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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, December 22, 2008

11 Entrepreneur at 25
JA’s next film is to feature Rajesh Kanagasabai runs his own
a full monty consultancy firm in Velachery


He is back in the news and
for good reasons, for a
change. Srikanth on his role
in ‘Poo’ and his future plans

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down obel Laureate Amartya Rs. Soya Somanathan. Taramani.02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday. “But in India. will remain open till 3. People Noble laureate Amartya Sen at the valedictory session who are benefited from affirma- of Pan IIT 2008. He said many of the serious ic slowdown will have its impact He said famines do not occur concerns of poor like hunger. so in places where the media is get the attention of the media health and others and it is impor. 2008 Party time for your kids Magic Hat. Or. ■ . study in the school comprising would be nice if every child could Ninth Floor. it Navigation Limited. also wants Persons interested in helping Arun Reddy of Trimble Naviga- likeminded volunteers from oth. of Compassion located near Van- about 110 children between the taker of the home has told Soya nian Chathram Bus Stop (behind ages of 2 and 16 years.600113. sues. And hurry. on the government spending on in functioning democracies as al. the 40 GB PS3 affirmative action N prices have been set at Rs. eracy rate is high. 22. of Technology (IITs) for the under This offer is only valid till December 25. towels and soaps urgent. December 22. According to Sen. She says that they need sleeping mats. these kids can directly visit Hands tion Limited at 98409 11350. So if you are planning a ‘spirited’ party and are thinking about leaving the kids to have their own fun. who are victims sheets. an IT pro- fessional working with Trimble Navigation Limited. sheets. get a small gift for Christmas or nal Bank Road. Christmas with PlayStation 3 All those who have been waiting for Sen for reservations Christmas to get more playful can now rejoice. live and and dental checkups. No. Also. Ca- seven sheds on an acre of land. The new Christmas prices for the Nobel winner PlayStation 3 model have been announced. Chennai. A North. education and healthcare do not social sectors like education. there is a huge pop. each 40GB PS3 will be reservation during admis- accompanied by a free game software sion into Indian Institutes to get one started. Road. drop of terror attacks in the north.” he added. Redhills. tive action tend to contribute in Chennai. PHOTO: BIJOY GHOSH more for the poorer sections of the society. Backed by the launch of a supports number of attractive titles and platinum price points for games.” malnourished children and illit. The two important words are ‘nidhi’ and ‘nyaya’.” he IANS NEEDED: HELP Children at Hands of Compassion need sleeping mats. the econom. The former is about institutions and their rules of be- haviour while the later is about realisation of the benefits. the global conference for IIT alumni. Tidel Park. soaps and health checkups ERGO CORRESPONDENT feedback@goergo. 2. For details contact kids through Trimble. The care. Addressing the plenary session at PanIIT 2008.30 a. a conference of IIT alumni in Chennai. privileged sections as the step would benefit the society in the long run. 4. bed the Panchayat office). on New Year’s Day. Sen on Sunday supported Moreover. because registrations close on December 27. The children also require eye your contributions at: Trimble eastern part of India. ■ “India has high proportion of ulation that is malnourished. Chen- Soya. there are many words equivalent to justice. the play lounge for children at Sathyam cinemas. just dial 65666777 for registrations. ly. a home-cum-school which shelters er firms to extend help. C an you ever imagine your child sleeping on a concrete floor without a mattress or bed sheets? No? Then it is time you know that there are children in namma Chennai who face many struggles for survival. he said: “In Sanskrit. nai . recently vis- ited Hands of Compassion.990. Alamathy that the children.000 from its original price. and are crowded out by other is- tant to protect public income. who plans to help these New Year.m. free and the opposition is strong.

PHOTOS: R. eager to watch others perform. Becky. head-to-toe black. cations. It’s also about the shift in Also. sight.Monday. Vijay numbers. this is the day of the culmination attitude. so I haven’t tried teach. (Left) The Christmas celebrations. Shaun. real- ents.” explains Shaun. If you ignore the fact that the A chance encounter with Becky Dou- 150 children studying and living here glas. founder of Rising Star Outreach. this I t’s on a Saturday that we. Broadway performer Shaun Parry ing it. You them. and that’s huge round of applause. “I don’t know one side – the side where Shaun is mak- Indian dance. the kids are soaking in the fact that “It’s not just about what you see on books can be forgotten for a few days.” missing Vijay. Promethean Spark be. the underprivileged develop a more As each class. As some volunteers play DJ in notice that during performances all the meantime. mances that are to start shortly. With the children RISING STAR that is needed”. stage today. which is now based in drive from Chennai.” he says. gets to his position cause he believes that “one spark is all in front of the stage. it’s like any other pre-vacation ising the motivational potential of his way productions such as Phantom of the Opera. 2008 03 (Top) Shaun Parry performs with the children at Rising Star Outreach. a bunch of man should know. ■ . recalling Peru. the city to send in volunteers to contin- Twinkle. New York. accompany the group formed with the New York Theatre Bal- from Courtyard by Marriott on one let and Martha Graham Dance of their regular visits to the Rising Company. Nobody is what I have tried to teach the children. It is. beginning from Class I. it’s quite a has been busy imparting dance lessons “A lot of people see dance as someth. Star Outreach school that they help run A stint in Peru laid the seeds of Pro- near Uthiramerur. took place in New York. a little coaxing to make them go back- dren perform what Shaun has taught stage and get ready for their own. ing movements for them to imitate. room with barely enough standing dren before they head home for the va. RAVINDRAN SHALINI SHAH he says. can wait another day. He is The Broadway performer is here in now trying to rope in dance schools in his capacity as a member of Prometh. Beowulf and Aida. in programmes. dren’s sincerest attempts.” says Shaun on the perfor- of Shaun Parry’s month-long efforts. Cats. Parents are busy collecting report programmes. cards from their wards’ teachers and He comes down for a month every year. twinkle ean Spark. space. are children of leprosy-affected par. Having been a part of Broad- shalinishah@goergo. But dance is also vis’ ‘Come on everybody’ receive a at the Rising Star Outreach school about discipline and focus. it takes It’s still some time before the chil. December 22. positive outlook through arts-based comes on stage on by one. popular Vijay numbers eyes and heads on stage are turned to appear a clear favourite. brought Shaun to India. the NGO he started to help ue the classes once he leaves. Parry has also per- journalists. “We were a group of 30 in a It’s the last day of school for the chil. ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ and El- ing liberating. With Parry’s perfect steps and the chil- clearly. an hour-and-a-half methean Spark.

