mueller no longer is commenting on the charges.

However, Carter insists the FBI got it right. End of story. "There has been no change in thought about the identities of those who boarded those planes," Carter tells Insight. "It's like saying my name is John Smith. There are a lot of people with the name of John Smith, but they're not the same person." What about Mueller's comments last year? "He might have told Congress [about the identity theft], but we have done a thorough investigation and we are confident," Carter says. How can the FBI be sure that the 19 men it "identified" are indeed the hijackers?

"Through extensive investigation," Carter insists. "We checked the flight manifests, their whereabouts in this country, and we interviewed witnesses who identified the hijackers." But the series of stories last year prompted the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to investigate the claims, according to Paul Anderson, spokesman for Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who was chairman of the committee. Anderson says the committee apparently found nothing to dispute the FBI identification of the 19 named individuals.

But confusion remains, particularly for those who claim their names and backgrounds have been attached to a photo of a dead terrorist.

The photo might be correct, they say, but the identification is not.

The Saudi Arabian Embassy insists that some innocents have been maligned by a rush to identify the Sept. 11 perpetrators.

Abdul Aziz al-Omari was identified as one of the hijackers and the pilot who crashed American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Another man with the same name is an electrical engineer in Saudi Arabia.

The six Saudis in question are

He lived in Denver after earning a degree from the University of Colorado in 1993. Coincidence? Consider this oddity. ABC News has reported that his Denver apartment was broken into and his passport and other documents stolen in 1995.

In September 2001 he told the Telegraph, "I couldn't believe it when the FBI put me on their list. They gave my name and my date of birth, but I am not a suicide bomber. I am here. I am alive.

I have no idea how to fly a plane. I had nothing to do with this." More disturbing is that the FBI accidentally may have fused two names to create one identity, because another man, Abdul Rahman al-Omari, who has a different birth date, is the person pictured by the FBI, but he still is a pilot for Saudi Arabian Airlines.


After his photograph was released, he walked into the U.S. Embassy in Jedda and demanded to know why he was being reported as a dead hijacker. Salem al-Hamzi was identified as one of the suspected hijackers on American Flight 77, the plane that was crashed into the Pentagon. Another man who has the same name works for the Saudi Royal Commission in Yanbu.

Saeed al-Ghamdi reportedly was one of the alleged hijackers on United Airlines Flight 93, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. He and another hijacker were said to have been in control of the plane when it was destroyed. A Saudi Arabian pilot has the same name. Ahmed al-Nami was identified as a hijacker on United Flight 93.

He also may have been in control of the plane when it crashed. A Saudi Arabian pilot with the same name is alive in Riyadh. Wail al-Shehri was identified as one of the suspected hijackers on American Flight 11. He reportedly was in control of the plane when it crashed.

Another Saudi man who is a pilot has the same name, and his father is a Saudi diplomat in Bombay.

His picture was displayed by the FBI as the "terrorist" al-Shehri who crashed the plane. The al-Shehri who is alive had resided in Daytona Beach, Fla., where he enrolled in flight training at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He currently works for a Moroccan airline.

Last year the Associated Press reported that al-Shehri had spoken to the U.S. Embassy in Morocco.

Waleed M. al-Shehri, a name used by another suspected hijacker on American Flight 11, reportedly is the brother of Wail al-Shehri. The odd coincidence is that the other son of the diplomat father is named Waleed M. This prompted the BBC to report in 2001 that, "Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well."

His photograph having been released and repeatedly shown around the world is evidence the man in the FBI photograph still is alive, the Saudi Embassy explains.

'Exclusive' Interview With Usama Bin Ladin on 11 Sep Attacks in US
Karachi Ummat in Urdu 28 Sep 01

["Exclusive" interview with Usama Bin Ladin by unidentified Ummat special correspondent "The US should search attackers within itself", place and date not given, first paragraph is Ummat introduction] [FBIS Translated Text] Kabul: Prominent Arab Mujahid [holy warrior] Usama Bin Ladin has said that he or his al-Qua'ida group has nothing to do with the 11 September suicidal attacks in Washington and New York.


He said the US Government should find the attackers within the country. In an exclusive interview with daily "Ummat," he said these attacks could be the act of those who are part of the American system and are rebelling against it and working for some other system. Or, Usama said, this could be the act of those who want to make the current century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. Or, the American Jews, who are opposed to President Bush ever since the Florida elections, might be the masterminds of this act. There is also a great possibility of the involvement of US intelligence agencies, which need billions of dollars worth of funds every year. He said there is a government within the government in the United States. The secret agencies, he said, should be asked as to who are behind the attacks. Usama said support for attack on Afghanistan was a matter of need for some Muslim countries and compulsion for others. However, he said, he was thankful to the courageous people of Pakistan who erected a bulwark before the wrong forces. He added that the Islamic world was attaching great expectations with Pakistan and, in time of need, 'we will protect this bulwark by sacrificing of lives.' Following is the interview in full detail

Ummat: You have been accused of involvement in the attacks in New York and Washington. What do you want to say about this? If you are not involved, who might be? Usama: In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. Praise be to Allah, Who is the creator of the whole universe and Who made the earth as an abode for peace, for the whole mankind. Allah is the Sustainer, who sent Prophet Muhammad for our guidance. I am thankful to the Ummat Group of Publications, which gave me the opportunity to convey my viewpoint to the people, particularly the valiant and Momin [true Muslim] people of Pakistan who refused to believe in lie of the demon.

