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eTwinning Special Christmas Edition MERRY

19th December

Special Christmas Issue
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The end of a long term
The Christmas holiday finally arrived.
IES MARINA CEBRIÁN, Here’s what the last days are like:
San Cristóbal de la Laguna POLAND

Zespól Szkól Gimnazjum i
We decorate Christmas trees at our school. There is
Szkola Podstawowa nr 13 a big one in the corridor and smaller ones in the class-
rooms. All the classrooms are beautifully decorated
Royal Grammar School, with baubles, ribbons, angels, Christmas cards and
High Wycombe:
decorations. Students belonging to one class have a
class meeting with their teacher. They share a wafer, [Above —putting up the tree
Prva gimnazija, Maribor:
tell wishes to one another and then sing carols. They in the library]
also have a mela. They eat a traditional Polish dish or Meanwhile in England ..... on the
just taste some cake. There is a special performance at last day of term we always have
our school gym every year. Students present Christ- just 4 lessons in the morning and
mas traditions, tell then the reports are given out. School
poem and sing car- finishes at 1pm instead of 3.40.
ols. The atmos- In the last week we sing Christmas
phere in the last carols in assembly instead of the usual
day before the hymn. Pupils start giving out
Christmas break is Christmas cards and some lucky
at the Polish school special. teachers get a present.

Xmas in Maribor, Slovenia
There is a tradition that Here's a photo of a deco- rated classroom.
we decorate our class-
We also have a game in our
rooms and on the last
class and the game is called
day before holidays the
The Secret Friend. Each gets
winning classroom is chosen.
a name of a school friend
Unfortunately our class has-
and has to surprise him or
Christmas Tree n't won yet. Some classes
her with small tokens of
decorations in the even prepare a programme
Canary Islands are inspired by a Christmas
made of recycled CDs spirit for the jury.

In my house It is a Massive Christmas In my house Christmas dinner we prepare several zup like lottery in Spain which begins when everybody see żurek. sugar. mantecado. almost everyone buys a ticket. and usually pan. We have also December. Christmas Eve wafer in hands. Only one dish In like . marzi- RONES. lucky year. and shaped into rectangular tab- lets. In my home it's Christmas Tree there are gifts talking. TROUT OR ANGEL'S HAIR covered with powdered sugar. Our tradition is grzybowa. polvorón. Traditional Spanish Christmas sweet made mainly with lard. barszcz czerwony. oval shaped. Another kind of spar- and sugar. Christmas in my home. BATATA SWEET cado. Other common Page 2 to eat a king cake with a small kling wine. Every- At the midnight we go to Everybady are waiting for the body are cooking. takes place on 22nd first star. usually made with honey. On January 6. We for every person of out family. . mazapán.eTwinning Christmas Christmas Eve in Poland Christmas Traditions appears in the sky we are Do you know what El starting eat twelve special. more. it is a tradition cava. potatos. and sesame seeds. We are waiting day of Christmas we meet because we can meet with for Jezus. Maribor. We are lovely people and we get gifts. egg white and almonds. Sometimes we go to walk. Nougat candy. Slovenia s This is how our lish C hristma Eng school looks like in g Puddin December. champagne. We are happy singing carols. ONE AND MERENGUE CAKE turrón. Gordo is ? by Szymon (Poland) Christmas dishes. chocolate. In next special time. flour roscón de reyes. pre-dinner custom of the students as the balls come It’s be fish carp. We pray and wish eve. champán. The FROM TENERIFE . It’s delicious!! rybody all the best with breaking and sharing of a special rice wafer and out of the machine. chocolate. cleaning and church on pasterka. like champagne. Prva gimnazija. person who finds it will have a ALMOND NOUGAT. Under the Christmas. POLVO. SPANISH CHRISTMAS FOOD CHRISTMAS RECIPES ingredients include cinnamon trinket hidden inside. We fishes. When first star with family again. offering good wishes for the When we end do it we go to year ahead I describe you my typical Christmas Tree. really important time. king cake. eating and laughing. spend it with all family. We call it the Old Beauty and in December it's even magical. Basically it is a kind of mante. salad. kutia. twenty dishes on table. The results are sung by make place for unexpected peas and cabbage and many The typical Christmas Eve San Ildefonso School guest.

