Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Lisa Flippen ETH/125 October 5, 2011 Sylvia Gonzalez

Mexicans who enter the country illegally are referred to wetbacks or majados. It has been hard for Mexicans in the USA because of the color of their skin and their financial and social status that they have in this country. some do not speak Spanish all of the time and a lot of them do not have any experience in the language and prefer to speak English (Schaefer. Even though we as Americans complain a lot about how we are living or being treated by our government we have it way better and easier than the individuals living in Mexico.3 million to 50.5 million Hispanics or Latinos in the United States (Census 2010). Faith and church are very strong and powerful sources of hope and strength in the Mexican community. and daily life. In 2010 the Census data showed that the numbers increased from 35.Hispanic Americans are the fastest growing minority in the United States and they have contributed to a lot of our society’s culture. With the newer generations has emerged some other way of communicating call Spanglish. Hispanics share the Spanish language. Mexican Americans normally speak in their native language even though they are given grief about speaking this language in public or in schools. illness. this consists of both Spanish and English (American). Puerto Ricans are the second largest groups of Hispanics within the United States and the majority of them are in New Jersey and New York. Spiritual and religious beliefs play a role in their health. A lot of Mexicans come to USA legally and illegally because they want to leave the poor living behind and they feel that they could do better for themselves here. 2006). they enter by supposedly swimming the Rio Grande. Since they are technically American citizens . Mexican Americans make up the largest part of the Hispanic population in the United States and they are mainly found in the Southwestern States. The religion that most Mexicans prefer would be Roman Catholic.

Just as Mexicans. They speak with a high-pitch fast rhythm and this leaves them open to many comments about their accent. The Puerto Rican communities as far as political views have a split difference. They have been in the United States for a long time with them settling in Florida from Cuba as early as 1831 (Schaefer. Puerto Ricans are eligible for help and benefits in America because Puerto Rico is a United States commonwealth. Because of this many of them feel that being able to receive benefits such as welfare keeps them within a cycle of poverty and not allowing them to get above that. . Within recent years however. most Puerto Ricans are also Roman Catholic. It started with the Catholic churches that were established in Puerto Rico almost 400 years ago. There are those that are for the United States and others who are pushing for Puerto Rico’s independence from America. Because they have huge families they will normally have a large number of relatives in their homes. but the sons have the responsibility of taking care of the females with high importance to their younger sisters. Cubans made up approximately 4 percent of the total Hispanic population in both the 2000 and 2010 Censuses and were the largest Hispanic origin group in Florida in 2010 with a population of 1. but moved to America as a result of communist dictatorship by Fidel Castro. 2010). 2006).they are not considered as foreign immigrants. Cuban Americans are a Hispanic minority in the United States. The male sex is seen as the head of the household. it shows that only about 70% of them consider themselves as Catholic and the remaining as Protestant. Their language is different from the other Spanish speaking groups because their pronunciation is very different than others. Majority of Cuban Americans were born in Cuba.2 million (Census.

Their economic status has begun to diversify itself as their race has to become acceptable. In these communities they are around people of the same cultural background so this makes it a lot easier for them to succeed. Dominican Americans are a newer national community in the United States. Most Cubans are against Castro’s communist government and any policies that are against him as well are highly supported by the Cuban American communities. There have been Dominican Americans elected as state . They have had a role in changing American Politics. Cubans have chosen large areas such as New York City. Some Dominicans that come to America have language barriers. Any Cuban related policies in the American legislation are influenced by Cuban Americans. In South Florida a lot of them own their own business and have the highest entrepreneurial rate out of the entire Hispanic group. The intermarriage rate of marrying other individuals out of their ethnic group and culture is low because this is family value. New Jersey. Cuban Americans are Roman Catholics. They are still trying to create a unique place for themselves amongst the American Culture and Hispanic groups (Dominican American.The language has changed with the generations because the older generation chooses their Cuban language while the younger generations have started to separate themselves from their culture and choose to speak in English. and Los Angles. 2008). A lot of Dominican Americans are rising from immigrant status to a conventional status amongst a common American society. They officially speak Spanish. but English is regularly spoken and even some French dialect. but are still known to reside mostly in Florida.

2008). There is also a small group of African religious beliefs as well. some just more than others.S. some groups push education on their family while other expect the women to take care of home. I do see a difference in politics and the education. House of Representatives (Buffington. but there are not any on the U. . but there is a small group of Protestants within their communities and culture. The major religion is Roman Catholicism. The old and young bump heads because the old believe in large families and the young does not. It is also obvious that religion plays a major role in their lives in the way they make decisions and live from day to day. After researching all of the chosen group’s religion seems to be something they all have in common because they are all mostly Roman Catholics. Even though they may not all use Spanish as their everyday language you can see that it is also common in these groups.officials in some states. from Every Culture Web site: http://www. Retrieved June Racial and Ethnic Groups.html Buffington. D.census. 2008.html .html S.census. (2008) Puerto Rican Retrieved from University of Phoenix.pdf University of Phoenix. (2006). ETH125 website: Green. from Every Culture Web site: http://www. Retrieved October 6.Reference Page: http://www. (2008) Dominican Americans.everyculture.

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