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S K Burman with the basic motto to produce ayurvedic drugs and achieved in setting its brand value by setting up research and development labs and expanded its production line in mid 19th century by launching Dabur Hair oil and Chyawanprash and added Oral care product in 1970’s and then shifted from Kolkata to New Delhi in 1972.Introduction: The Dabur India Ltd was established in 1884 by Dr. Presently Dabur India Ltd is the 4th topmost company in the FMCG sector 3 .

The relation between these two terms can be explained using a simple example which comes frequently in our daily lives. similarly now when the leader is enough sharp. strong in directing the organization the efficiency of the business can be improved with the help of strategic management which helps the leader to reach his vision with effectiveness. initially Dr. is an organization which started in the late 18th century and became one of the most known companies in India in the FMCG sector. Coming to the context of the Dabur India Ltd. 4 . as the process of stitching depends on the needle and thread the work only starts with the needle and the work gets quicker when the needle is enough sharp and strong to the cloth and the efficiency of stitching depends on the strength of the thread.K Burman started the company with the pharmaceutical products but faced the failures and later with proper guidance and strategy the has been improved which took him almost a century to grow into national level company. the one becomes useless without the other. S. and that is the work done with the needle and thread. we all know that these needle and thread is useful for stitching the cloths and in this process both the needle and thread are equally important. Consider here leadership as the needle and the management as the thread.1: The Strategic management and the leadership are two terms which are closely interlinked and both of them depend on each other and they can be related with closely to achieve the organizational goals and vision.Task 1. this is possible by the great leadership and management.

strategy and his mission and vision whereas the manager helps the leader to reach his destination execute his plan. 5 . strategy and also let him to meet his mission and vision strategically. And the relations between the both are very close to each other and require a great harmony to work effectively and efficiently and lead the organization to success. plan. So finally it can be described from the above discussion that both the entities of the management are as important to the other. The manager clears the path to the success and the leader drives the organization to the success so here both are considered as the important ailments for an organization and without one the other can’t survive with success.This all happened only because of the proper management which worked in harmony along with the leadership and managed to become a renowned company. The leader specifies the destination.

The strategic decision becomes more fruitful when there is a great harmony between both of them. A leader can’t be successful if he practices a single style in all the situations and there should be ability to a leader that he can also adopt the other styles of the leadership which should be compatible according to the situation and lead the organization into profits crossing all the barriers that brings great success to the company and his people. and helps the employees of the organization to think freely for the new ides and discuss it with the managers and get executed with the approval of the leader.2: The leader as well as the manager is most important persons in the organization who are useful in taking a strategic decision in an organization. and take a wise decision and proceed for the execution or deny the proposal. the decision becomes a great turning point of any organization which can bring both the profits as well as losses to a company. thus in a span of short time the harmony builds among each other and leads to health working environment.Task 1. 6 . and here there should be no differences between both of them. the leadership style should be compatible with the management and the effectivity of the management should satisfy the demands of the leader in a task.

In 1998 the Dabur India Ltd appointed non-family professionals into charge. So from the above discussion which took place in the company one can easily understand the impact of the leadership and the management on the strategic decisions. and this was done under Amit Burman’s leadership who is the present Vice-Chairman and faced ever highest sales in the history of the company and this decision is the critical decision which demand lot trust and faith in his subordinates and proper measures to be taken among themselves to avoid the feeling of authority and develop the responsibility to witness the success. so the officials managing and the leaders are expected to work in a great harmony to take any decision and care to be taken to avoid any problems that arise from the decision and if the problem arise they should work together to rectify the issue and again progress to the development of the organization. The impact of the leadership and the management is the most important aspects in taking the crucial decisions which can completely change the fate of the organization. 7 .

The effective leadership is versatile and acts according to the situation and always tries to involve his people to bring success and profit to his company. in this case high level of supervision is required. the leader participates and involve in the decision making but the supremacy in decision making is with the followers. the above picture is the Blanchard situational model which describes the different styles according to the situation.3: Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey holds that leadership should be able to practice many style compatible with the situation. 2. The Directing /Telling Leadership: This is followed when there is no direction in an issue and this method needs a lot of knowledge to guide organization in a right way and this is a one way communication which also requires supervision and gets them started by showing a direction. Supporting/ Participating leadership style: The leaders in this style follow all the routines along with his team mates and support them to build up their skills and direct them to success. Delegating style: This style is seen when the leader has much faith on his subordinates. the different styles with regarding to the Dabur India Ltd are as follows: 1. 3. Coaching/selling leadership style: This method is followed by high focused people who supervise to beat the lack of commitment and initiates the competence among the subordinates and this builds selfesteem and involvement in decision making. 8 .Task 1. 4.

