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Black’s Pharmacy
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Open to the Public: MON, WED, FRI 10-12 & SAT 9-1

A sometimes Utne Reader for Merritt & the Nicola Valley! Box 2199, Merritt BC V1K 1B8
T(250)378-5717 F(250)378-4700

MONDAY EDITION — MAY 7, 2012 #2300

Please recycle

Harry S. Lali
M.L.A. Fraser-Nicola
OFFICE HOURS: 10am-4pm Monday - Thursday
2099 Granite Ave., Bag 4400 Stn. Main Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 Tel 250 378-4802 Fax 250 378-4852

Heart & Stroke’s Big Bike ride
250-936-8363 250-378-9674


Fresh breads & baking Home-made soups & sandwiches Specialty coffees & teas

The Power of Presence – how to be there for anyone facing difficult times Thurs. May 3, 2-3pm & Tues. May 8 6:307:30pm. DVD presentation and discussion, at the Library. For those who would like to know how to be more supportive of those who are dying or those who are grieving.


2151 Quilchena Ave. (250) 378-6655

Bereavement Day with Joyce Hendry, Grief Counsellor, Kamloops Hospice May 15, 1-4pm at the Florentine. Public session, a unique opportunity to learn about the grieving process and coping strategies. Everyone is welcome at this session, but space is limited so preregistration is requested by calling 280-4040.
Refreshments will be served at all events. For more info call Merritt Hospice (250)280-4040


"This is a week where we recognize the everyday heroes who provide physical, emotional and financial support for those people who need it the most: the elderly, chronically ill or those living with a disability in facility, community and home settings. I know being a caregiver to a loved one strengthens the bond between family members. It can also take a toll on the caregiver's own physical, emotional and financial health. In B.C., we're fortunate to have caregiver networks that provide support groups, workshops and other resources for those coping with the stress and fatigue of being a caregiver. We also have a comprehensive, wellfunded home care and home support program to help take some of the burden from family caregivers. In April, the B.C. Seniors Home Renovation Tax Credit came into effect to help alleviate the burden and enable family caregivers and seniors to remain together. On behalf of all British Columbians, I would like to thank all those family caregivers who put their families first every day. Your dedication and commitment to improving the quality of life of friends and family members is truly —Premier Christie Clark inspiring."

Family Caregiver Wk
May 5-11, 2012

The Big Bike rides today. Come out and watch as 29 riders enjoy a 20minute, heart-pumping ride through downtown Merritt along Voght St., Quilchena and Nicola Ave. Local volunteers have made a special effort this year to gather more riders. With only 3 rides in Merritt last year, organizers were planning to cut Merritt out of the loop. However, extra efforts were made & there are at least twice teams as last year! And, 3 teams will ride in memory of Marg Reynoldson, a first in BC for an official memorial ride! Every dollar raised by the riders helps fund research, education and advocacy. Rides start at 3pm from Civic Ctr, last ride leaves at 7pm.

Mothers’ Day High Tea

Xeriscape workshop

Mother’s Day garage sale

Sat. May 12, 10am-4pm, Civic Centre. 5-hour workshop from xeriscape instructor Fwen Steele. Fee: $35. Learn the 7 steps to xeriscape and make a beautiful garden from a wide range of climate appropriate plants. Register at the Civic Ctre front office or call 3151050. Sponsored by the City of Merritt & Water Resource Advisory Committee.

The Baillie House presents this lovely tradition on May 12th. Two seatings: 11:30am and 1pm. Reservations required by May 10th, seating is limited. Tickets $12.50 ea. FMI call 378-0349.

Tel 378-5717 • fax 378-4700

Samoan Male Quartet

"Raise the Roof" steak dinner

Concert of inspiring and upbeat music at Crossroads Community Church on Monday, May 14, 7pm. One time event sponsored by local Adventist Church, for all ages. Come and enjoy with your family and friends. Sample of their music at Free admission, FMI call Karel (250)523-9086.

The NV Together Team is holding a Mothers Day garage sale May 13, behind Davis Leathers & More, 10am-1pm. Book your tables at Drop Dead Threadz $15/table, garage sale type items. There will also be hot dogs, smokies, pop & water; face painting. To donate to the NVTT please drop off at Country Bug Books.


Quilchena Store parking lot SUNDAY, May 13, 9am-1pm Some collectables & antiques

O, groan! I changed my i Pod name to Titanic. It's syncing now. • When chemists die, they barium. Jokes about German sausage are the wurst. A soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran. I know a guy who's addicted to brake fluid . He says he can stop any time. How does Moses make his tea ? Hebrews it. I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me. This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I'd never met herbivore.

