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How can I build this number??

Composing and decomposing number booklets 3-9

After my kids are fairly comfortable with simple addition we begin a number of the day where we practice decomposing the number in all the different ways we can. For example:
I use bingo dobbers to create the different number sentences but you could also just have them draw with different colors or use stickers (labeling stickers work perfectly also!) or shapes. I begin with having my kids put a certain amount of dots on each row. (For this one we put 5 purple on the first, then 4 purple on the 2nd, then 3 purple on the 3rd, etc. I then will come back and they have to figure out how many MORE dots they need to add to get the number of the day. They have to write the number sentence on their own. To use the booklets included you fold on the vertical black line. The horizontal lines your kids will cut to create the flaps of the book.

This is a completed booklet on the left and another one that is open on the right.

How many ways can we make 3?

How many ways can we make 4?

How many ways can we make 5?

How many ways can we make 6?

How many ways can we make 7?

How many ways can we make 8?

How many ways can we make 9?

Thank you so much!

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