The Dabur India Ltd according to me follows the leadership style which is mostly delegating style of leadership as the vice-chairman Amit Burman’s give leverage to his followers to take a decision. and D4: Low competence and high commitment. (Increased competence leads to increased ability and increased commitment leads to increased effectivity) Transformational Leadership: The leader brings the complete change from one point to other which is desired by the organization with a idealized. intellectual and constructive personality.  Democratic: Here leader also considers the follower’s opinion and act accordingly  Laissez-faire: Here the opinion of the leader is over ruled by the opinion of the follower’s opinion and in this case leader may be ineffective or he might have much faith on his followers Evaluating the different steps in the situational leadership: Tasks of every employee should be overviewed The task of employee should be assessed 9 . Leadership behaviour: As we all know that the behaviour of the boss always have great impact on the environment. so leader is expected to behave one among the following behaviours according to the situation and they are:  Authoritarian: Leader should here act like a monarchy and brings the situation under his control and execute the decision made by him with bothering about the follower’s opinion. High commitment D2: High Competence and variable commitment. But from the track record of the Dabur company also reveals that the company follows the versatile styles of leadership as the success of the company is effective and managed to follows the different leadership styles according to the situation The variables in the figure represent as follows: D1: High competence. D3: Some competence and low commitment. charismatic.

10 .The leader ship style for every task must be decided and analyzed The situation about the leadership should be discussed with the employees The plan should be made making all the members involving in the decision The plan should be followed. monitored in frequent time intervals and then corrected to improve the performance of the organization.

engage them to assemble all the necessary ailments to bring the profits and thus achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.uk The leader should be able to build a strategy to the organization to reach its goal effectively. The leader completely shifts the company from one position to the other Let’s company to enjoy the profit which was in losses Bring new innovative ideas and execute them 11 .1: The researcher had selected the following theories of leadership and they are as follows: 1.Task: 2. facilitate the subordinates with the required guidance.co. Transformational theory: Source: c2econsulting.

12 .2. Highly ambitious Imaginativeness Desire for victory Honest with integrity Highly reliable and transparent to feedbacks Self confident High cognitive skills High business knowledge Technically skilled required for industry Emotional balanced By all this features the leader as well as the management can work accordingly for the same aim produce a fruitful decision and make the organizational strategy successful. Charismatic Leadership Theory:            Puts enormous effort to reach the goals.

3. The all the above are the different types of leadership models which are useful in the organizational development and this have a great impact on the organizational strategy. Fiedler’s contingency theory: The fielder’s contingency theory states that no single leadership style is the correct method of leadership so this model proposed the situational leadership model which states that the leader should be able to operate in different styles which is compatible with the situation and thus it should lead to the prosperity of the company. accordingly the there are various styles of leadership and for effective leadership he should be versatile in nature and act wisely and interact with the people to direct the organization to the set goals and vision 13 .

So from the above discussion it has been clearly understood that the management and leadership style shows a great impact on the organizational strategy. 14 .

15 . Considering the organizational vision and the abilities of the leader the strategy of the leader can be designed as the organization requires a visionary. This involves talent acquisition. Leader should be inspired by vision and fuelled with passion Reach up to the work field Assess leadership style Be a purposeful learner Master in decision making Greater negotiating skills Building culture of excellence Transforming competency to mastery The leadership strategy always revolves round the organizational goals and objectives and modify accordingly with the situation and this involves the analysis of leadership culture and its impact on the performance of the employees and if it is not a desired impact on the employees then the strategy is to be altered and executed to reach the business strategy. talent sustainability and many leadership practices to enhance the leadership culture and create a healthy environment to work with pleasure and the organizations into the lime light of profits.Task 2. delegating and transformational leader So the strategy can be designed accordingly in the style of the delegating and visionary style of leadership behavior.2: The leadership strategy is always interlinked with the organizational strategy if the organizational strategy is to develop its business through the acquisitions then the leader also should act accordingly and move forward to make the deal and acquire the other organization.

16 . accountability and performance management and thus by all this considerations and implementations the teams and organizations and companies can become champion among their competitors. Hence the strategy of leader directs the organization to reach its goals and objectives. leadership and teamwork development.Source: workplacecommunicationexpert.com And at the end the strategy of implementing the decisions made should be executed only after making the decision compatible with the vision and strategy.

Simulation Exercises: In this method the candidates are exposed to different manager problems and asked to deal with those and the candidates should effectively solve the problems giving the clear information on the task. External Analysis: The Dabur is know a global company as it has its foot prints in other countries like UK. The following are the challenges faced by a leader which also helps us to assess current leadership requirements Based on the vision: The mission of the business should be compatible with that of the vision of the leader and he should help the organization to reach the goals along with his Benefits of Management Simulations and the Assessment Centre: This is the traditional method of assessment of the current leader by examining him through a pen and a paper. Spain etc. Italy. Internal Analysis: The Dabur is the global company which is completely indigenous and the leader should have enough knowledge on the pharmaceuticals products and their action to the body and he should be able to consider others opinion in making a decision. according to this method the leader should be a participative leader. 17 . The Assessment Centre Approach: Here the individual along with the many subjected to examine through the pencil & paper test and analyzing the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses Interactive Simulations: In this method the candidates are subjected to meet directly with managerial problems and his efficiency is judged In-Basket Exercises: From the group of the people individuals are selected based on their past records and experiences on their effectiveness in the work.1: The following are the different methods can be used for the requirement of the current leadership in the Dabur India Ltd.Task 3. So.