” ■ pockets “Motorists will be outraged by 11. as saying. and 7. vernment car and despatch agen.540 pounds and the choice of parking location. 2008 Brit taxpayers have paid for ministers’ parking fines While the ministers P arking fines run up by Cab.930 pounds in parking fines quirements necessarily dictate of the public’s ets. information such as cell tomise their products ID and area informa- for the Indian market.” News of the remain the responsibility of the their own fines. who access the “We are in talks with information using Tele- clients to provide the soft’s probe technolo- telecom operators pas. added: “The go- While the ministers are re. gy. inet ministers have cost fleeced left. Typical applications sive monitoring probe. Besides. however. re. based applications are nies pin down frauds in provided by SIs and their networks. such as finding spoof lated to location of a numbers that cannot subscriber within 100. To ment for monitoring fuel the growth we will fixed and mobile tele. can be connected to The solution can help any mobile network in fraud detection in and it provides the sig. right and centre-now Transport Minister Lord Bas- British taxpayers a stagger. Bladen. ish Drivers. He.” reports suggest that pounds a month. almost 1. Sales and nearest cash machine Marketing. this. They are already being two years. last three years. Figures from the Department cy pays parking fines incurred security loophole to ports suggest that they exploit a for Transport have reveal that operationally in circumstances security loophole to get the Cabinet ministers were hit with where the overriding security re- get the amount out amount out of the public’s pock. ■ years the revenue from PTI The solution can help in fraud detection in telephony networks such as finding spoof numbers that cannot be billed and network abuse . tion that allows loca- “We expect in two tion-based services.928 pounds in the previous ANI Telesoft Tech to introduce solution for fraud detection U K-based Telesoft Technologies. continue investing in phony networks. they exploit a quired to pay their own fines. telephony networks naling information re. this year. 13. they are having to pay for politic.000 pounds in the ians’ parking fines. OEMs. will India.” include directing mo- Telesoft Technologies bile subscribers to the Director. which manufactures equip- our India operations will double the Euro- pean operations. December 22. or providing weather pides said. Andy Evri. The signaling infor- ny plans to invest 2-3 mation in a mobile net- million pounds over a work contains location couple of years to cus.” he said. be billed and network 500 meters. the compa. launch a solution to The actual location- help telecom compa. report of a geographic The probe solution area. of the Association of Brit.04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday.000 World quoted a fuming Hugh individual. sam admitted: “Parking tickets are required to pay ing 33. abuse.

Singapore based client’s resi- While pursuing his Architec. write to us at money from my parents and to people enter. profits of late. The company is got to know many people who had to explain people what archi. Keeping the sun as the biggest concern. establish and run his own busi. Rajesh dreams of making Nam- One can feel the sense of art start my own business. Monday. bricks. chemical this column. Appointing success. gave blank looks when he intro. “Once I decided to duced himself. the in. “I wanted to design my take money from quakes. after they has even managed “reasonable” him because he was a first gener. an architect to design is consi.” adds . the com- venture was a resolutely but I had other plans in life. ation entrepreneur of his family. galows and is looking forward to.” Working in a BPO didn’t only tal-hurdle. VIPASHA SINHA earn money the faster way I are in safe hands and automat.” he explains. spreading awareness pany under Rajesh has tasted easy decision for 25-year. whom you think can be featured in cern. I was crit.RAVINDRAN Rajesh Kanagasabai has his own design consulting firm at the age of 25. we have to take care of entrepreneurship. the details and the colour I did not want to alone. I did not want to take office in such a way that once my parents. was the next concern. R esigning from a lucrative to take the next step. If you know any entrepreneur vestment required was a big con. later helped in my business in importantly the usage of colour joined a BPO. After four years of ically trust my work. 2008 05 Building success PHOTO: R. “People don’t realise that ma Chennai a skyscraper paradi- One-man army and architectural knowledge after building a house needs a proper se.” mal resistant material. Apart from that I On several occasions. starting the business. While working. “But once I decided to theme. his mornings give him the moolah but also pro. wards commercial campuses.” says Matter of awareness Against all the odds and after job to start an independent icized for resigning on a job high Rajesh After crossing the initial capi. in that case to establish a brand handles every client of his with jesh always knew that he had to After slogging for four years. were dedicated to practising ar. December 22. Ra. entering the Shrrushti Kartha of. tecture was all about. the same passion. dered as a rich man’s fair in India. “The communication and man. combinations to create positive savings. the capital was the planning.” he recalled in an interview fice. facing several struggles. But accomplishing that Kartha’ in 2007. vered its capital investments and dream had never been easy for into designing residences. chitecture dna the nights to his perience and healthy contacts. ■ “Life had been fun during col. bun. start my own business. From their first client – a old Rajesh Kanagasabai. job. they feel like they treatments involved and most firstinnings@goergo. I was confident enough was my first piece of work after psychiatric effect. scheme makes the office a design things like safety from earth. dence – to the bigger projects. in itself. And he built it out of the money earned from a BPO job. vided him with fair amount of ex. he agerial part of business I learnt new company was a challenge. usage of ther. My office some ways. cements and the look column celebrating the spirit of to Ergo. It’s just not about the First Innings is our weekly lege. he ture degree at SRM College. Rajesh The company had recent reco- ness. started his company ‘Shrrushti during my job. aesthetics.

