Arnold Schwarzenegger: Arnold Press (Target: Shoulders)

2. Steve Reeves: Pinch-grip Deadlift (Target: Legs, back and grip)

3. Dave Draper: Curl and Press (Target: Biceps and chest)

4. Larry Scott: Spider Curl (Target: Biceps)

legs and back) 6. Vince Gironda: Sissy Squat (Target: Your legs) 7. Eugen Sandow: Screw Press (Target: Shoulders.5. Reg Park: Double Barbell Press (Target: Chest) .

10.12.Day 1: Chest (5 sets of 15.8.Medium Grip Decline Barbell Bench Press Dumbbell Bench Press Bench Dips (3 sets to Failure) Cable Crossover Day 2: Back/ABS (5 sets of 15. each side) Side Bridge (3 sets to Failure) .8.6 reps) Barbell Incline Bench Press .6 reps) Pullups (3 sets to Failure) Bent Over Barbell Row Seated Cable Rows Hyperextensions (Back Extensions) Hanging Leg Raise (3 sets to Failure) Ab Crunch Machine (front crunches 3 sets of 10-12) Ab Crunch Machine (side crunches) (3 sets of 10-12.12.10.

8. 6) Front Dumbbell Raise Barbell Shrug Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise Cable Crunch (3 sets to failure) Russian Twist (1 set of 10-12 each side) Flat Bench Lying Leg Raise (To failure) .Day 3: Biceps/Triceps Supersets Barbell Curl (3 sets of 8-12) Hammer Curls Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension Lying Triceps Press Standing Biceps Cable Curl (3 sets of 8-12) Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension Concentration Curls (3 sets of 8-10) Day 4: Shoulders/ABS Triset: (3 sets of 10) Side Lateral Raise Machine Shoulder (Military) Press (5 sets 15. 10. 12.

10.Day 5: Leg (5 sets of 15.8. each leg) Supersets: Leg Extensions Seated Leg Curl Standing Calf Raises Cardio: Running Options Running. Stationary Elliptical Trainer (30-40 mins) (30-40 mins) (30-40 mins) .6 reps) Barbell Squat Barbell Lunge (3 sets of 6-10.12. Treadmill (30-40 mins) (20 mins of HIIT) (2-3 mile at a steady pace) Machine Options Stairmaster Bicycling.

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