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The Prince Family Herald

March 31, 2008 Volume 1 Issue 1

Dear ALL,
Here is a picture we know you will be glad to see!

That paper Fred is holding up and smiling over is the Official SS document
that came home with him from Bryan on Tuesday 3-25.

Tuesday March 25 Today, Fred was picked up again at 9 a.m. and

Sergeant Sistrunk picked up both Joshu and he was headed for Houston this time and MEPS. He
Fred at 9 a.m. on Tuesday to take Joshu to the will be home tomorrow (Friday) night which is very
recruiting office and then he and Fred went on to nice as he will be here for Sabbath.
Bryan to the SS office for Fred to sign for the paper.
When they came back here Sergeant Sistrunk Today was absolutely beautiful out. It has been
took a much needed (albeit brief) nap in his car noted that the nights in particular have been pretty
while Fred came in to make copies of the paper for cold earlier this week in SC, MO., and GA, but you
the recruiting office and got his picture taken by this have warming trends too. It has been in the 70’s
photographer. The Sergeant was grateful for the nap here and around 60 the last couple of nights. This
time as he had been doing a lot of driving since turned out to be mowing and weedcutting day and it
early morning! was perfect for it. Partly cloudy, warm and very
breezy. Hikari REALLY enjoyed the tractor riding
and in the PBL, the mowing (both tractor and
Mother’s hand mowing) and the weedcutting went
Thursday, March 27, 2008 very well and the grounds look so nice again. We
got an early start after Fred left so it was all done in We have couple a small pictures of other potted
good time today. Yesterday and today, C. created success stories to show you too:
wide, straight, raised rows for planting tomatoes
and BA followed with the sturdy little plants that
were ready to go in the ground.
You remember those peas that were planted a
couple months ago… they are being harvested now
and they are the sweetest, best tasting peas we ever
ate! The pods get very plump and firm as the peas
fill out, but sometimes the peas inside aren’t quite
ready yet. BA has learned that if you hold the pods
up to the sun you can “see” inside how big the peas
are and if they are large enough to harvest. Kind of
like X-ray vision! When they are ready they are
little fat, round balls of FLAVOR! We are very
thankful for them.
Adeline’s letter home on the 22nd was greatly
appreciated. It was a blessing to us all that she got The geraniums planted from seed have bloomed at
up earlier than reveille to take time to write it. It last, 3 different colors in one pot. Beautiful! The
was kind of like a diary of her experiences from the large bloom opened as pure white and then begins
time she left the airport in MO. to get to the base, to turn a soft pink as it matures.
and the two days after. No doubt much of it similar
to everyone’s experiences and impressions and it
was nice to “follow her around” as she went from
place to place and activity to activity and learn the
“nitty gritty,” as she put it. We laughed at her
comment, “George is right, they (the recruits) just
don’t shut up!”
As with all, the Lord’s hand was very much in
evidence with her and we were very happy to learn
that she feels well again.
These communications to you all will be a
“newsletter” from the family and we will try to keep
it updated every few days until it is sent on to you.
So will close for today and be back soon. Good
night for now, from all of us at home.

Sabbath, March 29, 2008 And the petunias so carefully protected over the
Good Morning! Happy Sabbath, everyone. It is winter are making a gorgeous ‘comeback” in both
a very mild morning and we have had a gentle, containers!
misty rain all night and this morning. It is good for
the new transplants and the ones still growing in
pots. You who have helped watch over it, will be
happy to know that “strawberry” has been
producing nice sized and shaped and very tasty
berries at the rate of one every couple of days for
several weeks now. The plant looks a little puny
because it is putting all its energies into making
berries, which we are letting it do! Can’t eat the

3-31-08 Vol. 1, Issue 1 2

Here are the new tomato plants all settled in the the Staff in everyone being so helpful. It was so very
rows C. made for them. evident from moment to moment that The Lord was
overseeing every step of the way as He is for all of us
and Fred’s enthusiasm for what he will be doing and
the opportunities that will be opened up is infectious
here! You may no doubt get much of this news before
this letter arrives, but we know phone conversations
often have to be very short right now, if they can be
made at all.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good morning! Today is the day we hope
everyone gets to call home! The phone is ready and
waiting and we know you will if you can. 


