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There are two types of marriages possible.

1. In one, the girl and the boy choose each other. This is called
as love marriage or unarranged marriage!

2. In the other, the boy and the girl even though adult, are
chosen by their parents or elders - arranged marriage.

The aspects of the arranged marriage are discussed below:

The parents/elders are objective. They don’t fall in love with the boy
or the girl. With their experience and maturity, they scrutinize and
analyze the background and other details and ascertain whether the boy
or girl is suitable for the would-be spouse and also as a unit of the family
etc. Once the parents are satisfied, the marriage is settled.

Now supposed it is the girl or boy who chooses the counterpart. Most
likely the view is superficial. They falls for each other. This is called
“falling in love”!

The boy and the girl do not know the other’s background, does not know
his or her parents. They get married due to familiarity of being in the
same office or locality etc. but soon discover that there are many
undiscovered short-comings. Married life becomes a great tragedy. Many
such problems which the boy or the girl may not see are seen by the
parents. When the youngster chooses his/her match, he/she gets
emotionally involved and looses the sense of objectivity. When the
parents choose, they are objective; not emotionally invovled. Therefore
they can be more practical. See the difference?

In an arranged marriage, you accept a person as your partner in life,
sometimes even before meeting him or her. It is only later, after the
marriage, you ‘discover’ the person chosen for you.

An American once asked me why Hindu marriages seem to last longer
than the American marriages. I answered that a Hindu loves the person
whom he or she is married to, whereas an American marries a person
whom he or she loves.

In a love marriage, the love often does not seem to last long, because
very often the person is discovered to be different from what he or she
was thought to be when the two start living together. You often find the
person has changed in course of time. Then what do you do? You get
along for some time. All that is there is sympathy. But sympathy cannot
keep you going for a long time. Soon the marriage ends in separation.

That is why in an arranged marriage there is an advantage. you can love a cat.In India it just the opposite. Love does not have any particular prerequisite other than a simple attitude of acceptance. Therefore. The discovered person is loved in spite of his or her limitations. Any type of marriage can last happily only when the couple accepts each other as they are. Now due to the influence of Western culture etc. It usually works. This arranged marriage concept is very prevalent in India for a very long time. You accept the person first and discover the person later. you accept the person as the person is and there you find love. you can love any person. In the Indian languages there is no specific single word describing divorce! It is usually a combination of words. you can even love even a retarded person. since the person has been already accepted. Thus divorce had not been even envisaged in the Indian culture. . because you can love anything or anybody. the divorce has come about but this is a very small percentage unlike the western countries where even the institution of marriage itself is becoming unpopular. You can love a pup.