Fall Fair volunteers are still fundraising for the installation of running water and sewer to the Fair Building, and then the next project is to build washroom facilities. They are nearing their goal and are very thankful to Merrittonians and their donations to their fundraising efforts. They will be holding Giant Yard Sales again this year. Donations are gratefully accepted, phone 378-2303 for free pickup on Wed & Thur, or arrangements can be made to deliver your donations to the Fair Building. The sales will be held May 26-27, June 16, July 18, Aug 11 & 12.

Nicolla Valley Fall Fair fundraisers

Saturday May 26, 5pm & 7:15pm at the Grand Pub & Grill. Proceeds towards re-building the walls at St. Michael's Anglican Church. Tickets $15 each, phone 378-3772.

(250)378-2753 • beside the quilchena hotel Hwy 5A, 20km N. of Merritt •


Stephen Hardy, Dch Tel: (250) 378-4706 PO Box 2049 Merritt, BC V1K 1B8


T his Week’s Horoscope
March 21 - April 19

2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)

ICBC Claims •Commercial •Residential •Automotive •Industrial

Merritt’s Auto Glass Specialists

2011 INC.



April 20 May 20

May 21 June 20

June 21 July 22

Eric J. Chalmers [250] 315-5692 Cell 2499 Priest Ave., Merritt, BC

The intensity of experiences can be overwhelming. Keeping some perspective may be hard but necessary if you are not to over react to what takes place in your physical involvements.

July 23 Aug 22
You are tempted to overspend on the trappings of success in order to make a statement about where you stand in society. Some will regard this as flash.


Keep calm when you find partners & employers acting oddly, it will all pass soon enough. You can always be the chameleon who matces their changing moods.

Aug 23 Sept 22

You have a good understanding of what customers & clients want. Go that extra mile and surprise them with the quality of your service. Win yourself brownie points.

Sept 23 Oct 22
You have a good feel for what is in demand, just don't commit too many funds to your operations. Be careful of agreements you get into, read the small print for the inevitable catches.


Avoid playing the drama queen unless you really do want to play to the crowd and extract every possible last slice of the action.

Oct. 23 Nov 21



Tel 378-5717 • fax 378-4700

Nov 22 Dec 21

Life becomes a kaleidoscope of dazzling experiences when you get out and about. The scandals of celebrities you follow appear shocking, even to you.

Dec 22 Jan 19

Jan 20 Feb 18

Your personality makes an impression, simply by being who you are. Beware of signing documents at work until you have a chance to examine the fine print for drawbacks.

Feb 19 Mar 20


You know what inspires you and should seek out these sources of spiritual upliftment. Don't go overboard in indulging your favourite pastimes but do explore the possibilities…

Moving in new circles extends your range of contacts, as long as you take everyone at their own value. You learn a lot from the passing show in all its variety.

You can raise your profile and it happens of its own accord. Just be who you are and allow others to observe your strong points. You don't have to put on airs to get noticed.

Your outlook and view on what is possible in life is raised by your willingness to embrace beliefs and live them out. Your positive outlook wins you interesting friends.



Karaoke Dance Party

• OFFICE 378-2821 • PUB 378-5711 •RESTAURANT 378-4543 • BEER/WINE 378-8859

Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 Tel: (250)378-5717 Fax 378-4700 Email

MONDAY EDITION — MAY 7, 2012 #2300
85 HONDA Civic, man., rns well/gd on gas, rusty, $350 Tyler 378-4902 73 3/4-TN Ford truck, gd running ordr, must see/make offr. 378-6256 06 GRAND Prix, slate grey blue/blk inter. 65k, pwr everthng, gd shape $11,000obo 378-6962 89 DODGE Shadow, rns gd/nds wrk, as is $250. Tonneau cover Extang full tilt, blk, off 05 Toyota Tundra, 6' bx, exc cond, offers 378-4056 88 CHEV shrtbx 4x4, v8 auto $1200. 88 Chev Suburban, std 4-spd $700. 83 Olds Cutlass Sup., 2-dr, hrdtop, 305 v8 auto, gd cnd, vry rel. $850obo. 95 Grnd Am, 3.1L for prts, rn gear gd $500obo 378-8156 4 USED Gdyr Wrangler tires 285/75R 16, fair cond. $65/set 315-0133 98 CHEV S10, brnd nw alt. $1600 315-1316 91 CHEV 3500 1-tn 4x4, flt dck $1700obo 378-8326 4 SUMMR tires, vry gd cnd, $30ea. Gdyr P215/50R17 378-5076, 378-7100 88 PONTIAC Reliant, 4-dr, auto, fair shape $500 315-0290 95 CHEV 3/4-tn 4x4, 207k, $2000+ invested in last 2 yrs, bxlnr & cust. canopy, no rust $4000obo 378-4125 98 IZUZU Hombre 4x4 ext cab truck, 5-spd man., 4.3l Vortec eng., lockable rawhide canopy, Koss cd playr, oil changed every 5k, no rust, rns well, lk S10 $4500obo Ken 378-6065 95 DODGE Caravan gd cond $750 378-9141 94 DODGE Dakota ext cab pck-up. SLT v8 318 auto, loaded, nw brks, all-seas. tires, mp3 playr $2500obo 378-5004 95 CHEV Lumina, cheap $575, has $500 snd syst. incl’d, rns exc. 280-1285 01 CHEV Blazer LT 4wd, 4.3L v6; 4spd auto, 183k $4900. Roof top Thule 90"x20"x12" $150 378-4211 AUTOMATIC 4x4 trans from 89 Foird F150 378-4007 07 PONT. G5, blk, 5-spd stndrd, 58k $7500 firm 378-4157 97 FORD Escort sprt, 4-dr, 5-spd, Mich. tires, 200k $1995 378-4771 4 BF GDRCH Rugged Trail tires LT265/17, 50% tread lft $125obo 378-8758
livestock/pets & access.

