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SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil


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To study racism is to study walls. The walls forcibly keep people of color and white people separate from each other. inhuman. “Dismantling Racism: The Continuing Challenge to White America”. http://books. and greed. the effects of uncontrolled power. You and I are urgently called to join the efforts of those who know it is time to tear down once and for all the walls of racism. people of color and white people alike. the prison of individual. will inevitably destroy us all. and unjust. in our separate prisons we are all prevented from achieving the human potential that God intends for us. Brick by brick. WE MUST FIGHT IT BOTH INDIVIDUALLY AND TOGETHER. Brandt ’91 (Joseph Brandt. It shackles the victimizers as well as the victim. The limitations imposed on people of color by poverty. but are offered the vision and the possibility of freedom. subservience. We are not condemned to an inexorable The prison of racism confines us all. But we have also seen that the walls of racism can be dismantled. The danger point of self-destruction seems to be drawing ever more and powerlessness are cruel. and cultural racism can be dismantled.SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab Racism Impact IN ORDER TO OVERCOME RACISM. 2 . institutional. privilege. stone by stone. Minister. which are the marks of our white prison. 1991.

" says Kierkegaard. and the State itself would be in "danger" of relinquishing its hold on citizens as an object of libation. “Self-Determination. to act in history." the nineteenth. metallic surfaces of the State. . except he who excludes himself by becoming a crowd. nationalism and national self-determination. 3 . Everything about it is false. so one is forced to love it. International Law. suppresses everything that might be loved. That is the moral torment to which all of us today are exposed. n22 citizens must strive to produce their own private expressions of progress. Beres ‘94 (Louis Rene Beres. we must understand the sponsibility to be in the world. If we are unwilling to accept abolition of the future. we actually turn national frontiers into prison walls Allegedly offering ourselves to a "higher cause. All-too-many are born: for the superfluous the State was invented. n20 In giving ourselves over completely to national self-determination. . . but itself kills. . but by Nietzsche: The State tells lies in all the tongues of good and evil. ." n21 The task. Lexis) We may turn to Kierkegaard for guidance. n19 And what is the most degrading crowd of all? The answer is supplied not by Kierkegaard. because there is nothing else. and whatever it says it lies -- and whatever it has it has stolen. each man and woman must understand the lethal encroachments of the State. We nurture incessant preparations for killing by embracing the cold. . As Simone Weil has observed: "The State is a cold concern. . Recognizing in their current leadership an incapacity to surmount collective misfortune. . we commit a grievous form of idolatry. Recognizing the "crowd" as "untruth. . Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law. Spring of 1994. Faced with endless infamy of the modern State. and Survival on Planet Earth”. In order to reject the idolatry of militaristic then. which cannot inspire love. Professor of Political Science at Purdue University." that lock up capacity for thought and authentic feeling. For "crowd" is an abstraction and has not hands: but each individual has ordinarily two hands. then we must rescue life from the threat of war and genocide.century Danish philosopher warns of thedangers that lurk in submission to multitudes: A crowd in its very concept is the untruth. is for each person to become an individual. "is excluded." n23 We live in a twilight era.SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab Impacts of Statism STATE POWER LEADS TO WAR AND GENOCIDE. "From [*10] becoming an individual no one. by reason of the fact that it renders the individual completely impenitent and irresponsible. Without such preparations national leaders would jeopardize their positions. or at least weakens his sense of responsibility by reducing it to a fraction.

Almost all of the approximately 30 significant conflicts since the end of the Cold War have been internal. induce humanitarian intervention. "Losing the Moment? The United States and the World After the Cold War.85) Under the third option. this is the best long-term guiding principle and vision. and the rule of law. such a world would have a better chance of dealing cooperatively with the world's major problems. the great powers will continue to face difficult choices on how to prevent communal conflicts from occurring or from escalating in intensity.S. “Conflicts after the Cold War”. Dean at Harvard School of Government. Program director for strategy. such as nuclear proliferation. p. and force structure of RAND’s Project AIR FORCE. the global environment would be more open and more receptive to American values — understood as democracy. HEGE IS KEY TO CHECK REGIONAL CONFLICTS. scattered around the globe and often taking place within states. and proliferating in number. Spring 1996. but because a world in which the United States exercises leadership would have tremendous advantages. Expanded Academic) Communal conflicts. and the nation cannot afford the military.Africa and the rim of the former Soviet Union. continue to aspire to a role more like the sheriff of the posse. and cumulatively create long-term and global threats to international security. Such a vision is desirable not as an end in itself." Washington Quarterly. threats of regional hegemony by renegade states. 4 . enabling the United States and the world to avoid another global cold or hot war and all the attendant dangers. are likely to be the prevalent form of conflict. the United States must a global policeman.S.SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab Hegemony Impacts U. enabling international coalitions to pursue interests that it shares whether or not the United States itself supplies the bulk of the military forces involved. Nye ‘96 (Joseph Nye. Second. and political costs of being where it has important interests. U. Washington Quarterly.S. and low-level conflicts. U. Instead. First. economic. Although most of these conflicts are not immediately damaging beyond their respective borders. Khalilzad. US LEADERSHIP IS KEY TO PREVENTING PROLIFERATION AND GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR. including a global nuclear exchange. dopctrine. Finally. the United States would seek to retain global leadership and to preclude the rise of a global rival or a return to multipolarity for the indefinite future. The most likely locations of these conflicts are the regions of collapsed empires . Its role must be proportionate to its interests in each conflict. Thus. American leadership is a key factor in limiting the frequency and destructiveness of all three kinds of conflicts. spreading geographically. This does not mean that the United States could or should get involved in every potential or ongoing conflict. free markets. 95 (Zalmay. Spring. leadership would therefore be more conducive to global stability than a bipolar or a multipolar balance of power system. leadership would help preclude the rise of another hostile global rival. although great power conflicts are less likely than ever before to arise out of global or regional balance of power considerations. On balance. they can spread geographically.

SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab Economic Impacts ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LEADS TO NUCLEAR WAR. 30) If so. stocks began to collapse in October. Forget suicide car bombers and Afghan fanatics. thousands of banks and brokerages went bankrupt. They and their leaders have embraced market principles—and drawn closer to the West—because they believe that our system can work for them. But was blood: World War II. There were similar horror stories August 26. At the bottom. It brought Adolf Hitler to power in Germany. this new failure—the failure to develop an international system to hedge against the possibility of worldwide depression—will open their eyes to their folly. U. Mead ‘92 (Sir Walter Russell. then the market headed south big time. Hundreds of millions—billions—of people around the world have pinned their hopes on the international market economy. and the rules change. to be exact. even if that meant war with the United States and Britain. Wages plummeted. millions of people lost the biggest impact of the Depression on the their jobs. China. we will face a But what if it can’t? What new period of international conflict: South against North. member of NPQ Board of Advisors. Las-Vegas Review Journal. New Perspectives Quarterly. if the global economy stagnates—or even shrinks? In that case. The Depression United States—and on world history—wasn’t money. P. not the terrorist training camps that pose the biggest immediate threat to world peace. Russia. Summer. <http://www. 1998. staged a rally. They aren’t just bad for your 401(k). undermined the ability of moderates to oppose Joseph Stalin’s power in Russia. the Dow Jones industrial average had lost 90% of its value. We stop playing “The Price is Right” and start up a new round of “Saving Private Ryan. How can this be? Think about the mother of all global meltdowns: the Great Depression that started in 1929. It’s the financial markets.S. ECONOMIC DECLINE IS EMPIRICALLY PROVEN TO LEAD TO A NEW WORLD WAR. Let the world economy crash far enough. India—these countries with their billions of people and their nuclear weapons will pose a much greater danger to world order than Germany and Japan did in the ‘30s.” 5 . rich against poor.php?t=46027>] The United States and the world are facing what could grow into the greatest threat to world peace in 60 years. and convinced the Japanese military that the country had no choice but to build an Asian empire.cross-x. Mead ‘98 [Walter Russell. That’s the thing about depressions.

Still. or deface a U. normalcy rests on the belief in a reliable future. Freedom: Living by our faith…and preserving our liberties”. It's not surprising. Stites ‘03 (Tom Sites.SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab War Destroys Civil Liberties FEAR OF WAR CAUSES PEOPLE TO SURRENDER CIVIL LIBERTIES. People longed for normalcy but had little hope of soon regaining it. flag. they declared. and so would fear of freedom.S. Many dismiss the claim that the war on terrorism has created a civil liberties emergency. 2001. http://www.findarticles. which is always equivocal. the September 11. pundits continued making Like most catastrophes. derided for exaggerating threats to liberty or exaggerating the importance of liberties that majorities disdain-the liberty to utter racial slurs. “Fear Vs. Civil libertarians are often were easy to discern: Fear of flying would increase. along with tabloid TV Some future trends. UU World: The Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association. attacks sharpened our collective sense of unpredictability. however. 6 . often with predictable inaccuracy: Irony was dead. fear of terrorism is much stronger than fear of domestic repression-or love of liberty. Jan/Feb 2003. play violent video games.

