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At Dulsco HR Solutions Submitted by SANDESH SATHYARAJ REGISTER NO.: HAAJBBA032 Submitted in

In partial fulfillment of the award of degree of



March 2011-2012

I Sandesh sathyaraj hereby declare that the dissertation entitled Dulsco(HR

Solutions) submitted to HORIZON OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT TRAINING, in fulfilling the requirement, for the degree of Bachelors of Business Administration, is a record of original work done by me ,during the academic year 2011-2012.The work has not formed on any basis the award of any degree or diploma or other similar title to any other candidate of any university .

Reg. No: HAAJBBA032 Date :

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The successful completion of any task would be incomplete without mentioning the names of persons who helped to make it possible. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude in few words and respect to all those who helped me in the completion of this summer project.

Firstly I would like to thank all the staff members of Dulsco(HR Solutions) who had given me an opportunity to finish my Placement Training Report On time.

Secondly I would like to thank my teachers who gave me ideas regarding the placement training work and helped me with the project completion.

Thirdly I would like to thank my friends and fellow juniors & seniors who gave me proper information regarding the project report,



Profile of the Organization

Dulsco, with its history of over seven decades of operating in the UAE, has been part of the growth of the Emirate from a fishing village and port to a mega metropolis. Today Dulsco provides diversified services to customers all over the United Arab Emirates as well as Qatar, with its experienced employees numbering over 6000. The companys strategy is to concentrate on its core business of providing HR Solutions and Waste Management Services and to expand the same through adjacencies in the coming years. Dulsco has made a significant contribution in its various ventures and by example, has led the way to a better tomorrow for the company and its partners. Dulsco is committed to a culture of excellence and providing its customers with world class customer experience.

Company History
Over seven decades of exceptional service

On a peaceful morning in 1935, in the fishing and trading village of Dubai, the calm was suddenly disturbed by the excitement of the news that a big ship of the British India Steam Navigation Company was at anchor some distance away in the Arabian Gulf. One of the Gray Mackenzie Company employees came to the creek wharf and appointed some able-bodied men to row their dhows to the waiting ship, to unload and then bring ashore its cargo of foodstuff and clothing. In this way the practice of stevedoring began in Dubai and the man who started it was Mohammed Khan Abdulla Mirza Abdulla, the father of the present Chairman of Dulsco, Abdul Aziz Mohammed Khan Abdulla. This was the beginning of the inspiring story of Dulsco. In 1954 Mohd Khan passed away and in 1955 his son-in-law Mohammed Sharif Abdul Rahman Al Baidhaee managed to get a concession from the late Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, the then-ruler of Dubai, in order to continue running the business. In 1970, Port Rashid came into operation. And in February, 1971 the company, which was under the name of Mohammed Sharif, shifted its stevedoring operations from anchorage to the port. Meanwhile, Shaikha Sana Mana Al Maktoum, who had the concession to provide the wooden launches to transport stevedores to the ships at anchorage, found that the establishment of the port had put a stop to all the movement from shore to ship. Following a suggestion from the Dubai Government, Mohammed Sharif and Sheikha Sana joined to form a new company called Dulsco. The name eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise and Dulsco added manpower supply to its service portfolio.

When Dulsco began its operations in the port, there was a need to bring in international stevedoring expertise. A team of experts from England were appointed for its operations who continued to serve the company for the next twenty-five years. By the 1980s the total number of Dulsco employees totaled around 1200, which included stevedores, general workers, and winch and crane operators among others. Over the past seventy years, Dulsco has grown along with Dubai and currently employs over 6000 people. Stevedoring is still one of the major services Dulsco provides but have added other services to its diverse portfolio, serving the entire UAE. In June, 2005 Dulsco became a limited liability company (Dulsco llc) and is now set to expand its influence to the GCC as well as other countries.

Vision And values

Our Vision
To be the leading regional provider of quality services through strengthening relationships between clients, vendors and employees.

Our Values
Respect Integrity Environmental awareness Contributing to our society

How We Operate
Our vision and values will be communicated to each and every employee.

We will grow the Company successfully by having two interlinked objectives:centralized guidance and decentralized implementation. Individual business units will be encouraged to manage their businesses with empowerment and autonomy.

Training and Learning Programmes Dulsco - A Learning Organization

Successful organisations around the world have evolved, or are still evolving, as learning organizations, transforming themselves into world-class companies. These institutions have progressed beyond job-oriented training and development, into a learning mode, focusing on the individual and the organisation. Dulsco strives to be a learning organisation by encouraging a learning climate and we strive to make this happen in different ways.

All employees are encouraged to learn at every opportunity and transfer their learning to those areas of their department and the company which would benefit. Dulsco transform values itself and rewards the learning. The company aims to through application of learning, led by the attitudes and behaviours of its management team. Dulsco's human resources philosophy believes that the principle of renewal empowers the employees to experience an upward spiral of growth, change and continuous improvement. This requires us to learn, commit and progress. By following these principles, we have started the journey as a learning organisation and there is no end to learning.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

DULSCO recognizes the importance of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment and constantly strives to:

Ensure that our services meet customers' requirements at all times Protect the health and safety of our employees at all times and in all circumstances Protect the environment in which we work and live

Communicate openly with our associates and other interested parties about our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy and Programme.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment concerns are integral to the way we conduct business. Our ISO certifications demonstrate our commitment to QHSE policies and procedures, to quality service for all our customers, and to minimizing our impact upon the environment. Dulsco as a responsible and conscientious Company:

Strives to operate as an integral part of the community in which we live and work, to achieve improvement and sustainability. Is driven by a shared ambition to satisfy our own and our customers needs in quality, reliability and safety. Believes that maintaining high standards in all Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental practices by everyone who works for or with us, is critical to the success of our business. Accordingly, we expect our customers and associates to share our values and goals.





organisation is pursuing excellence when it journeys beyond measuring financial results, and emphasises non-financial indicators, such as its human capital, customer focus, quality, health, safety, environment, social orientation, communications and a host of other initiatives and practices. DULSCOs Quality, Health, Safety and

Environment Policy is a bedrock and testimony to this commitment within the company. Training in these areas is another important feature of our learning. Training in areas such as ISO Internal Audits, Safety Awareness, Fire Fighting & Prevention, Housekeeping, Health Awareness & Diet, Accident Prevention, Mock Fire Drills, Road Safety, Materials Handling Safety, Accident Investigating & Reporting, Safety Audits, Safety Inductions, First Aid and Film Shows at our various locations and at external training venues is an ongoing endeavour. Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training has been added to the list of internal training subjects. Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Weeks have been held for the past five years. As an associate of DULSCO remarked, some of your initiatives in Quality, Health, Safety & Environment are rarely seen in this part of the world. Emergency Response Plan at Dulsco Dulsco has developed an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to respond to foreseeable emergencies such as fire, gas leak, epidemics and war. Throughout the world, organizations develop proactive plans to manage emergencies. The plan specifies the steps required if an emergency occurs. Steps may include clearing the area, rehabilitating affected employees and managing the organization back to normal to maintain business continuity.

