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Assessment Brief
Unit and Assessment Details Course Title: Unit Name: Unit number: Assessor: Internal Verifier: Assessment Title: Assessment Method: Assessing in: Number of Words: Outcomes Covered: Issue Date: Due Date: College No. HND Business Administrative Practices and Procedures 48 Ms. Arooj Zeb Mrs. Afshan Ali Evaluate the administrative functions within organization, likelihood that efficient-administrative functions leads towards the success of an organization. Assignment and Power Point presentation Group (3 members) 1500 words max 1& 2 4th April, 2012 26th April, 2012 Learner Signature

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Outcomes Covered Outcome 1 2 Description

Prepare, operate and evaluate an event or project utilising the appropriate skills and resources required for the project or event Demonstrate understanding of the skills and knowledge required in the effective management and administration of an event or project

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Purpose and Aim The aim of this assignment is to learn about the ways in which events or projects can be identified that will help the organization to meet its goals and objectives. Learners will be asked to act like a project manager and identify any project and work on it. In this way, learners will be able to develop administrative and investigative skills and identify problems that might be aroused while working on a project or event. Learners are allowed to use review different sources of information e.g. internet, books, magazines, journals, personal interviews etc. Scenario You are working as a Project Manager in an organization City Sides & Co. Being a Project Manager you have many responsibilities and you have to follow principles regarding a project that you work on. Recently, you have been given a project by the owner and asked to complete the project successfully in given time, budget and resources. You are required to make a team for the project and assign them tasks and by utilizing your administrative skills, you need to complete the given project successfully. Make a group of three persons in which one acts like a project manager and assigns tasks to other two members and completes the project successfully by doing a team work. Below are some organizations and you can choose any of them or you may select any organization of your choice and meet the project manager and collect data for the below mentioned tasks. List of organizations National Bank of Pakistan PIA (Pakistan International Airline) PESCO NGOs PTCL Pakistan Railway Khyber teaching Hospital, Peshawar Khyber Match Factory Grading Statement (For assignment) Criteria P1 Pass Identify an event or M1 project and justify choice. (Outcome 1.1) Carry out the project within a specified time Merit Construct a WBS of the selected project and identify all the major tasks that are to be completed in given time and resources. Distinction Propose ways through which the all the major tasks specified in WBS can be completed in given time and resources without
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scale and with the chosen resources. (Outcome 1.2) Evaluate the success of M2 the project including the methods and resources used to complete it. (Outcome 1.3)

any delay. Identify the major hurdles that might cause failure to the selected project. D2 Give recommendations regarding how to cope with the identified problems and make the selected project successful.


Set up the project, choose the completion date and allocate responsibilities. (Outcome 2.1) Demonstrate leadership, effective time management and skills at prioritising and delegating. (Outcome 2.1) Support and monitor the project. (Outcome 2.3) Take corrective action if necessary to keep the project on schedule. (Outcome 2.2)




Tasks for P1 Identify the project or event which you are working on and give justification. Give a brief overview of the selected project/ event by describing its objectives and constraints, required budget and key people involved in it. Tasks for P2 Specify the expected completion time of the project by making a Gantt chart. Identify the financial, human and physical resources in your selected project.

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Tasks for P3 Being a project manager, evaluate the chances of success of the project on which you are working keeping in view the mentioned resources in P2. Identify techniques for evaluating the Success, Failure, and everything in between of the project, by using Project Success Criteria Model. Tasks for P4 Set up a project by assigning tasks and roles to the projects team members in such a way so that your selected project completes in the mentioned estimated timescale. Tasks for P5 Demonstrate the leadership style that you are following as a project manager. Determine ways through which you manage the time and skills in an effective way in delegating authority. Tasks for P6 Explain the importance of clear communication and welcoming team members opinions and suggestions in a project. Determine that ways through which you will monitor and get the relevant information about the progress of the selected project. Tasks for P7 Make a revised Gantt chart by identifying the tasks which couldnt be completed on time and take corrective actions so that the project will be completed in the expected timescale. Tasks for M1 Construct a Work breakdown structure for the selected project which clearly identifies all the requirements of WBS such as mission, goal statement, activities and tasks. Tasks for D1 Give suggestions regarding how to complete the project under study successfully in given time and resources. Tasks for M2 Identify the major factors or hurdles that might cause a complete failure of the project that you are working on. Tasks for D2 Recommend ways to cope with the identified problems in M2 so that the selected project leads to a success.

Resources Required:
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Administrative Practices and Procedures lectures slides Administrative Practices and Procedures Text book World Wide Web

General Instructions The copy of this assignment brief should be attached with the assignment as annexure. Books and online resources can be used at the college library and Central Computer Lab. Proper referencing should be given in the Harvard Style. Visits need to be arranged and made to the organizations, meeting the respective managers, the college will provide a reference letter for the project and the manager of the organization is welcome to contact the administration at the college. The college has strict penalty for plagiarism and the assignment will be cancelled if the assignment is observed for this. Internal Verifier Assessor

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