http://www. THE LONG-TERM ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE DEVASTATING. air and water for long years to come. This would mean the end of civilization and everything we value – just like that. contaminates water and air. computers or sensors could make a mistake – and just like that our beautiful world could be obliterated.plutonium 239 has a 'half-life' of twenty four thousand years. but is simply another way of getting a bomb to do what it is designed to do. All of these together constitute so-called radioactive 'fallout'. an accidental launch could end up in a full-fledged nuclear war. The men and women in charge of these weapons could make a mistake. President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. this radioactive dust hangs in the atmosphere. We can’t let that happen.” Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. The nuclear accident at Chernobyl and nuclear test sites are 'living' evidence of this. meaning that it takes that long for the radioactivity output of the plutonium to come down by one-half. partly from intermediate radioactive decay products of the fuel generated during the The US and Russia have made progress in reducing nuclear weapons from their Cold War highs. is taken up by plants and enters the food chain right at the bottom. Movement for Nuclear Disarmament ’01 (Movement for Nuclear Disarmament. After the blast itself has dissipated. and 4.” 7 .000 nuclear weapons in the world. The radioactive life span of many components of this dust is very long. May 25. is spread by wind and rain.500 of these are on "hair-trigger" alert. and this fact of dissipation is used by strategic hawks to claim that radioactivity release by a nuclear blast is no special evil. “Why are Nuclear Weapons are Uniquely Objectionable?”. 2001. If a single nuclear weapon were accidentally launched. 2000. but we still have a long way to go. Radioactive dust thus impregnates soil. “It’s Time to End the Nuclear Weapons Threat. this pulse dissipates rapidly. “Radioactivity from a nuclear blast comes in two broad forms.angelfire.SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab Nuclear War Impacts A NUCLEAR ATTACK WOULD DESTROY CIVILIZATION AND THE WORLD. which can kill people where they stand if the dose is high enough. With current launch-on-warning doctrines. and in some part from 'induced' radioactivity generated in surrounding non- 'dust' or radioactive material by the immediate radioactive blast. There remain some 35. partly from unused fuel as argued in the previous paragraph. http://www. However. it could destroy a city but that’s not all.wagingpeace. . The first is an immediate radioactivity pulse. Krieger 2000 (David Kieger. the second form of radioactivity release is persistent radioactivity.

“Africa-at-Large. North Korea or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has never forgiven the US for coming to the aid of South Korea during the Korean war. Both the Americans and South Koreans claim the submarine was on a military spying mission. Ever since the end of the savage three-year Korean war in the early 1950s. Even the most local conflicts have the potential to escalate into a full-scale war. The New Scientist. http://www. warns M V Ramana one of the researchers from Princeton University. It is true too that at the moment the North/South Korean border is the most fortified in the world." Ramana told New Scientist. military tension between the hard-line communist north and the American backed South Korea has remained dangerously high. possibly nuclear. She points out that the north has dug numerous tunnels along the demilitarised zone as part of the invasion plans.SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab Korea Impacts SMALL SCALE CONFLICTS WILL ESCALATE TO FULL FLEDGED NUCLEAR WARS. The DPRK is one of the most secretive countries in the world where a visitor is given the impression that the people's hatred for the US is absolute while the love for their government is total.newscientist. 8 . "It is imperative that the two countries not go to war .com) They conclude that hundreds of thousands of people would be killed or badly injured in every city. a small North Korean submarine was caught in South Korean waters after getting entangled in fishing nets. it is extremely difficult to conclude. However. a visitor is never given a chance to speak to ordinary Koreans about the politics of their country. North Korean media constantly churns out a tirade of attacks on "imperialist" America and its "running dog" South Korea. 2002. Lexis) If there is one place today where the much-dreaded Third World War could easily erupt and probably reduce earth to a huge smouldering cinder it is the Korean Peninsula in Far East Asia. The US mistrust of the north's intentions is so deep that it is no secret that today Washington has the largest concentration of soldiers and weaponry of all descriptions in south Korea than anywhere else in the World. Early this year. Edwards ‘02 (Rob Edwards. Third world war: Watch the Koreas”.6 million in India and 1. A NORTH KOREAN WAR WOULD ESCALATE INTO A NUCLEAR WORLD WAR THREE.8 million in Pakistan. Africa News ‘99 (Africa News. October 25. She still regards the US as an occupation force in South Korea and wholly to blame for the non- reunification of the country. New Jersey and an expert on nuclear policy in India. “Three million would die in “limited war” over Kashmir”. Some of the armada that was deployed in the recent bombing of Iraq and in Operation Desert Storm against the same country following its invasion of Kuwait was from the fleet permanently stationed on the Korean Peninsula. In fact the Koreas are technically still at war. A foreign visitor to either Pyongyong in the North or Seoul in South Korea will quickly notice that the divided country is always on maximum alert for any eventuality. She also accuses the north of violating South Korean territorial waters. No visitor moves around alone without government escort. the intension of the alleged intrusion will probably never be known because the craft's crew were all found with fatal gunshot wounds to their heads in what has been described as suicide pact to hide the truth of the mission. In the DPRK. The prospect is credible and devastating.however limited in scale. May 24. The American government argues that its presence in South Korea was because of the constant danger of an invasion from the north. 1999. amounting to 2. Whether this is really so. apart from America itself. America has vast economic interests in South Korea.

