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Susan Kodaimati Ms. Eaker English 1102-73 14 March 2012 What are the impacts based on school size?

Werblow, Jacob, and Luke Duesbery. "The Impact Of High School Size On Math Achievement fjdaj And Dropout Rate." High School Journal 92.3 (2009): 14-23. Academic Search jdklasjjdComplete. Web. 20 Feb. 2012. The article The Impact of High School Size on Math Achievement and Dropout Rate is written by Jacob Werblow and Luke Duesbery. This article is talking about the correlation between school size and both dropout rate and math achievement. It defines a small school to have less than six hundred and seventy four students attending the school. While in this article a big school is defined to have more than two thousand five hundred and ninety two students attending the school. That is important since it allows the reader to now that t This article was published in 2009 so it is a recent up to date article about the topic. Also it talks about factors that make it difficult to define the correlation between school size and achievement. Author Jacob Werblow is a Professor at Central Connecticut State University. He is dedicated to helping the youth grow and develop in their academic career. Werblow mainly focuses on school equity and effectiveness, school success and curriculum based measurements. While Author Luke Duesbery is a Professor at San Diego State University. Duesbery is interested in researching educational assessment and measurement in large-scale assessment, curriculum based measurement , the integration of technology in teaching, testing, and learning, and the instructional implications of data graphics assessment. Both authors are people who are a passionate about what they do. That makes the source credible because they really give it their all when reasearching.

Hart, Patricia Kilday. "Size Matters." Texas Monthly Feb. 2006: 64+. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Feb. 2012. This article is talking about how in Texas the number of students in schools has gone up. That is because of the increases in the development of the community. They are trying to build more schools for those areas. However, with the increase in school size there are more people dropping out of school. Also there are more students that go unnoticed through their everyday school life. That is because of athletes are the students that are well known throughout the school

and are the popular ones of the school. This causes them to go and stay in school because of the attention that they are receiving. While those that are outcasts dont have the same experiences. Patricia Hart has been a journalist for the Texas monthly for the last twenty years. Hart is a wellknown journalist in Texas and has contributed to a lot of the main pieces at Texas Monthly. She researched about the school system in Texas and saw all the statistics about the school systems. This article was published in 2006 so it is a little older. Also it is dealing with the only the school systems in Texas. This is a credible source even though it is specific to one area. That is because the same scenarios are at other schools that include the whole jocks being more important than the rest of the students.

Delavan, Garrett. The Teacher's Attention: Why Our Kids Must and Can Get Smaller Schools gfddas and Classes. Philadelphia: Temple UP, 2009. Print. The Teachers Attention is a book written by Garrett Delavan. This book talks about why we should have smaller class sizes and smaller school. It talks about the pros and cons of the issue. The book talks about how if we have smaller classes students grades will go up because they are receiving more attention by the teacher. Delavan also talks about social aspects that will improve due to smaller class size. He talks about how there were less discipline problems in smaller classes. Also how teachers teach changed too, teachers are doing more of small group work too. Garret Delavan is has been a teacher for over eight years now in the Salt Lake City public school system. As a teacher he gets to see first-hand what students need to succeed. He has also conducted studies comparing the differences in small class sizes and larger one. This is a credible source because it comes from someone who is well educated about education and teacher and also studied and researched his issue.

Meier, Deborah, Nancy Faust. Sizer, and Theodore R. Sizer. Keeping School: Letters to Families from dsafdsafd Principals of Two Small Schools. Boston, MA: Beacon, 2004. Print. Keeping School is a book written by Deborah Meier, Nancy Sizer and Theodore Sizer. This book is a collection of letters that the principals wrote to the parents of the students on a weekly basis. The book covers many different topics about the school and education. In the letters they wrote they talked about what they have observed and experienced teachers do and why that isnt effective. Then they go on and explain what they would have done instead to benefit the students more. They talk about what they are doing to help benefit the students since it is a small school compared to how larger schools might do things. Its a collection of letters that the principals sent out to the parents about different aspects of the school.

Authors Deborah Meier, Nancy Sizer and Theodore Sizer are all principals of small schools. They wrote weekly letters to the parents letting them know what was going on in the school. The authors are people who are familiar with the school system and what works in classrooms. That is because as former students and teachers they learned for their own personal experiences and from observation. This is a credible source since its written by education professionals who are writing about what they have done in their small schools to help benefit their students.

Toch, Thomas. High Schools on a Human Scale: How Small Schools Can Transform American Education. Fdsafdaf Boston: Beacon, 2003. Print. The book High Schools on a Human Scale is written by Thomas Toch. The book talks about how the educational system in the United States hasnt really changed that much over the years. Now students are now paying the price with higher dropout rates and failing out of college. That is due to the fact of the big schools. Since the big public schools arent meeting the needs of students to achieve higher levels of education. While smaller schools do are doing so. Toch looks at four different small schools and examines how they are helping their students grow and achieve all they can. It shows how all schools in the United States need to become smaller to help benefit the students in the long run. Thomas Toch is a well know education writer and an education expert. He has worked with different news shows and newspapers as an education correspondent. Toch is well educated about education and how to improve it in the United States. He has won awards from the Education Writers Association, the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism and from the Harvard Kennedy School of Governments Goldsmith Prize. Toch is credible because of his knowledge and background dealing with education and all the awards he has gotten for his writing. Also this book that he wrote was sponsored by Bill Gates.