Our ERP enables Dulsco to train its personnel and implement steps to minimise risk from emergencies. This includes resource and operational planning and support to employees in the shortest time possible. The ERP is a working document. It

details the roles and responsibilities of individuals in case of any emergency, and the resources required for rehabilitation and where to obtain them from.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Manual In all modern organizations the Health & Safety (HSE) of employees and the environment they work in is of foremost importance, particularly since not observing HSE rules can endanger lives. Organizations have recognized that a lack of HSE precautions can result in loss of production/productivity and can also damage the organization by lowering employee morale, causing a loss of confidence in the management and negatively affecting the organisations reputation. The cost of accidents in all forms of industry, business and commerce remains unacceptably high and can be measured in both the human and financial aspects. The lost time resulting from accidents is actually disruptive and expensive to the nation in general, to the company, and of course to the victim of an accident or occupational disease in particular. With this in mind and in compliance with UAE Government labour requirements, Dulsco has established an Occupational Health and Safety Program and compiled this HSE Manual, to ensure the realization of the companys goal of providing a healthy and safe working environment for its employees. It is in the companys best interests that it has an effective and complete Occupational Health and Safety Program.


Effective management of worker safety and health protection is significant in reducing the number and severity of workplace illnesses and injuries. Basic responsibility for enforcing these procedures rests with the Managing Director of the company through the Corporate Safety Manager, Safety manager: (Department Safety Head), Safety representative (Department responsibility) & Supervisors (On site safety). Dulsco management firmly believes that managing safety is a line responsibility and that it is good business practice to provide a safe working environment.

Rewards and Recognition

Best Employee Awards It has always been a Dulsco priority to recognise contributions and extend appreciation to employees striving for the best in this challenging yet positive work environment. Monthly best Employee Awards have been implemented across all divisions. Employee Spot Awards Employee Spot Awards have been introduced, offering instant recognition of a job well done in the areas of cost reduction, revenue enhancement, housekeeping, exemplary conduct, good customer service and meritorious sporting achievements. These bring intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to the winners as well as having a positive impact on all other employees in the company. Client Appreciation Awards

Satisfying customers is a goal progressive companies reinforce and recognise. In the manpower oriented industry, the services of the outsourced employees are an important means of satisfying customers. The services they provide to clients speak for the customer-focused standards of companies such as Dulsco.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As it continues to achieve success in its multifaceted businesses, Dulsco never forgets to give back to the community in which it operates. The company is aware of its corporate social responsibilities and uses different opportunities to serve the community in various ways assisting war victims, sponsoring events and raising funds for children with special needs at Al Noor Centre. Dulsco is seriously compassionate and demonstrates this compassion through its actions.

I- HR Solutions
Dulsco HR Solutions currently operates a strong core business built on long term sustainability with committed employees and a cadre of professional

managers who have proven themselves capable at all levels; this remains the strength of the company.

We provide various Human Resources related services including: Manpower Services Logistics HR Outsourcing-Contract Staffing HR Outsourcing-Recruitment Services Medical Services Accommodation and Events Arena

Manpower Services
Dulsco HR Solutions offers end to end manpower management solutions to meet the needs of our clients in all industry segments, whether they are multinational or local companies. We are capable of assisting in their business strategies by raising productivity and efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality, thus helping companies and individuals navigate the rapidly transforming world of business.


Few companies can match our history and growth, our enviable success as a leader; our continued progress over the past 75 years as an authorized manpower service provider continues to contribute to the various companies we support. We outsource manpower on a short and long term basis to companies throughout the UAE. Our current available manpower exceeds 5,000 across the following categories:

Skilled Manpower - Carpenters (shuttering and furniture), Painters (general & spray), Electricians (building and Industrial), Mechanics, Masons, Plumbers, Welders,(TIG, MIG, 6G and 3G), Fabricators, Steel Fixers, AC Mechanics and Warehouse Operators.

Drivers - Chauffeurs, Valet Drivers, Light and Heavy Duty Drivers, Heavy Trailer Drivers, Bus Drivers, Motorcyclists. Forklift Operators - Light and heavy, Crane, JCB, Shovel, Excavator and Boom Lift Operators and Tele-handlers.

Office Boys, Assistants and Security Guards.

General Helpers, Cleaners and Semi Skilled Manpower.

Logostics Services
We at Dulsco HR Solutions strive to add value to your operations by providing the right people, in the right place at the right time. In other words, we provide the

muscle that moves the logistics industry, enabling you to achieve higher efficiencies in this constantly changing work environment. In this industry, manpower requirements are largely seasonal in nature resulting in peak and lean periods. We assist you in managing these cycles by providing experienced manpower based on your unique requirements. We pride ourselves in a manpower pool of over 5000 comprising both skilled and unskilled personnel, which includes the following categories:

Material Handling Equipment Operators- Warehouse Operators, Forklift Operators, High-reach Truck Operators, Warehouse Assistants, VNA Operators & Porters. Drivers- Chauffeurs, Valet Drivers, Light Duty and Heavy Duty Vehicle Drivers, Trailer Drivers, Heavy and Light Bus Drivers and Courier Messengers. Air Port Operations- Cargo Warehouse Operators, Baggage Handlers, Aircraft Cleaners, Tractor Operators, Air Side Operators, Team Leaders & Ramp Drivers. Sea Port Operations- Stevedoring Services - Stevedores, Winch Operators, Hatch Cleaners, Signal Men, Foremen, Tally Clerks. Cruise Liners- Porters & Baggage Handlers, Housekeeping, F&B Staff. General Helpers, Office Boys and Messengers.

Contract Staffing
Contract Staffing offers high-level professionals with skills ranging from the Front Office to the Back Office, from the Retail Store to the Warehouse, from the Project Site to the Trade Show. Our long & short term staffing option ensures that you can focus on your core business functions & conduct your business with ease. We offer simple, cost effective & flexible solutions to make your success long lasting. Focus Areas Front Office Staff Back Office Admin Staff Data Entry Operators Customer Service Accounts & Finance Staff Sales Staff In Store Assistants Promoters & Merchandisers Visual Merchandisers Payroll Management Whether youre a one-person company or a several hundred-people company, time is an issue. Simplify your business processes by outsourcing non-core functions, such as payroll. Payroll Management guarantees that you will save time by reducing the hours spent producing payroll information, preparing payroll registers and periodic payroll reports.

1) Recruitment Services

Diverse organizations have relied on Dulsco HR Solutions, for end to end solutions to their recruitment needs. When it comes to recruiting, Dulsco HR Solutions is always above the rest. Our team of highly qualified consultants display an array of expertise and industry experience. They are here to provide you the right candidate and help with the productivity of your organization. Dulsco HR Solutions is constantly providing organizations with high quality, cost effective, efficient and timely services. Our processes cover all aspects of the recruitment cycle, such as job specification understanding, matching the profile to the specifications, screening, interviews, submission of shortlisted candidate profiles, interview scheduling and facilitating closure.

Focus Areas
Logistics / Supply chain

Health Care Construction Administration IT Finance Banking


Insurance HR Engineering

Sales & Marketing


Medical Services
Medical Services comprises the Dulsco Medical Clinica fully equipped state-ofthe-art facility with a team of highly qualified and experienced physicians and caring professionals. Conveniently located in Dulsco Village, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, it is amongst the well-established outpatient medical centres in Dubai.

