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Afrimativo -contable: there is a book. There are some books -.incontable: there is some tea. Negativo: -contable: thers isnt a book. There arent any books. -incontable: there is no tea. There isnt any tea Interrogativo: - Contable: Is there a book? Are there any books? - Incontable: Is there any tea? Types of holidays houses -country Cottage, bungalow, farm. -Apartment, house, flat. -detached house (casa chalet aislada), detached garage (garage independiente) -semi-detached house (pareado) -terraced house (chalet adosado, en hilera) -three -storey block Modern conveniences -Cosy (acogedor), lovely, quiet, quite old/modern, comfortable, nice, elegant, south facing garden, beautiful countryside (paisaje). -near the bech, in the city centre, in the town centre, about half an hour of the centre, in the country, by the sea, halfway between..., is south of.., is northwest of.., is only 30 minutes drive from..., its only 15 minutes walk from... -near amenities and public transport, in a main road, in a quiet road. - Its a three -storey building (edificio de tres plantas), two-storey house, on the first floor, stairs, elevator. -Rooms: patio, garden, garage, bedroom, kitchen, dining-room, living-room or lounge, bathroom, swimming pool, living room which opens onto a patio. - The house has got..all modern conveniences, Hot and cold running water, Water heater (calentador), large windows, gas an electricity. -Furniture: -Electric cooker, frizzer, fridge, dishwasher, washing maching, dryer (secadora), microwave, oven (horno), toaster (tostadora). -bedside table, dressing table, single bed, double bed, wardrobe, a pair of curtains, carpet, desk, computer, chair, lamp, pictures, bookcase, -Armchair, sofa, coffe table, tv, table, sideboard ( libreria de salon), fireplace, curtains, lamp, pictures. -Mirror, sink (lavabo), tap (grifo), bath, toilet, shower, -Doorbell. Pronunciacin

//thin/n/Como la c o la z del espaol europeo en cinco o zapato.(things, something, death, myth, moth, thigh, thin ) //the //Sonido similar a una d intervoclica espaola como la de cada o modo. (They either, those they, than, then, these) /d/dig/dIg/Sonido ms explosivo que el de una d inicial espaola. (dead, die, day, dish, dining room). La combinacin de letras 'th' se pronuncia con la lengua tocando los dientes. En algunas palabras tiene una pronunciacin vocalizada y en otras no vocalizada (solo aire). 1. Lea la lista abajo, escuche la pronunciacin y luego repita la pronunciacin. Vocalizado this the they there weather mother No vocalizado thanks thin theater Thursday three thing

Likes and dislikes -hate - dislike (no me gusta nada)- dont like - Like enjoy - love -I like eating - Verbos cuyo infinitivo termina en y, se conserva: trying, studying.