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May 2, 2012


Be a Lifetime UPAA Member

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BE A LIFETIME UPAA MEMBER BENEFITS OF LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP IN THE U.P. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Lifetime membership in the UPAA is an ofcial and public proclamation that the alumnus has enjoyed the distinction of having been an Iskolar ng Bayan in the countrys top university and, as well, has chosen to remain actively committed to the nation-building missions of UP and its alumni arm, the UPAA.

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At a more practical level, a lifetime member acquires permanent status as a member in good standing who enjoys the following benets: The right to vote and to be nominated as a member of the UPAA Board of Directors. The use of the UP library in campuses nationwide. Access to a constant ow of information and communication on UP and UPAA, particularly through the UPAA website at and via email at Availability of staff of UPAA and of UP Ofces of Alumni Relations for assistance on alumni matters. Discounts in selected hostels and other lodging establishments in the UP Diliman and Los Banos campuses. Becoming part of an ever-growing network of contacts and opportunities. A distinctive lifetime identication card and membership pin. Other benets that may be announced from time to time.

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Be a Lifetime UPAA Member

APPLYING FOR AND RECEIVING YOUR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP To apply for and receive your Lifetime Member Identication Card (ID Card), Certicate of Lifetime Membership (CLM), and Alumni Pin, follow these steps: 1. Download the UPAA Membership Information Sheet from this website and ll it up. (Note: A U.P. alumnus is one who obtained a degree/diploma OR who earned at least 60 credits from the University.) 2. Email the accomplished UPAA Membership Information Sheet and your passport-size photo (with resolution of at least 320 dpi) to 3. Determine from the following schedule the fees and charges you need to pay: The lifetime membership fee is PhP2,000.00 for Philippine residents, or US$50.00 for overseas residents.

Membership Information Sheet

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Be a Lifetime UPAA Member | UP Alumni Association

Add the appropriate delivery charge for mailing your ID Card, CLM and Pin to your postal address : PhP200.00 to Philippine mailing addresses, or US$5.00 to mailing addresses overseas. 4. Pay the above Lifetime membership fee and registered-mail delivery charge through any of the following payment options: By Credit Card Online On the UPAA website (, click the Donate Now! window and pay the life membership fee and delivery charge. By Cash, Check or Money Order Deliver or mail the total payment (of PhP2,200 or US$55) to the UPAA Secretariat, Ang Bahay ng Alumni, Magsaysay Avenue, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City 1101. By Bank Deposit Deposit or wire your total payment (of PhP2,200 or US$55) to either of the following UPAA bank accounts: In PH Pesos:

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UPAA Current Account No. 0037-000455-001 Philippine Veterans Bank Diliman Branch, Ang Bahay ng Alumni U.P. Diliman, Quezon City

In US Dollars: UPAA Savings Account No. 825-000-3995 RCBC Bank Ortigas Malayan Branch Pasig City (Swift Code RCBCPHMM) 5. Your Lifetime Membership ID Card, Certicate of Lifetime Membership, and Alumni Pin would normally be delivered to your mailingl address within 4 to 6 weeks after the UPAA Secretariat receives your Membership Information Sheet, photo, and payment.

Download Membership Information Sheet here>>

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