The clinic is open every day (including Fridays) from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. It offers topof-the-line outpatient medical treatment and investigatory services to all patients. It takes pride in providing a holistic healthcare experience and quality service to its patrons in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The Dulsco Medical Clinic also provides healthcare to more than 5,000 Dulsco employees and is recognised as one of the driving forces behind Dulsco being awarded the Great Place to Work for in the UAE Award. The clinic has been an integral part of the company for the past eighteen years, providing valuable medical


services in UAE. It clearly demonstrates Dulscos absolute commitment to employee welfare and its dedication to workplace health and safety standards. Facilities at the Dulsco Medical Clinic include: Outpatient consultations Visiting specialist doctors

Health and dental checkups Lab and radiology Pharmacy services

Health visits Empanelled with major insurance companies Other services include: Provision of end-to-end medical services in UAE

Occupational health and fitness certifications Medical chest inspection and certification

Drug screening tests Specific vaccinations Health counseling

Ample parking

Separate waiting areas for men and women In addition to all its medical services in UAE, the clinic also runs a range of workshops for corporate employees to improve their wellness. Relevant topics such

as General Health Awareness, Occupational Health Awareness, Chronic Diseases, Health Risks in the Workplace, and Work Specific Hazards: Prevention and Cure are offered. The Medical Services department of Dulsco also provides specialized healthcare services to corporate and diversified industries. It also caters to onshore and offshore companies. 2) Accommodation and Events Arena Dulsco Village, a state of the art staff accommodation facility for over 3,600 of our outsourced staff, is a testimonial to our concern for the welfare of our employees. Dulsco believes that employees deserve a better quality of life, and hence every resident is provided well furnished comforts - a bed, locker, cooking/dining, cleaning & washing facilities, air-conditioning, indoor and outdoor sports facility -to name a few.

The semi furnished room fall into the following categories:

General Rooms - For skilled and semi skilled workers. These have a kitchen/dining hall, cleaning & washing facility and much more.

Executive Rooms - Rooms with attached bathrooms.


Studio Rooms - Rooms with attached kitchen and bathroom for executives.

The Events Arena

Our fully equipped events facility creates an ideal venue for corporate entertainment, summer camps, indoor or outdoor sports programs and more. Our facilities are supported by professional staff and services that are dedicated to ensure the smooth running of your event.

The centre has a large airconditioned multi-purpose hall complete with stage and lights that can accommodate up to 800 pax. Sports facility include an outdoor green pitch for football, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, an air-conditioned indoor games hall, cricket nets and a fully equipped gymnasium. Creating a service tailored to meet your needs, our dedicated events team will ensure your event is a success.

II- Waste Management Services

Dulsco Waste Management Services is strongly committed to protecting the environment and improving the communities in which we work and live. WMS is the first IMS (Integrated Management System - ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004) certified Waste Management Company in the UAE.


Our specialized services are:

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Solid and Liquid Waste Recycling Services Medical Waste Collection Services Waste Handling Equipment 1) Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Solid & Liquid Waste

Dulsco Waste Management Services is a specialist in the collection, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous solid and liquid waste. Disposal to designated landfill and treatment facilities is done in compliance with the laws and regulations of the UAE. The market segments we service are as follows. Non-hazardous solid and liquid waste: Residential waste from buildings, communities (villas) and labour accommodation Commercial waste from hotels, office towers and shopping malls Waste from sports complexes, amphitheatres, concerts and festivals waste Trade waste Sewage Construction and demolition


Hazardous solid and liquid waste: Shipping waste Chemicals Medical waste

Oily sludge

Industrial waste Waste oily water

2) Recycling Services
Dulsco's recycling initiatives are custom designed for various sectors, from corporate organisations, educational institutions to the community at large.

Our services include:

The Dulsco WMS Recycling programme Managing recyclables Our recycling resources


In line with commitment to environmental issues and its innovative steps towards recycling, Dulsco has introduced the 'Recycle to Regain' van that collects recyclables such as plastic, paper and cardboard, and tins and cans. This prevents the degeneration of our surroundings by reducing the volume of waste that goes into landfills.

1) The Dulsco WMS Recycling programme

At Dulsco WMS we follow a principle that is transparent and logical. Our special features are:

Custom designed recycling programs Waste Audit / Analysis Education & Awareness Reporting Custom designed recycling programs: Our professionals at Dulsco WMS tailor make a waste management programme ideally suited to the client organization. We take into account the volume of recyclables generated in the organization and then implement the programme with the endorsement of the senior management and the employees of that organization. Waste Audit / Analysis: We first determine the composition of the waste stream,

the source of recyclables and its weight / volume. We then provide resources such as recycling bins and cages that are colour coded:

Paper Blue Plastic Green Cans Yellow Glass Red We also undertake the transport of the collected recyclables either in our own vehicles or entrust it to a sub contractor. Education and Awareness: Throughout the whole process we assist the organization through implementing an ongoing education program for the employees to be aware of environmental issues, recycling advantages, recycling policies, procedures and goals. We also encourage their participation in recycling programs and initiatives and publicize their successes to maintain their enthusiastic participation. In addition we supply supplementary visual aids such as posters, e- posters, fact sheets and other electronic and print material to increase recycling awareness and participation. Reporting: Every month Dulsco WMS sends to the client a consolidated report for the recyclables collected with all relevant data


2) Managing Recyclables Recycling is the only way to manage waste in a way that does not harm the environment and human health. Dulsco Waste Management Services (WMS) is committed to and offers a wide range of recycling services to various sectors of the market including corporate organizations, educational institutions and the community at large. Among recyclable waste collected WMS mainly deals with: Paper including newspaper and different types of cardboard and other waste paper

Plastic, which includes all kinds of plastic goods like plastic water bottles, containers, lids, etc Cans / Metal comprising mainly of soft drink containers and used tins of food stuff Glass comprising of bottles and jars of all types Used Cooking Oil from restaurants and other food joints


Majority of the paper collected (cardboards and other office paper) is sent to paper mills in the UAE to be made into recycled paper.

The plastic collected is used to make recycled plastic products in the UAE. Cans / metals are either exported or processed in UAE to make aluminium or metal ingots which can be used for varied applications. Recycled glass is sent to glass factories within UAE and is used to produce glass bottles and other products. Depending on the quality of the used cooking oil collected, it is either exported to be used in the manufacture of soaps or is used as fuel in industrial furnace.

3) Our Recycling Resources

Dulsco WMS offers a wide range of resources to assist in collection of recyclables. We provide colour-coded blue, green, yellow and red recycling bins and cages for paper, plastic, metal and glass respectively and drums for used cooking oil. Recycling Cages: Our recycling cages are made as per Municipality guidelines and are designed to allow easier collection and transport of the recyclables.


Recycling bins: Our bins are also made in standard sizes and placed in strategic locations for ease of use by employees / residents. We also custom make bins for some of our clients according to the space they have to place them or their need. Transportation facility: At Dulsco WMS we have a fleet of vehicles that can collect and transport recyclables from the client site to recycling venues in the most hygienic and professional manner. If at any time our vehicles are not in service, we have competent sub contractors to do the job.

