Background • Daimler AG is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. With its divisions Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Buses and Daimler Financial Services, the Daimler Group is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. Daimler Financial Services provides financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services. • The company’s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, made history with the invention of the automobile in the year 1886. As a pioneer of automotive engineering, Daimler continues to shape the future of mobility today: The Group’s focus is on innovative and green technologies as well as on safe and superior automobiles that appeal to and fascinate its customers. • For many years now, Daimler has been investing continually in the development of alternative drive systems with the goal of making emission-free driving possible in the long term. So in addition to vehicles with hybrid drive, Daimler now has the broadest range of locally emission-free electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells. This is just one example of how Daimler willingly accepts the challenge of meeting its responsibility towards society and the environment.

Problem Statement
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The global financial crisis broke out in 2008 and hit the international automobile markets in October 2008 when automobile sales plummeted in USA and Europe. The challenge is The company need to improve failure management and after-sales services by gaining better insights from its high volumes of warranty and diagnostic data and diverse vehicle configurations, models and variations.

Solution Description

During a phased implementation, Daimler consolidated diagnostic and quality data on a Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, adding MicroStrategy user interface tools to provide a single view of the business. The new system was dubbed Advanced Quality Analysis (AQUA).

as well as ensure the quality of repair and maintenance. “We’re no longer running logs on the weekends. References • • • www. quality and other data resources as a respond to customers’ needs.” • After integrating its data-mining tool into AQUA. “The Teradata system allowed us to catch up. Reduce cost • By creating a “single point of truth”—a global. Recommendation • Daimler has just recently developed the AQUA system. AQUA provides approximately five times the storage space for diagnostic data from both cars and trucks. • Since implementing AQUA. particularly from its garages worldwide.• AQUA was meant to provide support for two strategic goals: 1. This translates into much speedier searches and reduced follow-on costs.com Impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis over the Automotive Industry in Developing Countries. all based on Daimler’s ongoing quest for quality leadership. so it’s too early to use it in almost all analytical and business aspects. Daimler no longer needs to copy data. Daimler want to incorporate the new warranty. Copenhagen Business School www.teradatamagazines. Daimler has effectively managed its extreme data growth. standardized perspective on all vehiclerelated data—the new Teradata system could help Daimler better analyze both product and diagnostic effectiveness. Peter Wad. early warning. Daimler now has a comprehensive and detailed view of all vehicles.” Günther says.com Daimler-Drives-High-Performance . • Further. diagnostic. So they’ll be able to develop new competitive advantages throughout the company. • Compared with the old system. Increase customer satisfaction 2.daimler.

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