Group asks Google to stop British-Indian shopkeeper banned map image service from telling jokes! A group of Japanese lawyers and professors A British-Indian asked on Friday that Google Inc stop provid. minished as the message sent Sources said even if tariffs The PSU. According to reports. text of Singh’s jokes include: What is the technical name for three messages hailing his action being sent from one cell phone to days of horrendous weather followed by bright sunshine? A another and protests held all over the Arab world supporting Welsh Bank Holiday! What do you call a sheep with no legs? A him. Fund at a later stage through bid- service of BSNL is a loss making the losses mount as ding. called the City Boyz. told he faces prosecu- ties on the Internet. also suffers huge losses due year from such heavily subsidise to its legacy operations of giving service. the reporter who intervention. A member of the 14. the losses delivers the er tariffs. 2008 New pants smell The smell of a football changing room has been made into a new aftershave by the makers of a popular sports game. shopkeeper has been ing detailed street-level images of Japanese ci. der if he did not stop. it telegram messages to people. carries services due to heavy competi- could be around Rs 400 crore a crores of messages tion. offensive or who had complained about them.500 fans. PTI preview day. oth. 2008. 360-degree views of streets in 12 flets advertising his Japanese cities and is also offered for some 50 store over Christmas. while “One group. Montazer al. Singh has been left the shoe-thrower has it all baffled by the police Despite being detained by Iraqi forces. during a boozy session. “The threw his shoes at US president George W. vice.06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday. ■ Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on December 2. “Telegram much below cost. As al-Zaidi shouted in Arabic: “This is Sneering UK bankers release ‘Credit a farewell kiss from the Iraqis. and it has echoes of Harry Enfield’s ample of the groups ded. the economic misery that millions of people have been fac- book has more than ing.” A page for al- Crunch Christmas’ song Zaidi on the social net. that he could face prosecution for breaching public or- Support.” It begins with the child singing about how people ers hailing his courage. They wouldn’t tell me which jokes were have more than what he ever wished for before this incident. portance of telegram has not di. use this process. entitled ‘Credit Crunch Christmas’. We would like to the volume goes up Fund like private players first. SMS as proof making it a sound mech- fulfilling yet another social and instant messaging. through it is admissible in court about Rs 400 crore a year for Even in an age of internet. anism for Government offices to obligation – telegram ser. marriage offers . press have USO subsidy from the Go. The 29-year-old reporter threw his shoes at Bush on ANI Sunday during a press conference Bush held with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. mount as the volume goes up. saying they violated tion unless he stops privacy rights. would not match the huge gap carries crores of messages a year between the cost of sending a tel- and since the service is offered The PSU. BSNL Chair.” he said. the losses to people. Some With hundreds of groups carrying his name on Facebook. in fact we’re swim- calling for his release. which egram for BSNL and the consum- much below cost.Zaidi has turned into an instant sensation in Cloud! the region. cities in the United States and certain areas in Police officers have Europe. A group of bankers in Britain have released a song about working website Face. it does have to pay for USO A telegram from Count Basie to a promoter is on display at the proposition. fame. of Reuters Port Talbot. service is offered mote parts of the country. December 22. Bush” is just one ex. Bush now seems to world has gone crazy. warned Bob Singh. DPA ANI BSNL losing Rs 400 cr a year for telegram services S tate-run BSNL is losing vernment to cover this service”.some the line: “We have made loadsa money. South Wales. telegram messages its marketshare eroding in mobile As per an estimate. loathsome Loadsa money TV character from the 1980s. sources said. dog. with icated to al-Zaidi . man and Managing Director Kul. the song was made W. the im. Unlisted BSNL. AFP PHOTO . Though it gets most of the USO deep Goyal told PTI. a year and since the telecom facilities to rural and re- When contacted. are sad due to the credit crunch. which has seen sources in the PSU said. has revealed that he roped in his Million Shoes for George young son to sing. which delivers the could be revised in anytime. Google’s Street View offers putting jokes on lea- ground-level. ming in it.

there was equal effort to keep my look very ordinary and Indonesian anti-terror army special forces K-9 unit take part in a counter-terrorism drill at Borobudur five-star simple” hotel in Jakarta on Sunday. AFP PHOTO Quote of the day ‘‘ If the makers of the film worked hard on the look of Aamir’s character Sanjay Singhania. AFP PHOTO Akshay Kumar addresses the participants before a run with ’Flame of Hope’ during a programme ’Special Olympics World Winter Games 2009’ at Red fort in New Delhi on Sunday. Monday. 2008 07 One look is all it takes NEWS AND NEWSMAKERS IN PICTURES Ecuadorian artist John Vargas presents a body paint model during the pre-opening of Colombia Exposhow-New York in Cali. AFP PHOTO Asin on her character Kalpana in Ghajini . department of Valle del Cauca. PTI PHOTO Aamir Khan gives his a fan a haircut during the promotion ’Ghajini’ in New Delhi on Sunday. December 22.