Want a vehicle, have a job? We can make it happen.
Good Credit Bad Credit No Credit Guaranteed APPROVED APPROVED APPROVED APPROVED Bankrupt Divorced Collections New Job APPROVED APPROVED APPROVED APPROVED

To book an appointment, call Steve today


BOAT MECHANICAL Boat repairs •Inboard •Outboard


• Motorhomes Structural & mechanical • Trailer • ATV • Fibreglass minor & major • Wiring repair & installation 250-813-2258 250-378-2238

FOUND in Hair Shack prkng lot: set keys marked ‘office keys’ 378-4556 WTD: hsekeepr, 1x/wk. Bonnie 378-6439 .5 AC grape vinyrd & organic grdn, lookng for someone to wrk & share crops. Hwy 8, lots water to grow Paul 378-2337, 378-7534 NATIVE SPANISH speaker looking to trade Spanish lessons for French lessons LOST: wallet, Apr 17, library/Coopers area, sml rwrd offered 378-6581
employment opportunity

FREE firewood: trees down, u come/cut up/take 378-0887 5PCS Maxwin by Pearl drum set, Zildjian & Sabian cymbals, Dixon dbl kick pdl, lots xtras $650 378-4902
for sale - furniture

NOW hiring p-t servers for summr, apply at Golden Chopsticks. LOOKNG for 2 clean-cut young men $20/hr agressive wrkrs Paul 378-2337

All work conditionally guaranteed

‘Butterfly’ quilt raffle fundraiser Tickets $2 each or 3/$5, available at various locations around town. Keep your eyes open for ticket venues. Contact 250-280-4040
Made by Carolyn McCauley, quilted by Louisa Robertson


GENERAL CONTRACTOR Honest, sincere gent. Home, yard, garage & auto; forestry. Will take on any of your needs. Mr. Fix-It. Very versatile, always available. Reasonable. Refs. Mike 315-1039 or cell 315-5398

Tel 378-5717 • fax 378-4700

HOUSE keepng avail. afternoons only, refs avail. Christine 378-4139 CULTURED stone wrk, exper’d, reas. rates. Rod 315-5267 days, 378-2238 eves. HEMMNG, alterations. Cust. draperies for cmprs/mtrhomes 378-5198 HONEST, rel. cpl for prssure wshng, yrdwrk, jnk removal, etc. 378-2623 WIFE for Hire. Yrdwrk, home cookng, hsehold chores. Barbara 378-6919 ND sprng cleaning? vaccum & shampooer 378-3469 SPRING has sprung, nd hlp w/ yrd wrk? organizng yrd sale, etc. 378-8383 PROFESS. Handyman Services, home renos & repairs. “No job too big or small, one call does it all” John 315-3183 FOR ALL your lawn care nds & doggy doo clean-up. Senior discounts, rain or shine. Call for free estimates (250)936-8308 JOE’S COMPUTER SERVICE. File trnsfr to nw comp., install hrdware/software, fix password, viruses, trojan, file recovery, pwr supply, lessons 378-8802 EXECO Pprperty Mgt. 9yrs. in business, worksafe cov'd, grt refs; hse/yrd cleaning, security, lt. lndscpng, decluttering, prsnl assistant, chauffeur, moving, any help needed. Evelyn 315-4453 JUNK to the Dump. Call me now 2802020, lve mess. “I’ll do it!” FRESH, Local, Natural WHOLE CHICKENS. 40.00/7.5 lb average. Preorder and pre-pay by May 15th for August pick-up. or Jodi 315-4743. COMPLETE Home Improvement Service. Repairs, add's, nw cnstrction. No job too sml, lic'd & ins'd. Jim 378-7200 ODD JOBBER Handyman Services 315-1039, 315-5398 DEMURT handyman services: home repair, appliance installs, painting, electrical & plumbing repair, renovations, honey-do lists. Murray 315-8729 JAMARA Joyal Massage Therapy. Wed & Fri 12:30-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm. 378-8300 PIPE-IT Plumbing: Qual'd, journeyman plumbers avail. for all your plmbng nds. Specialize in nw homes. Rens, serv. wrk, drain cleaning. No job too big or too sml. Brian 378-4892 (off.), 315-9970 (cell) DRYWALL, textured ceiling, painting. Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066 GRANNY'S House Quilting & Retreat has fabric and sewing notions. Call Eleanor 378-3734 for more info.

