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Issue Tree: the Ex-Amassing New Years Revolution Issue December 2007 - January 2008

cover by kamakazi ONE

Note From the Editor(?): Upon starting this zine I was never sure what it would become. I hoped to act as more of a catalyst than an editor. ReNew Haven has become a great achievement as well as a burden, a joyous pastime as well as a headache; its probably almost like having a child. Nevertheless, I’ve been really surprised to see who has stepped up to become regular fixtures in producing this zine. I’m also surprised its the third issue already. I’m sure I speak for everyone involved in stating that we hope to keep going further, we’re glad that people enjoy it, and that its great that it somehow reaches so many although its distributed in limited print runs(and on our myspace and at We would like to include a color spread again yet we need means of printing color cheaply or freely. We hope to host some events to benefit local charities in the near future so if you would like to get involved in those or just contribute to the zine in any way at all, feel free to contact me at: kamaoner@ or on our myspace. Thank you all for the support and encouragement throughout the past few months!!!- name omitted




By Orphan Grinder

Tactfully distinguished words Arranged to seem a little less absurd Than if they’re spoken Maybe gracefully convey an open Heart or wound A fresh new start An ending just a bit too soon A comforting portrayal of events You never knew.

Winter's Here!
By William Richo But, that doesn't mean you have to stash your bicycle in the closet with your sandals and man-pris. Like a trusty steed, your bike will never let you down, even in cold weather. Actually it's even better than the horse since you won't have to kill it if an appendage becomes disabled. Freezing temperatures will have virtually no effect on a steel frame, other than making it cold to the touch. For this reason, you'll want to avoid licking the bike, even if someone says: "I triple-dog dare you." If you do end up in this embarrassing situation, there's an easy way out. (I assure you this was not learned through experience). To dismount simply swing one leg over the top tube and run along side your bike until you can find someone to help warm the steel around your tongue. You'll have a hard time explaining with words so brush up on your sign language. This isn't the only thing that could go wrong on a winter ride. Proper attire is key to riding comfortably in unfavorable conditions. If you don't wear enough clothing you're going to end up looking like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining;

“My gosh, did you see what he was wearing underneath. Why the hell would anyone have use for a butt-flap in 2007.”
eyes rolled back into your skull, frozen snot under your nose, your wife and child running away from your murderous rampage. An easy way to prevent looking like a violent sociopath is to wear a face mask. It'll keep you really warm, comes in a variety of colors to match the anodized parts on your bike, and it only looks vaguely criminal. It's definitely better than showing up to work with the frozen snot mustache. I didn't

see what the big deal was but apparently my boss did. He said something about it being unprofessional or unsanitary, something that started with -un. Speaking of -un, you're going to want to invest in some thermal underwear. Actually, no need for all that, just go out and buy some. You'll want separate tops and bottoms though, because, while thermals aren't exactly the height of fashion, the one-piece, butt-flap kind are just completely despicable. I wouldn't want to get hit by a car, brought by ambulance to the emergency room, and wheeled inside for surgery only to hear the nurse exclaim as they cut away my clothing, "My gosh, did you see what he was wearing underneath. Why the hell would anyone have use for a butt-flap in 2007." Despite their bad reputation, the butt-flap thermal has beaten the odds and has been marketed to both lumberjacks and hermits with great success. Enough about fashion, let's talk about the thing with the wheels. Actually, on the topic, the wheels themselves will need to be adjusted to suit the rougher conditions. You'll want more tread on your tires for slippery days. Normally, on the road, tires with big knobs just slow you down, but in this case, knobs are good. I know, you usually try to avoid the knobs in New Haven, but unlike the ones that will tell you to grow up and get a car, these knobs will actually help to keep you on your bike. If you don't have knobby tires just take an old chain and wrap it around the circumference of the tire for traction. I haven't tried this yet so it's up to you to discover if this is the best improvement to cycling since Lycra, or just a complete waste of time. In addition to good tires, you'll need fresh bar tape. Those trendy bare bars that were all the rage last summer are probably a bad idea this time of year. If it starts raining or even worse, if the New Haven classic wintry mix starts coming down, you'll look like someone trying to grip a wet fish as you attempt to control your bicycle. Finally, remember to bring your bike inside. It's bad enough when they're chained up outside in fair weather, but there's nothing worse than seeing a bike suffering alone in the midst of winter. Are these the same people that leave their children in the car on scorching summer days? Follow these simple rules and you can enjoy cycling in winter just as much as any other time of year. So gear up, and hit the lovely streets of New Haven. Merry riding!