phere in our homes. YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO LISTEN TO CLASSICAL MUSIC WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT AT ALL. Our mothers or us. But it's not as popular or fruit bread. decorate our Christmas tree and bake Christmas cookies. the Three Wise Men and sing Christmas carols. torches and before that we such as shepherds. generally with small figures. holidays when we can spend Christmas customs in Slove. Under the and. Multi-Lingual Christmas EVERY YEAR ON THE CHRISTMAS' EVE. the Virgin Mary wreath. of course. sheeps. like oranges. the Nativity as New Year's Eve. In our fam- in the crib. It is a Christmas tree there are a Scenes. Christmas Eve so that four good children. Christmas is one of those There is a pleasant atmos. People send Christmas cards Slovenian Christmas cake have traditional Christmas villagers. ily it is a tradition that we go and St. candies. Joseph. of good food. everywhere in the world grandmothers bake traditional tion is the decorations. but there are to church on foot with also a lot of other figures. and people who are very close to lar holiday in Slovenia. like which is celebrated in family cake called “potica” (nut rolls) the street Christmas lights circle. etc. THE SYNPHONY ORCHESTRA OF TENERIFE PERFOMS TO ALL PEOPLE. Special Christmas More Christmas Traditions Issue Spanish Christmas tradi. It Sundays before Christmas we On Christmas Eve people go depicts at least the Child Jesus lighten up candles on advent to midnight mass. We dinner. Page 3 . A Nativity Scene is a tradition that we wait for Christmas crib and gifts for depiction of the birth of Jesus. on camels. It smells our time with relatives and nia Christmas is very popu.

Spanish children December 28. not everyone succeeds in A Midnight Mass called Misa doing that). Next. gins to share it or tell themselves desired. slaughter of the innocents. A VERY MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR That. This day is lottery which takes place on W also celebrated with a family 22nd December. ryone buys a ticket. as you can imag- dinner and celebrate together. everybody del Gallo (Rooster’s Mass) is drinks a toast. specially young people. when the mo- ment nastaje already on the table must be 12 dishes including min.: 'Barszcz'. uncle and grandfather. It can not run So this is Xmas out of hay into a beautiful white cloth-table as tradition requires tries. 'carp'. I think that each of ME us in their homes has its own habits. And he is embellished table and placed him on board. they met in my house is a lot of people who do dishes on Christmas night. lets get to unpack gifts.With midnight mass the old and the young. This is such a period in life when all ! everyone has a wonderful mood to feast and meetings with family. I hope you have fun Then comes the moment on trying each of the holiday dishes to taste. Día de los Santos Inocen- tes (Innocent Saints’ Day). After a wonderful evening everyone goes to their homes but only for a moment. Christmas are successful in this way when the windows for our home is cold and a lot of snow. returned to the house and everyone goes with a smile on your face. When the family meets in its entirety at the same table doing amazing atmosphere in August. with cham- also celebrated to commemo. Then. do not address their letters to The Christmas Market rate the Biblical Herod’s Santa Claus. Christmas Eve in Poland—Mateusz Czernek Organization For me Christmas is the most beautiful time during the entire year. and each has a good humor. Massive Christmas ei hnach New Year’s Eve. we are waiting only for one beautiful star in the sky that will give us the signal that you can already start Christmas Eve. 'herring'. all kinds of hoaxes parades are organized in and jokes (called inocentadas) which the Three Men partici. On January 5. I think that the ONE Christmas holidays are the most beautiful in the whole year. my sister. This is a beautiful feeling. we are waiting for the only date: and The twenty fourth of December!. it is the they have a lot of work to do ! equivalent of the April Fools’ that night. At midnight. customary to organize family one on each chime of the reunions. but to the Three in Oberhausen. Why? Because at 12 at night my whole family goes to church for midnight mass. A Christmas tree in my house always looks wonderful. On Wise Men. Then there's still 1 LET´S HOPE IT´S A GOOD day festivities. ine. Of course. On Epiphany. Vesel are committed on friends and pate in person. another year over and a new one just Once all sit at table. At the center of the table stands a Christ- mas candle next to it on the plate are 'opłatki' which will be divided already evening. The dinner. After the demands of children or me. Everyone takes the hand and each wafer with each be- begun. goes on as much as we can take. it is tional to eat twelve grapes. even though b ožič relatives. and what have you done. I one STMAS Throughout the year. 'noodles with poppy'. followed by 2 days of holidays. On this day. 'pierogi with cabbage'. focus Wigilie although each end holidays do not end with the past times.The biggest gourmand in my the near and the dear family are: Dad. almost eve- . and my And so this is xmas cousins. big Germany this day. In this sense. Feliz N WITHOUT ANY FEAR avidad John Lennon ! Spanish Christmas Traditions Other Christmas Eve. no one can run into choinką gifts because it would be without gifts for the holidays and Christmas trees. pagne or cava. Frohe ten ! Day. which remain Ś wia t ! h Wesolyc CHR RRY to this day. In the following days is a Christmas carol or pastoral priest comes to each of the houses and we pray. El Gordo. and the party rate the birth of Jesus. in order to have a clock (well.Every year. we commemo. it is tradi- night before Christmas. are beautiful carols that always starts my grand- one mother.