AFTER school care req'd for Bench student,. Mon-Thurs aft schl-4:3pm, refs req'd. (250)571-9757
for sale - appliances

Corner of Voght & Mammette (250) 378-0349

We have Good Earth Compost available. Bring your own containers.
Now open 10am-6pm, 7 days per week.


2 LRG fridges, gd wrkng ordr $95 & $400 (778)888-0050, 1-800-361-8111 DRYER. Dshwshr. Fridge 525-0240 KENMORE washer & dryer $300/set 378-2197 SML frzr $50. 378-9432 GE stove, wht $50obo 378-7003 DEEP freeze 378-4565 13CF frzr, gld, gd cnd $7obo 378-1843 INGLIS washer $150, Maytag dryer $75 or $200/both 378-4097 KENMORE undrcountr frnt-load frzr, approx. 5cf, gd wrkng cnd. 315-0133 COMPOSTING toilet, cln/brnd nw exh. fan, offrs USED Jenn-Air wall ovn, wrks gd $40 378-4950 FRIGIDAIRE wshr & dryer, vry gd cond., wrks vry gd $200obo 525-0319
for sale - automotive

GUPPIES, male & fem. $3/ea, 4/$10 378-4139 FOUR 3/4 toy poodle pups, will be 9lbs, 1st shots/dewrmd, ready to go $450. Male toy poodle pup, 1st shots/dewrmd, blk, ready to go 378-2307 FREE kitten, 8 wks old, ready to go/using litter bx, mother says they have to go 378-6397, txt 280-1015 HORSE shipping boots & match. cooler, 2 sets, 1 blue sz 72, 1 grey/pnk, sz 74. $50 ea. set. 2 sets splint boots, nvr used $20ea. Rawhide bosal w/ headstall, offers. Silver show halter $50 378-8686 SHORKIE/Russell male puppy, 8 wks old, vet chckd, 1st shots, dewormed, shih tzu/yorkie (mom) 1 lbs & Jack Russell (dad) 15lbs, $400 Lisa 378-4714 CALL ducklings, 3 colors to choose from $4ea 378-4097 LRG bird cage suit. for parrot/macaw, pd $400, sell $225obo 315-0179 ND to board 2 horses, prefer. LN area, can supply hay 315-3167 GOSLINGS $15ea., rare breed, price increases as they get bigger. 1 team ponies, 40" tall, with harness & wagon $1500 378-4097 55-GAL. aquarium: tnk, stnd, heatr, 405 fluval fltr, many othr access., incl. some vry nice fish $399 378-9912 JACQUELINE'S Pet Grooming, ovr 20 yrs prof. service, reas. rates, p/u & delivery avail. 378-4434 by appt SHEPHRD x puppies, 8 wks old, wellsocialized $350ea 315-5315 BEAUT. Austr. shephrd x puppies, dewormed, smart, gd wrkng dogs, mothr purebred $475 378-6312
for sale - miscellaneous

2 DBL bx sprngs, 2 sngl bx sprngs, 1 dbl & 1 sngl matt. free, u pck-up. Old wndw glass, gd for grnhse 378-2047 KITCH. tbl w/ 6 chairs. Diningrm set w/ 6 chairs & china cabinet. 2 coff. tables. Sofa loveseat & chair, bed. All vry gd cond. 378-5489 TBL & 6 chairs. Drssr w/ mirr. & 6drwr drssr set 525-0240 DRK walnut china cab $50obo 315-0071 DININGRM set w/ 6 chairs, china cab., bufft $350ofo 378-9437, 2952 Armsrong St. FREE Dbl sz bx sprng & mattr. 315-2336 2 BUNK bed mattr. $20ea 378-2197 BOOK shlf 2.5'wx6't, oak col. w/shlvs $30, gd cond. 4' w & 4.5' w bamboo rolldwn shades, brwn, gd for porch $20/both. 2 sml side tbls, lt col. $15/both. Tall mtl lmp, grey/gls shade w/match. med-sz tbl lmp $30. 378-4554 HUGE movng sale: computer dsk. Uniqe mrbl tbl base w/ gls top & 8 dinrm chairs w/ arms.oak diningrm set 8 chairs drk oak. 2 display cabinets. Qu bd w/ drssr & armoire. Qu canopy bd w/ 2 drssrs & 2 nt stnds. 2 lrg drssrs 13-drwr. Pine cabinet. Unique ped. tbl w/ clawfoot base & glass top. Book shlf. Pub tbl. 2 crnr units w/ lts. 315-0209 TV & curio cabinet w/ lt, shlvs & gls drs, 6’h, exc cond & 27" RCA tv $125/both 378-9849 SUPER, comfy, retro chair & ottoman, rust col., spacious $30obo 378-0325 SML wd tbl & 4 chairs $75obo 3783749, 315-3455 NW patio set, nvr used, wckr, floral patt., loveseat, 2 chairs, oval gls coff. tbl $275. Brwn spindle wd crib suit. for bnch $45 378-5745 DBL bd, sngl bd vry gd shape. Tv stnd, side tbl, home gym 378-2047 2 IKEA Detolf glass display cabinets, blk base & top, lights, mirrored backs 378-9851 SQ. gls & rod-iron diningrm tbl, sits 6, no chairs. 378-3988 SML mtl/gls comp. dsk $125 378-0950
for sale - electronics/software

