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Concept of AR Vending Machine .Why we create the AR Vending Machine? . introduce our project: . outro: -Project Schedule -Job distribution -Project Budget: Estimated cost for project -Reference .How AR Vending Machine works? -Advantages and Goal 3. intro: -What is AR? 2.Table of contents 1.

What is AR? Æ Combination of real-world and 3D graphics in real-time Æ Superimposing VR on real-world seamlessly Real AR Virtual Real Environment Augmented Reality(AR) Virtual Environment {Mixed} Spectrum of VR-ness .

What is AR? .

Why we create the AR Vending Machine? Do you like shopping? Have you ever been annoyed by a salesperson? How many times do you change your clothes while shopping? .

Why we create the AR Vending Machine? Fashion Vending Machine + AR Technology ∥ AR Vending Machine .

Why we create the AR Vending Machine? Culture Technology Fashion A C E .

Concept of AR Vending Machine Æ Try on clothes virtually using the AR VENDING MACHINE Æ Embroider patterns on one’s clothes by Digital Sewing Machine .

How AR Vending Machine works? Select Insert the items & Insert the base rate option Select Receive embroidery total money image Print the marker Activate Digital Sewing Machine (embroider) Try on via camera To embroider (optional) Purchase .

How AR Vending Machine works? Æ Core System Architecture Process Unit Image Display Receiver Synthesis Marker Marker Recognitio Matching n .

Advantages and Goal Advantages Æ Easy and fast to change one´s clothes Æ Able to custom-design one’s clothes by utilizing the Digital Sewing Machine Æ No “hidden pressure” from salesperson Goal Æ Popularization of AR Vending Machine Æ Building Store Automation Systems Æ Lowering labor costs through Store Automation Systems Æ Solving labor shortage .

Project Schedule 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10/1 10/21 10/28 11/04 11/11 11/18 11/25 12/02 12/09 12/16 Set the topic & Research 1ST Presentation Questionnaire & Analysis Coding 3D Modeling(selling items) 2nd Presentation Making Vending Machine Create a scenario Filming Paper Writing 3rd Presentation .

Job distribution Dae Hyeon Wi Base Programming. UI Design Gun Woo Yoon Digital sewing machine. 3D modeling Seung Sin Yang Graphic Design. Image Processing Myoung Uk An AR Programming. Video Editing . 4D Organizer Da Ham Park Presentation.

000 Vending machine . \100.500 * 10 = \35.000 (product cost) Scissor 1 EA \21. \198.000 (digital sewing machine) Sample T shirts 16 EA \9.000 (digital sewing machine) Basic needle 1 set \6.Project Budget: Estimated cost for project Item Quantity Estimated cost Rayon Threads 10 EA \3. not for sure) Total cost .000(4EA) * 4 = \36.000 .000 (digital sewing machine) (not exactly.

com) Augmented Reality a Practical Guide / Stephen Cawood. Mark Fiala / The Pragmatic Programmers 유비쿼터스 세상 앞당기는 증강현실 / 우운택 / 동아사이언스 2007 Mixed Reality in Education. Entertainment. Hughes / IEEE computer Society 2007 Augmenting the Science Centre and Museum Experience / Eric Woods / ACM 2004 . Reference ARTag Website ( AT-Vision Website (http://www.artag. and Training / Charles