Thousands of New Haveners will grab bottles of Champagne, head on down to the Green, and brave the frigid temperatures to catch a glimpse of the crystal ball being lowered from the face of the Omni Hotel. Okay, okay, maybe that's not entirely how it goes around here, but the champagne does seem to be an omnipresent item at most Elm City New Year's Galas. Well, okay, most of the time it's just a bottle of Asti or a California sparkler, but c'mon, it's all the same isn't it? Nope. Not at all. Sparkling wine goes by many names – Asti, Champagne, Cremant, Cava, Cap Classique, Prosecco, Sekt, Sovetskoye Shampanskoye (Na zdrowie, comrade!), Spumante, and American Sparkling to name a few. All of these wines "sparkle", and the production of all of these wines is tightly controlled by governing bodies to keep age old traditions; well, all of these wines except those produced by "heathen" Americans. (Sarcasm, kind of) The wine itself sparkles as a result of carbon dioxide escaping the wine. Carbon dioxide results in the wine from either natural fermentation or artificial injection. Artificial injection is used in many low end sparklers and should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, nobody goes around printing, "Artificially Injected" on labels of anything, let alone wine, so the only real way you're going to avoid it entirely, is to stick to sparklers whose "names" are strictly controlled by the European market, i.e. Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, or Cap Classique. Natural fermentation results from 2 methods – Methode Champenoise / Traditionelle and the Charmat Process. Methode Champenoise / Traditionelle is a long process, requiring multiple in-bottle fermentations and cellar aging both in oak and in bottle. This method results in a sparkling wine that is approachable now, yet will age considerably well in a proper cellar. This method is used in Champagne, France (champenoise) and elsewhere (traditionelle) to produce effervescent wines of quality and stature. The Charmat process, once referred to as Metodo Italiano, is much quicker, allowing a producer to release a new batch every three months in most cases. The Charmat process results in a fresher, crisper wine, but must be enjoyed "young" (soon after bottle release). Most low end producers use the Charmat process, but in some cases, it can yield exceptional wines. Prosecco is an example of a wine developed in the Charmat process. I'm guessing you're starting to get the idea that there is a difference when it comes to purchasing bubbly. I'm also guessing that the technical jargon is beginning to bore you. Bear with me, it get's better... Champagne is PUNK ROCK. Yep, that's right. Okay, it's awfully controlled – It can only be made one way, in one place, and with three grapes (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay), but it has a history rife with pillaging, plundering, random acts of debauchery, feminism, and sharp objects.

It's that time of year again.

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin is the largest selling Champagne in the world. It was founded by Philippe Clicquot-Muiron in the 1770's. Towards the end of the century, his son, then owner of the company, married Nicole-Barbe Ponsardin. After the turn of the century, Philippe passed away and left sole control of the company to his wife. A woman running anything other than a farmhouse was still unheard of at this time, and many of the elites in the wine world were appalled. Many of Madame Clicquot's employees quit. The company was on the edge of financial ruin. It is important to note that at this time in history, champagne was served in frosted glass to hide the bubbles which were still viewed as an imperfection. Madame Clicquot used what little money she had left to hire the finest glass makers of the time to come up with the champagne flute, which showcased the bubbles. The trend quickly took over, and the quality of champagne is measured in the appearance of its bubbles to this day. (Ladies: 1, Wealthy French Males: 0) The next time you're at a wine shop, look for a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin "Yellow Label" non-vintage champagne. Look at the label. Notice the ship's anchor at the top of the logo. Read on. During the Napoleonic Wars, champagne saw another rapid decline in sales. Wealthy Russians were unable to acquire champagne due to trade embargoes enacted by Napoleon's administration. Madame Clicquot purchased and refurbished an old shipping vessel. She outfitted the ship with smuggled cannons and other weaponry, and hired pirates and mercenaries to man the ship. She personally escorted the ship, which fought it's way through Napoleon's naval blockade, to Russia, delivering a quantity large enough to once again save the family business. (Ladies: 2, Wealthy French Males: 0) Napoleon did not see this as reason to turn the Madame into an enemy of the state – he loved champagne too much. He is quoted as saying, "Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it." (Words to live by). His feared cavalry were often treated to champagne at Madame Clicquot's estate, and to impress the rich, young widow, they would use their sabers to open the bottles. (This process, called sabrage, is still the preferred way of opening a bottle of bubbly). The Clicquot Estate is still run by a woman, and still adheres to the spirit of their founding lady-pirate. With the Euro exchange rate getting worse everyday and our economy following suit, now may be the last chance many of us have to get a decent bottle of champagne relatively cheaply. Now's your chance. This New Year's, grab a bottle of real Champagne, bundle up, and head down to the Green. I'll be the guy with the eye-patch. Cheers!