Dealer #30482


2049 Nicola Ave, Merritt. • Phone (250)378-9255 • Toll Free 1-888-378-9255

Stephen Hardy, Dch Tel: (250) 378-4706 PO Box 2049 Merritt, BC V1K 1B8


TOSHIBA satellite 2140CDS laptop, 2 batt., mouse & case, MS Windows NT Server CD, wrks grt $75 378-2559 68" WIDESCRN hi-def. tv, wrks grt , grt for the mancave, gamer, movie night, Toshiba, new $8000, sell $650obo.5250470, 378-9780 BRODER Bund Click Art, 65,000 images for Wndws 95 or 3.1, premier ed. Print Shop for Wndws 95 $10ea.,$15/both. Lrg roll-up, on stnd movie screen $25. 378-6765 AUDIO equipt: old stereo rcvrs, amps & hdphones 378-4043, FREE: 3G USB air car, nw condition, hrdly used, Telus wireless aircard/airstck/ rckt stck, wrks grt, u cvr trnsfr fee MOVNG: SONY tv 27” $200 378-5512 NW colour tv $25 378-4619 SHAW digital hd satellite bx $125 378-4771
for sale - recreational

Merritt Country Auto Sales PAY BY
2776 Voght St. • Tel: 250-378-5966

fits a 2004 Dodge Dakota crew cab box; suitable for landscaping/ATV/snomo trailer. Heavy duty mesh, 66"L x 64"W x 48"H with removable, lockable rear doors - can be opened from inside/outside. $875 o.b.o. Phone 250-378-6001 Merritt.
May be seen at Jackson's Welding in Colletville.

95 FORD F150 shrtbx, 2wd, 385k, mtr in grt shape, body rusty/nds nw sprngs, wired for trlr w/brks, 4000lbs. $1500obo 378-7763 eves 17" TRUCK tires, sets of 4 from $280 & prs from $100 280-1285 09 NISSAN Frontier LE 4x4, top-ofthe-line luxury trck, 18,000k, nw premium snws on rims, still 3 wks of full fact. warr. 315-1305 2 MICH. radial tires 225/75Rx15, studded m&s, lk nw $300/pr Joe 378-2676 86 GMC Sierra, diesl $1000. 89 Chev Corsica $800. 74 Camaro, bst offr. 378-4455 4 STUDDED tires on rims 195/60R14, lk nw $250obo. 6’9” canopy, exc cnd $225obo 315-0202 03 DODGE Ram 2500 4x4 4-dr, tow pkg, lw k, vry gd shape $11,000 378-8182 CANOPY for Dodge Dakota 378-4493 PLASTIC Crossover Gullwing truck box-$40. 378-6765 DEEZEE dry bx, alum. chckrplate, lk nw, fits full-sz pck-up trck $140obo 315-0028 87 NISSAN Sentra, stndrd, vry gd ru cnd 378-9948 94 LINCOLN Continental, blk, 4-dr 3780971 aft 2pm 97 FORD 150 XL, 2wd pck-up trck, lng bx, v6, gas, 3.55 rear end, alloy whls, p/b, p/w, p/s. 54km 378-4955 94 FORD Explorer 2-dr, 5-spd, must pacify irrate wife & get rid of said vehicle toot sweet! $800obo 315-7741 95 NEON $500 nds body wrk, nds inspect., or for prts, rns 378-5746 04 SUZUKI XL-7 4x4 v6 2.7ltr auto, p/w, p/l, dual air, cruise, 7-pass., nw 4 all-seas. tires/cd & mp3 playr/brks/fuel pmp. $6500obo 378-5004. TIRES: 4 m&s P245/70R16 $100 378-9694 $1728, 92 CAVALIER, 4-cyl, auto, 4-dr $2600, 94 LINCOLN, loaded, leather $1444, 89 FORD probe, auto, 2-door $1575, 78 GRAND Prix, t-tops, auto $1900, 94 MAZDA, auto, 4-door, 4-cyl. $3810, 98 LINCOLN Town, all options $2900, 2000 INTREPID, 6-cyl, loaded $1928, 92 TOYOTA Tercel, 4-cyl., 5-spd $2888, 97 OLDS 88, 6-cyl., loaded