3) Medical Waste Collection Services

The practice of haphazardly dumping medical waste continues to be a challenge in the region. With this in mind, Dulsco Waste Management Services has designed a custom made vehicle for the collection and disposal of medical waste from hospitals and clinics. The vehicle is operated by drivers and helpers who are well trained in the collection and disposal of medical waste. Adhering to safety and hygiene standards they are well equipped with personal protective equipment such as medical gloves, aprons, masks, uniforms and safety shoes. Known for our commitment to environmental issues, we also provide biodegradable bags for waste collection. Sharp boxes ideally used for disposable syringes, scissors as well as the standardized yellow coloured bags and waste bins are also supplied to customers upon request.

4) General Trading As the trading arm of Dulsco, we offer a range of innovative and awardwinning equipment for use in the waste management and recycling industries. We represent some of the most reputable manufacturers from the U.K, Italy, Eastern Europe, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Spain, Canada and China to provide customized products suiting our customers' every waste and recycling need. Waste Handling Equipment
Balers from Bramidan Whatever business you are in, we can give you advice and help you in finding the most efficient and profitable waste handling solution.With balers from Bramidan you obtain durable and high quality equipment.

Recycling Consumables

Envyrozone Recycling Units

Envyrozone is committed to developing and building products that meet your complete recycling and landfill redirection program needs. Through dedicated research and in-house fabrication these products can be designed to meet all of your corporate waste management requirements. Leafield Enviornmental Solutions Leafield's recycling bins offer great solutions for 'Recycling on the go' and are proving popular choices for their easy accessibility in public places. Waste Containers Since 1975, Sellers have been the leaders in manufacturing waste containers in the United Kingdom. Their customized products aim to cater to the increasing waste and recycling needs of their

clientele. All their products are manufactured in line with BS EN ISO 9000:2008 registration.

III- Marine and Tank Services

Dulsco Marine and Tank Services has a highly skilled workforce managing one of the best equipped workshops in the ship docking facility at Al Jadaf. This state-ofthe-art facility handles complete repair and refurbishment of vessels to the standards set by agencies such as ABS, BV, DNV, LLOYDS and others. The workshop is also fully equipped to undertake all types of fabrication and engineering works.

Engineering & Fabrication Well-equipped with modern machinery and a highly skilled work force, the Dulsco Fabrication Unit caters to all types of structural fabrication work including ship steel renewal, grid blasting, painting, structural fabrication, piping mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc., retrofitting of machinery and equipment, and stainless steel and aluminium fabrication. Our welders are AWS B2.1 certified and carry out MIG and TIG welding as per clients specifications.


This unit also designs and fabricates tote tanks, road tankers used for sewage and fresh water transport (capacity 4500Gal, 5000Gal, 10000Gal and 12000Gal), chemical blending tanks, and garbage skips (capacity 5CBM to 20CBM). Ship Repair Facility Dulsco repairs and maintains the full range of seafaring vessels - from small fishing boats to ULCC tankers. Besides refurbishment, rebuilding and retrofitting, this division also undertakes the construction of pontoons, barges and small vessels. These services are not limited to ports, but can also be found on ships stationed offshore, thus ensuring optimum performance. In fact the support offered stretches thousands of miles across the ocean in the form of riding crews, providing for repair and maintenance during voyages. This contribution is best recognized by the division's ISO 9001:2000 certification. Under this division Dulsco offers the following services: Mechanical Troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of marine and industrial machinery such as:

Main Engines and Aux. Engines (Generators) Pumps (Centrifugal and Rotary) Valves (all type)

Hydraulics Winches Pneumatics Compressors Deck machinery Propellers Tail Shafts Rudders, etc.

Machining Fully equipped machine shop for all marine and industrial machining needs

Milling Turning Shaping Radial drilling Re-conditioning of exhaust valves, pistons, cylinder heads, etc.


Troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of all electrical and control systems Overhauling of motors and alternators Installation, cabling and testing of equipment and machinery Enhancing power requirements


Tanker Services Equipped with a fleet of over 50 tankers, Dulsco's Tanker Services Division collects, transports and disposes of liquid waste such as domestic sewage, waste oily water and hazardous liquid waste i.e. different types of chemicals. The collection and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste is done in strict compliance with the standards stipulated by UAE local authorities. At present around 600,000 gallons of liquid waste is collected and disposed of every day. The volume handled is expected to increase many fold in the years to come.

Dulsco Tanker Services Division also supplies fresh water to construction sites, labour camps and the marine industry. The division's adherence to high quality standards have earned them ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 certification. Tank Cleaning Services - Onshore and Offshore Although focused primarily on oil fields, refineries and the marine industry, this division also delivers quality services to other areas of the petroleum industry as well. Using high quality storage containers for the collection and disposal of industrial waste along with the most up to date tools, equipment and machinery, Dulsco Marine and Tank Services operates throughout the UAE. The teams are

fully-equipped to clean, de-sludge and de-muck wet and dry hazardous waste, be it onshore or offshore, and no matter how complex the task. Dulsco offers an array of services covering every phase of a tank cleaning project. Our highly skilled and professional tank cleaning teams and their advanced tank cleaning equipment such as super sucker machines and high pressure water jets can reduce cleaning time, volumes of wash water generated and project costs.

As a leading tank cleaning service provider in UAE, Dulsco is fully aware of the challenges our clients face with respect to Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety regulations and we have developed a comprehensive safety procedure to satisfy the requirements of our valuable customers. This division of DULSCO has met the quality standards required for ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001:1996 certification.

IV- Information Technology

The IT department ensures all

applications run smoothly in all the divisions and offices of Dulsco and that the company keeps abreast of the latest

technological developments. The applications and solutions running in different departments are customized according to their respective needs. We believe in continual improvement and are committed to providing the necessary infrastructure and solutions to the various departments so that our valued customers can benefit from the enhanced services Dulsco provides them. Our objective is to invest in the latest technology which enables us to improve our services and keep our edge over would-be competitors.

V-Engineering and Property Services

Dulscos Engineering and Property Services division (DEPS) takes care of the company's vast inventory including accommodation camps for its employees, warehouses, industrial units, office premises, and also acquires new sites for necessary expansion. Its dedicated workforce includes technicians, carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians and other tradesmen. With years of expertise in Joinery (Wooden and Medium Density Fibre Panels), Interior Design, Shop-Fitting and Gypsum Partition and Ceiling solutions, DEPS is able to handle various projects within the company.


DEPS is currently undertaking several large internal projects for the company, including carrying out the scheduled preventive maintenance program for all Dulsco premises and helping Marine and Tank Services relocate to its new premises in Jebel Ali. Over here, it is involved in designing and building an engineering and fabrication workshop and in the refurbishment of the Jebel Ali office. The division is also providing support to Dulsco Abu Dhabis expansion by building a labour camp, a fleet maintenance workshop and an office for the waste management services, among other projects. Green building concepts, including such measures as recycling water, installing solar water heaters, and greening the labour camps and office premises are part of all DEPS's initiatives. At Dulsco Village and Sonapur, DEPS proudly provides quality employee accommodations with facilities that meet the company's high standards. In addition, it provides leased accommodation at Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. However DEPS plans to acquire plots in these emirates to build and house its own employees, thereby providing Dulsco with the satisfaction and confidence of ensuring consistent quality, health and hygiene initiatives across all employee accommodation.