18 . hence the different method to develop the future leader are discussed in the following task is about the development of the transformational leader for the future in the Dabur India Ltd. visionary and transformational leadership is required for the current situation in the Dabur India Ltd The above discussed are the different methods which are applied to find the current required leadership in the Dabur India Ltd The methods also help us to identify the important abilities and content of the leader to work effectively.Hence from all this methods implying to the Dabur India Ltd it was found that the delegating. The type of required leadership identified in the present task is the transformational leadership.

2: The present vision of the Dabur Company: Double its sales to Rs 7. Creativity: This is the most important quality required for a leader and also should promote the creativity and the people who thinks differently. Magnanimity: This is a complex term which is essential for a leader to posses it. Openness: The deeds done should be transparent and should always be open to take suggestions from subordinates. There are various methods of developing the future leader which is involved by the present leaders who select some of the candidates and process them with some of the following techniques to develop their leadership skills and become the future asset of the organization and drive the organization to the profits and prosperity. Humility: Being humble and peaceful to the fellow beings instead of being arrogant and narcissistic as he is the leader.000 crores in the next four years as it focus on strengthening the healthcare segment to be one of the key growth drivers. A magnanimous person gives the credit to the desire and will be ready to if he is the responsible for any failure. So to reach this target the leader should be visionary. energy and emotions etc. The process begins early identification of the talent in the individual and select a group of them analyze their capability to tolerate the pressure being a leader and then processed by following techniques: The following are the different techniques used to develop the future leaders of the organization and they are: 1. 19 . transformational and delegating leader.Task 3. Behavioural learning through modules and workshops: The following are the personal qualities required for a leader and they are Integrity: Having self values and sticking to those in any cost and being alike in action and in words Dedication: Giving you to complete a task irrespective of all other factors like time.

7. 6. All the above are the different techniques can be used to develop a future leader for an organization. 5. situations. 3.2. Master classes and workshops: This involves the development of the individuals from the existing the experts and great personalities and sharing their knowledge. problems and conflicts should be analyzed to a greater extent and the persons should be judged properly elect him as the leader of the organization. Multi-rating feedback: The performance of the individual is always enhanced by giving him the feedback which includes many factors ranging from professional to emotional behaviour. Leadership analysis: The ability of the individual to handle different projects. 20 . Coaching: If the person is found lack any of the qualities required to posses then they should be moulded by giving proper couching. Team leadership: The team is the best teacher which lets an individual to learn many things from his team mates and leading the team is a great challenge which requires many qualities and should deal with the different personalities with different diversifications. Top team development: The identification of the best teams itself finish the half task of developing the future leader of the organization. people. 4. scenarios.

com The requirement of developing the transformational leadership skills should analyzed and the importance of those skills should be realized which takes time and can be proven in many events and the leader is the superior authority who decides whether to finalize the decision or make any alteration for the better results and the requirements of honing those soft skills is highly important for a leader of an organization.1: The plan for the development of the leadership skills can be predicted in the following diagram: Source: lsn-leadership.eventbrite. and the following are various skills required for the transformational leader in the organization and they are as follows:  The talent of creativity.Task 4. After the realization of the key skills required the next step which comes in to play is identification of the key characteristics of the leader which helps in the business improvement. to find this many tools can be used considering the past experiences with the leader. 21 .

 The skill of orientation of a team. and these behavioral changes might come from: Having awareness to estimate different consequences with the different approaches Taking guidance from the well wishers and others regarding the new ways of thinking and exploiting the business opportunities Taking the feedback as the support to improve the personality Taking executive coaching from the experienced and the participation in the mentoring. consulting and training are considered as the main tools for honing the leadership skills.  Ability to teach and make his followers learn.  Appraisal to the desired to his credits.  The responsibility factor  The recognition of the leader  Magnanimity  Humanity and  Openness The final step in the method depends on the individual considering his preference in learning the style and this does not come from reading the books or experiences of others and these skills can be honed only by practicing it in day to day life. 22 .

to develop the transformational leadership skills and is as follows: Source: capital.Task 4.2: The following picture depicts the usefulness of the method used in the above task.org The method is helpful for the organization in many ways like increasing the business by: Building the strategic relationships Leveraging the emotional intelligences Leading a advantage in the change management Increases the employees’ capability and finally Translates the strategy into the action 23 .

24 .Along with the above benefits the method also provides the following advantages like: Possibility in thinking new ideas Improvement in influencing and negotiating Enhanced authenticity Increased enrolment of others Enhanced active listening and also in enquiring Being decisive and tough minded Ability to manage the conflicts Enhanced accountability and ownership The Dabur India Ltd is fast growing company which requires all the above listed benefits and various measures are to be taken to evolve the complete information from the leader who is being developed through the above method.

followed by different types of leaderships to be used according to the situation. different methods to assess the current leadership requirements etc. 25 .Conclusion: The present work helped me to understand the importance of the leadership and the strategic management to achieve the organizational goals and the relation between the both.

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