CA R S — $ 6 6 6 0 0 TO $ 4 9 0 0 0 0
$1500, 97 TAURUS, s/w, 6-cyl., auto $1999, 96 SEBRING, 6-cyl., 2-dr, auto $666, 89 SUNBIRD, 4-cyl., 5-spd, TLC $1728, 91 CUTLASS, 4-dr, auto, 6-cyl. $2333, 97 NISSAN Maxima, auto, 4-dr $2555, 91 CHEV S10 pck-up, 4-cl., 5-spd $1928, 89 HONDA Accord, auto, 2-door $2828, 91 JEEP Cherokee, 6-cyl., auto $3666, 95 NISSAN Pathfinder, auto

FIREWOOD sale, $120/cord 378-5379 PLUM trees $10 & $15ea., 2502 Orme St. 378-4471 USED 4’fluor. lt assembly $25 Joe 378-2676 DBL-pane wndws 48”x60 $200 378-1336 POW'D riser chair w/ whole chair rising, for people w/ problems getting in/out of reg. chairs, grt cond $550obo 378-9703 PWR CHAIR from OkMobility, nw $3300, sell $1000, compact, charger, changeable pnls red & blue, goes 12km on sngl charge, have receipt from store. Ernie, Karen 378-9780, 525-0470 MOVING: Lazyboy dual-recliner love-seat, teal grn, lk nw. Exec. office chair. Exter. sunshade blnd nw in pkg. All exc cond, lw prices. Free to gd home: solid oak secretary dsk. Lrg port. dog kennel 315-1305 PIANO, blk 48" Kimball, beaut. tone, exc cond. $2000obo 315-1305 5 WHT plstc lwnchairs $1ea. 2 wd lawnchairs $5ea 378-1843 DBL strollr $40. Free waterbed set, bags gd. Comprssr $700. Tools. More 378-4455 PRNTS & posters by famous artists 378-4007 BEAUTIFUL strapless olive grn grad drss, pd $600, sell $325, sz 6 378-2111 ENT. cntr hlds cds/tv. 2 wd drssrs. Microwv. 32” & 20” tvs. All wrks well $40/all 378-8326 SCOOTER carrier for car $200 378-4128 TOMATO plants 378-4493 DAHLIAS already strtd in pots $5. Tubers $3, assort’d var. & col. 315-1447 USED wd, oldr/still gd for ldg: 3 lfts sheet & 1 lift lmbr $200obo 315-5988 HI CHAIR $10. 378-9432 SAFETY 1st nwbrn carseat, nw $30. Musical nwbrn bassinette, tall on whls, nw $40 315-5254 VEGETABLE plnts 378-3469 STRAWBERRY plnts, lrg rhubarb plnts, perennial bulbs & shrubs 378-6256 BODY Glove, brwn leathr sandals, offers 525-0488 SAFETY 1st adjust. hi chair $25. Jolly jumper w/ apparatus for hanging in doorway $25 378-2363 EVRYTHNG you nd & more for stained glass: grndr, soldering iron, circ. cuttr, foils, tools, lead, lead stretcher, many full & lrg sz glass pces, sev. containers smlr glass pces, $275obo Kathy 378-2115