” he month. En- entirely sure how long he wanted to go. We had some good chats. Australia and New Zealand end of the Ashes was his goal. But I understand it gland. “The impression I got was that he “No doubt Pakistan suffers from home series against England de. I feel it all depends on the mindset that week and how you deal with the pressure. is currently 179th in the world rankings. When you get to the (ICC) president David Morgan Continuing the series. Wessels.” the En- uncertain phase but seemed eager to continue as long rule out sanction in such cases. who is a decorated Olympic runner for India. He wasn’t lack of international cricket on boards from West Indies. The son of Milkha Singh. could not amuse the likes of Quite clearly.08 SPORT ERGO Monday.” he ance and ICC would have no explained. think it was a Cup. crowned the 2008 Asian Tour’s Order of Merit gland and Wales Cricket Board “There has to be some concern champion. was going through an but cited ICC regulations which kistan on security grounds and the case with Pakistan. a former En. 7-5. Morgan. “I think I’ve got the game to win a Major. He also finished tied 25th at the US Masters Reg Dick. Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. he still wanted to play. The Indian star Hailing England’s decision to effect on the 2011 World Cup. 2008 Dokic earns Australian Open wildcard Former world No. The 37-year-old big-hitting left-hander B developed a close rapport with CCI only went by the in. the ECB and England these four countries host. pressed hope that cancella- New Asian number one Jeev Milkha Singh believes he tion of India’s Pakistan tour can now win a Major title that will enable him to “sit All credit to England would not have any adverse at the same table with my father”. along with Masters of Asia on Sunday when he was officially the series. wrapped up his campaign at the season-ending Volvo return to India to continue with which they host. So that was again an ac- this is acceptable non-compli. (ECB and I am sure the sub- on the Asian Tour. International Cricket Council victory. highly respected and he decided spite the recent terror attacks in Wessels during his stint with Chennai struction it received from it was safe and secure for the Mumbai. “He played the Indian government team. “I we would have a good World in the middle of the field at Thai Country Club. AFP PHOTO: AFP . Morgan. begged to differ and felt situa- under me at the Chennai Super Kings and we spent a and there is no question of turned. been wrong to give terrorism a saying by The Sunday Telegraph. The 25-year-old Dokic. I am delighted that they re. 70 and 72 to finish Pietersen. lot of credit goes to Pie.” said sanctioning the cricket board for tersen and ECB. A lot of it comes down to the short game. who came from a set down to beat Queensland junior Monica Wejnert 6-7. No double standards “We talked about his future. Hopefully before my golfing career is over. a former Wimbledon semi-finalist. 4 Jelena Dokic has won a direct wildcard entry into next month’s Australian Open by winning a qualifying tournament in Melbourne on Sunday. Wessels said Hayden. who coached the IPL finalists. But we “This has been the best year so far in my career. We have learns a lesson The 37-year-old made history by becoming the first vital deci. tions in both the countries could lot of time together. ex- Jeev eyes Major title said. international cricket in Pakistan double standard by shunning Pa. said. you always end up talking about said on Sunday. from the last World Cup player to win over a million dollars in a single season sion.” he added. As per ICC rules. Dokic. It would have not be equated. the security experts what’s happening and what you’re thinking because Morgan lamented the lack of Imran Khan who accused India of said India is safe and secure (for I’ve been through it. England) to return but that is not struggling for form this season. ‘BCCI not at fault’ Hayden seeks Wessels’ advice on retirement Embattled Australian opener Matthew Hayden has sought former South African captain Kepler Wessels’ advice on when to end his cricket career amid the ever increasing ICC rules out sanctions against BCCI for not touring Pakistan scrutiny of his place in the side. howev.” he revealed. stage of his career. will now attempt to qualify for lead-up tournaments in Brisbane and Hobart in the New Year. however. and said his next goal was one of the four chief said credit should go to about the next World Cup which most prized trophies in world golf. ■ and posted a career-first top-10 in a Major by finishing ason is PTI equal ninth at the US PGA Championship. he still feels he has yet to measure up to his father’s iconic status. 70.” Morgan Morgan. “Security assess- as his fitness allowed. “Pakistan is a different country. said after shooting rounds of 76. event.” he captain Kevin are confident that among them. 6-3. but he felt the home soil. December 22. I will have a Major under my belt. er. ceptable non-compliance.” he said. was quoted as scrapping the tour of Pakistan. however. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. sanction against BCCI. thanks largely to his triumph over a security continent would host a world-class field at the Barclays Singapore Open last adviser) great World Cup. was Indian governments decision and all advised it was not appro- PTI that the cricket team should not priate to tour Pakistan for the tour Pakistan. continuing with the ongoing glishman said.” said Singh. Singh said that despite his golfing achievements over the past three seasons. ment was carried out by cricket was still pretty keen.

