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tom AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY ~ FACULTY OF ENGINEERING STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Third Year Civil - ( Structural Section ) Total Mark ANY MISSING DATA MAY BE REASONABLY ASSUMED. ‘STEEL USED IS STEEL 37 (F, = 3.6 vem’, and F, =2. 4 vem’) Question 1 (48 Marks, Sige 1:10 _- Slope I:t0 8 D 5 G Sra ‘PE 400 ieee cay | ism | Pe 360 a j LE 1p 300 | 5 | + 11] | i | Figure (1 y Figure (1) shows the main structural system covering an industrial area (30 m x 60 m). The spacing of the steel frames is 6 m. Its required to: 1 @ marks) Suggest, using neat sketches, a suitable vertical bracing system between the columns DEF. 2% (3 marks) Calculate the buckling length of column D-E in the plane of the main frame. 3+ (9 marks) Design an intermediate roof purlin using a cold-formed Z - section with lip. Consider the weight of covering material to be 5 kg/m? and the live load to be 45 kg/m? and neglect the wind effect. (8 marks) Design the rigid connection between the rafter and the column at B using M20, Grade 10.9 Pretensioned High Strength Bolts (No design of the weld is required). The straining actions at joint B are: M= 22 m.t and Q = 6.5 t. For M20 (10.9) bolts, A,= 2.45 cm?, T= 15.43 {, and P, = 4.93 t. Withoyt any calculations, explain how to check the safety of the column web andflangés abeiarjoipes 2 SSPUNNDAS. pinoy cask the ° 5~ (6 marks) Design a suitable section for the cantilever beam D-G. Consider that the total load on this part is 60 Kg/m* §- (14 marks) The columns along J-H are not provided with vertical bracing. Design a built-up section composed of two IPEs for column J-H. Assume the spacing “d” between the two IPEs to be 50 om (Consider that: A, = A = 1). Design an intermediate welded batten plate to connect the column parts together. AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY, FACULTY OF ENGINEERING STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, Thied Vear Civil (Structural Section) ae ea Time 3.00 Firs > STEEL STRUCTURES. 2 COURSE NO. CES 351°~ The Exam Corsets of Five Questions Two Pages 2 J+ (6 marks) For the fixed base at H, design the vertical and the horizontal welds as well as the anchor bolts (neglect the out of plane moment). Base plate thickness is taken equal to / Question (I) : (11 Marks) Draw the details of the parts at J and H of Figure (1) in different views to scale 1:10, Assume reasonable sections for the undesigned elements. westion III (7 Marks} Figure (2) shows a plan of a mezzanife floor. Itis required to design a suitable“section for the secondary beam, (neglecting the effect of lateral buckling). Design thé marked connection ! between the secondary beam and the main beam using M20_non-pretensioned bolts, grade (4.6). The total load on the floor is 0.8 Vim? Consider qp = 0.25 Fup and Fy = 0.8 F3 Figure (2) Question IV ($ Marks) {State the advantages of using cold-formed sections in steel construction. 2, Which type would you use (portal frame or trussed frame) to cover spans of 20m and 50m. Give reasons for your answer. Question V_(S Marks} = 350m t- -o a a 7 To on yA ee AGA Figure (3) Figure (3) shows the layout ofa car shed, The site conditions necessitates thatthe column base 10 be of the hinged type. Intermediate frames are supported by one column only, while the end frames are supported by two columns. The shown horizontal bracing system is used to provide stability of the intermediate frames. This Horizontal bracing is supported by the end frames. Tf the total vertical Toad on the roof is 75 kg/m’, it is required to calculate the force in the marked member of the horizontal bracing system due to the vertical loads only (Neglect any effect of wind loads). May 2002 considering that the girder |.P.E. 300 is simple with the two columns: (best solution) considering that joint E as hinged, so Ge = 10 = 16720 cm* Gg, = 16720/4 _ 23130/24 from charts k = 2.4 Lin= 2.44 = 9.6m QUESTION (1-3) 1) Loads: a) Dead load: We = 5 kg/m, o.w. = 10 kg/m" 15 Wow = (5*——=— + 10)/1000 = 0.018 tim" cos 5.71 Myo = 0.018*cos5.71* = 0.081 3 mt Myo. = 0.018*sin6 me = 0.008 mt b) Live load: b-1) due to distributed load (Given) LL. = 45 kgm? Wu = 45/1000°1 5 = 0.068 tim” Myc = 0.068*c0s5.71" < = 0.304 mt My L1 = 0.068*sinS. me 03 mt b-2) due to one concentrated load P = 100 kq My = 0.1*cos5.71* 6/4 = 0.15 < 0.304 (not critical ) 2) Design values:- M, 081 + 0.304 = 0.385 mt 008 + 0.03 = 0.038 mt wr