All manners of food : eating and taste in England and France from the Middle Ages to the present

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Victory gardening and canning : men.reinterpreting Chinese immigrant food in Belgium / Ching Lin Pang -. Published Westport.Curry at work :nibbling at the jewel in the crown / Mark Stein -Eating Indian(s) : food. and anti-American sentiments in nineteenth-century GermanAmerican writing / Heike Paul -.S. .Globalized tongues : the cultural semantics of food names / Susanne Muhleisen -. and home front family food production -. c1998. and ordered meals -. representation. English edition by Albert Sonnenfeld . Amy. ______________________ Manton. postwar famine relief. . and Tampopo / Julika Griem --Alimentary deliquency in the cinema / Kevin Dwyer.1962Title Eating for victory : food rationing and the politics of domesticity / Amy Bentley. . Call no. : ill.Fetching broth from Harfield : sustaining the body politic in Jane Austen's Emma / Sarah Moss -. and the Indian diaspora in the United States / Rudiger Kunow -. Shields Library D810. Conn. [et al. Published New York : Columbia University Press. Black 'authenticity' and hybridity / Shirley Tate -.Visual victual : iconographies of food and dining in nineteenthcentury England / Renate Brosch -. women. 24 cm.].Islands of serenity : gender.Talking identities : food. Call no. 170 p. English. Published Urbana : University of Illinois Press.Meat and sugar : consumption. Shields Library HQ1410 .1942Title Fed up : women and food in America / Catherine Manton. : Bergin & Garvey. and wartime food deprivation -. Title Food : a culinary history from antiquity to the present / under the direction of Jean-Louis Flandrin and Massimo Montanari .M355 1999 Regular Loan ____________________ Uniform Title Histoire de l'alimentation. 1999. and national security -. Eat Drink Man Woman. race. rationing.Tasting America : food.A room of one's own? Contested culinary and filmic space in The scent of green papaya."Like a beacon against the cold" : food and the construction of ethnic identities in Black British novels / Susanne Reichl -.Freedom from want : abundance and sacrifice in U. Description . Description xiv.Woman as wartime homemaker : family. Catherine.. translated by Clarissa Botsford . food. race.W7 B45 1998 Regular Loan Contents Contents: Rationing is good democracy -.. 238 p. 25 cm. ______________________ Bentley. Description xiii. c1999.

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stories. 24 cm. Shields Library TX652 . 24 cm. c1999. : ill.M4 P54 1998 Regular Loan _____________________ Title Recipes for reading : community cookbooks. Andrew F. Shields Reserves Reserves TX716. Pilcher. Series ( Post-contemporary interventions) Call no. histories / edited by Anne L. Call no. : University of South Carolina Press. 422 p. and knots of wool cookbook : the global migration of African cuisine / Diane M. Published Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press.Y83 1999 Regular Loan ______________________ Spivey. Harvey A. 24 cm. c1997. Published Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press. : ill. Spivey. Description xxi. 24 cm. Edition 1st ed. Call no. Description x. Shields Library PL2303 . 234 p..P66 S62 1999 Regular Loan ______________________ Pilcher.A4 S68 2000 Regular Loan _______________ Smith.R377 1997 Regular Loan ______________________ Levenstein. : ill. 264 p.1946Title Popped culture : a social history of popcorn in America / Andrew F. . Shields Library TX814. 1999. . Shields Library TX725. . 24 cm.C. : ill. Published New York : State University of New York Press. cracklings. 447 p. Jeffrey M. Description xi. Bower.1938Title Revolution at the table : the transformation of the American diet / Harvey A.5.1965Title Que vivan los tamales! : food and the making of Mexican identity / Jeffrey M. . S. Published Columbia. 271 p.1949Title The peppers. Description xii. c1998. Smith. .. Diane M.Description viii. Call no... Levenstein. Call no. .

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25 cm.1949Title We are what we eat : ethnic food and the making of Americans / Donna R. and the past / Sidney W. Structural Anthropology. .M56 1985 Regular Loan ______________________ Beardsworth.M58 1996 Regular Loan _______________ Title Through the kitchen window : women explore the intimate meanings of food and cooking / edited by Arlene Voski Avakian. Shields Reserves Reserves GT2869 . page 86-87.5 . Published Boston : Beacon Press. Sidney Wilfred. . . Published London . 149 p. Call no. Shields Library TX355. Shortridge and James R. Description x. tasting freedom : excursions into eating.M56 1985 Two Hour Loan Call no. Description 278 p. : ill. c1997. 24 cm. Published Boston : Beacon Press. Call no. Md. 25 cm. Published Cambridge.U5 G33 1998 Regular Loan2 also: Claude Levi-Strauss. New York : Routledge. : Rowman & Littlefield. : Harvard University Press. Shields Library GT2853. Shields Library GT2850 . Gabaccia. .B43 1997 Regular Loan __________________ Title The taste of American place : a reader on regional and ethnic foods / edited by Barbara G. 22 cm. Mintz. c1998. Description xv. Published Lanham.T2127 1998 Regular Loan ______________________ Mintz. 1963. : ill. 315 p. Shields Library TX715 . Shortridge. Description x. Call no. 1998. culture.Shields Reserves Course Reserves GT2869 . Call no. Call no. 23 cm. 277 p.1922Title Tasting food. Description xix.. Shields Library GT2850 . : ill. 1997.T47 1997 Regular Loan _________________ Gabaccia. . Mass. Alan.1945Title Sociology on the menu : an invitation to the study of food and society / Alan Beardsworth and Teresa Keil. . Donna R. 298 p. c1996.

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