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Subject: Sales Management Project Topic: Impact of E-Retailing in India Name of the Student: _________________________________________________________________ Batch: ________________Sec:________________ Signature....

Project Report Guidelines

The Objective of a Project Report should be to provide a practical solution to a theoretical perspective based on both literature review and case study method. The report must display a students complete mastery over a given topic. Time Frame to submit the report Within 15 days from the date of topic approval Project Viva The Institute will conduct viva on a case to case basis and reserves the right to withhold marks and ask for further details if not convinced about the study. STUDENTS SHOULD INCLUDE ALL RELEVANT DATA WRT TOPIC & PROVIDE LATEST DATA IN THE REPORT. PROJECT REPORT FORMAT The report should be written in Times New Roman (12 Font Size) . Each page should be serially numbered. A Hard copy of the same (spiral bound) along with a soft copy (CD) should be submitted to the examination department. The report should be properly formatted. Cover Page - This page should contain the following details Name of the Institute with Logo Students details (Name, Batch, Phone No, Email Id and Section) Name of the Faculty and Subject Project Title and date of submission. Abstract - It should contain a brief about the entire report. Acknowledgement (optional) - It generally includes acknowledgment of assistance received from various persons. Project Topic Approval A Copy of Project Topic Approval should be attached with the Report. Table of Contents Contents with page numbers. Introduction to the Topic (1 2 pgs) - Under this section the student must provide a brief introduction to the project topic as given by the Institute. Research Objectives & Methodology (2 pgs) Mention the research objectives and methodology used for the project. Literature Review 30 -35 pgs) - This section must include review of all relevant and available literature on the area of research and should be written in ones own language (any literature directly copied from the internet is not acceptable). Its ultimate goal is to bring the reader up to date with current literature on the topic. A well-structured literature review is characterized by a logical flow of ideas; current and relevant references with consistent, appropriate referencing style. Students have to include the profile of the company also in this section. Findings & Analysis (10 pgs) Support with some (preferably) primary findings to add value to the research. Students should use examples and case studies to support the research. Recommendations & Conclusion (1-2 pgs) Bibliography