Passing Clouds

Written By: Anjana

Episode Three – Makeover

Chapter one
Okay so my best friend likes my father’s enemy’s son. I don’t see why I should be freaking out about that! It’s not like I like him or something… but I’m just bothered! And I don’t even know the reason. I’m just in one of those confused mind states right now. I’ve Physical Education after lunch. So I walk up to the girls change room and get dressed for P.E. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate P.E? and How much I don’t fit in? And I hate P.E. more when I don’t have anyone I know with me. I wish I had Alex or Bella with me but it turns out that I don’t have any class with Alex and just two classes with Bella! I don’t even like the P.E. uniform! This shorts is way too short. It barely covers any part of my leg apart from my ass! I shut my locker and go join with the other girls and guys in the gym. I recognize a few of them from my earlier classes. “We’re going to play volleyball today” says Coach Michael. Great! And now I’m going to play some sport I’ve never tried in my life. I barely attend any P.E classes in my Middle School. I always call in sick or something. “So how many of you have played Volley Ball before?” asks Coach and a couple of hands go up. “For those who haven’t played volley ball before, Here are the instructions; No matter what happens just try to push the ball away from you!” he says and bounces the ball up in the air and punches it with a clenched fist and the ball goes to other side of the court with great force. I’m amused by his power! “As Simple as that” he says and walks away. There are totally two volley ball courts. “Girls on the left court and guys on the right court” Says the coach. I, not knowing what to do just stand in the right side

of the left court. The other girls just fill in the other spaces in the court. And coach blows his whistle and chucks few balls in our court and the rest in the boys court. I try to catch one of the ball but instead it bounces off my head and makes it’s way towards the wall. I blush with embarrassment as the other girls laugh at me. How do I always manage to get my self embarrassed? I chase after the ball and get hold of it. Some girls have started playing amongst themselves in the court. I’m left alone. I don’t know what to do… “Do you want to play with me?” I hear a sweet voice behind me. I turn around to see a girl with straight black hair with purple streaks and bangs that fell on her green eyes. You could call her a Goth but she had a pretty face to be called as a Goth. And she has no sign of any tattoo or piercings. “I’m Kimberly. You can call me Kim.” she says looking at my oblivious face. “I-I’m Gina” I say. “I know” she says smiling and takes the ball from my hand. “How do you know?” I ask. “I s that a question? You’re what everyone talks about” she says giving out a small laugh like she just remembered something funny. I’m what everyone talks about? What does she mean? “huh?” “The lunch incident yesterday? And the posters of you around the school? Yeah, that.” She says tossing the ball in the air and catches it. Oh great! The whole school knows, what kind of a looser I am? I swear I hate Tiffany! “I feel sorry for you.” She goes on. At least someone feels sorry for me. No, actually Devon was kind of sorry too. “I hate Tiffany” I say keeping my expression serious. “She seems like a bitch” says Kim

“Oh she is!” “I hate to admit that she is my cousin” says Kim. For a split second I think that I’ve heard it wrong. Kim is Tiffany’s cousin? “What?” I ask just in case I heard it wrong. “I’m Kimberly Darren. Chloe is my sister but Chloe and Tiffany are more like sisters than Chloe and I are” says Kim “But I hate both of them! They make me so sick.” The first thing that comes to my mind is the Darren Clique. If Kim was Chloe’s sister then she could be in the Clique without any difficulty but she isn’t! and my mind works so fast that I start thinking of using Kimberly to get into the Clique. But that would make me a bigger bitch than Tiffany. Tiffany is the kind of person who uses people for her own benefit. “ENOUGH TALKING” I hear the coach yell and he blows his whistle. Kim tosses the ball up in the air and gently punches it with clenched fist and the ball travels towards me. Thinking that it’s probably going to hit my face, I punch it away. Thank god, I didn’t get myself embarrassed again. I’m getting sick of getting embarrassed. “Just so you know, I hate Chloe more than anyone. She is so cruel that she didn’t even join me in the stupid clique of hers” says Kim as we continue playing. Oh so that’s why she didn’t join the Clique? What kind of a person is Chloe to not join her own sister in the Clique? Suddenly I wonder if Sarah was in Clique and if we had less age difference would she join me the clique? And then I wonder if Sarah was ever in the Clique or not! See, I don’t know about my own sister! “Not like I wanted to be in the stupid clique though” adds Kim. I’m unable to say anything because I’m concentrating on the ball and nothing else. I just keep rallying with Kim. I can’t afford to get

embarrassed again. “I don’t have any friends in this stupid school either” she says. That gets me distracted. Having no friends in a school is the saddest thing that could happen to anyone. I stop rallying and the ball bounces on my head again. Damn the bouncy balls! Kim runs off to get the ball and joins me in the court again. “Did that hurt?” she asks rubbing my head. How could someone as sweet as Kim not have any friends? “No” I say smiling at her. “I could be your friend” I offer. “Really?” she asks. “Yes” I say. And that was it. I made a new friend! A friend, whose sister is the head of the Clique. How cool is that?