Champagne is PUNK ROCK.
Elm City Wino

The Wagon Riders @ the Fuel Cafe Two Year Birthday Party Sunday December 16, 2007
Well, seeing as that I spend a good deal of my time as a barista at Fuel, I am constantly being exposed or re-exposed to things such as bands and people of all walks. At our two year birthday party I was subjected to both vegan cupcakes and indie country music, the later of which I thought I didn't really have the right taste to appreciate. However, after a while of being to busy to eat a cupcake, or have another cup of the yerba mate (which I had brought to share with my coworkers) I found myself actually humming and singing along to some of the covers they played. The wagon riders play indie countrified versions of classic country, folk, and rock songs. I'm pretty sure I heard a tune or two by the Band and by Credence Clearwater Revival. Their music had never really caught me this way before, yet today when in a smaller more personal and intimate setting I was impressed by the wagon riders more so than ever before. photo by jeff I was able to talk to Jay Russell for a bit later that night at bar, he informed me that they had 38 songs under their belt and that they were the band he was involved in that didn't really rehearse. Quite to my amazement he informed me that they would basically just pair up and get the basics down and then play shows. I had commented on the fact that I thought they were done playing after the first set when they suddenly got back up on their instruments and impressed me with a lengthy and somewhat familiar second set. The composition of the band is something to appreciate as well, with local guitar virtuoso and building legend Jim Aveni on guitars and the frontman of all front-men Jay Russell leading the band, along with bass, drums and pedal steel; their dynamics will leave you in awe. I will probably never verbalize the fact that I didn't really have an appreciation for their music until it grew on me, but if any of the members get a hold of a copy of this zine the fact is that I never really have been a huge fan of country or of the indie country movement yet this is one of the few bands that is changing my tune. Onward Wagon Riders!!!

MurderVan: "Jaundice" EP ****** 6/6

I would have to say that Murdervan’s new EP is a gem, well, maybe a piece of coal on its way to becoming a diamond. Its a very tight yet rough sounding recording, its crisp. The lyrical content is slightly reminiscent of CKY and in some instances the sound reminds me of old school Soundgarden, and is nostalgic of all that good heavy rock bordering hardcore punk that you grew up listening to, it even has a metal feel at times; as you see I don’t know what genre to attempt to put this one in. Regardless, Shauns wailing guitar riffs and vocals, backed by Andre’s solid bass lines and Adonis’ drums, make for a very pleasantly heavy listening session. The band actually asked me to knock them a bit in the review when I asked if it would be ok to do one, but its hard, I refuse to review a band that I don’t enjoy listening to. You guys are much better at what you do in my opinion than a lot of other “punk rockers” around here. Cheers! give “Jaundice” a listen

Round and Round the Festivus P ole
by CJ Shopping for the holidays on the bus is, well, not easy. The generosity of my friends with cars is 100% appreciated always. (Thank you friends!!) It’s cold and icy out there so ask for help if it comes along. No load is too big for the bus if it is not too crowded and you dawn a big pathetic smile to the bus driver. I recently purchased a 6 foot ladder and brought it home on the bus. Large camping backpacks and foldable carts on wheels do a fine job with large loads. As far as I can tell, there are 3 shopping areas available and easily accessible by bus from New Haven: Boston Post Road, Hamden and Route 80/Foxon Blvd. The most comprehensive is the Boston Post Road area, also known as “The Post Road.” From downtown the “O2” bus goes from Temple and Chapel to the Westfield/Boston Post Mall via the Post Road but strays for a short time on back road loop, making some of the stores less accessible by bus. Before Christmas, a few express buses go straight from Temple and Chapel to the mall via I-95. The final stop is in the back of the mall’s lower level near Sears. There’s even a warm area in the mall where you can wait for the bus when you’re done shopping. However, that mall is pricey, overcrowded, and may not have every store you need. Negotiating the Post Road by foot or bike is dangerous due to the low pedestrian and very high car volume, especially at night. This makes hopping around from store to store slow since you have to wait for the bus each time. However, the Hamden shopping area is better for jumping store to store on foot and the bus (the J2 via Whitney Ave. or D5, D6, D7, D8 or D9 via Dixwell) pulls conveniently right in front of Stop-n-Stop. All lumped in one area are Toys-R-Us, Bob’s, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Staples, Kohls, and, yes, a brand new Taco Bell! Down the street is a Home Depot and a few other specialty stores, but if you are looking for gigantic hardware stores, go to Rt 80. This website lists all of the Hamden stores by category: Route 80 is a big road near East Haven. Take the Q3 going there from Chapel at State and coming home take any Q bus. The schedules for this bus are odd so be sure to plan in advance or you might get stuck out there! You’ll find a super Walmart and a giant Lowe’s right next to each other. No other stores are really accessible by foot there except these two and they are not exactly close. This isn’t the friendliest of areas so be on guard. Happy shopping!!! You’ll buy so many great gifts with all of that money you’re saving on gas and car payments.


