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The world has changed
And storage must change with it

Explosive growth & new workloads

Virtualization & automation

Cloud & utility computing

Infrastructure & technology shifts

Customers tell us storage is:
Too complicated to manage Expensive & hard to scale Isolated & disconnected Inefficient & inflexible

Storage needs to be:
Simple Scalable Smart Self-Optimized

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Legacy vs. HP 3PAR Hardware Architecture
Traditional Tradeoffs
HP 3PAR meshed and active Traditional Modular Storage

Cost-efficient but scalability and resiliency limited by dual-controller design

Traditional Monolithic Storage
Host Connectivity

Distributed Controller Functions Disk Connectivity

Cost-effective, scalable and resilient architecture. Meets cloud-computing requirements for efficiency, multi-tenancy and autonomic management.


Scalable and resilient but costly. Does not meet multi-tenant requirements efficiently

Host Connectivity Data Cache Disk Connectivity Passive Backplane


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HP 3PAR High Availability
Write Cache Re-Mirroring

3PAR InServ Traditional Arrays

Write Cache Mirror

Write Cache Mirror

Write-Cache stays on thanks to redistribution

Write-Cache off for data security

Persistent Write-Cache Mirroring Traditional Write-Cache Mirroring
Either poor performance due to write-thru mode or risk of write data loss

• •

No write-thru mode – consistent performance Works with 4 and more nodes  F400  T400, T800  V400, V800

4 4

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Controller node structure (P10000)

• • •

Dedicated ASIC for data transfer and hardware support for Thin Provisioning Dedicated pair od Intel CPUs for control information processing Separated data and control caches Separated communication lines for data and control traffic improve performance for workloads with competing access patterns (like OLTP and data warehousing) 9 ports for I/O cards per controller node

Intel Multi-Core Processor

Intel Multi-Core Processor

Multifunction Controller Control Cache 16 or 32GB Data Cache 32 or 64GB

Control (SCSI Command Path) Control (SCSI Command Path)



Data Path
PCIe Switch PCIe Switch PCIe Switch


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50 & 60 Rapid RAID Rebuild Integrated XOR Engine Tightly-Coupled Cluster High Bandwidth. Low Latency Interconnect Mixed Workload Independent Metadata and Data Processing 6 ©2010 HP Confidential .Hardware Based for Performance Thin Built in Zero Detect Fast RAID 10.

F-Class Drive Chassis T/V -Class Drive Chassis Drive Magazine Drive Magazine 7 ©2010 HP Confidential HP Confidential .

HP 3PAR Virtualization – the Logical View Physical Disks / chunklets Autonomically built Logical Disks R5 R1 User created CPGs R1 User created User Virtual exported Volumes LUNs AO ThP AO SSD R5 FC R5 R1 R5 R5 Nearline R5 R6 R1 Fat ThP ThP ThP Fat ThP ThP R6 ThP ThP Fat Chunklets 8 ©2010 HP Confidential .

HP 3PAR High Availability Spare Disk Drives vs. Distributed Sparing 3PAR InServ Traditional Arrays Spare chunklets Spare drive Many-to-many rebuild Few-to-one rebuild parallel rebuilds in less time hotspots & long rebuild exposure 9 9 ©2010 HP Confidential .

HP 3PAR High Availability Guaranteed Drive Shelf Availability Traditional Arrays Shelf 3PAR InServ Raidlet Groups Raid Group Shelf RG A1 A4 A2 A5 A3 A6 A B C D E F G H A Shelf B1 B4 B2 B5 B3 B6 Shelf B Shelf C1 C4 C2 C5 C3 C6 Shelf C Shelf D1 D4 D2 D5 D3 D6 Shelf D Shelf-independent RAID Despite shelf failure Data access preserved Shelf-dependent RAID Shelf failure might mean no access to data 1 10 0 ©2010 HP Confidential .

600GB 2TB 800TB P10000 V800 2–8 0 – 192 Yes 2 64-256/128-512 16 – 1. 200GB 300. Same Management Console.HP 3PAR InServ Storage Servers Same OS. 200GB 300. 600GB 2TB 128TB F400 2–4 0 – 24 Yes 2 8-16/12-24 16 – 384 100.920 100. 600GB 2TB 384TB P10000 V400 2–4 0 – 96 Yes 2 32-64/64-128 16 – 960 100. Same Replication Software F200 Controller Nodes Fibre Channel Host Ports Optional iSCSI Host Ports Built-in Remote Copy Ports GBs Control/Data Cache Disk Drives Drive Types SSD FC 15krpm NL 7. 200GB 300. 200GB 300. 600GB 2TB 1600TB Max Capacity 1 11 1 ©2010 HP Confidential .2krpm 2 0 – 12 Yes 2 8/12 16 – 192 100.

