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Course-Embedded Internship Summary and Validation Report

Directions: This report should summarize all Course-Embedded Internship Activities that have been recorded in the log forms. You will submit this completed Lamar your 12th Internship Portfolio Kimberly McKay form inUniversitycourse. Appendix F_1: ET_Course-Embedded Internship Summary The Internship requires a minimum of 150 course-embedded hours. State Competency Standard/ISTE Technology Facilitation Standard II.6 TF-I, TF-II, TF-V, TF-VI, TF-VII, TF-VIII Course Number Date Completed (Required ) Time Spent on Activity Description of Activity Reflection (150 words or less describing what you learned from this activity) (Required)

EDLD 5306 Concepts of Educational Technology

15 hrs

Students will complete all parts of each Technology/Leadership selfassessments and thoroughly document the results as required. Students will thoroughly summarize key ideas of each section of their States Technology Plan and describe their State Technology Curriculum Standards.

The Leadership Skills Assessment identified several skills and abilities I should develop. I recognize these weaknesses in my personal work environment and experience: Group Dynamics: Although I realize the benefits of a group/team dynamic, I often find myself taking the lead role to ensure the task is completed. I do not like to get bogged down in long conversations and minutia. Giving Positive Feedback: I need to develop the ability to provide positive feedback consistently. I have been known to say that you should not be thanked for doing your jobthat is what a paycheck is for. However, I realize that most people rely on feedback and appreciation for motivation. Because I have no K-12 experience, I scored relatively low with regards to integration of technology in the classroom. I do however, use technology to conduct business every day. In higher education we rely on technology both in and out of the classroom to support student learning. In addition, we use data to review student patterns, behavior and success. Data sharing promotes transparency and accountability. Support services and classrooms have been redesigned to promote student learning, collaboration and success. The college is implementing an information commons environment to accommodate the changing needs of our students and address the shift in learning from teacher centered to student centered. Across all campuses, computers and related equipment are available for students to use in common areas to conduct research, complete assignments, check email, etc. The availability of the technology is essential to student success and their ability to access information. The vision of the State Technology Plan incorporates all stakeholders including students, parents, educators and the community to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in research based, relevant, individualized learning that leverages