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LSDAS GPA: 2.9 (2.9) School Type: Top 5 Major: Class Rank: Electrical Engineering

Undergrad: Founded a comedy group, directed an a cappella group, participated in a few others, dropped out of my sorority, etc

Grad: volunteer at the hospital, done some fundraising and other social event planning for charities here in town.

Since a lot of people have been asking.... I took the LSAT for the first time early in 2005. I had never even really seen one before, just took it because a former roommate was taking it and we thought, hey it might be cool to go to law school! Why not?! She ended up studying and taking it again and I kinda put the whole thing on the back burner while I was finishing my masters degree. Last year I got REALLY serious about getting out of my profession and into law school, so I took a test prep course and put in 2-3 hours a day studying for about 3 months prior to the September 2006 exam. I actually scored my highest on test day and was expecting lower 170s. Something must have just clicked on test day. Maybe it was the two hours of sleep I got psyching myself out about how important it was to go to sleep. Moral of the story: go in tired!

MS has been a long, hard-fought road that is finally ending this semester. Love this town but not sure I want to subject myself to another tour through a graduate program at this university. We'll see... I know I took a long time to get these applications out...I guess I was just nervous and waiting until the last minute. I hope it won't hurt me too much. 2/22 - So waiting sucks.... 2/23 - Hastings finally requested my LSDAS report and they were kind enough to send it off. Complete at Berkeley and Vanderbilt via email. 2/26 - Columbia sent an email to let me know that they are missing a form from the dean of my graduate school. I'm thinking that's a positive that they didn't just throw my application out after seeing the GPA. Score! Remedying the situation... 2/27 - Complete at Harvard via email that tells me basically, "Don't call us, we'll call you." Complete at Temple, also via email. Law school people seem to like to email. 2/28 - No law school application completion news today. I had to go and talk to my department head so that he'll write a decent evaluation for Columbia. 3/1 - Complete at Miami via tiny, tiny postcard. First piece of law-school-related snail mail 3/3 - Oh Crap....went complete at Virginia. Got the email when I was at the bar last night. Not a good place to get it. Playing the waiting game even harder.... Just figured out that I wasn't going to get an email from Hastings and I had to go create an account myself on their little webadvisor thing. I was received on 2/21, have yet to be complete.

3/4 - ACCEPTED AT GW!!!!! via email. Woo hoo!!!!!! 3/5 - Found Fordham's status checker....why don't these people tell you they have these? Waitlisted at Virginia. Lots of qualified applicants out of state. Blah blah blah. 3/6 - Complete at Duke via email. Complete at Penn via email. Complete at Georgetown now that I've found their status checker. Complete at NYU via email. Complete at Columbia via email. 3/7 - Complete at UNC (Go to Hell Carolina Go to Hell!) via email. 3/10 - In at Miami via snail mail. I'm in California for a few days so I'm having a friend of mine check my mail. More details on envelopes and things when I get back. 3/12 - Still out of town but apparently in at Temple via large envelope with "Congratulations" written on the front. 3/14 - Back in town. Complete at Hastings via status checker. Really nice, hand-written note at the bottom of my acceptance letter from the dean of GW. Totally stoked. 3/19 - First rejection from Berkeley via small envelope sent to my permanent address. Mom had to relay the bad news. Oh well, can't win 'em all. 3/21 - No new real news except that GW Law sent me a cool little flash drive thingie. They're trying to buy me...and it may be working.... 3/24 - "Provisional List" at Notre Dame. Not sure I'm still interested. 3/25 - Email from Yale telling me not to freak out that I haven't received a decision yet. That must mean they care, right? 3/26 - Two invites in the mail from George Washington, one for the closest admitted students weekend to my current location and one for the closest admitted students weekend to my permanent address. They're coming on a little strong. Northwestern Email to check the status checker. I've since been told that this was a deferral rather than a waitlisting. I guess that's better? Heading out to DC for the GW ASW (lots of acronyms...yeah!) this weekend. Totally pumped so that's cutting the bitterness of waitlisting/deferrals a bit. 3/27 - Complete at BU via the slowest mail ever. Georgetown status checker went to decision. Eek! 3/29 - Rejected at stupid Stanford with its stupid gorgeous campus and stupid prestigiousness. 4/02 - Rejected from U of Chicago via small envelope in the mail. These rejections are getting old. On the bright side, I'm over 2,000 views! Woo hoo! 4/06 - Accepted at Hastings via Status Checker. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to be accepted. It's nice. 4/08 - HAPPY EASTER!!!! Withdrew from Temple and Miami today via email. Hopefully that's the way to do it. 4/11 - Official letter in the mail from Hastings with a VERY nice hand-written note on the bottom asking me if I knew certain people in the music industry in Nashville and telling me that Hastings would be a great place to add a JD to my EE degrees. Decision time's coming up...scary. 4/12 - Small window envelope with rejection from NYU. Big deal. In other news, Vandy has yet to go to decision on their online checker. Waiting is wearing me out. 4/16 - Waitlisted at Penn via very nice email. I think I'll stay on the list. Sent in first seat deposit for GW. Mail later in the day...rejected at Yale and priority waitlist at BC. 4/19 - Rejected at Duke via small envelope with small, impersonal letter inside. So much for the alma mater. Confirmation of withdrawal from Miami.