3PAR performance 12 ©2010 HP Confidential .

Mixed workload and wide striping benchmarks – test setup 13 ©2010 HP Confidential .

Test results 14 ©2010 HP Confidential .

Effect of wide striping and 3PAR asic on RAID performance 15 ©2010 HP Confidential .

based on the Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 benchmark. 450 000 OLTP IOPS 16 ©2010 HP Confidential .P10000 v800 performance The HP 3PAR P10000 V800 Storage System also set a worldwide OLTP (online transaction processing) performance record.

3PAR Thin Technologies 17 ©2010 HP Confidential .

Oracle ‣ Snapshots and Remote Copies stay thin Buy up to 75% less storage capacity 18 ©2010 HP Confidential Reduce Tech Refresh Costs by up to 60% Thin Deployments Stay Thin Over time .HP 3PAR Thin Technologies Start Thin Get Thin Stay Thin Thin Provisioning – No pool management or reservations – No professional services – Fine capacity allocation units – Variable QoS for snapshots Thin Conversion ‣ Eliminate the time & complexity of getting thin ‣ Open. heterogeneous migrations for any array to 3PAR ‣ Service levels preserved during inline conversion Thin Reclamation ‣ Free stranded capacity ‣ Automated reclamation for 3PAR offered by Symantec.

Thin Provisioning performance (SQL test) 19 19 ©2010 HP Confidential .

3PAR data tiering technologies 20 ©2010 HP Confidential .

Dynamic Optimization – Data Service Level Control RAID Type – RAID 10 – RAID 50 (2 to 8+1) System Resource Application Massive versus restricted use of: – Drives – Processors – Ports / loops Radial Placement Selection of inner versus outer tracks on disk platters Drive Type Various sizes and speeds of FC or Nearline 21 ©2010 HP Confidential .

Region Autonomic Data Movement Autonomic Tiering and Data Movement Save ~30% on $/IOPS and $/GB vs.ADAPTIVE OPTIMIZATION: AUTOMATIC TIERING & SAVINGS Dynamic Optimization Tier 0 SSD Tier 1 Fibre Channel Tier 2 Nearline (Enterprise SATA) Adaptive Optimization (AO) AO with SATA & SSD . Fibre Channel 22 ©2010 HP Confidential .

HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Improve Storage Utilization One tier without Adaptive Optimization Two tiers with Adaptive Optimization running Used Space GiB Used Space GiB Access/GiB/min Access/GiB/min • This chart out of System reporter shows that most of the capacity has very low IO activity Adding Nearline disks would lower cost without compromising overall performance • • A Nearline tier has been added and Adaptive Optimization enabled Adaptive Optimization has moved the least used chunklets to the Nearline tier • 2 23 3 ©2010 HP Confidential .

3PAR replication technologies 24 ©2010 HP Confidential .

HP 3PAR Full and Virtual Copy © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. L.P. Confidentiality label goes here .

HP 3PAR Full Copy – Flexible point-in-time copies Part of the base InForm OS 3PAR Full Copy – Share data quickly and easily Base Volume – Full physical point-in-time copy of base volume – Independent of base volume’s RAID and physical layout properties for maximum flexibility – Fast resynchronization capability – Thin Provisioning-aware • Full Copy Full Copy Full copies can consume same physical capacity as Thin Provisioned base volume 2 26 6 ©2010 HP Confidential .

SQL. VMware 2 27 7 ©2010 HP Confidential .HP 3PAR Virtual Copy – Snapshot at its best 3PAR Virtual Copy Up to 8192 Snaps per array – Smart • • • • • • • • • • • – Thin Promotable snapshots Individually deleteable snapshots Scheduled creation/deletion Consistency groups No reservations needed Non-duplicative snapshots Thin Provisioning aware Variable QoS Base Volume 100s of Snaps… …but just one CoW – Ready Instant readable or writeable snapshots Snapshots of snapshots Control given to end user for snapshot management • Virtual Lock for retention of read-only snaps Integration with Oracle. Exchange.

– The base volume space and the virtual copy space can grow independently without impacting each other (each space has it’s own allocation warning and limit). the base volume space can be derived from a RAID 1 CPG on FC disks and the virtual copy space from a RAID 5 CPG on Nearline disks. For example.HP 3PAR Virtual Copy – Snapshot at its best – Base volume and virtual copies can be mapped to different CPG’s This means that they can have different quality of service characteristics. 2 28 8 ©2010 HP Confidential . – Dynamic optimization can tune the base volume space and the virtual copy space independently.