03 36' class A Monaco mtrhome, most options, lw mil., gas, dbl slides, grt cond 378-5036 OLDR spdboat 76 Rdrunnr, offr 378-4455 12’ alum. boat, oars/seats/rod hldrs, 4.5hp outbrd $1000 378-3578 12’ trvl trlr, 70s, camperized $450 378-4007 93 AWARD 5th-whl trlr, gd shape $8500 378-8182 89 GMC/Vanguard, 21' mtrhome, fbrgls body, 2nd ownr, 1/2 doz. times since bought nw, 2 nw batt./batt. isolator, nw fr/air cond/steps. $8000obo Brian 378-2165. 12’ fbrgls boat, 2 oars $450obo 378-6620 SML oars for rubbr boat $5. 378-6765 02 CARAVAN atv trlr, tltng, exc cnd, ltwt, spare tire mntd, sled tie-dwn bar, axle flipped for clearance, blk, press.treated dck, easy lube buddy bearngs $700, pd $1300 378-6748 09 650 SUZUKI DR, blk, exc cond, 50mpg, 5-spd elect. strt, wonderful machine, ready to go, serious buyers only $5500. 94 8' truck cmpr w/ flshng toilet, 1-pc roof, ltwt. 590kg, fits in 8' bx w/ tailgate closed, 4-brnr s/auto furn. 2prop. tnks, exc cond, Alphil mdl, ready to go. $6200 378-6748. COMPL, 5th-whl hk up, brckts for undr trck to hitch in bx, nw $1000., sell $600, used 6-7x on GMC 1/2-tn pck-up, lk nw 378-6588, TREADMILL, vry gd cnd $325 Joe 378-2676 07 WILDWOOD 24’ 5th-whl, wlk-rnd bd, slide-outs, lk brand nw 378-9633 08 22’ Wildwood trvl trlr by Forest River, mdl FDLE, lk nw, air, mpl cabinets, awn, front qu, lrg prop. tnks, etc. $13,500 firm Len 378-3577 TREADMILL 378-6283 87 KUSTOM Koach, 29’ 5th-whl, a/c, nw furn., strm wndws, awn, 4-pc bthrm, f/s/micro, 2 qun, 1 dbl, nice shape, 1-pc alum roof now $3900 315-0099 80 24’ mtrhome, < 50k, bnk bds full bathrm, s/f, awn., a/c, exc. shape/must see to appreciate $5500obo 378-6492 aft 3pm 07 HUSQ. WR250 2-strk mtrbike w/ registration, exc. cond/used lightly. IMS ovrsz tnk, $4200 378-6968 08 TRVL trlr, 23’, 3300lbs, 14’ anw., slps 4, 4-pc bth, lots sotr., a/c, forced air furn., loaded $13,500 378-6962 REDUCED 93 25.5' Prowler 5th-whl w/ slide-out, slps 4. delx model with too much to list, nw dp cycle batt., brks redone, insul'd for winter use $5200obo. 00 RMK 700 Polaris snwmbl. < 1700 mi., ladydrvn, ext. trck $2500obo Kathy 315-3014 8’ CAMPERETTE, furn./2-brnr s, b-i coolr, 4 jcks $500 378-9706 8’ PLYWD/fbrgls boat, grt for fly fshng sml lakes, vry gd cond. $475 378-4549, 378-7028 03 XR 160 R Honda, exc cnd $950 378-3751 SLIDR hitch for 5th-whl $400obo. 97 Flo-Thru tailgate $50 378-8108

02 HITACHI Landy ex12 mini excavator, stl trcks, GW approx 2800lbs $9900. Allis Chalmer forklift, on prop., solid tires, wrks grt, weighs 4640lbs, from grnd to top 83", width 33", fork lengths 42". YardWorks elect. lwnmwr, 14" cutting blade & bag, used 4x $75 378-2559 ROOF trusses 0-24 pcs, 24”w, nw $1700, sell $400 (778)888-0050, 1800-361-8111 CRFTSMN lwnmwr 3-in-1 w/ air bag, in Merr. $75 (250)574-7495 65 M-F trctor w/ blwer, rototillr $1900 378-3648 GAS lwnmwrs 378-4101 14” YARDWORKS batt.-pow'd lwnmwr, 2 batt., chrgr $75 Ken 378-8842 UTIL. trlr w/ metal boat rck $350obo 378-4097 CRFTSMN 10” tbl saw $75 378-1336 2 CONSTRUCTION electric heaters $35ea 378-5745 COV'D util. trlr $550, 52”wx86”l, 2 nw lrg sz tires + spare, A-frame jck w/ rubbr tire whl, chckr plated alum. front, outbrd mtr brckt, boat rck on top 315-9491
wanted/wanted to buy

for rent

ATTN HNTRS: wtd outdated meat from freezer, for hounds 378-5379 OLD car batteries. Chicken manure 378-3496 WNDW approx. 32"x55". E-collar for dog training, could buy or borrow for month/two 315-0022 RET’D woman nds 1-2 bdrm hse to rnt, sml dog, n/s, refs, aft May 3, Angie (250)228-3421, ANY type flowering perennial plnts, vines, shrubs 378-2778 TIDY tank, gas, approx 240l, any cond. 525-0488 OLD-STYLE home flr polisher c/w pads 378-5745 2 PANES of glass, approx. 4’x5’, no frames req’d 378-6021 GD qual. grain mill 378-6002 COOKBOOKS of all kinds 315-0179
for sale house/property