Monday. middle of the ring. Holyfield. Despite his limited AFP . and it is hitting those at the bottom end the most. But it was moving him around. Mike fighting in front of a home crowd so loud tic start and the champion caught him history to win a world title was gone. 42 wins with 27 from the sellout 12. champion flush in the face three times in field stood his ground and hit back hard. Good start rounds. I am honoured to have older. were the chants of “Holyfield. I was trying to do his experience to good effect. fights.” said face in the first round. the “Of course I am disappointed.” the things my corner asked me to do by ahead of the champ by never allowing several shots. eager to fight him to add the He might have been a long way from At.500 crowd. who was Disappointed and landed a strong right-hand to the the signal for Valuev to go in for the kill bidding for his fifth world crown. the fifth. his hands aren’t as lest champion in history. ter than Valuev. from Holyfield was neutralised on the August. ger. 115. dream of becoming the oldest man in who beat the likes of Riddick Bowe. later catching the with a quick flurry of punches. Certain leagues are losing their sponsors. By the sixth round. PHOTO: AFP R ussia’s Nikolai Valuev successfully ter” Douglas in the 1990s. Despite being 11 years the challenger finished the round stron- giant Russian successfully defended the about my future. ■ Tyson. then their TV rights. He stayed the challenger into the corner. the heaviest and tal. now has a rec. but Holy- judges scored it 114-114. George Foreman and James “Bus. He had a The deeply religious Holyfield caught fighters and in the twelfth the crowd with both Klitschko brothers Vladimir pretty good defence by the way he posi. when I did I was himself within Valuev’s reach for long. who between them hold four tioned his body. December 22. Holyfield around the arena. but Holyfield could have been was showing signs of tiring after his fran. 43kg lighter and nearly 30cm shor. while Holyfield stumbled in the field over 12 rounds. A big right early in the tenth round vacated title he won against John Ruiz in had the opportunity to fight for the title. We need to show solidarity in these troubled times. It was play from 46-year-old Holyfield. Valuev got involved in majority decision win over former knock-outs and two draws from his 54 heavy exchanges in the seventh and eight world champion Evander Holy. “I thought I had done enough. But at the end of the elev- said Valuev after his victory. Holyfield came out all guns blazing ninth on a wet spot on the canvas. landing made me work very hard for the win. In the end. enth there was very little between the not an impressive display from Valuev able to catch him off guard. It was a good fight. Holyfield!” with several shots. Holyfield used judge’s scorecard when Valuev forced “He was a strong opponent and he slow as people think. Holyfield’s WBA title to their collection. lanta.” unleashed a fierce combination early in fighter as cries of support again echoed world titles. 2008 09 ‘‘ We are concerned about the impact of the crisis on clubs. 116-112. Holyfield. FIFA president Sepp Blatter No fairytale comeback Valuev sees off Holyfield despite unimpressive display Russia’s Nikolai Valuev (right) fights against US Evander Holyfield for the WBA heavyweight title at Hallenstadion in Zurich. Valuev with two jabs in the fourth and were firmly behind the United States and Witali. Despite a brave dis. The economic situation is getting worse by the day. 35. ringing around Zurich’s Hallenstadion statics of throwing punches from the defended his WBA title here with a ord of ten defeats. he is a hard target to hit. 114 in Valuev’s favour on Saturday as the now I will just have to go home and think the second round.

the more popular you Poo is a heroine-oriented are.When I signed up for the film I knew I didn’t What are your future projects? have a major role to play but I went I have a lot of films lined up for release ahead with it. and Nanchil Aiyn- different and gave me scope as an actor tham Thisai. It ran for 100 days. I was completely taken was a mid-frame and it’s my eye that does all aback when she gave me the title ‘Cham- the acting. Her accolades boosted my in a shot frame. I helped the produc- In cinema. Moreover. all that matters is success. Noth- subject. A lot has been said and written lenging one. newcomers. a commercial enter- of Thangarasu. cess of an actor also depends upon the director who moulds him. so I blame myself for it. things at the same time. It’s a thriller and if it had either on top or at the bottom. These are professional hazards. it did but I got used to it.Lokpria caught up with him at his Harrington Road home How difficult was it to change from an Tell us about your stint in Telugu urban image to rural? films. The young actor is finally heaving a sigh of relief that the attention has turned from his tumultuous personal life to professional life. When is Sathurangam releasing? Do you think you are underrated as an It’s a sad story. When one caught amidst his dreams and love. pion of the Week’ on her show Hasini Pe- tions in my sight. Rate yourself as an actor on a scale tor. An actor grows with the direc. Manavar Thinama. to experiment with my looks and acting. can say is that my timing has not been proper There is still a lot to learn and improvise and I am still waiting for my turn. It was director am familiar with the language. that film did not do any magic to my career. but of 1 to 10. so I when I listened to it the first time. I had to show a variation of emo. I liked the characterisation Rasikum Seemane.10 FLICK ERGO Monday. the heroine. been a turning point in my film career. ■ . I wanted to encourage the in 2009. it’s natural to draw atten- I had to workout to get the village tion of this kind and it’s best to ignore it. It was difficult to do many confidence. upon. It’s best to con- acting did it leave you? centrate on one’s work rather than paying I had 22 scenes in the film and Par. I had to your professional life. According to PETA. I had to capture an eye-lock sum Padam. It lost and I wanted to encourage that trend. the philanthropist uses her fame and listening audience to help the less fortunate. In course of time I realised the more peo- ple write about you. was a cop subject and gave me a good start. macho guy look.S. In my case I have worked with Fazil Sir. There is a problem on actor? the production side. You are didn’t work. I also did a guest perfor- since I had an urban image. you? layam. I was that were dubbed and released in Andhra surprised that I was chosen for the character Pradesh did well. into playing Thangarasu in Poo The role of Thangarasu was a chal. an action flick. the offer I wanted to give it a shot. it was am looking forward to. You didn’t want me to learn the local lan. ers by assisting them financially but it success is a different league altogether. 2008 PETA’s ‘Person of the Year’ Oprah Winfrey has been named as the ‘2008 Person of the Year’ by animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). had 72. The consoling factor was Sasi Initially. The Rustic Romeo Accolades have started pouring Srikanth’s way after his realistic portrayal of Thangarasu in director Sasi’s ‘Poo’. Does it bother blend with the nativity of Rajapa. Honestly. a project that I role. How much scope for ing can be done about it. So when I got an Thangarasu was challenging. December 22. It my work in Poo. I had to change my look about your personal life rather than from the metro to rural. I had to underplay that tainer. And the role was not clichéd. Police Po- tradition of adapting stories from novels is lice was my first film. including animals. The suc. vathy. take the decision to be close with the guage as he felt the character was media. enters cinema. I wanted to have a mance in a Telugu film that was received change in the roles I played and the character of well by the audience. All I I would rate myself between 5 and 6. There is a multi-cast film with script because it had a whole bunch of actor Jeeva called Throgi. Indira Vizha. I was not interested in the script I lived in Hyderabad for 10 years. The problem come out on the right time it would have PHOTO: S. heed to fretting issues. Here. KUMAR arises only when you are in the middle. But my concentration is on Tamil Tell us about the efforts that went films. My films Sasi who pushed me into doing this film. He was in a relaxed mood as V. What is the best compliment you Which part of the film was have received for Poo? challenging to enact? Suhasini madam appreciated me for The climax of the film was challenging.