VI- Automotive Workshop





supports the mixed fleet of vehicles owned and operated by all departments of the company. It offers a wide range of services including vehicle washing, servicing, component overhauls, accident repair and vehicle painting. This division also provides 24-hour breakdown coverage and vehicle support with registration needs for all the vehicles in the fleet. The fleet consists of passenger cars, heavy vehicles, light and heavy plant vehicles and buses.

The workshop staff are all well qualified in their respective fields and can handle the various types of in-house repairs while ensuring that coverage runs for a full 16 hours per day with an 8 hour call-out service. Mechanical works The various types of mechanical repairs undertaken are as follows: hydraulic repairs, engine and gearbox overhauling, general servicing and repairs, electrical


repairs and fault diagnosis, accident repair, vehicle painting and refinishing and tire repairs. Fabrication works The other section of the vehicle workshop contains the fabrication division, where all new skips, bins and containers for waste management are produced. Special projects are also undertaken for other departments within the company including fabrication of waste pipelines for labour camps, skip fabrication, security fencing, as well as the design and construction of lifting equipment for refuse compactors, shed assemblies built in the workshop and assembled on site, and the manufacture of special skips for offshore use. This section contains heavy fabricators, certified welders and an engineering section. The division is also able to offer load tests and certification.

Contact Information:Address: Dulsco Plot Number 369-0907 Al Quoz Industrial Area P.O. Box 6238 Dubai United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4-340-4660 Fax: +971 4-340-4661 Email: Website:

Organisation Chart-I


Organisation Chart-I)


Departmental Functions- I

Every organisation is made up of different department. Each department contributes to the running of the business. The most common departments are: Production Marketing & Sales Finance Human resource and in some cases, Information Technology departments

Production Department
The production department is responsible for converting inputs into outputs through the stages of production processes. The Production Manager is responsible for

making sure that raw materials are provided and made into finished goods effectively. He or she must make sure that work is carried out smoothly, and must supervise procedures for making work more efficient and more enjoyable.

There are five production sub-functions

Production and planning.

They will set the standards and targets at each stage of the production process. The quantity and quality of products coming off a production line will be closely monitored.

Purchasing department

This department will provide the materials, components and equipment required. An essential part of this responsibility is to ensure that stocks arrive on time and are of good quality

The stores department

The stores department are responsible for stocking all the necessary tools, , raw materials and equipment required to service the manufacturing process.

The design and technical support department

They are responsible for the design and testing of new product processes and product types, together with the development of prototypes through to the final product.

The works department


This department is concerned with the manufacture of products. This will include the maintenance of the production line and other necessary repairs. The works department may also have responsibility for quality control and inspection.

Human resource Department

The role of Human resource department is in charge of recruiting, training, and the dismissal of employees in an organisation.

Recruitment and selection Training programmes

Training programs are held by the HRD to improve the employees skills, as well as to motivate them.

There are three main types of training : 1. Induction training 2. On-the- job training 3. Off-the-job training

Manpower Planning

The HR department needs to think ahead and establish the number and skills of the workforce required by the business in the future. Failure to do this could lead to too few or too many staff or staff with inappropriate needs.


Dismis sal and

Redundancy (retrenchment) Dismissal is where a worker is told to leave their job due to unsatisfactory work or behaviour.

Redundancy is when the business needs to reduce the number of employees either because it is closing down a branch or needs to reduce costs due to falling profits. It may also be due to technological improvements, and the workers are no longer needed.

Marketing department

These are the main section of the market departments:

Sales department is responsible for the sales and distribution of the products to the different regions.


Research & Department is responsible for market research and testing new products to make sure that they are suitable to be sold.

Promotion department decides on the type of promotion method for the products, arranges advertisements and the advertising media used.

Distribution department transports the products to the market.

Finance Department

Book keeping procedures Keeping records of the purchases and sales made by a business as well as capital spending.

Preparing Final Accounts Profit and loss account and Balance Sheets

Providing management information Managers require ongoing financial information to enable them to make better decisions.

Management of wages The wages section of the finance department will be responsible for calculating the wages and salaries of employees and organising the collection of income tax and national insurance for the Inland Revenue.

Raising Finance The finance department will also be responsible for the technical details of how a business raises finance e.g. through loans, and the repayment of interest on that finance. In addition it will supervise the payment of dividends to shareholders.

Departmental Functions- II
Public Education and Awareness Division The division takes the department to the public and ensures adherence to the waste management strategy. The division takes responsibility in:

Educating the public through information dissemination with the aim of changing their behaviour/attitudes on how they perceive waste and to ensure adherence to the waste management strategy.

Develops and implements public education and awareness strategies and programmes to promote an environmentally conscious and friendly nation through sensitizing the public on environmental issues.

It acts as the public relations division of the department, participate and contribute to the design and development of schools environmental curriculum.


Through the library service, the division disseminates information on issues pertaining to Waste management.

The Division is also responsible for the design, development and distribution of promotional materials on various issues of waste management.

The division also boosts a toll free line, which is used as a customer services line - giving feedback and broaden the communication between the department and its stakeholders.

2. Compliance and Enforcement Division This division implements the department's regulatory and enforcement functions as stipulated in the Waste Management Act, 1998, Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act, and National Master Plan for Wastewater and Sanitation Act. It also conducts periodic environmental surveillance, monitoring through environmental audits and inspections, licensing of waste management facilities , and the keeping of up to date pollution sources inventory.

Mobile laboratory service Provide in-situ and emergency air quality monitoring services.

3. Research and Development Division This division formulates policies and standards. It provides technical and advisory services on issues that require in depth investigation. It undertakes research on the origin, extent and effects of pollution on the environment. It also investigates and recommends use of environmental friendly pollution abatement technologies. It is


comprised of three sections namely; National Environmental Laboratory, Pollution Risk Assesment and Infrastructure Development. i. National Environmental Laboratory The National Environmental Laboratory (NEL) is a section under the Division of Research & Development, in the Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control. NEL continuously uses chemical analysis techniques to monitor the state of the environment to ensure that the levels of pollutants in the ambient environment are within environmentally acceptable levels. The operations of the laboratory combine the latest analytical instrumentation, processes, quality assurance, and statistical calculations for processing of environmental samples, and presentation of results. ii. Pollution Risk Assessment This section assesses the potential effects of waste pollution on public health and environment at large. It mainly gives advice on issues relating to the minimization of pollution of the environment so that there is sustainability in its use for present and future generations of. This entails scientific facts about existing situation availed through coordinated research institutions. In addition, research activities will eventually give the department knowledge about the state of the environment, how to solve environmental problems and whether actions are leading to improvements. iii. Infrastructure Development This is to ensure that all facilities adhere to the set environmental standards so that waste is treated adequately before disposal into the environment.