thanks to New Haven Music always check shaki presents and cafe 9 for further listings Dec 23 2007 9:00P Shaki presents KIMONO DRAGGIN, OLD MAN LADY LUCK @ Bar Dec 25 2007 8:00P Dean Falcone’s Annual Xmas Vomitorium @ Cafe 9 Dec 26 2007 9:00P WEST ROCKERS, POSITIVE VIBRATIONS, JUNGLE MAN, IRIE FEELINGS @ Cafe 9 Dec 27 2007 8:00P COVIN, CLUTCH, PRIESTESS, PUNY HUMAN @ Toad’s Place Dec 27 2007 8:30P NAGA CULT, VESSEL, INSWARM @ Daniel St. Milford Dec 27 2007 9:00P THE SIMPLE PLEASURE, THRILL VELOCITY @ Cafe 9 Dec 28 2007 7:00P AEROPLANE 1929, QUIET LIFE, JAMES DOWNES (of CALL IT ARSON), CHRIS LISTORTI @ The Space Hamden Dec 28 2007 8:00P CHELSEA GENZANO @ Borders Books & Music Meriden Dec 28 2007 10:00P GEORGE BAKER EXPERIENCE @ Cafe 9 Dec 29 2007 7:00P UNTIL WE FALL. FORGET PARIS, BEARSTRONAUT, LIKE SKELETONS, SPEAK LOUDLY @ The Space Hamden Dec 29 2007 8:00P THE BREAKFAST, ELECTRIC MAYHEM, BAD APPLES @ Toad’s Place Dec 29 2007 10:00P BILL COLLINS w/GARY "CHOPS" MacCONNIE @ Rudy’s Dec 30 2007 7:00P MIKE THOMPSON, STEVE BIEGNER, COREY SCOTT, THE BLACK AND WHITE NURSE, TARA @ The Space Hamden Dec 30 2007 9:00P Shaki presents THE TYLER TRUDEAU ATTEMPT, THE BLACK NOISE SCAM @ BAR Jan 2 2008 7:00P SEEKING SERENITY, PICKED ON SALLY, WASHINGTON AVE., AN INTERNAL DENIAL, CHIASMUS @ The Space Hamden Jan 2 2008 9:30P SEX+ DEATH U.S.A., THE VILLAINS @ Cafe 9 Jan 3 2008 9:30P Shaki Presents THE MOUNTAIN MOVERS, M.T. BEARINGTON, ORANGE OPERA @ Cafe 9 Jan 4 2008 7:00P DROPSHIFT, BIG TIME NOBODYS, EUPHORIA, RED SUMMER RIOT @ The Space Hamden Jan 4 2008 8:00P INK, FUNNEL, SILENT MAJORITY @ Toad’s Place Jan 4 2008 9:30P STEPHANIE HARRIS, JENNIFER O’CONNOR @ Cafe 9 Jan 5 2008 10:00P SHELLYE VALAUSKAS, BABY G, JOANIE LOVES TCHOTCHKES @ Cafe 9 New Haven Jan 5 2008 10:00P COVIN, PLUTO GANG @ Rudy’s Jan 6 2008 7:00P FRANK CRITELLI, BRET LOGAN, BLESSING OFFER, CHRIS PETERS @ The Space Hamden Jan 11 2008 10:00P EULA, SINGING BRIDGES @ Cafe 9 Jan 12 2008 10:00P THE IVORY BILLS, THE TYLER TRUDEAU ATTEMPT @ Cafe 9 Jan 13 2008 7:00P FRANK CRITELLI, SHANDY LAWSON, PAT HULL @ The Space Hamden Jan 17 2008 7:00P Manic Productions presents MURDERVAN, BLOARZEYD, JUCIFER @ Cherry St. Station Wallingford Jan 19 2008 7:30P THE DISTANCE, PRIAPISM, DEAD BY WEDNESDAY, BLOODCLOT, IG! @ Toad’s Place Jan 19 2008 9:00P Shaki presents CROOKED HOOK, PONTIAK, BLACK PYRAMID @ Cafe 9 Jan 20 2008 8:30P REARVIEW, SISTER FUNK, BOOGIE CHILLUN @ Toad’s Place Jan 25 2008 10:00P THE GEORGE BAKER EXPERIENCE @ Cafe 9 Jan 27 2008 8:00P Shaki presents WEIGH DOWN, THE MOUNTAIN MOVERS, THE DOG SHOW, DJ MOODY @ Bar

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