Creating a Virtual Copy Using The GUI Right Click and select “Create Virtual Copy” 2 29 9 ©2010 HP Confidential .

even by a user with the highest level privileges 30 30 ©2010 HP Confidential .3PAR Virtual Copy with Virtual Lock • • User-configurable retention period locks volume or volume copy for a specified duration of time Once locked. volume or volume copy cannot be deleted.

intuitive commands No consulting services VMware SRM integration – Thin • • • • Primary Secondary vs. Other Common Approach Base Volume BCV Converter/ Extender Converter/ Extender Native IP-based. one to many Primary Secondary Actual Used Capacity Unused Purchased Capacity ©2010 HP Confidential .Remote Copy: Protect and share data affordably 3PAR Remote Copy – Smart • • • • 3PAR Remote Copy Thin Provisioned Base Volume Initial setup in minutes Simple. Synchronous or SLD Mirror between any InServ size or model Many to one. or FC Thin provisioning aware No extra copies or infrastructure needed Thin conversion Remote Copy – Ready • • • 31 Asynchronous Periodic .

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.Storage federation .P. L.HP 3PAR Peer Motion © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company. Confidentiality label goes here .

Beyond Virtualization: “Storage Federation” Virtualization Federation The delivery of consolidated or distributed volume management through appliances that hierarchically control a set of heterogeneous storage arrays Pros ▸ Broader. heterogeneous array support Cons ▸ More expensive (dual controller layer) ▸ Additional failure domains ▸ Lowest common denominator function 33 ©2010 HP Confidential The delivery of distributed volume management across a set of selfgoverning. peer storage arrays Pros – Less expensive – Minimized failure domains – Simpler administration Cons – No heterogeneous array support ▸ Likely additional administration . homogeneous.

3PAR and VMware 34 ©2010 HP Confidential .

VMware and 3PAR Thin Provisioning Options Virtual Machines (VMs) Thin Virtual Disks (VMDKs) 100GB 10GB 150GB 30GB 100GB 10GB 150GB 30GB 200GB Thick LUN 200GB Thin LUN VMware VMFS Volume/Datastore 100GB 10GB 150GB 30GB 100GB 10GB 150GB 30GB Storage Array 3PAR Array Volume Provisioned at Storage Array Over provisioned VMs: Physically Allocated: Capacity Savings: 35 ©2010 HP Confidential 200 GB 40 GB 250 GB 200 GB 50GB 250 GB 40 GB 210 GB .

com/2010/05/video-demo-of-3pars-plugin-for-vmware-vcenter-andvmware-site-recovery-manager-. including Thin vs. Fat – All available from vCenter – No need to login to 3PAR IMC or CLI separately to get this Demo recording available here: information http://www.storagerap.html 36 ©2010 HP Confidential .3PAR Management Plug-In for VMware vCenter – Precise insight into VM-to-Datastore-to-3PAR LUN mapping – View LUN properties.

1 – Solution composed of: • • • • • VMware ESX + vCenter 3PAR Plug-In for vCenter 3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware 3PAR Virtual Copy 3PAR Virtual Lock (optional) VM VM 1 1 VM2 Virtual Center with 3PAR Plug-In – Benefits: • Protects VMs / Datastores • VM-aware snapshots • Rapid recovery of full VMS and individual files and directories • 100s of snapshots per volume • Efficient.Recovery Manager for VMware (RMV) 1. non-duplicative 3PAR snapshots Datastore A Datastore B ESX Server Snapshot Volume A Volume B 3PAR InServ 37 ©2010 HP Confidential .

3PAR.com/services/download.3PAR SUPPORTS VMWARE VAAI IN VSPHERE VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) enables integration with array-specific capabilities & intelligence Hardware Assisted Locking (ATS) Full Copy (XCOPY) Block Zero (WRITE_SAME) 0 00 0 0 0 0 00 Higher VM density with granular storage locking Faster VM cloning and Storage vMotion with offloaded data movement 0 Increased space reclamation efficiency with eliminated repetitive write zero commands Free 3PAR Plug-In for VAAI available here: http://www.html 38 ©2010 HP Confidential .

3PAR and Oracle 39 ©2010 HP Confidential .

