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AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ENGINEERING THIRD YEAR CIVIL FINAL EXAM. STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING DEPT. STEEL STRUCTURES MAY 1997 TIME : 4 HOURS ANY MISSING DATA MAY BE REASONABLY ASSUMED STEEL USED IS ST. 37 QUESTION (hi: It is required to cover the area shown in fig.(1) with a system of steel trusses, Columns are allowed on the outer perimeter only : [ABCDEFA]. A car shed has to be constructed over the hatched area at the same level of the main truss (no additional columns for the car shed), Draw a complete general layout showing all necessary views and bracing systems Clear height is 6.0 m QUESTION (1): ‘An elevated tank of dimensions (6mx6mx2.5m) and capacity 90 tons, is constricted over a tower as shown in fig. (2). The tower consists of four om columns end a series of diagonal and horizontal 4 members as shown. It is required to:- | Draw the arrangement of floor beams of the ris. (1) tani 2. Design the secondary and the main bears 3.Design the connection between the secondary and the main beams using 6 16 mm ordinary bolts ang draw itt scale 1:10 in different views 4. Design the marked members (the available section is only angles SBX5Ex§) “over = COKE 8 | 6} 8 Rp PN hols 3 4 N g 8 S 8 % Ss s 2 % gd} tL _lZseNn sec. (6-6) Sec. (#-#) sec. (8-8)