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GIVEN TAB1: Employment Profile (Employee) Last Name: First Name: Middle Name: Employee Number: Track / Category:

Administrative or Academic Position (Administrative) / Rank (Academic): Unit: School of Sciences and Engineering Department: IT Supervisor: Date hired: End of Employment (for inactive or resigned separated): Employment Type: regular, probationary, contractual/reliever, subcontracted, project-based, consultants, interns Status: Active, Studying, LOA, maternity/paternity leave, Inactive Loading (if academic track): Full-Time / Part-Time TAB2: UA&P Employment Company: Unit: Position/Rank: Immediate Supervisor: Start date: End date: Remarks Previous Employment (Recruitment) Company: Unit: Previous position: Year Start: Year End: Reason for leaving: resigned, retired, dissolved, redundancy *We plan to merge UA&P employment and Previous employment, and thus it will depend in the year end. If year end is specified or not ongoing, then he/she is a previous employee of a company, else, he/she is a current employee. Also if promoted, year end is specified, then he/she is a previous employee of that position. TAB3: Personal Info Birthdate: where age will be derived Gender Male Female Civil Status Single

Married Widow/ Widower Contact Information Address o Current o Permanent Landline Number Mobile Number Personal email add Religion Citizenship SSS number TIN number HDMF number PhilHealth number Contact Person in case of Emergency Name Relationship Contact Information TAB4: Family Information Member: Father, Mother, Wife, Children o Name o Relationship o Address o Telephone Number o Date of birth o Current Occupation TAB5: Education University/College (consider if dropdown) Levels: MA, MS, PhD, AB, BS, BA, Vocational Specialization: Status: graduate, LOA, ongoing, completed Date of Entry: Date of Graduation: Academic Awards: Latin awards (suma cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude) Thesis / Dissertation: (Interface) School Level Special/Course Year UA&P AB Humanitites 2004 ADMU MS Psychology Ongoing TAB7: Professional organization / Affiliation (Membership and Organization) Association: Position: Year started: Year ended:

Tentative DBDL (Tables): Employee (EmpNo, Track, Position, Rank, Unit, Department, Supervisor, EmpType, Status, Loading) *Since, if a person is under the administrative track means that the field rank would be null, the same goes for the field loading and the like. Employment (EmpNo, Company, Unit, Position, Rank, Supervisor, DateStarted, DateEnded, Remarks, ReasonForLeave) *Employment table is for the UA&P employment and the Previous employment already. Person (EmpNo, LastName, FirstName, MiddleName, BirthDate, Gender, CivilStatus, CurrentAddress, PermanentAddress, LandLine, Mobile, PersonalEmail, Religion, Citizenship, SSS, TIN, HDMF, Philhealth, ContactPersonName, ContactPersonRelationship, ContactPersonContactInfo) Family (FamilyID, Relationship, LastName, FirstName, MiddleName, Address, TelNo, DateOfBirth, CurrentOccupation, EmpNo) *It cannot be that the primary key is the field relationship since there can be many children. *EmpNo is a foreign key here. Education (Levels, Specialization, Status, DateOfEntry, DateGraduated, AcademicAwards, Thesis, Dissertation, SchoolID, EmpNo) *School is separated since it is a particular table in which all the schools/universities are specified (from the interview it still taken into consideration if dropdown for uniformity) *EmpNo is a foreign key here. School (SchoolID, SchoolName, Country) ProfessionalOrganization (Association, Position, YearStarted, YearEnded, EmpNo) *EmpNo is a foreign key here.