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A sacred prophecy guarded by Q'ero Elders near Lake Titicaca

Keepers of the Prophecy - Past Lives in Peru

by Talia Shafir, MA, C.C.Ht.

Prophecy - Past Lives in Peru by Talia Shafir, MA, C.C.Ht. It's a delicious irony that

It's a delicious irony that the people believed to be the last of the ancient Incas, culturally preserved in the purity of their high Andean refuge until 1949, are the bearers of the universal message to leave the past behind, drop our differences and change our relationship to time. Having escaped the marauding conquistadors, the Q'ero Elders have spent the last 500 years guarding a sacred prophecy of "pachacuti", taken from the name of an ancient Incan ruler meaning 'he who transforms the world'.

"Pachacuti" heralds a world of union and possibilities, of harmony and natural order, signaling the end of chaos and disarray. The last one took place 500 years ago. The Q'ero await the next one which they say is already underway.

These prophecies are actually optimistic, forecasting an emergence into a Golden Age amidst drastic changes to earth and human psyche alike. In their view, European civilization will collapse and the ways of the indigenous Earth people will return.

For the Incas, Pachacuti evolved from leader to archetype embodying a spiritual master, a luminous character who stepped outside of time. In fact, the Q'ero speak of something which translates close to "a rip in the fabric of time".

So the "end of times" takes on a new meaning. And the apocalyptic scenario of "the end of days" seems to morph into an evolutionary modification of our relationship to time.

But if we must leave the past behind in order to prepare for a future of new possibilities, how can we do that effectively? Simply telling ourselves to "fagetaboutit" just doesn't work all that well especially when our current bodies contain unresolved fragments of the past.

Past lives frequently leave behind a path of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual residue through which we unconsciously wade in search of resolution - often for lifetimes. The footprints, however, show up in current time. What people who dismiss the notion of past lives fail to realize is that addressing these deeply embedded memories across lifetimes has nothing to do with dwelling on the past and everything to do with healing the present.

Why bother to reach across time to heal the present? Because only then, can we untether the future trajectory of unlimited possibilities. Only then, can we acknowledge that "rip in time" as a valid notion of our evolving existence. And only then, can we prepare for the future by resolving and integrating the past.

Pachacuti, standing outside of time, is the prerogative of us all. It is the true vantage point of transformation. That place beyond time and space is the only container large enough to incorporate past, present and future - the realm in which real change takes place. The job of Pachacuti is to bring it into earthly manifestation.

As Carl Jung emphasized and other great minds of our times have echoed, it is the role of the individual to take responsibility for the transformation of the collective unconscious. Like it or not, we exist immersed in this ongoing exchange of the unconsciously driven impulse and conscious awareness of the consequences. The good news is we can all do our part, treading our path, meeting our challenges and going beyond our "selves" to elicit change.

Integral Past Life Regression Therapy does just that. It utilizes the transpersonal to free the individual while supporting evolution of the whole. Also know as Deep Memory Process TM, the past life work of Dr. Roger Woolger, encompasses not only the "story" but the bio-physical aspects that create the emotional and mental components of the behaviors and attitudes we carry with us to this day. It is a valid and effective therapy, a transpersonal method that allows one and one's past life personality to let go of one another and free many souls from their unresolved limbo at the same time.

The importance of that lies in the warring history of present-day civilization throughout centuries. It is no longer enough to simply work from the perspective of one's own little world. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to do what we can to resolve

the past and make room for a new future not only for ourselves but for generations to come. Like the Q'ero Elders of the Andes, it is time to come down from the mountain for the good of all so we can truly enter the age of "One" in peace and mutual understanding.

Copyright Talia Shafir 2003, All rights reserved

About the author: Talia Shafir, MA, C.C.Ht. is a past life regression therapist and remote viewing teacher practicing Integral Regression Therapy (Deep Memory Process™) in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York.