3PAR + Oracle • • • Wide striping + Thin Provisioning + ASM ASM Storage reclamation utility + 3PAR Thin Reclamation Recovery Manager for Oracle 40 ©2010 HP Confidential .

max performance can be achieved with only 4 LUNs • • 41 ©2010 HP Confidential .Performance vs number of volumes • High performance can be achieved with small number of LUNs Instead of managing 10s of LUNs in ASM diskgroup to maintain highest performance only few LUNS are needed In this example.

etc. paths.nodes. port.) really assure service levels as you scale? Yes! – Is contention actually reduced by this complete and automatic load balancing? Absolutely! 4 42 2 ©2010 HP Confidential . cache.3PAR + Oracle performance measurements – Does 3PAR’s implementation of massive parallelism of system resources (disks.

3PAR + Oracle – Thin provisioning performance 43 ©2010 HP Confidential .

3PAR RAID performance sensitivity 44 ©2010 HP Confidential .

zero-detection eliminates free space 0000000000 Oracle Tables Tablespace ASM with ASRU Disk Group 00000000 • From a DBA perspective: − Non disruptive – does not impact storage performance.HP 3PAR Thin Persistence – Oracle Integration • • • Oracle auto-extend allows customers to save on database capacity with Thin Provisioning Database Capacity can get stranded after writes and deletes 3PAR Thin Persistence and Oracle ASM Storage Reclamation Utility (ASRU) can reclaim 25% or more stranded capacity − After Tablefile shrink/drop or Database drop − After a new LUN is added to ASM Disk Group − Oracle ASM Utility compacts files and writes zeroes to free space − 3PAR Thin Built-In™ ASIC-based. ASIC huge advantage Traditional Array • Unused space remains • Zeroes are written 3PAR Array with Thin Persistence • Files compacted by ASRU • Zeroes removed • Space reclaimed 4 45 5 ©2010 HP Confidential .

html 4 46 6 ©2010 HP Confidential .3par. eliminating production downtime Uses 3PAR Virtual Copy technology • Allows Rapid Recovery of Oracle Databases   Increases efficiency of recoveries Allows Cloning and Exporting of new databases • Integrated High Availability with Disaster Recovery Sites  Integrated 3PAR Replication / Remote Copy for Array to Array DR Also see the brochure on http://www.com/litmedia.3PAR Recovery Manager for Oracle • Allows PIT Copies of Oracle Databases   Non-disruptive.

P. Confidentiality label goes here . L. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.HP 3PAR Virtual Domains – cloud storage © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company.

Logically-Secured Storage 4 48 8 ©2010 HP Confidential . Physically-Secured Storage Shared.What are HP 3PAR Virtual Domains? Multi-Tenancy with Traditional Storage • Admin A • App A • Dept A • Customer A • Admin B • App B • Dept B • Customer B • Admin C • App C • Dept C • Customer C Multi-Tenancy with 3PAR Domains • Admin A • App A • Dept A • Customer A • Admin B • App B • Dept B • Customer B • Admin C • App C • Dept C • Customer C Domain A Domain B Domain C Separate.

What are the benefits of Virtual Domains? Centralized Storage Admin with Traditional Storage End Users (Dept. Customer) Self-Service Storage Admin with 3PAR Virtual Domains Provisioned Storage Provisioned Storage Centralized Storage Administration Virtual Domains Centralized Storage Administration Physical Storage Consolidated Storage Consolidated Storage Physical Storage 4 49 9 ©2010 HP Confidential .

HP 3PAR Virtual Domains Overview • Requires a license • Allows fine-grained access control on a 3PAR array • Up to 1024 domains or spaces per array • Each User may have privileges over one.com/litmedia.html 5 50 0 ©2010 HP Confidential .3par. up to 32 selected or all domains • Each domain can be dedicated to a specific application • System provides different privileges to different users for Domain Objects with no limit on max # Users per Domain Also see the analyst report and product brief on http://www.

Other features 51 ©2010 HP Confidential .

regardless of size • 3PAR Remote Copy integration • Export backed up databases to other hosts • Also see the brochure on http://www.com/litmedia.3par. 2007.html 5 52 2 ©2010 HP Confidential . and 2010 • Support for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 and Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008 • Database verification using Microsoft tools • – Built upon 3PAR Thin Copy technology Fast point-in-time snapshot backups of Exchange & SQL databases • 100’s of copy-on-write snapshots with just-in-time. granular snapshot space allocation • Fast recovery from snapshot.Recovery Manager for Microsoft – Exchange & SQL Aware Automatic discovery of Exchange and SQL Servers and their associated databases • VSS Integration for application consistent snapshots • Support for Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003.

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