EXC. invstmnt prop. in LN, 4-plx, fully reno'd & rented @ $2700/mo. or 'live free' while collecting solid residual, a must see $325,000, vndr-assisted financing if nd be 280-0875, 378-9070 4-BDRM, 2-bth, family rm, 1374sf, 84 mobl home, 42-1098 Houston St, $59,900 -315-3623 MANUF.’D home, LNHMP, 2-bdr, neat/cln, 2 yrs old, cntrl flr pln, quick sale 315-1039, 315-5398 3-BDRM mbl $35,000 or reas. offrs, nr schls, compl. fncd yrd 378-7818 10X50 trlr in senior prk, nr twn/senior ctre $9500 furnished or trade 315-4751 82 WELL-maint'd 14’x70’ 2-bdrm Moduline trlr w/ 10x10 prch + dck, nw wndws, flrng & plmbng in 05. for sale - tools/equipment $30,000obo 378-6681 LWNMWR B&S, rns well $20obo 378-1843 HOUSE on 150x130 lot, 2502 Clapperton 378-4471 PIONEER chainsaw, reas. 378-2118 $1928, 85 NISSAN 200SX, collector OFFERS, 60 FORD Zephyr, rare $1228, 91 CUTLASS, 6-cyl., auto $1888, 94 CHEV Astro van, 6-cyl. $1955, 91 OLDS Cutlass, 6-cyl., auto $2888, 90 TOYOTA 4Runner 4x4, 5-spd $1444, 92 DODGE van, propane, auto $1900, 99 VOYAGEUR, 6-cyl., auto $2653, 88 TOYOTA Land Cruiser, auto

Valley Collision
“QUALITY” Paint & Body Repairs Windshield • Rock Chips • Body Blends CALL 250-378-1620

2-BDRM bsmt ste 315-5592 ROOMS @ Coldwater Hotel, starting from $400/mo 378-2821 2-BDRM, +dn, 2-bth, lvngrm, diningrm, mbl home, 1152sf, 5 appl, $975 + sec. dep, dwntwn Merr., spec. for rt cpl. w/ sml caretkng tsk, secl./priv. 315-1000, 800-361-8111, 3-BDRM hse, dbl gar., f/s, May 15, nr CMS 315-2345, 525-0240 2-BDRM grnd lvl, May 15/31, brnd nw, nr dwntwn, util incl 378-5476, 378-7100 2-BDRM grnd lvl ste, nr schl, util incl Jun 1 378-6268 2-BDRM condo, 378-8161, 315-9523 NW condo, top flr, 2-bd 2-bth, open, nw appl, w/d ready, a/c, patio, sml pet ok, nr schls, $1100 525-0386 JUN 1: 1-bdrm bsmt ste, for quiet, n/s pref'd, shared lndry $600 incl. hydro/ht 378-5464 1100 SF commer. space avail. compl. redecorated. 650 sq.ft. prime corner space office/retail, compl. redecorated 280-4508 1-BDRM bsmt ste, quiet neighrhd, n/s, n/p, w/d in ste $650 util/cbl/intrnt incl 378-5172 30,000SF lmbr yrd, econ. price, dwntwn Merritt. Paul 378-2337 2-BDRM dplx, fncd yrd w/d hk-up 1314 Fir. 2-bdrm hse & sep. gar, w/d hk-up 1871 Main St. fncd yrd 280-5020 3-BDRM home. 2 rooms. Refs req’d (403)715-7452 2-BDRM ste $700 util incl, w/d incl, n/s, n/p, wrkng/retired prsn, Jun 1 378-9432 COMMER./RETAIL space avail., nwly decorated 1000sf, grnd lvl, rear delivery dr 280-4508 2-BDRM bsmt ste, May 1 $650 incl. ht/hydro, in-ste lndry, n/p, n/s, nr Coopers 936-8013 1-BDRM + dn dplx, immed, nr prk/schl/rvr, prtly fncd $675 + cheap util. Nicely reno’d 2-bdrm dplx $650. Peggy 315-5254 2-BDRM bsmt $700, incl util, n/p, n/s, n/drug, ref req'd 315-3742 1-BDRM w/d, spacious $700 util incl. (604)768-8826, 378-0887 BSMT ste May 1, 2-bdrm, w/d, n/p, n/s, refs req'd. $715 util incl. 378-6349 1-BDRM bsmt ste, nwly reno'd, util. incl. $650, n/s, n/p, refs reqd 378-5172 LEASE/rnt: 1500sf bay shop + 1000sf off./stor. area 378-6899 2-BDRM bsmt, grnd lvl, nr dwntwn, cln, May 1, n/p 378-5076, 378-7100 2-BDRM uptown ste, n/p, n/s, wrkng, refs, immed. 378-8383 2-BDRM dplx, w/d hk-up, fncd . 2-bdrm hse, gar., fncd, w/d hk-up 378-6951 1-BDRM ste, $600 hydro/ht wtr, n/s, n/p, immed. 378-2701, (604)961-1953 2-BDRM shared hse w/ sngl man $400 280-0915


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