in early March 2009. No Line On The Horizon. Earlier.G.” ■ IANS He immediately agreed Superstar’s favourite to do the scene and During a recent function in Chennai. In the tale of friendship and terrorism by director Kabir Khan. Vikram-starrer Kandasamy would hit the screens on But John’s nude scene is set to re- May 1. It would be the group’s 12th studio album.. John Abraham now has reportedly bared all for a torture scene in his next film. and also their first since 2004’s How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. New York.Monday. “He immediately agreed to do the scene and was quite traumatised at the end of it. until you are left in the cold. Said to Said a source close to the project: be shot extensively in various countries across the “It’s a prison sequence in the US globe. the much-awaited when the films opened.” the source added. Kunal Kapoor in Rang De Basanti and Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya did bare-back scenes that were deleted Kandasamy for May release If Internet buzz is to be believed. John bares all in New York Cine City A fter he stripped down to the barest minimum on the beach in Dostana. the movie features Shriya Saran as the female where John. Vikram has pinned all his hopes on this movie rorist. suspected to be a ter- lead. S. Rajinikanth also jocularly remarked that the doyens of Tamil cinema – M. director Kabir Khan smiled and said: “You’ll just have to see the film to know the nature of the scene. 2009. as his last release Bheema could only manage a This is how they break your spirit lukewarm response at the box-office. Ramachandran and Sivaji Ganesan – would have posed stiff competition to him if he was ever considered for a role with Saroja Devi. John would be the third Bollywood ac- tor in recent times to drop all his inhib- itions. urinate and defecate in the same room. Superstar said he did not enter filmdom during her heydays to play her hero.. 2008 11 U2’s new album in March U2 will be releasing their new album. Ruing that he at the end of it missed acting with the actress. While John refused to comment on the scene. John apparently didn’t hesitate for a second. December 22. which is slated for Directed by Susi Ganesan and produced by Kalaipuli a January release. main in New York. Then they begin to strip your dignity down . in an American prison when they want you to confess to being a ter- rorist. John had to enact this sequence. dingy cell completely naked.” When briefed about the sequence. sleep. is denuded of all dignity. They make you eat. incidentally the birthday of actor Ajith. Thanu. . John has done a complete nude shot for a prison scene. Kandasamy is a big-budget movie. it has been announced. actor was quite traumatised Rajinikanth disclosed who his all-time favourite heroine is – actress Saroja Devi.

