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GT -- Ethanol Work Ctd.

DDI 2008 GT

Ethanol Work Continued


“Obama: Tap nation's oil reserve to help gas prices. "Anybody who says that we can achieve energy independence without using and increasing these existing energy resources either doesn't have the experience to understand the challenge that we face or isn't giving the American people some straight talk. Gas prices have become a top issue in the presidential contest. "Like George Bush and Dick Cheney before him. It includes a limited amount of new offshore drilling. "Breaking our oil addiction is one of the greatest challenges our generation will ever face. The Democratic presidential candidate said in a major energy speech that in the short-run the move could help drive down gasoline prices that now top $4 a gallon." Obama said." Obama said. and like them. and polls show McCain has used the issue to gain ground on Obama. McCain again advocated more oil drilling off the U. It would allow some drilling off Southern states." Past releases from the reserve have "lowered gas prices within two weeks.Ethanol Work Ctd. he sees more drilling as the answer to all of our energy problems. Obama called tapping the petroleum reserve a short-term response to a long-term problem." Obama is emphasizing energy and the economy in campaign stops this week in Michigan.” Associated Press. http://ap. Barack Obama proposed Monday that the government sell 70 million barrels of oil from its strategic petroleum stockpile to help reduce gasoline prices. "Like all compromises. corn isn’t a key part of his strategy TOM RAUM. In a reversal. and while I still don't believe that's a particularly meaningful short-term or long-term solution. It will take nothing less than a complete transformation of our economy. DDI 2008 GT Logan At: Corn Key to Obama Obama is emphasizing strategic petroleum reserves now. In fact. The Illinois Democrat said U. but campaign spokeswoman Heather Zichal said he reconsidered because "Americans are suffering. he's found a receptive audience in the very same oil companies that have blocked our progress for so long. Ohio and Indiana. politicians have failed for three decades to deal with the energy crisis and his GOP rival John McCain has "been part of that failure. "This transformation will be costly." 2 .S. 8/4/08. "I am not interested in making the perfect the enemy of the good particularly since there is so much good in this compromise that would actually reduce our dependence on foreign oil." Speaking to reporters in Pennsylvania." he said. AP reporter. I am willing to consider it if it's necessary to actually pass a comprehensive plan." Obama also reiterated his statement Friday that he could support limited new offshore drilling if it were needed to enact a compromise energy policy to foster fuel-efficient autos and alternative energy sources. and given the fiscal disaster we will inherit from the last administration. Previously. Obama opposed tapping into the reserve. he raised more than $1 million from big oil just last month.GT -. this one has its drawbacks.S. it will likely require us to defer some other priorities. Such a compromise was proposed Friday by 10 moderate to conservative senators from both parties." The Illinois senator said of McCain.

swing areas within this swing state. But it's not a place to be written off by Democrats. conservatives in rural Ohio turned out in huge numbers to help re-elect President Bush because they felt he shared their values on issues such as abortion. taking a break from picking sticks out of the flower beds in front of St." Ohio's farmbelt stretches up and down the western part of the state _ one of the distinct regions in the key presidential swing state. "People are faithful to the church." she added. gay marriage and gun owner rights. Presidential contenders must appeal to a varied collection of voters or risk losing a state that is crucial in determining who occupies the White House. "When this country gets its morals straight.ohio. family guide voters in Ohio's farming belt. the country is going to go straight. And they say a lot about what matters for many when they pick their politicians. There are the big cities that deliver for Democrats and the suburbs and rural places that are reliably Republican. In farm Cross-tipped steeples atop the Roman Catholic churches soaring above Ohio's farmbelt say a lot about the people living here.GT -. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. 3 .” Ohio. DDI 2008 GT Logan AT: Ohio – Ethanol Not Key Ethanol isn’t the key issue in Ohio’s farmbelt – religion is key JOHN SEEWER. 7/12/08. And there are all the places in between such as Appalachia. the pull of family and values guided by the teachings of churches make it fertile ground for Republicans. Associated Press writer. “Church." said Blanche Giesige.Ethanol Work Ctd. Four years ago. "We have a lot of morals in these http://www.

