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Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer...

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Originally published September 10 2008
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Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer

by Dr. Gregory Damato, Ph.D., citizen journalist
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(NaturalNews) Codeath (sorry, I meant Codex) Alimentarius, latin for Food Code, is a very
misunderstood organization that most people (including nearly all U.S. congressmen) have
never heard of, never mind understand the true reality of this extremely powerful trade
organization. From the official Codex website ( the altruistic
purpose of this commission is in "protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade
practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken
by international governmental and non-governmental organizations". Codex is a joint venture
regulated by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization

Brief History of Codex

The history of Codex began in 1893 when the Austria-Hungarian empire decided it needed a
specific set of guidelines by which the courts could rule on cases dealing with food [1]. This
regulatory set of mandates became known as Codex Alimentarius and was effectively
implemented until the fall of the empire in 1918. The United Nations (UN) met in 1962 and
decided that Codex should be re-implemented worldwide in order to protect health of the
consumers. Two-thirds of funding for Codex emanates from the FAO while the other third
comes from the WHO.

In 2002, the FAO and WHO had serious concerns about the direction of Codex and hired an
external consultant to determine its performance since 1962 and to designate which direction
to take the trade organization [2]. The consultant concluded that Codex should be immediately
scrapped and eliminated. It was at this time that big industry realized the full monetary
potential of this organization and exerted its powerful influence. The updated outcome was a
toned down report asking Codex to address 20 various concerns within the organization.

Since 2002, the Codex Alimentarius Commission has covertly surrendered its role as an
international public health and consumer protection organization. Under the helm of big
industry, the sole surreptitious purpose of the new codex is to increase profits for the global
corporate juggernauts while controlling the world through food. The implicit understanding of
their philosophy is that if you control food, you control the world.

Codex Now

The most dominant country behind the agenda of Codex is the United States whose sole
purpose is to benefit multinational interests like Big Pharma, Big Agribusiness, Big Chema and
the like. At the latest meeting in Geneva, the U.S. recently became the chair of Codex which
will facilitate an exacerbation of the distortion of health freedom and will continue the
promulgation of misinformation and lies about genetically modified organism (GMOs) and
nutrients while fulfilling the tacit population control agenda. The reason the U.S. continues to

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Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer...

dominate Codex is because other countries falsely believe the U.S. possesses the latest and
greatest safety technology when it comes to food and hence, whatever the U.S. asks for, its
allies (E.U., Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan,
Singapore) follow suit nearly every time.

Many of the countries who wish to participate and want to voice their opinions are not allowed
to attend the Codex meetings as the U.S. denies most visas for these representatives
whenever they feel like it. Many of these countries (South Africa, Swaziland, Kenya, Ghana,
Egypt, Cameroon, Sudan, Nigeria) realize that Codex has been altered from a benevolent food
organization to one that is fraudulent, lethal and illegitimate. The fact that Codex meetings are
held all over the world is also no accident and allows the U.S. to maintain its tight grip on the
Codex agenda as the less economically viable countries are not able to attend.

The Real Threat

While the esoteric agenda of the media is busy driving fear into the hearts of the world by
focusing on terrorism, global warming, salmonella, and food shortages, the real threats are
clandestinely becoming a reality. Soon every single thing you put into your mouth (with the
exception of pharmaceuticals, of course) will be highly regulated by Codex Alimentarius,
including water. The standards of Codex are a complete affront to the freedom of clean and
healthy food, yet these regulations have no legal international standing. Why should we be
worried? These soon-to-be mandatory standards will apply to every country who are members
of the WTO (World Trade Organization). If countries do not follow these standards, then
enormous trade sanctions will result. Some Codex standards that will take effect on December
31, 2009 and once initiated are completely irrevocable include [2]:

* All nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are to be considered toxins/poisons and are to be
removed from all food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to "prevent, treat or cure
any condition or disease"

* All food (including organic) is to be irradiated, removing all toxic nutrients from food (unless
eaten locally and raw).

* Nutrients allowed will be limited to a Positive List developed by Codex which will include such
beneficial nutrients like Fluoride (3.8 mg daily) developed from environmental waste. All other
nutrients will be prohibited nationally and internationally to all Codex-compliant countries [2].

* All nutrients (e.g., CoQ10, Vitamins A, B, C, D, Zinc and Magnesium) that have any positive
health impact on the body will be deemed illegal under Codex and are to be reduced to
amounts negligible to humans' health [3].

* You will not even be able to obtain these anywhere in the world even with a prescription.

* All advice on nutrition (including written online or journal articles or oral advice to a friend,
family member or anyone) will be illegal. This includes reports on vitamins
and minerals and all nutritionist's consultations.

* All dairy cows are to be treated with Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone.

* All animals used for food are to be treated with potent antibiotics and exogenous growth

* The reintroduction of deadly and carcinogenic organic pesticides that in 1991, 176 countries
(including the U.S.) have banned worldwide including 7 of the 12 worst at the Stockholm
Convention on Persistent Organic Pesticides (e.g., Hexachlorobenzene, Toxaphene, and Aldrin)
will be allowed back into food at elevated levels [4].

