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Value Chain Alignment

The eXcellerate approach for Value Chain Alignment brings you in control of demand and supply of services in the chain. Supported by our consultants and a structured process we have developed for this purpose. Our methodology includes principles, process and several practical instruments. Principles in synchronizing activities in the chain to deliver services to clients are: Understanding what adds value in the eyes of your clients, insight in the way the demand- and supply chain can be optimized to create this value and the use of cross-functional teams for maximizing and delivering this added value.

What is it?
Value Chain Alignment is the alignment of strategy, information, processes, expertise and activities that occur in the chain of demand and supply. This results in the synchronization and integration of demand(=business) and supply(=service providers). eXcellerate Consulting helps with issues such as synchronization of: the client requirements in the complete chain; the products and services and the required service levels; the required capabilities in the chain; shared kpis and goals; collaboration between parties.

What are the benefits?

Identify and implement improvements in the delivery chain; Improve productivity, develop the power of innovation and

consequently offer more added value; Faster provisioning of services by means of transparant demand; Faster realization of solution innovations; Enhance partnership, collaboration and synchronization between internal and external parties; Improved communication between parties with transparent metrics and consistent governance; Continuously measure and develop the capabilities of the integrated demand and supply chain.

Why is it important?
Well tuned relationships in the chain are an important

What is different?
The eXcellerate approach is based on the Supply-Chain Operations Reference model, the concept of Value Stream Management and the eSourcing Capability Model of Carnegie Mellon University. This unique approach ensures reduction of inefficiencies and maximization of added value to the clients in the chain. eXcellerate delivers measureable and permanent improvements to the relationships in the chain by means of the combined use of our internet-based measurement-, diagnostic- and monitoring instruments, and our experienced consultants that have successfully operated at board level of leading organizations. Our technology and automated workflow-processes are unique because they are able to collect all possible performance indicators through the internet, from any desired location in the world from each internal- or external target group. This technology is exclusively developed by Creating excellence BV and offers a solution for problems experienced with standard web-enabled survey tools.

condition to be able to realize the strategy; Clients demand continuous cost and service improvements and innovations; Clients need shorter delivery lead times to adapt to the growing demands of their own customers; An increasing part of the added value and cost savings are realized in the chain. The cost of external parties are drastically increasing and play a bigger role in realizing the client strategy; Clients experience the consequences of the performance of service providers directly.

For who is it intended?

CxOs, business- and IT-managers responsible for managing the demand and supply in the (IT-) delivery chain who have the ambition to substantially offer more added value to their clients. And also for managers who are trying to decrease the inter-company costs and gain efficiency.

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eXcellerator: 5 steps to improve Value Chain Alignment

Based on thier experience in many different projects, eXcellerate Consulting has developed the eXcellerator for structural improvement of your ability to perform. Hereby five steps are taken

Step 4 - Integral implementation

The plan of approach is executed according to an iterative process: plan>do>check>act. The emphasis hereby lies on the integrated approach with the focus on hard issues such as processes and systems as well as soft issues such as culture, knowledge and behavior.

Step 1 - Determine strategy and added value from a client perspective

What do our clients consider added value, what is their strategy and what do they see go wrong in service provisioning? Derived from that: which capabilities do they expect from their partners and which capabilities must they develop themselves? An integrated approach creates the conditions to implement solutions that deliver the desired added value for clients as well as for service providers.

Step 5 - Monitor results

The eXcellometer is the dashboard through which the progress of the value chain alignment is monitored by tracking the performance indicators precisely, on line and in real time.

Step 2 - Perform the eXcellerate scan

The eXcellerate Scan offers a detailed insight into the current situation: how does the organization score in terms of SCAN strategy, capabilities and performance relavant to the existing services provisioning in the chain; to what extent are are the clients loyal in to their service providers? Have the processes in the chain been synchronized and do all parties have the required capabilities in place? Are the right activities being executed? Are the correct processes present?





Step 3 - Define plan of approach

A plan of approach is defined, based on the information acquired from the prior two steps. Clear, detailed, measureable and with concrete actions. Actions that result in the further development of the capabilities important to manage the complexity between the parties in a way that the organization will benefit from it.

For more information, please contact one of our value chain alignment consultants

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