The sales Department

Organization of the sales department
Inasmuch as the salesman comes into immediate contact with, and is an important part of, the sales department, it is important that he possess a clear understanding of its organization and functions. Since the ultimate purpose of the company is that of sales, the sales department is rightly recognized as one of the ma j or departments of the business. The organization of the sales department will depend, of course, upon the size of the company and the nature of the business. The principles underlying its organization remain much the same, however. The nature of the organization depends somewhat upon whether the salesmen travel out of the home office or from divisional headquarters or branches. In the latter case there will be a general sales manager at headquarters who exercises supervision over the branch sales managers. The salesman will then be under the direct supervision and control of the branch manager who is in close touch with him and the conditions surrounding his work.


Naturally, in large concerns the organization is likely to be intricate. The salesman will do well, if it be possible, to study carefully a diagram and description of the organization of which he is a part so as to gain a clear idea, not only of the interrelation of its different divisions and- subdivisions but, more important, the personal points of contact with himself. He should know in detail the nature of his relation to the sales manager, the advertising manager, the sales-promotion manager and the various sales correspondents, with special reference to his duties and responsibilities in relation to each and how he may prepare himself to cooperate.

General sales policies

Every concern which produces something to be marketed must determine upon certain sales policies. The salesman must make himself thoroughly familiar with these. Chief among them are :

The selection of channels through which the goods are to be distributed shall they go through jobbers, through retailers, a combination of those, or possibly direct to the consumer? The fixing of prices, including a consideration of standardized prices, quantity prices, price maintenance, price control and competitive prices. What shall be the terms of sale going into time credits, trade discounts, cash discounts, and exclusive sales?

In theory, at least, sales policies are determined by the board of directors or by the chief executives. The relation of the sales department to general sales policies is simply that of execution. However, this sharp line of demarcation is not always observed.

Supervision of sales
Usually sales are under the control of the general manager, to whom the sales manager reports. The sales manager is, of course, in direct charge of all activities of the sales department. It is not unusual for one of the chief executives of a company to be in general charge of sales. "Vice-President in Charge of Sales" is a title frequently met with. Very often the term "sales" includes advertising, and both the sales and advertising managers, coordinate in rank, report to the vice-president in charge of sales. Usually under this plan of organization, the vice-president in turn reports to the president or other general manager. In some instances the sales manager exercises the function of advertising manager; in others the advertising manager is subordinate ; in somewhat rarer instances the sales manager is subordinate to the advertising manager; and in others there is a separate advertising department whose manager is on an equal footing with the sales manager and reports only to the general manager. Irrespective of the particular type of organization, there is, or should be, close cooperation between sales and advertising. On this page we shall confine ourselves to a discussion of the functions of sales management and sales promotion, treating it from the standpoint of the salesman.

Personnel of sales department

The personnel of the sales department usually consists of a general sales manager, an assistant sales manager, branch sales manager, sales correspondents, statistical clerks and stenographers. The various titles are explanatory of the positions.


An efficient sales manager should possess, among other characteristics : the art of personal , contacts, the ability to make quick and easy adjustments to other personalities ; executive ability, especially in handling men and in office management ; a reasonable amount of selling experience; a knowledge of human nature and ability to size up men; and the ability to organize, instruct and direct others in various sales activities. It is seldom that a sales manager possesses all these qualities in a marked degree, but a reasonable combination of them is often found.

Functions of sales management

The chief functions of sales management are :

Recruiting and employing salesmen and fixing their compensation and respective territories. Training the salesmen in a knowledge of the goods and in methods of selling them. Supervising and directing the sales activities of the men out in the field, sending them letters and providing helpful information. Preparing and furnishing equipment for salesmen in the way of samples, sample cases, price lists, kits, portfolios, or whatever else may be necessary, depending on the nature of the business and the product or service sold. Supervising and checking the expense accounts, route lists, detailed reports and daily letters of the salesmen. Determining sales quotas, providing bonuses and prizes, conducting sales contests and special sales campaigns.


Preparing, or directing the preparation of, sales manuals, or salesmen's handbooks, giving detailed information about the company, the products, and the sales principles and methods involved in selling. Cooperating with the advertising department by helping the salesmen utilize and sell the company's advertising and aiding them to assist customers to make use of advertising helps, and by obtaining reports from the field concerning the reaction to the company's advertising and that of competitors. Cooperating with the production department in the matter of qualities, quantities, containers, packages, sizes and seasonal goods, and reporting their reaction on dealers and consumers. Making investigations of the products or offering to discover new uses and new appeals to dealer or consumer. Conducting, or arranging for, special market surveys and analyses of territories with a view to discovering new markets for the goods or new methods of developing old markets

Preparing for and supervising special courses in salesmanship

These include lectures, group discussions, and problem solutions covering the entire subject of salesmanship applied to the company's particular offering. Assigned work is performed and handed in by the salesmen. Such courses are sometimes conducted by correspondence where group meetings are not practicable, and include :

Studying and analysing the product with a view to discovering new uses, devising new sizes, shapes and containers and new appeals to dealers and consumers.


Studying the equipment of salesmen, such as sample kits, models, portfolios, samples of products, and display cards. Preparing sales manuals and salesmen's handbooks containing detailed information concerning the company and the product, sales instruction, and solutions of sales problems. Preparing sales literature, booklets, pamphlets and special sales letters ; and editing periodical bulletins and house organs sent to the salesmen. Devising and handling special sales campaigns and sales contests sometimes involving prizes and bonuses. Preparing and conducting programs for conferences and conventions of salesmen. Preparing and conducting exhibits in business and industrial shows and general conventions. Stimulating sales through established channels and winning back old customers.

Naturally, many of these activities will be much more effectively handled by a separate department of sales promotion than would be possible by the sales manager and sales department alone. Let us now consider these various policies and activities from -the standpoint of the salesman and his customers.

Sales channels
The routes and factors through which goods pass from producers to consumers were formerly pretty well standardized as shown by the following elementary chart: 1. Manufacturer

2. Wholesaler or jobber 3. Retailer 4. Consumer It was formerly considered to be bad business ethics for the manufacturer to deal directly with either the retailer or the consumer. However, the growth of large retail organizations such as department stores, chain stores and cooperative associations of retailers and consumers which bought in wholesale quantities induced the manufacturers to sell direct to them. The development of selling direct to the retailer trade also induced direct dealings with individual consumers and the growth of "house-to-house" selling by the manufacturer and the jobber.. At the present time the old standard method of distribution is no longer exclusive. The entire market is an open one although the standard method is still a common one and possesses advantages which will prevent it from being abandoned. Jobber distribution Where the manufacturer distributes through the jobber exclusively, the following advantages accrue to the salesman and his customers. The jobber (customer) is protected by the manufacturer from his own competition and is often aided by his specialty or missionary salesmen who sell direct to the dealer and place the orders with the jobber. The salesman for the manufacturer is relieved from such prospecting. His customers are easy to locate. The type of buyers is of a higher grade. This develops a higher type of salesmanship. There are few losses from poor accounts. Most jobbers discount their