I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. Neither I had any knowledge of these attacks nor I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people. Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle.

It is the United States, which is perpetrating every maltreatment on women, children, and common people of other faiths, particularly the followers of Islam. All that is going on in Palestine for the last 11 months is sufficient to call the wrath of God upon the United States and Israel. There is also a warning for those Muslim countries, which witnessed all these as a silent spectator. What had earlier been done to the innocent people of Iraq, Chechnya, and Bosnia? Only one conclusion could be derived from the indifference of the United States and the West to these acts of terror and the patronage of the tyrants by these powers that America is an antiIslamic power and it is patronizing the antiIslamic forces. Its friendship with the Muslim countries is just a show, rather deceit. By enticing or intimidating these countries, the United States is forcing them to play a role of its choice.
Put a glance all around and you will see that the slaves of the United States are either rulers or enemies [of Muslims]. The US has no friends, nor it wants to keep one because the prerequisite of friendship is to come to the level of the friend or consider him at par with you.

America does not want to see anyone equal to it. It expects slavery from others. Therefore, other countries are either its slaves or subordinates. However, our case is different. We have pledged slavery to God Almighty alone and after this pledge there is no possibility to become the slave of someone else. If we do that, it will be disregardful to both our Sustainer and his fellow beings. Most of the world nations upholding their freedom are the religious ones, which are the enemies of United States, or the latter itself considers them as its enemies. Or the countries, which do not agree to become its slaves, such as China, Iran, Libya, Cuba, Syria, and the former Russia. Whoever committed the act of 11 September are not the friends of the American people. I have already said that we are against the American system, not against its people, whereas in these attacks, the common American people have been killed. According to my information, the death toll is much higher than what the US Government has stated. But the Bush administration does not want the panic to spread. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself the people who are a part of the US system, but are dissenting against it.

Or those who are working for some other system persons who want to make the present century as a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity so that their own civilization, nation, country, or ideology could survive. They can be any one, from Russia to Israel and from India to Serbia. In the US itself, there are dozens of well-organized and wellequipped groups, which are capable of causing a large-scale destruction. Then you cannot forget the American Jews, who are annoyed with President Bush ever since the elections in Florida and want to avenge him. Then there are intelligence agencies in the US, which require billions of dollars worth of funds from the Congress and the government every year. This [funding issue] was not a big problem till the existence of the former Soviet Union but after that the budget of these agencies has been in danger. They needed an enemy. So, they first started propaganda against Usama and Taliban and then this incident happened. You see, the Bush administration approved a budget of $40 billion. Where will this huge amount go? It will be provided to the same agencies, which need huge funds and want to exert their importance.


Now they will spend the money for their expansion and for increasing their importance. I will give you an example. Drug smugglers from all over the world are in contact with the US secret agencies. These agencies do not want to eradicate narcotics cultivation and trafficking because their importance will be diminished. The people in the US Drug Enforcement Department are encouraging drug trade so that they could show performance and get millions of dollars worth of budget. General Noriega was made a drug baron by the CIA and, in need, he was made a scapegoat. In the same way, whether it is President Bush or any other US President, they cannot bring Israel to justice for its human rights abuses or to hold it accountable for such crimes. What is this? Is it not that there exists a government within the government in the United Sates? That secret government must be asked as to who made the attacks. Ummat: A number of world countries have joined the call of the United States for launching an attack on Afghanistan. These also include a number of Muslim countries. Will al-Qua'ida declare a jihad against these countries as well?


Usama: I must say that my duty is just to awaken the Muslims to tell them as to what is good for them and what is not. What does Islam says and what the enemies of Islam want? Al-Qua'ida was set up to wage a jihad against infidelity, particularly to encounter the onslaught of the infidel countries against the Islamic states. Jihad is the sixth undeclared element of Islam. [The first five being the basic holy words of Islam, prayers, fast, pilgrimage to Mecca, and giving the poor-due] Every antiIslamic person is afraid of it. Al-Qua'ida wants to keep this element alive and active and make it part of the daily life of the Muslims. It wants to give it the status of worship. We are not against any Islamic country nor we consider a war against an Islamic country as Jihad. We are in favor of armed jihad only against those infidel countries, which are killing innocent Muslim men, women, and children just because they are Muslims. Supporting the US act is the need of some Muslim countries and the compulsion of others. However, they should think as to what will remain of their religious and moral position if they support the attack of the Christians and the Jews on a Muslim country like Afghanistan. The orders of Islamic Shariat [jurisprudence] for such individuals, organizations, and countries are clear and all the scholars of the Muslim brotherhood are unanimous on them.

