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We are looking at phased out approach for Acuvent as this seems to be the best with what we have at hand:

EB Team We can move 1 resource to work Australia hours starting March 1st, however, it will impact US EBs by --- % so we need to take a business decision here and compare this impact with Acuvent EBs. If we decide to move a resource we can handle, 2.5 Super Complex EBs OR 4 Complex EBs OR 5-6 Medium Complex EBs Phone Team/RM Process Acuvent will impact the queue, however, as we have a resource crunch in US hours we are not looking at moving any resource to Australia hours. We can initiate transition of accounts from Acuvent starting March 1st. Misty can take over 10 accounts per month till July 1st. As Acuvent is able to close new deals every month, we will start with new clients that come on board. If they are not able to close 10 deals in a month, we can take over a few old accounts that month. In July, Misty will transition out EBs for SCB to EB team as EB team will get a new resource from this training batch. In August, Misty can take over rest of the accounts.

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First two sentences your family background upbringing. One sentence on choice of Graduation and one sentence about your learning there. 3. Extracurricular activites and issues that concern you. Preferably put some social hat on. 4. Why HR?(Do not write you like people that is why HR. This statement alone can throw you out comfortably. ). 2 sentences 5. Why TISS?(Include the concept of field work. Underpromising and over performing.For more data buzz me on gmail) 6. What are your strenths and weeknesses.2 sentences.(Mention personal and analytical traits independantly) 7. What your values and aim(Short term and long term) What you can give back to institute in particular and the society in general.

I was born and brought up in a traditional extended family. I am a single child of ---. My father runs his business and my mother is a home maker. I am currently in my last year of graduation pursuing B.A. (Honors) in Psychology from the University of Delhi. I was always taught to be sensitive towards all family members in a extended family and it naturally made me because I find it to be very interesting and moreover studying human behavior has helped me understand life from a different light. Psychology has helped me gain a greater appreciation of development throughout life. During this time of my graduation Ive learnt not to be judgmental about individuals and also Ive learnt to live with and get along people from different backgrounds. I have also taken part in various NSS activities. I have been a part of various blood donation camps and I also volunteered for the Common Wealth Games 2010, Delhi. I am currently doing a volunteer internship with sanjivini society for mental health. My strengths would be that I am very determined, hard working, a good listener and I am very empathetic. On the other sometimes I let my emotions take control of me and I am constantly trying to overcome that.

I am very keen on getting through TISS because its Indias best and one of the most reputed institutes. The extensive field work and its fundamental ways of working well help me develop into an efficient and competent individual moreover it will help me evolve as a more socially sensitive individual. I aim that some day I will be able to help the society by bringing about awareness and making the society understand individuals with psychological problems in a better way.