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In Exile 1. Describe the setting and the atmosphere.

how does the description of the place affect the sense of the story? *The setting and atmosphere of the story is where the periods of winter is about to end , it identify by floating of broke-blocks of ice in the river ,and the characters were set a bonfire near a river. It affect the theme of the story because some of the scenes are projecting that they are no food to eat, peoples are drinking to gain hot temperature. 2. What is Semyons favorite statement about life? What is your comment about on it? *Semyons favorite statement about life is God grant everyone such a life! I agree about this ,when I first see this statement I recognize that this is true everyone of us has a gift from God. We should be thankful that in every struggles we may encounter we can be stronger enough because God never give us life if we cant face all his challenges of life. 3. Discuss the significance of Vassily Sergeich in the story. *The significance of Vassily Sergeich in the story, he is the one who open the mind and heart of Semyon ;we wont give back the time, we wont have money for every second or minute in our life we must be contented of what we have and where we placed by Gods will. 4. What does the Tartar think about Semyons philosophy of coping with life in one of the worlds most dreaded places of exile ? who is right? Discuss the two contrasting attitudes. 5. Could you think of a place that is similar to the setting of In Exile what do you feel about this place? *The river near the house of my cousin in Poland, I wasnt go there yet, but I saw pictures of it,. I feel about this place was a quiet boredom in terms that the flowing of water is flow at the same direction and for me it is a boredom, but it is a nice place in

terms that this place have a fresh air to breath, nice weather condition and the humming g of birds on the trees near on it. The Horse Dealers daughter

1. Show how the description f the dining room, the girl, her brothers, her horses, the house and the fields contributes to the building up of atmosphere . how important is atmosphere in the unfolding of the story? | * The dining room have a desolate breakfast-table with its heavy mahogany furniture, was a quiet place of the house that supposed to be a happier scene for family but for Mabel (the girl a sullen-looking young woman of twenty-seven years in the house) was the unlucky girl because she never share her life to her brothers. 2. How could you describe the attitude of the three brothers toward Mabel, their sister? *The three brothers of Mabel is an Evil for Mabels life, for me they never treated Mabel as their Sister, they dont mind her feeling. 3. Trace the development of the character of Mabel. Why is she happier in the cemetery than at home? Why does she attempt suicide? * She didnt tell her story to her brothers, she was a plain, uninteresting kind of person. She seldom showed emotion on her face. In fact her face usually remained impassive and unchanged. 4. Explain the changes that comes over the doctor as the story progresses. 5. What is D. H. Lawrence saying about the nature of love? About its complexities? Do you agree with him? why or why not? * He believe that romantic love is psychologically redeeming., in the story the romantic love were being psychologically redeeming through the emotional development of the two main characters.

The Last Rite 1. The story is told from the main characters point of view. Does this concentration on Chou work to the advantage of the theme development, or does it limit our understanding about the theme, because the story is confined to Chous perspective? *The concentration on Chou work to the advantage of the theme development, because not only Chous perspective were discussing in this story also the other characters perspective, it contributes to the overall deliver of the story. 2. Among the more interesting features of the story are the following; the development of Chous character; the local color elements depicting g the traditional Chinese customs; the use of parallel episodes in the plot structure. Discuss these elements at work in the story. *All of this elements is work at the story, the story shows the family ceremonies and also other Chinese colorful rituals was contribute to the whole theme. Being on this age it is unfair of one of the tradition of Chinese which is the choosing father the future wife of his son, because they dictating you about your private life. Even non-Chinese reader will recognized my point if idea. 3. Discuss the conflict that exists between Chous family and Chuos reaction to his familys traditional way of life; and the conflict within the Chou himself. 4. What is the last rite? Oedipus Rex 1. What does the play say about mans search for true self-realization? 2. Describe the function of the chorus in the play. 3. At one point, the chorus calls Oedipus the paradigm of men. In what way does he stands for humanity? 4. How free is Oedipus to act? *When he gouges out his eyes, the chorus asks him what god urged him to blind himself. 5. Do you think that part of Oedipus internal struggle is his too of finding out the truth?

*Yes,. Because all of us has a right to know what is right. 6. How would you describe Oedipus relationship? or attitude to his society and to his gods? 7. Relate this play to the famous Socratic statement that The unexamined life is not worth of living "The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates said It examine what man can do in every struggle that we may encounter on our daily life. 8. Cite examples of Paradox and Irony in the play. What do these paradoxes and ironies indicate about the nature of life ? *Paradox; Let every man in mankinds frailty Consider his last day; and let none Presume on his good fortune until he find Life at his death, a memory without pain

9. Comment on the last remarks of the choragus; Let every man in mankinds frailty Consider his last day; and let none Presume on his good fortune until he find Life at his death, a memory without pain *my comment on this last remarks of the choragus, its really touch and define what is life and what lifes aiming or.