Chapter Two
I couldn’t get through the day without being laughed at. I don’t understand what is so funny! Seriously, the joke is getting kind of old. People have to move on! By the end of the day I get sick of being laughed at and I even shot my middle finger to one of the senior. That was so unlike me! I couldn’t believe I did that. Like Alex said, I had to learn to not give a damn but I guess I learnt to not give a fuck. Alex, Bella and I are waiting at the parking lot for their car to come and pick us up. We’re seated on a bench. Alex is going on about How cute her crush is… which is basically John! “He winked at me at lunch! Did you see that?” says Alex. “Yes, I did” says Bella. John winked at Alex? How come I didn’t see that? “He is so hot” says Alex fanning herself with her hand as though she is really feeling hot. Actually it is getting kind of hot right now. I feel like taking my blazers off. “He is but I find his friend more attractive” says Bella. John’s friend? “You mean John?” Alex asks Bella. ‘You mean John?’ echoes in my head. What did Alex mean by that? Wasn’t Alex the one who likes John? “No the other one with Dark hair! I find him sexy!” says Bella laughing hysterically. “I think John is cute too” says Alex. Wait, what is going on? I don’t understand. “Alex, who do you like?” I ask. I’m getting highly confused. “I like Rick Egrafed. Didn’t Bella show you at lunch?” says Alex! Rick? Oh my god Rick was the guy next to John at lunch! God, I’m such a deluded moron. I should have seen where Bella pointed her finger properly! As soon as I saw she was pointing at someone at the ‘Baseball team’ Table I just assumed that it was John!

“Thank god! I thought you liked John Weber” I say rolling my eyes. Thank god Alex doesn’t like John. “No! I like Rick.” Says Alex brushing her hair “and why thank god for not liking John?” “Do you like him?” asks Bella No! I definitely don’t! “Our fathers are enemies” “So?” asks Bella. “So we’re kind of enemies too” I say cupping my hands together. I don’t like John do I? No, I don’t! I barely even know him! Just because I think he is cute doesn’t mean I like him. “Oh.” Says Alex and their cars arrives. The three of us get in and the chauffeur drives to Alex and Bella’s mom’s stylist. Their mother, Isla is a model. So I’m getting a makeover from the hair stylist of the Vogue models! How cool is that? And it is very sweet of Alex and Bella to come with me to get my hair done! And we’re going shopping later to buy new clothes. I already left Sarah about a thousand messages telling that I won’t be home anytime early and she never replied! She never replies to any of my messages! She thinks I’m so unimportant. The car pulls up at Fiona’s Spa. Fiona is the hair stylist. The three of us get down and enter the spa. Alex reports at the reception and we get seated in the waiting area. I’m really excited about this makeover. After about Thirty minutes, I get called and we get in. I get seated in one of those stylist chairs. Fiona appears in no time. “Hello my darlings” she says looking at Alex and Bella. “Hello Fiona” they say in unison. “This is our friend, Gina! She needs a makeover” says Alex. Fiona looks at me and examines my hair. “You’ve beautiful hair,

darling” she says as she takes it in her hand. “Um thanks” I say. “Fiona, give her the best hair cut you know” says Bella. It takes about one hour and forty minutes to get my hair down. I get a look at myself in the mirror when It’s done. I gawk at myself. I wonder if it’s really me as I touch my hair. My hair is now an inch shorter and it’s no more straight, it’s curly. Not a frizzy way, curly but a wavy kind of curly, The one that Bella Thorne has. And I’ve bangs! I feel proud to be myself for the first time in my life. Actually this is the fifth time in my life to be proud of myself. After paying Fiona we head to all kinds of expensive shops like Gucci, Barney, Saks, Ralph Lauren etc. Alex does all the shopping for me because she thinks I’m too into baggy clothes and I’ve no taste. Alex gets me two size smaller than what I usually buy! But They really suit me. I never actually cared of what size I am but Alex says that I’m a size eight! And she also says it’s a good thing! And Bella tells me that I’m two size smaller than Tiffany. That makes me laugh! Alex gets me the kind of dresses that has low neck line and makes me look skinny! I object on the low neck line but she says it will suit me! Now, I’ve had a makeover! Buh bye old Gina and hello New Gina! I’m hyped to go to school tomorrow!

To Be Continued…

Author’s Note: I know, I know, I hear you all moaning that this episode was lame! I could’ve just joined this with the previous episode but I wanted to leave that in a cliffhanger! Muahaha but that wasn’t a great cliff hanger  And guess what? Now, we’re done with all the stupid basic stuff and I can finally get into the mainplot! This is what I’ve been waiting for. The next episode will be kind of sucky as well but the one after that will be amazing! Now tell me, who likes John? Hahaha :p

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