bills. There is very little collecting to be done. There is not so much hardship in travel. The salesman can confine his work to the larger towns. Retail distribution Where the manufacturer distributes through the retail trade, the customer (retailer) gains an advantage in prices; the salesman can specialize on his proposition in a way that a jobber's salesman cannot or will not do ; he is nearer to the ultimate consumer and can gain a better knowledge of consumer needs and demands and of the retailer's problems in handling his line. He can effectively meet competition by performing special services in helping to move the goods. Consumer distribution There are many products and services which from their nature cannot be jobbed or retailed. Office appliances, household machines, gas and electric service, insurance and educational courses, constitute some examples. These must be sold directly to the user. Among the advantages to the salesman in this form of distribution are: Less direct competition; a better chance for specialty salesmanship and a more numerous class of prospects. It is desirable that the salesman, especially the man new to selling work, have some knowledge of how the sales manager ordinarily works and just what he does to kelp in touch with the salesman's work and to keep the salesman in touch with the home office and with his associates in the selling organization. This knowledge should help the salesman know approximately what cooperation to expect and how he can best cooperate with the sales manager. The same advantages, in lesser degree, exist in house-to-house selling. In this latter form of selling the average sale is usually small.

Nevertheless, this type of salesmanship affords good training for higher grades of specialty selling. It also offers a steady employment for those who are not qualified for more important selling work.

Standard prices and price maintenance

When a company standardizes its prices and maintains a fair measure of price control, the customer is protected to a considerable extent from cut-price competition. The salesman also gains the same advantage. He will occasionally lose orders by reason of not being able to meet lower prices, but the gains are greater than the losses. Standardized prices compel the salesman to sell on the merits of the product or service instead of price. This promotes a higher grade of salesmanship. Policies and activities of the sales manager The following sections provide a survey of the main policies and activities of the sales manager in his relations to the salesman: Sales letters and reports. In most concerns the sales manager keeps in daily contact with the salesman by means of letters, inspirational suggestions, market reports and the like. The purpose is to keep the salesman in close contact with the department and keep him fully advised concerning goods, markets, and general sales activities. He will be told what other salesmen are doing and how they do it. He will be complimented on good work and corrected on poor work. The sales manager, if he be truly a sales manager, will take a personal interest in the salesman and endeavour to encourage and assist him. On the other hand, the salesman will

usually be expected to communicate daily with the sales manager. This takes the form of a letter and orders, if any, and a detailed report on his activities. A report sheet is supplied for that purpose. There is a twofold effect in this report : To keep the sales manager advised as to the details of the salesman's work, and to require the salesman to review his activities each day. These details are sometimes irksome to the selling type of mind, but the practice is valuable. It compels the salesman to review and pass judgment upon his work. It also enables the sales manager to do so.

Sales conferences and sales training courses

In most concerns a system of sales conferences is organized and conducted by the sales manager. The main purposes are to bring salesmen into touch with each other, analyse sales problems, suggest solutions, improve methods of selling, and gain a better knowledge of goods and markets. These conferences should encourage, stimulate and inspire the sales force. In concerns where the sales force is a local one, such conferences are held weekly; in others they are monthly; and in some aggressive specialty selling organizations, brief meetings are held each business day morning. In most large organizations with branches there are regional conferences held quarterly. In others the entire sales force is convened at headquarters once or twice each year. The programs will depend upon the nature of the business. They are mostly instructional with some inspirational features. The modern tendency is to eliminate purely "pep" features and make the conference a business gathering for business purposes. Such conferences as these offer the salesman an excellent opportunity to tie in with his sales organization and gain useful information.

In many concerns the salesmen are taken through a sales training course. Almost every well organized, progressive concern today provides an effective training course for new men. A smaller number provide one at intervals for its older men. This practice has been found effective and is rapidly growing. The course will usually consist of ten or twelve sessions at such intervals as may be practicable. Instruction will be given in general principles and methods of salesmanship together with practical applications to the particular product sold. The course will be conducted preferably by some one in the sales department who is specially qualified. It is sometimes conducted by an expert from outside. When properly handled it will greatly benefit the entire sales force. Experienced salesmen as well as the new salesman benefit from it. The sessions consist of short lectures, discussions, solutions of actual sales problems and, when practicable, some actual training on the job.

Sales quotas
It is a common practice for sales managers to prepare an estimate or a budget of the amount of business which ought to be obtained from the salesman's territory. It is usually large enough to act as a constant stimulant to the salesman, but not so large as to discourage him. As a rule it is fair and equitable and is based upon careful comparisons and estimates. It affords a valuable check-up for the salesman and prevents carelessness and waste of time. The ambitious salesman will welcome this opportunity to measure his achievement against expectations and will constantly spur himself on to equal or exceed his quota.


Sales contests, bonuses and prizes

Special sales campaigns and contests are frequently conducted by the sales department. Bonuses and prizes are offered and are so adjusted as to come reasonably within the reach of diligent salesmen. Such campaigns offer to the salesmen the interest and excitement of a contest and tend to break up monotony. They afford the satisfaction of being a prize winner, and of gaining something extra in the way of compensation. If not carried to excess they are a useful means of stimulating sales and are profitable to both the company and the salesmen.

Sales manuals and portfolios

Most concerns furnish salesmen with a sales manual or "salesman's guide." It is usually constructed with great care and covers the salesman's entire needs and requirements. It handles in detail such matters as the company, the products, the sales policies, terms, credits, adjustments, reports and the like. Some manuals contain a brief survey of the principles and methods of salesmanship as applied to the company's particular offering, giving special attention to objections, methods of anticipating objections and sales resistance encountered. It brings to the salesmen the ideas and experience of the sales executives and star salesmen of the company. A good sales manual is a valuable aid to the salesman and he can make daily use of it in his work. Some concerns which do extensive advertising provide the salesmen with a special advertising portfolio containing illustrations and discussions of the advertising. This is a substantial aid to the salesman in presenting his talk on the advertising. We shall discuss this subject in greater detail in "Utilizing The Company's Advertising." Frequently, there are numerous other portfolios furnished; for

example, those containing endorsement letters and samples or facsimile reproductions of sizes, shapes and colours. These are carefully prepared with a view to aiding the salesman in his presentation.

House organs and bulletins

In many concerns a periodical house organ or bulletin is published and sent at regular intervals to the salesmen. In some cases it is a weekly publication, in others a monthly. It usually contains interesting news concerning what is going on inside the organization as well as out in the field. It will contain special articles along the line of products and sales. It will include interchange of ideas, sales experiences, and much news of a personal nature. A well-edited house organ will keep the salesman in closer touch with the company and pore especially with the sales organization. It will promote a fellow feeling among the salesmen and stimulate a sense of loyalty to the company. The modern tendency is to make the house organ more of a business sheet and less of a "hiphurrah." However, the news and personal elements predominate. It is a valuable adjunct to sales efficiency.

Work Experience
1. Finding the job
I was hired as assistant administrator in the Arabtec construction company on January 15th followed by an interview with Administrator manager who is a friend of my relative.

