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BENGALURU Sunday 3 August 2008 37

haute shots

Five haute
Intimately must-haves
ctress, model, Miss Asia
Pacific 2000, Dia Mirza
lights up when on a

night on the town — be it a
film premiere, award function
or a social do, true to her
name! She straddles Indian
and western fashion with equal
panache. Dia lists for us her
five wardrobe essentials here.
Designer lingerie SHAGUFTA KALIM designer, who has mastered the was the 30-plus woman who

is making a KOLKATA
“less is more” concept.
Attributing this change of
loosened her purse strings for
designer lingerie but now these
1Good clean under garments
— inner fashion cannot be
left behind.
mindset to various reasons, itsy-bitsy pieces are making

t’s an inside story waiting
fashion statement to be unravelled. Sensual Suman evaluates, “With a their way into the wardrobes of
and intimate, stylishly splurge of branded labels foray- younger women and even
like never before, feminine or simply a mat- ing into India and an FTV bring- teenagers. Indian women, sans 2Beautiful
sari — an
ter of comfort — whichev- ing world fashion right into our age bar, have woken up to give
featuring high on er way you perceive it, this bare drawing rooms, women got a priority to every aspect of dress-
reason to ponder over their con- ing up.”
shopping lists of essential we know as lingerie is
making a fashion statement like cealed style quotient. Earlier it There is a sea-change in the
wardrobe is
Indian divas never before.
India’s only lingerie and sleep-
shelves as well, not just in terms
of design but also on the size
without this
wear designer to have a berth at front. Take for instance, Amante, wonder.
the India Fashion Week, Suman an Indian lingerie house. Leave
Nathwani, believes that lingerie alone the conventional sizes S,
has come a long way and now M, L and XL; now they have
calls for trends and designs just
like any other fashionable outer-
started offering sizes in-
between, for the not-so-conven-
kameez —
quite conve-
wear. tional body type. “What is avail- nient and a fantastic blend
Suman informs, “This season, able are sizes in-between from P of fashion and
polka dots, checks and geometri- which is for the Posh (Victoria tradition.
cal prints are in vogue. Floral Beckham) sizes to XXL for large
prints are quite passé. Gold and body type. Inners too are avail-
silver shades in satin fabric are able in various sizes from D,
trendsetter of sorts. Laces have a
timeless appeal in high-end
DD, E, F and even G cups,”
informs the production manager
Warm clothes
a trendy
innerwear and it’s no different of Amante. not be much of
now; only it’s a riot of colours When quizzed on the market a use in
with red, green and burgundy for scanty indulgence in India, Mumbai but a
replacing the beige, black and given the apple-shaped disposi- must-have for
white.” tion of the Asian build, Suman is colder
The designer knows the pulse quick to point out, “I do not climates.
of the Indian innerwear market restrict my designs to women
probably like no other and has with an hour-glass figure. Style
no qualms in admitting that from is meant to complement and
Polka dots, checks
a highly negligible issue, now
lingerie shopping features high and geometrical
accentuate the personality, and
not stifle it. For women not
5 A pair of jeans
— simply can’t
live without them
on the list of the fashion-con- blessed with the right curves, it
scious clientele. “The mood prints are in vogue is no less important to be con-
gradually started changing in the scious about sexy inners and — as told to Shagufta
last five years and more women SUMAN NATHWANI sleepwear.” Kalim
Clockwise: Supermodel Lakshmi Menon are game for the idea of lingerie designer So, indulge in these sweet
shows off myriad creations by designer indulging in designer inner nothings and celebrate the femi-
Suman Nathwani wear,” says the Kolkata-based nine side of you!