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Magda Alexa

Illinois Initial Secondary Certificate (Type 09), English Language Arts Middle School endorsement in Language Arts

DePaul University, Chicago, IL, 2012 B.A. of Education GPA: 3.6; Deans List: 8 Quarters; DePaul Scholars Award Scholarship

Teaching Experience
Student Teacher, Portage Park Elementary School, grade 7, Chicago, IL. January 2012 - March 2012

Helped support classroom management style and rules already in place, Managed and instructed the homeroom classroom and three other seventh grade classes. Collaborated with cooperating teacher and developed curriculum for Language Arts, Novel, and Reading classes using the Common Core State Standards. Developed a thematic unit on The Giver and taught it during Novel class. Monitored and assessed student progress and comprehension of content through class work, homework, presentations, discussions, and tests. Integrated personal examples and materials into lessons in order to connect with the students, provide visual aids, and motivate students to complete assigned work. Attended grade-level and IEP meetings and discussed case studies. Sunday School Teacher, Philadelphia Church, grades 5-6, Chicago, IL. Work as a team with another teacher to plan and deliver creative and age-appropriate lessons. Manage the classroom and deliver lessons in the absence of other teacher. Schedule and organize student field trips. September 2011 - Current

Teaching Related Experience

Volunteer, Junior Achievement, grades K-3, Chicago, IL. September 2007 - June 2010

Visited elementary schools in Chicago and tutored students in classroom setting. Team-taught lessons such as: Our Families, Our Community, and Entrepreneurship. Created hands-on experiences and emphasized comprehension for the students through exercises, games, and projects included in the lessons. Used quiz games to evaluate student understanding of the specific lesson taught and ability to apply the knowledge. Teacher's Aid, W. H. Taft High School, grade 9, Chicago, IL. June 2007 August 2007 Assisted in presenting lessons in English, Creative Writing, and Math. Guided students individually by monitoring their progress on assignments, reviewing and offering constructive criticism on improving their essays and work assigned. Worked with students requiring individual assistance and guidance in understanding and completing assignments.

Interactive Field Experiences

Observer, Luther North High School, grades 9-12, Chicago, IL. February 2010 Worked individually with ELL students and students with special needs in understanding requirements and guidelines, completing, and revising assignments. Supervised completion of the senior research paper as students worked in a computer lab. Reviewed and assessed student work such as essays and senior papers, provided feedback, and directed students individually in editing their work.

Work History
Receptionist, St. Mary of Providence, Chicago, IL. Nanny, Zuckerman Family, Chicago, IL April 2008 - Current September 2010 - September 2012

Professional Skills and Interests

Eager to participate in extracurricular activities such as Journalism, Yearbook, Music, college planning. Multicultural approach using literature and interdisciplinary resources. Utilize technology to enhance instruction and increase students' critical thinking skills. Have been playing the viola for about 13 years and participated in two orchestras.