2. Working Permit

In order to work legally in Dubai, it is essential to acquire a student labour which I received successfully with the help of a sponsorship provided by the company

3. Training Plan
I entered into an agreement with my employer regarding the training programme that it would be for the period of one month with the payment of 1500 Dirham. The timing was to work for 8 hours a day for 6 days in a week, with Friday being a holiday.

4. Job description
The training plan outlined the expected outcomes from the internship. These included developing an understanding of dealing with the customers in the dubai., e-marketing and recognising clients'.Maintaining a good relationship with the clients was the most important aspect of the job.

5. Weekly Duties
On a daily basis there were important tasks to be done. These tasks were assigned to each person by the Manager on Duty for that particular day. Allocation of these tasks was decided based on what shift each employee was working and whether or not it was the best use of that employee's time.There were three possible shifts that could be assigned to each member of the office staff. These shifts were: Morning Shift | 9.00am 8.00pm


This shift dealt mainly with the calls from customers awaiting pick-up for our Yosemite tour, which began at 6am. The person on this shift would forward the office calls to their cellphone and answer between 6am-7am, then arrive at the office at 8am. Afternoon shift | 12.00pm 8.00pm Similar to the morning shift, but mainly to provide someone to cover the lunch breaks for those on earlier shifts. Evening shift | 5.00pm 2.00am This shift was mainly to provide customer service until late at night and to provide someone to take last minute reservations. From 12.00am to 6.00am the calls were forwarded to the employee's cellphone allowing them to leave the office.

Nature of work
Sales executives sell products and services for a company in order to boost profitability and increase market share. Businesses in various industries, from health care to engineering, hire sales executives. These employees come from a variety of backgrounds, and may have expertise with the item that they are selling. A technical sales executive, for example, may have an engineering background to support the understanding of products in the industry.


Maintain Market Awareness In order to tailor their sales pitches, sales executives need to keep abreast of changes in the market that impact their target audience. They must understand dips and rises in demand for clients' products, lifetime and wear of machinery, and changes in the stock market that may hinder sales. In addition, they should be aware of the sales strategies of competitors, both for their business and their clients' businesses. The more alert a sales executive is, the more accurately the needs of customers are targeted and new market opportunities identified.

Meet a Bottom Line Most sales executives have quarterly and annual sales goals that they strive to meet throughout the year. To do so, they attempt to convince existing clients to increase their purchases from the company--a process which is called "upselling"--or search for new clients. Often, sales executives operate on the idea that it takes less effort to retain current customers than to find new ones, and, therefore, focus their energy on upselling.

Maintain Relationships A sales executive is often a master of relationships with clients, vendors and employees. A good relationship can lead to new sales leads, increased purchasing and referrals. Sales executives put a great deal of time and energy into creating and nurturing their relationships, and make a point to offer value and opportunity wherever possible.

Manage a Territory


Depending on the nature of a business, a sales executive may be responsible for taking care of clients in a geographic region and be the person called with problems. Managing a specific sales territory often involves travel to meet with customers and suppliers to ensure that operations are smooth and to reinforce the strength of the relationship.

Negotiate Contracts For ongoing projects or large orders, a sales executive is responsible for negotiating the terms of the sale and drawing up a contract. This ensures that both parties understand what is and is not included in the order and protects against liability. In the sale of equipment, for example, a sales executive may negotiate prices for the setup, installation and testing, in addition to the initial purchase In short, the following are the responsibilities of a Customer Sales Executive

Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers via meetings, telephone calls and emails. Visiting potential customers for new business. Making accurate, rapid cost calculations, and providing customers with quotations. Negotiating the terms of an agreement and closing sales. Gathering market and customer information and providing feedback on future buying trends. Representing demonstrations. your organisation at trade exhibitions, events and

Negotiating variations in price, delivery and specifications with your company's managers.

Advising on forthcoming product developments and discussing special promotions. Liaising with suppliers to check on the progress of existing orders. Checking quantities of goods on display and in stock. You may also be involved with identifying new markets and business opportunities. Recording sales and order information and sending copies to the sales office. Reviewing your own sales performance, aiming to meet or exceed targets.

Roles Played by a Customer Sales executive

Usually there are seven key roles played by a sales executive. They are:

The Strategic Planner Almost exclusively focused on pre-sale activities The Client-Focused Positioner Clearly identifies the key benefits a buyer will purchase, as well as bridge the marketing and selling gap The Persuasive Communicator - Focuses on presenting, questioning, and managing sales communications with the buyer The Focused Catalyst Pinpoints driving a unique transaction as well as bridging the sales to service gap The Concerted Facilitator Almost exclusively focused on post-sale activities The Effective Manager - Focuses on the entire process and ensures goals are achieved, and on driving continuous selling cycle improvement initiatives The Value-Driven Guardian Focuses on expanding new opportunities with existing relationships and protecting existing relationships from the competition

When we take theory & practical experience into consideration, in theory the main objective is usually to gain knowledge about facts, events, principles, concepts, and such. Whereas verification of skills is best achieved by actually doing something in the real world i.e., through practical experience. As we all know that a sales executive is an experienced businessperson who increases a company's profits by delivering clients a wide range of products and services. Many companies operate on a global scale, thus increasing the brands exposure to overseas markets and creating a broader base of potential clients and, ultimately, profits. Sales executives work in a variety of industries, such as computer technology, consumer goods and financial services. As sales executive the first and foremost responsibility was to maintaining a healthy relationship with the company's clients. The client is the most important component to being a successful sales executive. As a Sales Executive it is necessary to be always available to the client and identify new business opportunities, customers, markets and potential products. When in the public eye it is also important to note that it is quite likely for a competitor or two to be lingering around the corner. This is a great opportunity to see what sort of products they are offering their customers and gives the sales


executive a chance to gather market intelligence without paying an expensive consultancy to do it for him. There are administrative sides being a sales executive that might not be as glamorous as attending a public function but they are critical. These include tracking sales through computer programs or on spreadsheets. Reporting must always be accurate and it if there is a discrepancy it will be the sales executive who must answer to senior management. Lastly, as a good sales executive it is necessary know what the customer does and does not want, so remaining vigilant in gathering customer satisfaction surveys will not only contribute to the executive's success, but the company as a whole. Practically speaking, the following are the responsibilities of Sales executives: listening to customer requirements and presenting appropriately to make a sale; maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers in person and via telephone calls and emails; cold calling to arrange meetings with potential customers to prospect for new business; responding to incoming email and phone enquiries; acting as a contact between a company and its existing and potential markets; negotiating the terms of an agreement and closing sales; gathering market and customer information; representing the organisation at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations;

negotiating on price, costs, delivery and specifications with buyers and managers; challenging any objections with a view to getting the customer to buy; advising on forthcoming product developments and discussing special promotions; creating detailed proposal documents, often as part of a formal bidding process that is largely dictated by the prospective customer; liaising with suppliers to check the progress of existing orders; checking quantities of goods on display and in stock; recording sales and order information and sending copies to the sales office, or entering into a computer system; reviewing your own sales performance, aiming to meet or exceed targets; gaining a clear understanding of customers' businesses and requirements; making accurate, rapid cost calculations and providing customers with quotations; feeding future buying trends back to employers;

attending team meeting and sharing best practice with colleagues.