We will do the same, which is being ordered by the Ameerul Momineen [the commander of the faithful] Mulla Omar and the Islamic scholars. The hearts of the people of Muslim countries are beating with the call of jihad. We are grateful to them. Ummat: The losses caused in the attacks in New York and Washington have proved that giving an economic blow to the US is not too difficult. US experts admit that a few more such attacks can bring down the American economy. Why is al-Qua'ida not targeting their economic pillars? Usama: I have already said that we are not hostile to the United States. We are against the system, which makes other nations slaves of the United States, or forces them to mortgage their political and economic freedom. This system is totally in control of the American Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States. It is simply that the American people are themselves the slaves of the Jews and are forced to live according to the principles and laws laid by them. So, the punishment should reach Israel. In fact, it is Israel, which is giving a blood bath to innocent Muslims and the US is not uttering a single word. Ummat: Why is harm not caused to the enemies of Islam through other means, apart from the armed struggle?

For instance, inciting the Muslims to boycott Western products, banks, shipping lines, and TV channels. Usama: The first thing is that Western products could only be boycotted when the Muslim fraternity is fully awakened and organized. Secondly, the Muslim companies should become self-sufficient in producing goods equal to the products of Western companies. Economic boycott of the West is not possible unless economic self sufficiency is attained and substitute products are brought out. You see that wealth is scattered all across the Muslim world but not a single TV channel has been acquired which can preach Islamic injunctions according to modern requirements and attain an international influence. Muslim traders and philanthropists should make it a point that if the weapon of public opinion is to be used, it is to be kept in the hand. Today's world is of public opinion and the fates of nations are determined through its pressure. Once the tools for building public opinion are obtained, everything that you asked for can be done. Ummat: The entire propaganda about your struggle has so far been made by the Western media. But no information is being received from your sources about the network of al-Qua'ida and its jihadi successes. Would you comment?

Usama: In fact, the Western media is left with nothing else. It has no other theme to survive for a long time. Then we have many other things to do. The struggle for jihad and the successes are for the sake of Allah and not to annoy His bondsmen. Our silence is our real propaganda. Rejections, explanations, or corrigendum only waste your time and through them, the enemy wants you to engage in things which are not of use to you. These things are pulling you away from your cause.

The Western media is unleashing such a baseless propaganda, which make us surprise but it reflects on what is in their hearts and gradually they themselves become captive of this propaganda. They become afraid of it and begin to cause harm to themselves. Terror is the most dreaded weapon in modern age and the Western media is mercilessly using it against its own people. It can add fear and helplessness in the psyche of the people of Europe and the United States.
It means that what the enemies of the United States cannot do, its media is doing that.


You can understand as to what will be the performance of the nation in a war, which suffers from fear and helplessness. Ummat: What will the impact of the freeze of al-Qua'ida accounts by the US? Usama: God opens up ways for those who work for Him. Freezing of accounts will not make any difference for alQua'ida or other jihad groups. With the grace of Allah, al-Qua'ida has more than three such alternative financial system, which are all separate and totally independent from each other. This system is operating under the patronage of those who love jihad. What to say of the Untied States, even the combined world cannot budge these people from their path. These people are not in hundreds but in thousands and millions. Al-Qua'ida comprises of such modern educated youths who are aware of the cracks inside the Western financial system as they are aware of the lines in their hands. These are the very flaws of the Western fiscal system, which are becoming a noose for it and this system could not recuperate in spite of the passage of so many days. Ummat: Are there other safe areas other than Afghanistan, where you can continue jihad?


Usama: There are areas in all parts of the world where strong jihadi forces are present, from Indonesia to Algeria, from Kabul to Chechnya, from Bosnia to Sudan, and from Burma to Kashmir. Then it is not the problem of my person. I am helpless fellowman of God, constantly in the fear of my accountability before God. It is not the question of Usama but of Islam and, in Islam too, of jihad. Thanks to God, those waging a jihad can walk today with their heads raised. Jihad was still present when there was no Usama and it will remain as such even when Usama is no longer there. Allah opens up ways and creates loves in the hearts of people for those who walk on the path of Allah with their lives, property, and children. Believe it, through jihad, a man gets everything he desires. And the biggest desire of a Muslim is the after life. Martyrdom is the shortest way of attaining an eternal life. Ummat: What do you say about the Pakistan Government policy on Afghanistan attack? Usama: We are thankful to the Momin and valiant people of Pakistan who erected a blockade in front of the wrong forces and stood in the first file of battle. Pakistan is a great hope for the Islamic brotherhood. Its people are awakened, organized, and rich in the spirit of faith.

They backed Afghanistan in its war against the Soviet Union and extended every help to the Mujahidin and the Afghan people. Then these are very Pakistanis who are standing shoulder by shoulder with the Taliban. If such people emerge in just two countries, the domination of the West will diminish in a matter of days. Our hearts beat with Pakistan and, God forbid, if a difficult time comes we will protect it with our blood. Pakistan is sacred for us like a place of worship. We are the people of jihad and fighting for the defense of Pakistan is the best of all jihads to us. It does not matter for us as to who rules Pakistan. The important thing is that the spirit of jihad is alive and stronger in the hearts of the Pakistani people.