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INTRODUCTION - What is Jaago Re! One Billion Votes campaign?

Jaago Re! One Billion Votes is

- A non-partisan nationwide movement
- Seeks to awaken & enable citizens of India to register for voting
- Especially the youth

Mission : To register the entire of India (One Billion Voters)

- Launched in top 35 cities
- Targeting to register million urban youth before ‘09 general elections

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INTRODUCTION .Continuous assistance (confirmation of status. The website www.Comprehensive Information .Uniqueness .Online voter registration with GIS (first time in India) (takes 5 mins) .jaagor (ONE STOP SHOP) .) 2.There are two unique features of this campaign: 1. election day reminder. Outreach program Back to Main Menu . polling booth address etc.


Did you know ? Back to Main Menu *As of Yesterday night .

The Basics Am I Eligible ? Back to Main Menu .

Currently. Am I Eligible to Vote ? You are eligible to vote if: 1. this will be 1st January. You are 18 years or older as on 1st January of the year when the electoral rolls are getting prepared. You are an Indian citizen 2. 2008 3. you have been living at your current address for 6 months or longer.e. You are an Ordinary Resident at your current location i. Back to Main Menu .

I have moved to a city. When am I eligible to register ? You become eligible to register once you become an ordinary resident of the city i.e. you have been living at your new location for 6 months or longer . Back to Main Menu .

The Basics Who conducts what elections ? Where all can I exercise my rights ? Back to Main Menu .




State and Local Elections? Election Commission of India (ECI) conducts : # The General / Union elections (also called Lok Sabha elections) # The State Elections (also called Vidhan Sabha Elections) State Election Commission (SEC) conducts : # Local Body elections (elections to your Municipal Corporation / Panchayats) ECI prepares the electoral rolls for General and State Elections. To check specific rules for your city. you DO NOT need to register separately for local elections. Madhya Pradesh and Kerala require citizens to register separately for the local body elections. some states such as Uttar Pradesh. the State Election Commission uses the same electoral rolls prepared under the guidance of ECI. Do I need to register separately for General. SEC prepares the electoral rolls for local elections. In most states. please visit the website of your State Election Commission. Back to Main Menu . However.

Election Commission Computerised the electoral roll of 620mn Voters More than 450mn EPIC Cards have been distributed till now Back to Main Menu . Computerisation of Electoral Roll In 1998.

Parlimentary Constituency : Bangalore Central – 25 Assembly Constituency : Mahadevapura (SC) – 174 Contact Details of Electoral Registration Office (ERO) of AC. Podium Block Dr Ambedkar Veedhi Bangalore 560001 Phone : 080-22869011 Back to Main Menu . HS Ramakrishna Assistant Commissioner. Know Your Constituency Assembly Constituency (AC) : A geographical area represented by a member of the Legislative Assembly. Bangalore North Sub Division V V Tower. Parliamentary constituency (PC) is made up of an integral number of Assembly Constituencies.

Back to Main Menu . If there is an upcoming election. or before any election.Dec). However : # Election Commission of India (ECI) does not do continuous updates of voter list # Your inclusion in the voter list may not reflect immediately. # Normally happens in last quarter of the year (Oct . # It is most convenient to register when the voter lists are being revised by ECI. When can I Register ? Can I register around the year ? You can submit your voter registration form at any time during the year. registration stops normally 10 days before the final date of accepting candidate nominations.

Karnataka Roll Updation Submission of forms will be accepted by EROs after 10th Jan 2009 Back to Main Menu .

Form 001 : Application for a Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) If you are registering online at www. within the same assembly constituency. cancellation. You need to simply fill out our online voter registration form and based on the options you select. Forms : 6. the appropriate Form will get generated! Back to Main Menu . change of details etc. 7. Form 8 : Application for objection to particulars entered in electoral roll. Form 6 : Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll. 8. 001 These are various types of applications that can be submitted by citizens for voter registration. Form 8A : Application for transfer of entry in electoral roll. 8A. You do not need to worry about the above form types. Form 7 : Application for objection to inclusion of name in electoral roll.jaagore.

Submit Form printout + Address Proof + Age Proof to ERO (Box here) Back to Main Menu . Complete the Voter Registration Form 3. Go online at 2. What is Next Step ? 1. PDF Form filled will be emailed to you 4.

Passport 8. Any of the 17 alternative documents prescribed by Election Commission for identity proof Back to Main Menu . It is therefore not essential for the address proof document to have your name. Mobile telephone bill 3. Landline phone bill 2. LPG receipt 11. House Lease/Rental agreement 10. Bank statement 7. Ration card 9. Electricity bill 5. Driving license 12. It needs to have only the address of the place where you are staying. Any one of the following documents is acceptable for address proof: 1. Identity cards given by the employer 13. Property tax receipt 6. Water bill 4. Address Proof Document This document is required for the BLO (Booth Level Officer) to come and verify your residence status.

State board exam certificate etc Back to Main Menu . You can submit the proof of Date of Birth from any government agency authorized document like : 1. Age Proof If you are a first time voter : You will also need to submit an age proof document. PAN Card 4. Birth Certificate 2. Driving Licence 5. Passport 3.

PDF Form filled will be emailed to you 4. Complete the Voter Registration Form 3. Submit Form printout + Address Proof + Age Proof to ERO (Box here) Back to Main Menu . Go online at 2. What is Next Step ? 1.

the election administration system needs to work to approve your registration and get your name included on your city's voter list. is it all done ? Not necessarily. If I submit. Eligibility criteria found to be invalid such as age. # In there are errors in the voter list : You need to apply for correction of your details in voter list. This can be due to either : 1. You can do the same through our online registration engine. 3. time duration of stay. Misplacement of your registration form by election authorities. Errors in filling out the registration form or partially filled form 2. Various limitations exist. # In such case (not in voters list yet). High reliance on manual work. you need to re-apply as a new voter. Back to Main Menu . citizenship status etc. Your name might still not get included in voter list. After you submit your form.

address verification takes place :: # Within two weeks of submission of voter registration form. # Done by your Booth Level Officer (BLO). When & Who does address verification ? Normally. BLO's are appointed by the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) for each polling booth within a assembly constituency(AC). Back to Main Menu .

Where do I check status of Voter Registration Status ? At : Back to Main Menu .

to enable voter identification on election day. Your name should be in the voters list. All you need is : # Your name in the electoral roll / voters list # Any approved ID proof Having a Voter ID card DOES NOT entitle you to vote. Voter ID card is NOT essential for Voting. EPIC Card is FOREVER. What about my Voter ID Card ? Voter ID card or Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is an identification card issued by the Election Commission to all eligible voters. Back to Main Menu .

If you are asking for a replacement. you need to pay Rs. 25/- Back to Main Menu . Should I Pay for an EPIC Card ? Not first time.

What are we doing at There is a Voter Registration drive on 4th January 10am-12noon So : # Please go online at www. Back to Main Menu .com # Fill up the voter registration form # You will get email with PDF form fully filled in (in a couple of days) # Attach your address proof + age proof AND Come to your Club House on 4th January Sunday 10am to submit this. and see you soon. Happy New Year.jaagore.

How can I help ? Back to Main Menu .

UNI Building Thimmaiah Road . Vasanthnagar Bangalore – 560 052 Back to Main Menu . Contact Details VIJAYDEEP NADKARNI VINOD SUBRAMANIAN Phone: +91-99452-82640 Phone: +91-98456-90637 JANAAGRAHA Centre for Citizenship & Democracy 4th Floor.

Thank you Back to Main Menu .