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EU Spending Money on Hydrogen Cars

No Author Cited, Associated Press, Europe Ponies up for Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Cars; Project with Industry
aims to bring them to market by 2020, Updated May 30, 2008,, July 11, 2008
European governments agreed Friday to spend $731 million developing fuel cells and hydrogen
technology for cars that could slash oil consumption and carbon dioxide emissions within decades.
Car and energy companies such as Daimler AG and Royal Dutch Shell PLC are expected to match or
exceed the EU funding for the six-year research project that should speed up research and make cleaner
cars a commercial reality between 2010 and 2020.

Europe most likely to get Hydrogen Cars

No Author Cited, Business Week, Hydrogen Cars Are Almost Here, But…, January 24, 2005, Science
and Technology ,Accessed July 11, 2008

When will zippy bi-fuel BMW 7 Series sedans show up at dealers? It's not a sure bet, but BMW CEO
Helmut Panke says he plans to put small numbers of them on the road, probably in Europe, within three
years. A U.S. launch is more likely to happen around 2010. By then, there could be multiple hydrogen
filling stations serving major cities. The German government is sponsoring development of filling stations
with their own hydrogen generators. That way, the lack of hydrogen pipelines and delivery trucks won't
hold back the early transition away from gasoline and diesel to hydrogen cars -- and to the ultimate goal
of pollution-free fuel cells.

Hydrogen Car Going on Sale in U.K.

Edward Stephens, Daily Post (Liverpool), Hydrogen car gears up, July 18, 2007, Features; Pg. 23,
Lexis Nexis, July 11, 2008
THE future's bright, the future's green and silent. At least it is according to Honda. The Japanese car
maker says it's all set to sell its first hydrogen-powered cars next year. The first models will go to the
USA and Japan because the infrastructure to support fuel cell cars is further developed there than in
Europe. But hydrogen fuel cell cars will go on sale in the UK. Honda says it's a question of when and
not if, and it's likely to be within the next eight years, writes Edward Stephens .

EU Plans to Fund Hydrogen Car Project

James Kanter- The New York Times Media Group, The International Heral Tribune, EU plans to fund
hydrogen car project, October 11, 2007, Finance; Pg. 11, Lexis Nexis, July 11, 2008
The European Union on Wednesday proposed a project worth as much as Û1 billion to fund
development of hydrogen-powered cars. But environmental groups promptly criticized the plan as an
ineffective way of promoting greener transportation systems. Hydrogen produces no carbon dioxide,
the main greenhouse gas, when used in combustion engines or fuel-cell systems. EU officials said
hydrogen technology should help Europe reduce emissions and shore up more secure supplies of
energy. The project ''will bring a sorely needed billion euros to kick-start a real change,'' said Janez
Potocnik, the EU commissioner for science and research. The EU said it would contribute Û470 million,
or $664 million, to the six-year project and called on companies to match those funds toward the goal
of creating commercial vehicles by 2020.