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The Prince Family Herald

July 7, 2008 Volume 1 Issue 15

A Bear in the Mailbox?

As you see, This is no ordinary bear
that delivered herself to our gate. Well, Meanwhile, the little Teacher Bear was on
more or less delivered herself. While the display at the Bedias Post Office waiting to
troops have been taking a whole new be sold.
course, the Lord had a new course for From time to time BA noticed how cute she
Barbara Alice too. She was shown by the was and was surprised that every time they
Lord that she should prepare to be a went to mail, Teacher bear was still there,
teacher of English as a second language. unsold. Then right after BA’s certification
Barbara Alice helped home school the 4 young men came, the bear, still unsold to anyone else, was
and Adeline from the time they were of an age to sitting on the counter where she might be more
learn, and in the process, she studied and taught easily seen and sold. When that was learned, it was
beginning Japanese and learned much about the determined that the #1 teacher bear belonged here to
country and its culture. When this direction to celebrate the completion of the course. The Post
become certified as a teacher of English to foreign Office was called and the Postmistress gave the bear
students was given, she researched and applied for to the mailman to deliver to our box along with the
an international teacher training course and found mail. And there she sat waiting to come in to her
several avenues and courses open to her. She chose new home! Thank You, Father, for the very good
a highly accredited online course in Teaching grades on the course and for the sweetness of the
English as a second language. When the course bear to celebrate it.
books arrived it was clear that there was much to be
learned; the material was very comprehensive and
the lesson plans were very well organized and
creatively presented.
Barbara Alice set to work diligently devoting as
much time and late nights as possible to finishing
the 20 section course. As she mastered each section
she took the online test and as each was graded and
returned she went on to the next. When the final
exam was graded, it was about 3 weeks before her
certificate came and with it a letter of recommenda-
tion from the school stating: “Having performed
significantly higher than the required level in all
course assignments, Barbara has been graded a
pass at grade A.”
I’m not just going leave my troops here!” End of
discussion, and off they drove!

As part of their “Confidence Course”, the

recruits are required to get a running start, leap up
to grab a bar at the top of a pole and swing
themselves over a log on the other side. This does
not appear to be an exercise designed for short
people! Many of them run up to the pole, make the
leap, arms up stretched to grab the bar only to slip
ignominiously to a hard landing at the bottom!
Adeline found herself among those that didn’t quite
reach the top. She was, of course very concerned
not to have accomplished this part of training.
When it was obvious to her DS that it troubled her
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY. to have failed this exercise, he told her not to take it
ENJOY ITS EVERY HOUR so seriously, but to just have fun while learning
these skills. She knew that was the Lord speaking to
The above greeting came for all of us on July 3rd her and that she would do better with that
from Diana in Vermont. We know it is a little past understanding.
the date now but it was such a patriotic picture and
appropriate message for EVERY day, that we Andrew is having fun with the trucks! Last week he
wanted you all to see it. had his test on the second vehicle he has learned to
Adeline is finishing BCT this coming week and
begins AIT on July 11. They make the transition to
AIT pretty much like any other day, but there will
be differences and she is looking forward to having
a bit more freedom and time to help her unit work
together and become more motivated to do things
well rather than “just get by”. You know she will
lead by example in the Lord’s authority. In a call
earlier in the week, she had several adventures to
recount. Like so many of the central States,
Missouri has had some very rough weather and
tornados can be a truly valid concern. Twice, when
her unit went on overnight camping, thunderstorms
with a tornado alert caused them to have to “abort This is referred to as the LHS or Load handling
the mission”! The last time when serious storms hit System. The truck is designed so that the operator
the area the 2 Drill Sergeants with the company can load and unload palletized cargo without ever
called everyone out of their tents telling them to just leaving the cab!
leave everything behind and pile into the two trucks Andrew scored a 96 on the pallet handling test,
they had there to be hurried back to base. They were loading his cargo in 6minutes and 40 seconds. We
packed in like sardines, cold and dripping wet, and read in the Course manual that there are 29 steps to
there was much commotion about it. But Pv2 A. driving the vehicle, 19 steps to driving it in reverse,
Prince, was not daunted, she said she was having a 18 steps to operate it off road and still other steps
good time. As they were preparing to leave, one of for slippery roads, or up or down steep grades. In
the DS reminded the other that he wasn’t licensed to other words there is a lot to learn in a short amount
drive that Medium Tactical Vehicle, (see picture in of time.
June 23 Newsletter) and the other DS replied, “Well
7-7-08 Vol.1, Issue 15 2
His 3rd vehicle is the M915 Truck, with the 872 immediately after graduation as possible!
trailer. The truck is a 14 ton 6x4 wheel drive vehicle Fred does hope to spend some of those last
and the trailer will haul 34 tons of cargo. weeks making up the parts of basic that he missed
when he was in the hospital or on light duty. Live
Fire Convoy was one.
He has been doing well in PT and expects to do
well on the final PT test. He is running faster than
he ever has and feeling much stronger and more
confident which, he says is definitely the strength of
the Lord being manifest. Thank You, Father, for this
witness of Your power!
Adeline and Andrew did get to see each other
on the 4th of July. Knowing that Adeline had lost her
watch he had purchased a very nice watch for her at
the PX a couple weeks ago as a surprise gift and
wanted so much to be able to deliver it to her in
M915 truck with 872 trailer. person.
This truck and trailer is used primarily in active On the 4th he dressed nicely in his civilian
and reserve component transportation units for the clothes and the Lord had told him to wear a hat so
rapid, efficient transport of bulk supplies from he purchased an appropriate Indiana Jones type and
ocean ports to division support areas within a looked very “spiffy” He went to the CQ at Adeline’s
theater of operation. It looks like this will be Company. He was knocking politely at the door
Andrew’s last vehicle at Fort Leonard Wood, as he when 2 recruits came up behind him and told him
will be home this coming weekend! he just needed to go in, no one was going to come
He flies from St. Louis, MO on Saturday directly answer the door for him! (There is a sign at the
to Houston International Airport and takes a shuttle bottom of the door stating that you had better enter
bus to Bryan/College Station where we will pick properly or it is 20 push-ups!) Andrew went in and
him up at Sam’s Club! We are so thankful for such a stood at “parade rest.” When asked his purpose
good way not to have to drive into Houston’s traffic. there he said he had a gift for Adeline Prince. The
female sergeant at the desk told him to put it on the
Fred has coming home on his mind too as his desk and she would see that Adeline got it.
graduation date from AIT is July 25th. But before However, the same DS he saw the first time he had
that happens, the last 3 weeks of AIT will keep him gone looking for her, weeks ago was also there and
on the run (or march!)! This coming week is FTX asked his name and if he was her husband. When
(Field Training Exercise), similar to the FOB or Andrew replied he was her brother the DS asked if
Victory Forge weeks you all experienced. This he had ever gotten to see her. Then he said that he
exercise includes a12-15 mile “Ruck March,” fully thought that Andrew ought to get to visit with her
weighted! Fred says he also gets to carry the unit now. So the woman sent the 2 recruits, who had
radio. We can only hope they are a little smaller and followed Andrew in, to find her and Andrew and
lighter now than the ones portrayed in WW2 Adeline wound up spending several hours together
movies! Once FTX is over, the next two weeks are at the Base fair and fireworks! He had an off-base
spent cleaning all the equipment and tents they have pass so at one point he took a cab to Lowe’s and
used, as well as making their quarters spotless for Wal-Mart to purchase several items that Adeline
the next influx of recruits. The Officers tell them to needed and brought them back to her. He even
expect little or no sleep during this time, (3 hours if bought a basket of strawberries at Wal-Mart and
you are lucky!) in order to get it all done. Then, at they shared them with their dinner at the fair. Thank
the very last night there DON’T sleep on the beds You, Father for this great blessing!
that have been made up without wrinkle for the To make this all even better, Andrew was able to
newcomers! The idea is to “get out of Dodge” as send pictures taken on a slightly used 8MP camera
7-7-08 Vol.1, Issue 15 3
one of his battle buddies sold to him for $80 after
Andrew tested it and saw that it did take good
quality photos. So from that we have the following
pictures! It is so nice to see their smiling faces!