■ I will think that god finally listened my Arun CGSL. Sutherland ■ When he comes alone I’ll dip him in hot and sour soup and toast in toaster ■ I won’t go in front of them because I’m Mittu. Perot Systems Given a chance to ■ Is same as what his’ is.M. Sandeep Jan from Tata Consultancy Services has nominated Perot Systems his friends as Partners in Crime. Hexaware else and why? ■ I’ll be really happy to see my partner ■ I’ll take 2 girls in front of her and make going wit someone else. words. HCL. Senthilkumar. Wipro Senthilkumar. Today’s Query: Ramya. Resort. because the her angry. them company. This photo was taken at a Magesh. other person will become beggar very Javid. soon Cognizant Arun. ■ Of course. S. understand my feelings. Sridhar. this.R. RR Donnelley Arun Prasad. Subhransu. Saravanan. December 22. And I would you choose? Why? won’t doubt. ■ Give her a big hug! Only she can Natarajan. You can nominate Ergo Mobile Query too.Sriram Perot Systems. Perot Systems Wipro Technologies ■ I will wait outside with broom stick when he/she return to home. Sudhan. Sify ■ I will thank my partner’s new partner. because I would change your profession. Infosys ■ Oh god I’ll be happy as I can try for better option. HCL Subject Line: "Mobile Query Suggestion". I would feel possessive but I Sutherland won’t show it out in front of that girl. TCS.N. I won’t ask anything. But later I’ll fall in her feet because ■ I will go and join with them just to give whatever it might be she is mine no. ■ I will ask about that matter calmly who inquire him of who she is. Wipro Arun. Srinath Perot Systems. send us an email to feedback@goergo. that guy should be her father or Wipro Technologies uncle. level. By Ananthasubramanian Geetha. Karthikeyan. But if she is happy and thinks that she is right then I’ll let her be partner with somebody happy. . Just Maris Prabhakaran from Aspire Systems has nominated his Asath Kani M. and then I will shout at her. Archana. TCS which other career ■ I’ll be cool.12 ERGO Monday. is this. Saranya. Sify Technologies Limited. I’ll ask same boon for every girl friend Tata Consultancy Services I have. Sutherland ■ Veetuku Vantha Piragu Veedu Katti Adipen ■ I’ll feel really lucky and thank god for Menaka. Build a temple for him and pray. I would Finance Team as Partners in Crime. Uday. Seethalaxmi. 2008 ■ I’ll be ready 2 choose that guys partner Friday’s Query: Feby Jose What would be your first Optimus reaction if you see your ■ I’ll feel bad. John. This photo was taken at ■ I’ll be angry with her towards extreme Hotel Residency Towers. ■ I would go and thank the person with Sutherland whom my partner was with." good one than me Ramachandran M CGSL. dam sure. why you come with him to hotels Ridhuna. be wit someone else too Annapoorani M. Ramco Systems Tata Consultancy Services ■ I will scold him and tell "Unaku vera ■ I’m happy that he found a best and nalla allae kidaikaliya. Arun. Krishna. Haria from Tata Consultancy Services has nominated TCS Once my hubby gets back with friends as Partners in Crime. Satish.

Courage. his colleague Jothiraj. Wishes from. Suganthi Hearty Wishes. ■ Arun. R. Saravanan.what will it give instead of Suganthi milk ? Answer : MILK SHAKE .. :)) gathi! And on this day that belongs to Rajee Anand. well as human being should be. for good times are born. & Anusha Wipro Technologies Sify Technologies Limited ■ Dear Sridhar. Wishing U All Happiness In Wishes from.Enjoy your birthday today Two tips on your birthday: He is the man who can impress any one and don’t worry too much about 1) Forget the past.A. Sify Technologies. Yamini. you. year of happiness and joy.. Paravai-kkum rekkai irukku.May all your dreams come true this year. Wipro. illana naama aagiduvom adho You specially like to do. Sunitha. Have a colourful day.. Cognizant Adha oodhum podhu pakkanum One that’s just for you Fan-ukkum rekkai irukku. Day.S this birthday brings you lots of HCL Technologies Ltd. FTM DEV Team Balaji. Navalur We wish you once again happy Birthday Vasanthi Raja of Citigroup ■ Hi Vasumathi and Vinod. Mrs. Shree ku oru mokkai dedication: Venkat... udhabalan. Have a nadi nikka mudiyuma. Paravai-a amukina kathum. HCL-CODC happiness and success. Maria. he is an example for how a professional as Pradeep. Ramco Systems Parameshwari.. 2) Forget the present. We didn’t shy to ask sorry.. Koushy Priya Wishing u many many more happy Wipro returns of the day.S Its a special time to celebrate and we hope all your birthday dreams ■ Dear Lokesh (ust global). Jubair. ■ Dear Lakshmi Wishing you another wonderful Happy Birthday Lakshmi. you can’t with his peculiar character. LDS. Jagadeesh. From. ippadiku un mokkai al badhika you.brings you Team!!" all that your heart desires! ETRM Integration Team Here’s wishing You a day full of Chemoil-ODC pleasant surprises! Calsoft Happy Birthday & many more to come. ■ Dear Sandhiya (Malayala kutti) With Warm Wishes. S doodled this. Rajeswari. Your are wished everything your has been nominated as Office Angel by Belated Birthday Wishes to heart desires the Most. Sivanandam. Wipro And all life’s nicest things! MAN 1: "Ponnuku enna vaiasu aavarudhu " ? ■ Hi Raja (Dharani Raja). Meera and Francis Have A "Wonder-Filled" Day Tata Consultancy Service Yours everlasting friend. Life Padma. Wish you a Very Happy Brithday.. Regards Global Services Ltd (CGSL) We wish you both a very Happy Manimozhikarthik..? blast Happy Birthday.. December 22. For me Shanny.. 2008 13 Balaguru from HCL Technologies Ltd ■ Dear Saravanan. (Global Analytics). Deepa. Coastal Training Technologies patta.. We wish you happy Birth day May Indra. comes Many More Happy Returns Of The true.. Nagarajan.. successes and happiness.. Paravai-ala sutha mudiyaathu... Wicket keeper wicket kku mun...B. ~ Happy Birthday ~ MAN 2:"Aadi vandha.. ■ Hi Yaso(Kutti Pisasu).. koli kku paravai kaichal varum...? ■ Mokkai queen R.. The Tallest Girl In Our Hope your special day. Birthday kondadaradhu namma Tata Consultancy Services Question : If a cow gets affected in a earthquake. Many More happy returns of the Postman post koduppar Watchman watch koduppara. HCL . anybody but if it happens. Birthday.. The wish this greeting brings Person1: oru erumba "cut" panna enna Aagum. He never hurts work! change it. paravai kku koli kaichal varuma.. May god shower you with Goal keeper goal post kku munnadi nippar. melugupathi Your Birthday is a special day. get you one. day.-) cake la vaipaanga chinna ■ Dear Arunkumar Babu. ■ Dear Raja Vignesh Happy Birthday Kutti Sathan. TataCconsultamncy Services. Aaanaa. and is not biased towards anyone. Muskan. he never feels Don’t forget to treat us all.. Base Aviation Team. Un Anbu Thozhigal! Is for the joy you so deserve Person2: "cuterumbu" aayidum.. Fan-a amukina suthum. He likes to help others With love. Senthil..? Angels and beloved friends. Kumaran Systems.Manonmani Kesav. vaaya pothi A time for doing everything Fan-ala parakka mudiyaathu. Monday.. Shanthi. 16 mudiyum " May this be a day when dreams Happy Birthday to you MAN 1:"Appo Aaadama vandha ???? " are married to reality and hopes My dear Friend... Vinodini and Kavitha. Best wishes from. Swami.