TO YOU THE NEWS that we had our first phone
call from the field from Andrew at 8am this
morning! We are very thankful to have heard from
him (as we will be from you all!) and have
opportunity to learn how things are going there and
bring any concerns to the proper Authority! It is
wonderful to have the speaker phone so Rockelle,
Fred and Hikari could all hear at the same time.
Barbara Alice was busy cooking breakfast so heard
his report with C.
They did say in Basic 101 that experiencing the
tear gas for a brief time (as Andrew reported they
have done) could be a bit rough but it is important
to know what it is like. A very effective weapon at
times no doubt.
Fred worked on organizing the Box Garage
today and he was also able to get last year’s corn
And here are those delicious Peas! bed, (the newest of our beds) tilled and ready for
rows and planting. Hikari weeded the entire Peach
We were all so encouraged at Fred’s report when orchard by the Boat Garage, it was a blanket of
he came back from MEPS last night. The way was those spreading, climbing, sticky weeds we have
literally paved before him, partly because they been removing wherever we can as they will take
remembered with respect the Princes who had gone over the trees and shrubs given half a chance. We
before! He was paired with the best possible don’t give them the chance! The peach trees in that
roommate, a 17 yr old HS senior who was intelligent little orchard or grove are blooming now making it
to talk to and never used inappropriate language. The
a very pretty area to pass by.
young man is entering the Air Fore on a DE (delayed
enlistment, we are learning the language!), and Fred Rockelle made delicious “taco bowls” for
says he is so short and slim that he almost didn’t make dinner served with Spanish rice and guacamole, and
it for being 14 pounds underweight. But they did take jello and we had ice cream cones for dessert. A very
him as he is well and strong enough and Fred was nice way to end a very productive day! We don’t
glad for that. We thank the Lord for a 95 on the want to make you homesick for the wonderful
ASVAB test and a great health and eyesight report as meals here, but you probably already are! Though
well, and we are thankful for the thoughtfulness put into the

3-31-08 Vol. 1, Issue 1 3

meals provided by the Lord for each of you where
you are.
We had a good letter from Joshu on Sabbath
that was sent from the Houston hotel before he left
and it was very evident once again that the Lord
prepared the way before him. He wrote in his letter
from Houston that the fellow that was picked up in
Conroe on the bus down to Houston and sat next to
him also turned out to be his roommate for the
night. He was another one of the Lord’s good
We had a call from Joshu today (Sunday 3-30)
as well. Today he reports that he is fine but has
noticed that all the drill sergeants in Reception seem
to be giving conflicting orders, Hmmm…..Starting Center support close up 3-30-08
Friday, April 4th he will have his very own drill
sergeants though when he begins BCT! He and a
whole platoon of others!

It was good to have the opportunity to tell
Andrew how well the work on Kiboshii is coming
and that it will soon be on the road again! Pictures
of this miracle follow. The photos are kept fairly
small at this time because there are 4 newsletters to
print out, soon to be 5. But these will definitely
show you the progress made.

Driver’s side fender area 3-30-08

We thank the Lord very much for all He is

accomplishing here and we look forward to hearing
about your activities whenever you can call or
write. You are never far from our minds! Good
night from all. Over and out till next newscast.

The Prince Family Herald

22415 County Road 140, Bedias, TX 77831
Phone: 936-395-2729 Fax: 936-395-1154

Compiled and written by Priscilla Sands,

Freelance reporter and close friend of the family.
As you see, this whole area has been straightened Cindy Prince, Joanna Kingsley, Barbara A. Lacy
out and made smooth again and is all repainted Contributing Reporters: the Troops
Joshu Prince, George Prince, Fred Prince,
Barbara Alice has painted the new fenders and hood Andrew Prince, Adeline Prince
and valance that came as well and we will get
photos of those to you also when everything is all
put together.
3-31-08 Vol. 1, Issue 1 4