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Criminal Law - Creative Project 1

Unit 3: Criminal Law - Creative Project 1

Creative Project: TV Mini-Series

Ramon E Jacoby

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System CJ-101

Professor M. Lukasik

December 21, 2008

Episode One:
Blaine “meets” the cops

Blaine your typical burglar was shocked when he saw the 55inch plasma screen television

as he entered the house through the back. Blaine did not realize he had left his finger prints on

the glass window he used to enter the property. When the owners got home they noticed that

their house had been burglarized. Immediately they call the police and the investigation begins.

Crime Scene Investigator Ramon Jacoby was called on to the scene. During his investigation he

gathered up evidence including a set of fingerprints. Those fingerprints later wore put into

I.A.F.I.S. (The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System), were Blaine was already

in for a previous conviction on two counts of possession with intent to distribute a controlled


A warrant was issued for Blaine’s arrest. Police went to 123 Davis Ave. The suspected

was observed removing high end electronics out the trunk of his vehicle that is when he was

apprehended. During the arrest Mr. Blaine attempted to escape out the book door which he was

later tackled down by several officers. Mr. Blaine was then booked which includes the process of

being fingerprinted, searched for illegal contraband, and photographed.

Episode Two: Blaine is off to trial and is found

guilty by a jury of his peers.

Within hours of his arrest Blaine was brought in front of judge where he was denied bond

and pretrial due to his previous crimes. At the preliminary hearing fingerprint evidence was

brought forward to the judge. A public defender was appointed to Blaine because he could not

afford a lawyer; there he entered a plea of not guilty. Blaine says he has an alibi. His alibi states

that he was with his girlfriend at the time, which later in the trial the witness was unreliable with

any information. At the trial Blaine was put on the witness stand where he mistakenly put

himself at the crime scene, and realized he just blew his case.

Episode Three:
Blaine is sentenced and turned over to the
corrections system.

Blaine was found guilty by a jury of his peers. His sentence was a concurrent sentence

because he was also found guilty for resisting arrest. Blaine is a repeat offender this would

definitely alter his sentencing. There are no mitigating factors that the judge considers Blaine is a

nuisance to society.

Mr. Blaine will serve his sentence at the Florida State Prison which is located at 7819

N.W. 228th Street Raiford, Florida 32026. The judge sentences Mr. Blaine for a maximum of 5

years, where he will be rehabilitated.