G. TNENG/2007/24553 . E-mail: clickpick@goergo. Anna Salai. Hobbies: Reading and photography KAKURO So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space. Chennai-600002. Chengleput Taluk.600 002 mail your feedback to feedback@goergo. Prem Kumar Dy Chief Designer: TEAM Editor: Karthik Subramanian karthik@goergo. clicked this picture at his home during the recent Kaarthigai festival. Ravi Kannan Illustrator: R.. Venugopal Technical Support: V. December 22. Maraimalai Sr Dy Chief Designer: J. Thiyagarajan of AdventNet Head of Circulation: M. E.M. Sharief copies@goergo. Kancheepuram Dist. Baskar ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES: Contact: 2857 5757 E-mail: ads@goergo. K. Anna Salai. 2008 Monkey business Three angry monkeys beat their trainer senseless with his own stick after he had cruelly punished one of them. Karthik (Editor responsible for selection of news under the PRB Act). CMDA Industrial Complex.A. sudoku S. Chennai . at Plot B-6 & FAX 2857 6691 Printed and Published by S. with Website: www.G.. Editor: S. Ravichandran. RNI No.R. Pin: 603209 & at Kasturi Buildings.14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday. Gurumurthy N. 859 & 860. SNAIL MAIL 859/860. Karthik on behalf of KASTURI & SONS LTD.

VIRGO AUG 21 . you may feel lazy to take up too much work. The best thing is that your beloved will adore you for that. You may feel like relaxing with your beloved over a quiet dinner table. Monday. your beloved will share the same intense feelings. Matters related to career and progress will be of prime importance. LIBRA SEPT 21 . but you will also be successful in meetings at work. However. Love life will be blissful. Ganesha feels you just need to be persistent. PISCES FEB 21 . On the personal front. At office. Maintain cool temper. If you have to indulge in multi- ISSUE’S tasking. If you are satisfied with your salary. you will feel a strong sense of job security and may get a quick level shift in the organisation. On the personal front. CANCER JUNE 21 .FEB 20 PREVIOUS You may experience extreme and frequent mood swings today. Frequent mood fluctuations may cause harm to your health. Pattni . You will have a gala time with your beloved. Predictions by Bhavesh N. Ganesha feels that there may be a lot of logical discussions you may get into. Pay proper attention to love life as well or you may have to face conflicts. Ganesha feels lovers might indulge in activities that make your bonding stronger.OCT 20 This is a good day to ask for a salary rise. you will get good output if you try your hand at software developing. However.MAY 20 Your communication skills will do wonders for you today. 2008 15 Bird rescue Word’s worth Animal welfare officials in Berlin "Varve" (varv) a pair of thin layers of clay and silt of contrasting color and have rescued 1.MARCH 20 In spite of domestic affairs bothering you. December 22.APRIL 20 On the professional front. usually in a lake formed by a retreating apartment. you might try to show off your negotiation skills.’ B. things are going great on the romantic front. the day is not in favour for you. Ganesha further states that being alert will also help you in your personal relations as there is a possibility for conflicts and differences. the good thing is that your beloved will be supportive during your mood swings.500 parakeet texture that represent the deposit of a single year (summer and winter) in birds from a tiny two room a lake at some time in the past. However. SCORPIO OCT 21 . In official meetings. you will remain submissive and flexible.NOV 20 Sadly. Not only will your work get done quickly. The word comes from a Swedish word meaning ’layer. you might have to agree to the view points of other people.DEC 20 Ganesha foresees a very busy day at work today.C ARIES MARCH 21 . You may face unnecessary delays for particular results or projects. AQUARIUS JAN 21 . TAURUS APRIL 21 . Ganesha suggests that you should work more on R and D due to high energy. Ganesha assures that this tough day will end on a positive SOLUTIONS note. you may arrange a small outing. LEO JULY 21 . SAGITTARIUS NOV 21 . you may not let your work suffer due to this. On the personal front. CAPRICORN DEC 21 . Keep a keen watch on things happening around you. ice sheet. try to distribute it. You may feel like taking your beloved out for dinner.JUNE 20 Your energy will be so high today that you will be BORN LOSER seen brimming with joy.JAN 20 You will face a cut-throat competition at work today. if possible. These tactics may also follow up to your personal life.JULY 20 Don’t waste time on insignificant things if you are not comfortable.SEPT 20 Ganesha feels that today you will be concentrating FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT only on work and nothing else. GEMINI MAY 21 . however they may not yield good results but will give you a good learning.AUG 20 You may encounter some matters which may never get solved. On the professional front.

December 22. 2008 .16 ! ERGO Monday.