4/25 - Rejected at Columbia via small envelope. I hear a lot of people getting in to Columbia are getting emails, so I kinda knew when I saw it in the mail. Vandy Status checker went to decision Monday, apparently, and as I live in Nashville I'm a little anxious about how quickly it's going to get here. Please please please, law gods! Let me in! I'll be a good girl! Waitlisted at Fordham. Quite surprised, honestly. I thought I was a solid admit there. Oh well. Stupid partying undergrad. 4/26 - Waitlisted at Vandy. Absolutely devastated. Any suggestions, anyone? 5/10 - Waitlisted at both UNC and BU over the past couple days. Still holding out LOTS of hope for Vandy. Harvard is the only delinquent. Shame on you, Harvard. 5/15 - Randomly decided to check the Northwestern Status Checker since my boyfriend's moving to Chicago in T-2 days and lo and behold, they updated my status to "shortened summer waitlist" today. No notification email yet, but you'd better believe I was in the Kinko's about 20 minutes later faxing my letter of continued interest. Harvard is still delinquent. 5/16 - Got an email to call admissions at UVA. IN OFF THE WAITLIST!!!!! I can't even contain myself. I have to let them know by Monday. This is going to be a really tough decision. 5/17 - Email from Northwestern, IN!!!!!!! They cited my quick response to their waitlisting and a letter I sent in saying that Northwestern was still in my top choices. They need a deposit in their office by May 29th. Decisions, decisions.... 5/21 - Hello from Wake Forest Univ. where my little sister is graduating college!! Told Jason Trujillo that I would send in the deposit as soon as I could get to the printer. Northwestern has extended my deadling to June 4th as I have a visit scheduled for May 31-June 2nd. VERY accomodating, even though their offices are closed that week, they were able to find me a student who will be around to take me on a tour and answer my questions. I'll be looking to visit UVA very soon as well. Mail call later in the day from my roommate. Rejected at Harvard. Oh well....cycle's complete!!!!! 5/29 - Figured I'd update with my plans. Didn't get the Vandy acceptance birthday present I thought I would. Oh well... Heading out to Chicago Thursday morning to check out Northwestern, then hopefully hitting UVA next Wednesday and Thursday. I'm staying on the Vanderbilt waitlist because there's still a slight chance that I'll realize I'm going to miss Nashville too much and stay. 6/11 - So in the past couple weeks I've been to visit both NU and UVA. I had a fantastic experience at NU and a not-so-good one at UVA. I'm waiting a few more days and speaking to a friend to see if my experience was unique, but I have a pretty good feeling I'm heading to NU in the fall! See a lot of you there! 6/15 - Unsolicited acceptance and scholarship from Rutgers sent in a big envelope to my permanent address. My LSAT score was apparently high enough to merit 5,000/yr. Very nice of them, but I'm set on NU.