October 24.SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab NORTH KOREAN MILITARY ACTION WOULD QUICKLY INVOLVE THE U. which the North Koreans are in no position to take issue with.. Yet there's good reason President Bush is not talking about taking out Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. that would be their decision. America. They would end up finding themselves reduced to a second-class nuclear power. 2002. The most densely populated Metropolitan U. The New York Times warned in its August 27. 2002 comment: "North Korea runs a more advanced biological. If we tried. Chol ’02 (Kim Myong Chol. "Agreed Framework Is Brain Dead.A. A nuclear-armed North Korea would be most destabilizing in the region and the rest of the world in the eyes of the Americans." (continued) The first two options should be sobering nightmare scenarios for a wise Bush and his policy planners.S. If they should opt for either of the scenarios. Shotgun Wedding Is the Only Option to Defuse Crisis. Director Center for Korean American Peace. the Dear Leader would bombard South Korea and Japan with never gas or even nuclear warheads. http://nautilus." Policy Forum Online. Japan and South Korea will certainly evaporate in The Day After scenario-type nightmare. and (according to one Pentagon study) kill up to a million Any military strike initiated against North Korea will promptly explode into a thermonuclear exchange between a tiny nuclear-armed North Korea and the world's superpower. AND LEAD TO A FULL- SCALE NUCLEAR WAR. targets American military bases and is developing missiles that could reach the lower 48 states. 9 .S. chemical and nuclear weapons program. resources in their arsenal to fight a full-scale nuclear exchange with the Americans in the last war of [hu]mynkind. The Americans would The North Koreans will use all their realize too late that the North Korean mean what they say.

In order to oust a regime based solely on might with few redeeming features to make it right. China Daily ‘04 (China Daily. HEGE.chinadaily." Kerry told supporters in Waterloo. but Kerry has said he will be more successful at it.S.and created a distraction by invading Iraq. Writer for the United Nations University Newsletter. have shown no signs of changing tack even if the Democrat is elected on Nov. 2004. while rewarding dictators who lent ready support? What answer to those who claim that aggression abroad was matched by repression at home. Yet countries like France and Germany.S. Lord Steyn. May/June 2004. how does one instill democracy in an inhospitable terrain by punishing friends and allies who dared to exercise their democratic right to dissent from a war whose justification still remains contentious. not stronger. with serious cutbacks to many liberties that citizens. The search for liberal democracy. against the backdrop of US rejection of the International Criminal Court and active efforts to undermine it. 2001. "He charged that Bush had "taken his eye" off the real threat to the United States -. 2. Fourth. and the history of supporting and arming repressive regimes. giving them an excuse to stay on the sidelines instead of helping with security and reconstruction. THE IRAQ WAR CREATES BACKLASH BY UNDERMINING DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS. which opposed the Iraq war." Kerry declared. AND EFFORTS TO COMBAT TERRORISM. residents and visitors alike had come to take for granted for decades? Emboldened by the curtailment of civil liberties in the bastion of democracy. has called "a monstrous failure of justice").groups like al Qaeda blamed for the Sept. the denial of basic justice to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay (which even a British law justice. justice meted out to Saddam by the US as an occupying power will be seen as being of questionable legality and legitimacy. This would be an exit without a Nor is it possible to promote the rule of law in world affairs by undermining strategy. many other governments have appropriated the language of the war on terror to wage their own wars on domestic dissidents. allies with "contempt and disdain" in the run up to the invasion of Iraq and in the war's aftermath. established institutions and conventions for ensuring that force is legitimately exercised were set aside by a power supremely confident of its might. http://www. "That is the hard truth.unu. SOFT POWER. Thakur ‘04 (Ramesh Thakur. in the war on terrorism. bring in more "The president's failures in Iraq have made us weaker. United Nations University Newsletter. says few follow”.SDI 2K8 Good Cards File #1 Grant/Phil STP Lab Iraq Impacts THE IRAQ WAR DAMAGES U. The president refuses to acknowledge it. "The president didn't even try. The White House treated Third. allies and train Iraqi troops to take over their own security. http://update. Iowa. Democracy might also be the one outcome that Washington can ill-afford in Iraq if it produces a Shiite-dominated Islamist regime. I will lead and I believe others will follow. attacks on the United States -. international law with respect to war. October 21. “Kerry Mocks Bush’s war leadership. 11. Both candidates have pledged to stay the course in Iraq. 10 . market economy and secular society may be put at risk by the wish for a quick transfer of power after rushed elections.S. “Iraq war has undermined the legitimacy of US goals”.