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A. Background of Statement Need. Green Leaves Company recognizes the need of Kingston University to open a new restaurant in new launched Business building. New opened restaurant should be located in an appropriate and available place for students and provide food services for students. The services, structure and design should have a capacity to serve high frequency of students, as this will be a one restaurant for new building. We further understand that Kingston University need a contractor to design and structure this project. This will be accomplished with the deliverables in section B (WBS).






Design Standar d Interior White Painting





Kitchen Utencils

Front Of@ice Sofa , Table & Chairs

Back Of@ice

Cozy Interior Green Painting


Kitchen Furniture


Coffee machine

B. Technical Approach Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Location. Good location- is a key to initial start for restaurant. Based upon information provided by Kingston University, we can conclude that the best approach to meet University need to locate a restaurant on the ground floor in a new building. Being located in a ground floor will take off additional expenses of allocation water and energy utilize as supply of these pipelines located in the first floor. Additionally ground floor location will be attracting the attention of students more easily. Structure. Structure of the restaurant will include setting out walls, ceiling, floor and lights. Estimated time for finishing structure part is one week. New restaurant interior design would be a combination of green and white. Suggested colours green and white is colour of freshness, innovation and positive fibres. Restaurant room should be designed in two styles. Standard interior and cosy interior depend on students preferences.

Furniture. Furniture according to design style suggested being as green sofas for cosy style part and chairs and tables for standard style part of the room. Additionally, main desk and kitchen furniture for back office. Equipment. The restaurant would provide both hot and cold food and drink services. Therefore restaurant firstly need refrigerator to keep foods fresh, griller to serve food, coffee machines for hot drinks. Additional facility is air conditioner and cash counter. C. Estimated of Resources Needed (staff, materials) 1. Resource requirements: ( full time commitment for 3 weeks) Labour: Project manager, Architectures, Engineer and 5 Employees. Procured Materials: Concrete, paint, cement. 2. Time: (3 weeks) Start date 1 June 3. Cost: Labour: Manager- 1 week 650 *3 week = 1350 Architectures- 1week =500 Employee-1 week 300*5=1500*3 week=4500 Engineer-1 week =300 Material: =3000 Equipment: =4000 Furniture: =2000 Total: =15650


Time (weeks)

Weeks Direct Cost

Total cost

Weakly labour requirement

Project Manager Architecture Labour Engineer

3 1 3 1

650 500 300 300

1350 500 1500 300

1 1 5 1

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