Obama has 15 campaign offices open and staffed in Iowa." 4 . "Obama has had strength in Iowa from the beginning. And McCain. Though Obama campaign officials declined to disclose their hiring plans. director of University of Virginia's Center for Politics. despite the Republican having clinched the nomination three months earlier than his rival. Iowa isn’t a swing state – Obama will almost certainly win it THOMAS BEAUMONT. 7/19/08. which we saw on January 3. McCain slowly digs in.” http://www.Ethanol Work Ctd. DDI 2008 GT Logan AT: Iowa – Far Ahead Iowa isn’t a key swing state – Obama is 10 points ahead Angus Reid Global Monitor : Polls & Research.and the Democrats' favorable voter registration trend has some national observers taking Iowa off the list of toss-up states.desmoinesregister. “Obama leaps to early Iowa start. but it's unlikely.” Des Moines Register. they said its safe to say their 2-to-1 edge in local headquarters is a sign Obama's staff will outnumber McCain's team.GT -. while McCain is still plotting where to locate about half as part the product of his winning caucus campaign . “Iowa: Obama 48%. while 38 per cent would support Arizona senator John McCain.dll/article?AID=/20080714/NEWS09/807140319/-1/ent05 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is off to a more aggressive campaign in Iowa than John McCain." said Larry Sabato. Staff writer. "It's in the realm of possibility that McCain could pull an upset in Iowa. But Obama's organizational advantage . according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports. http://www. McCain 38%. 48 per cent of respondents in Iowa would vote for the Illinois senator in this year’s United States presidential election. 7/14/08. McCain's recent hiring of a state director and opening of a Des Moines-area headquarters last week soothed county GOP leaders who had worried that McCain waited too Democrat Barack Obama is ahead in the Hawkeye State. which could reach 20 by this reid. Iowa's just not his state.

Obama has run campaign ads in Indiana -. campaign spokeswoman Leah Yoon -. is taking a different approach to of 18 targeted states in which he has done so -.had a one-word answer: "No. Some might call it confident. Fort Wayne.and will open a sixth in Bloomington on Monday. some might call it laid-back at best. the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. Obama." 5 . Zero campaign offices. while McCain has no such plans. “Obama setting up shop in Indiana: Campaign opens its first offices in the state. 7/13/08. the presumptive Republican nominee. Muncie and South Bend a spokesman for Obama's campaign in Indiana. Jonathan Swain. It's part of a push by Obama to become the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Indiana's electoral votes since Lyndon Johnson did so in 1964.” Evansville. Asked whether the campaign has any plans to open an office in Indiana. but for now the score in Indiana is Barack Obama. DDI 2008 GT Logan AT: Indiana Indiana isn’t a battle state – lack of campaigning by McCain proves Indy Star.GT -.and has brought in staff to run the campaign here. has opened five campaign offices -.Ethanol Work Ctd. that is. 6. not Indiana -. 0. In addition to the offices.dll/article?AID=/20080713/NEWS05/807130367 The election is four months away. Fishers.who is based in Michigan. McCain. said plans are to have 25 to 30 campaign offices in the state. John McCain.

Va. DDI 2008 GT Logan Virginia = A Battleground Virginia is a battleground and will continue to be if Obama chooses Kaine as VP United Press International. Barack Obama is pouring campaign resources into Virginia. One recent Virginia Democratic victor." Kaine told the Post. "If you had told me four years ago that a Democratic presidential candidate would be running a competitive race in Virginia and would open 10 offices. 8/4/08.Ethanol Work Ctd. The state for many years was reliably conservative and Republican but changing demographics and attitudes has produced a string a Democratic victories in Virginia in recent years and Obama. especially in its southern counties. presidential nominee Sen. Gov.GT -. The Washington Post (NYSE:WPO) reported Monday. 4 (UPI) -.. Tim Kaine.S. sensing a historic opportunity. 6 ." The campaign of probable Republican Party nominee Sen. which political analysts say is up for grabs. and will respond to McCain's issues of a strong national defense and will turn out at the polls in November. I would say that is spectacular. says Virginia is an inherently conservative state.. RICHMOND. "Now we have a guy who has opened 20 to 30 offices around the state? You've got to be kidding me.. John McCain.S. is reportedly being eyed by Obama as a possible vice presidential running mate. R-Ariz.Likely Democratic Party U. “Virginia seen in play for U.upi. has opened 28 campaign offices in the state this year. election. Aug.” http://www.