George had his first inside view of the Apache,

Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters as he toured
them at the 4th of July fair. No rides that day, but he
said being in them was very educational and he
enjoyed it very much.
George’s roommate, Pvt Gentry, will be leaving
at the end of the week, having completed his
training. He didn’t pass the sit-ups part of his final
PT test and will be taking it over before he leaves.
George is working on his sit-ups too, so every night
before they go to bed each one holds the other’s feet
down while he does the sit-ups. This is real “Battle
Buddy” team work!
Joshu’s latest letter mailed July 1st, had an
interesting incident to relate. He said, “Last Friday,
(June 27th) represented the end of Red Phase – the
Total Control Phase. Only it didn’t work out that
way for third platoon because someone was found
to be selling Dip in our bay that he smuggled in
from the PX. This happened on Thursday night
(26th) and Platoon “smokings” (corrective PT
training) became the norm for the next couple of
days. After Red Phase, “smokings” are given on an
7-7-08 Vol.1, Issue 15 4
individual basis instead of the whole platoon or
even company. This discovery, along with people
bringing food into the bay, put a bad mark on 3rd
Platoon which I happen to be in. The DSs were
embarrassed, and the First Sergeant is not happy
with 3rd – understandably. I, of course, had no idea
this was going on and so it was with many of the
privates here. In fact, I was taken aback. The end of
Phase One also is the opportunity to get rid of the
trouble makers or quitters. So the offender is getting
discharged. There are about 7 that are either being
sent home or recycled to start over again. There is a
sense that the rest will do better and we can move
on with training.” We do remember that George
had a similar experience in his first 3 weeks of We do thank the Father very much for providing
Basic, and once the bad apples were taken out this marvelous tool that is so helpful
things did improve greatly for the rest. Right is right and will be much used.
and wrong is wrong and there is no room for
breaking the rules. That is a good thing. The army
has a motto “Army Strong”. An army can only be
strong if it is in the right.

Li’l Twuk has a Riveting Experience!

Adeline wasn’t the only one who got a very nice

gift on Independence Day; the Lord has provided a
wonderful new tool for the shops that enables
independence from hours of manual riveting!
So much of the work on Li’l Twuk is in the Riveted Aluminum angles to support the rocker
“riveting stage” right now as the pictures will show panels that will be fabricated for the truck
and C. says this pneumatic rivet gun makes the and attached to the angles.
riveting take 1/8th of the time it took with the
manual guns. He is very pleased with it and we are 6
SO thankful! Will provide more specs and details
and brand name when we get that information

The DS wheel well seen from the outside fabricated

from aluminum and attached with rivets.

7-7-08 Vol.1, Issue 15 5

driveway beds, the fence line beds, o

The same wheel well seen from inside the truck.

Note the careful bending and riveting of the curve.

The Prince Family Herald

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Compiled and written by Priscilla Sands,
Freelance reporter and close friend of the family.
Cindy Prince, Joanna Kingsley, Barbara A. Lacy
Contributing Reporters: the Troops
Joshu Prince, George Prince, Fred Prince,
Andrew Prince, Adeline Prince

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Everything from the vegetable and herb gardens,
7-7-08 Vol.1, Issue 15 6
Empty at last! Sunday, July 6. Thank You, Father.

7-7-08 Vol.1, Issue 15 7