* Dangerous and toxic levels (0.5 ppb) of aflotoxin in milk produced from moldy storage
conditions of animal feed will be allowed. Aflotoxin is the second most potent (non-radiation)

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Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer...

carcinogenic compound known to man.

* Mandatory use of growth hormones and antibiotics on all food herds, fish and flocks

* Worldwide implementation of unlabeled GMOs into crops, animals, fish and trees.

* Elevated levels of residue from pesticides and insecticides that are toxic to humans and

Some examples of potential permissible safe levels of nutrients under Codex include [2]:

* Niacin - upper limits of 34 mcg daily (effective daily doses include 2000 to 3000 mcgs).

* Vitamin C - upper limits of 65 to 225 mcg daily (effective daily doses include 6000 to 10000

* Vitamin D - upper limits of 5 µg daily (effective daily doses include 6000 to 10000 µg).

* Vitamin E - upper limits of 15 IU of alpha tocopherol only per day, even though alpha
tocopherol by itself has been implicated in cell damage and is toxic to the body (effective daily
doses of mixed tocopherols include 10000 to 12000 IU).

The Door is Open for Codex

In 1995, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) created an illegal policy stating that
international standards (i.e, Codex) would supersede U.S. laws governing all food even if these
standards were incomplete [5]. Furthermore, in 2004 the U.S. passed the Central American
Free Trade Agreement (illegal under U.S. law, but legal under international law) that requires
the U.S. to conform to Codex in December of 2009 [6].

Once these standards are adopted there is no possible way to return to the standards of the
old. Once Codex compliance begins in any area, as long as we remain a member of the WTO,
it is totally irrevocable. These standards are then unable to be repealed, changed or altered in
any way shape or form [1, 2, 7].

Population control for money is the easiest way to describe the new Codex which is run by the
U.S. and controlled by Big Pharma and the like to reduce the population to a sustainable 500
million - a reduction of approximately 93 percent. The FAO and WHO have the audacity to
estimate that by the introduction of just the vitamin and mineral guideline alone, at a
minimum 3 billion deaths (1 billion from starvation and another 2 billion from preventable and
degenerative diseases of under nutrition, e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes)
will result.

Degraded, demineralized, pesticide-filled and irradiated foods are the fastest and most efficient
way to cause a profitable surge in malnutrition, preventable and degenerative disease which
the most appropriate course of action is always pharmaceuticals. Death for profit is the new
name of the game. Big Pharma has been waiting for this opportunity for years.

Fighting Back

Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D., who is the medical director for Natural Solutions Foundation, has
undertaken legal action against the U.S. government and continues to attend every Codex
meeting while fighting for your health freedom. The latest Codex meeting in Geneva heard
some dissenting voices that were tired of the U.S. bullying every other country in the world
with its population control agenda. Brazil and China have stated that when smaller,
underrepresented countries are unable to attend Codex meetings (due to the U.S. not allowing
Visas or for lack of monetary means) then every decision made in their absence is invalid. As a
result, Codex may soon fall apart under the weight of it own corruption, but pressure needs to
be unilaterally applied.

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Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer...

Dr. Rima has also been meeting with delegates from other countries and making them aware
of something called Private Standards. Private standards allow countries to draft food
standards which are safer and higher than those mandated by Codex. Obviously, this is not a
very difficult task and many countries can seemingly circumvent the flawed and irrevocable
guidelines Codex is attempting to implement on December 31, 2009 [7].

What Can You Do?

The only way to avoid such cataclysmic events are to fight with the dissemination of
knowledge to everyone you know. It does not matter whether they are still asleep or
hypnotized by the enslavement of daily life or too busy to pay attention -- the time to wake up
is now. The U.S. government and the collaborating media have been trying to distract America
while all these egregious and mandatory standards are covertly passed. It is time to take
action and you can do so by going to ( and following the latest
updates on Codex. You can also sign a legal citizen's petition here:
( .

Another effective way to get your voice heard is through sending emails or writing to your
congressman ( . If you send one email to
congress, it will ostensibly count as 13,000 emails. The U.S. Congress believes that for each
person who takes the time to write or email them there are another 13,000 others who share
similar views but do not take the time to promulgate them. Those living in other countries
need to contact their representatives in order to have your voice heard. It is very important
that swift and vociferous action be taken now. Times are changing very rapidly and unless we
all come together on this issue we may all have to start thinking about growing our own food
in the near future to avoid extermination.

Codex Contacts to Take Action

Dr. F. Edward Scarbrough
U.S. Manager for Codex
U.S. Department of

4861-South Building
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: (202) 205-7760
Fax: (202)

The U.S. Codex official website is 

For Further Information Contact:
U.S. Codex Office
Room 4861, South Building

DC 20250-3700
Phone: (202) 205-7760
Fax: (202) 720-3157


1. Bauman, D.E., Nutricide: Criminalizing natural health, vitamin, and herbs. 2005, The
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4z5 2008-12-03 14:56

Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer...

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