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Professional Growth Plan

Goal Complete the Educational Technology Leadership Graduate Program and transition from an interim dean position in enrollment services to the permanent position at South Texas College. Throughout the graduate program and in the interim capacity, I have relied on my immediate supervisor, Vice President of Enrollment Services, for guidance, support, and direction. He has provided me with the insight and knowledge to serve in this capacity including the development of the college’s Strategic Enrollment Marketing plan and involvement in college taskforces and committees as well as professional learning communities. Professional Literature & Books Community College Leadership: A Multidimensional Model for Leading Change – Pamela Eddy Ethical leadership in the community college: bridging theory and daily practice – David M. Hellmich and George R. Boggs Submit action research project as conference presentation proposals at American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Strategic Enrollment Management Conference (AACRAO SEM), Achieving the Dream (AtD) Strategy Institute, and American Association of Community Colleges Annual Meeting (AACC). Conference sessions allow peers to showcase best practices that are proven and replicable. The professional learning communities that develop at these conferences are invaluable resources for professionals in higher education. Peers and colleagues who are committed to student access, success, and completion will create the critical mass needed to achieve the degree attainment goals President Obama set forth in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Professional Literature & Books Measuring Up: The State Report Card on Higher Education – National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education Time is the Enemy – Complete College America

Evaluation Provide STC HR with Lamar transcript for evaluation and eligibility, and placement of permanent dean position by June 2012.

AACRAO SEM proposal submission June 2012 – Conference in November 2012

AtD Strategy Institute, proposal submission September 2012 – conference February 2013

AACC Conference proposal submission November 2012 – conference in April 2013

Kimberly McKay

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Continue to lead the college in meeting the enrollment and graduation targets set forth in the Strategic Enrollment Marketing Plan. The targets have been set to ensure that the college meets the Closing the Gap goals outlined in the Texas Higher Education Board statewide plan. In addition, the targets will ensure that the college is meeting the educational access and degree attainment levels required for the region to be competitive in the global economy. Finally, achieving the targets will be critical in cultivating support should the college need a referendum (bond) to support campus expansion. Standing enrollment and graduation committees will continue to review pace, progress and targets. I will preside over the committees and report to the board of trustees. Ad hoc task forces will be created to review historical data and trends to ensure targets are met by campus and by program. I will continue to rely on the experience and expertise of my immediate supervisor. Although I am very familiar with regional data, I anticipate learning more about national data and higher education trends and their impact on local enrollment and degree attainment. Professional Literature & Books A New Measure of Educational Success in Texas – Tracking the Success of 8th Graders into and through College – Houston Endowment Inc. Texas College Access Inventory – Greater Texas Foundation Promise Abandoned: How Policy Choices and Institutional Practices Restrict College Opportunities – by Kati Haycock, The Education Trust The Conditions of Latinos in Education – Excelencia in Education.

Reach enrollment target of 40,000 students by 2015. Fall 2012 – 32,500 students Fall 2013 – 35,000 students Fall 2014 – 37,500 students Fall 2015 – 40,000 students Reach graduate target of 5,000 students by 2015. Spring 2012 – 4,000 graduates Spring 2013 – 4,300 graduates Spring 2014 – 4,600 graduates Spring 2014 – 5,000 graduates

Kimberly McKay

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