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Maternal hesi Q r&r 1. 20 mins after cont epidural, clients bp drops from 120/80 to 90/60.

what action should nurse take immediately? a. Turn mom onto lateral position or put pillow under one hip to deflect uterus b. Other intv: open/increase IV line, put on O2 face mask 10-12l LPM. c. If bp still remains low after intv or cont to drop, then tell HCP & anesthesiologist 2. You find a woman delivering an infant in the parking lot. Husband is screaming for help. What do you do? a. Use thread to tie off cord </--- baby can be transported attached to the placenta b. Give as much privacy as possible</-- not a priority c. Reassure husband & try to keep him calm</--- not a priority d. Put newborn to breast e. Put newborn to breast will help contract the uterus & prevent pp hemorrhage 3. Client is eating ice rather than food on her tray. She states she has been craving ice and feels too full to eat anything else. a. Tell the HCP because she has signs of pica. [pica is craving for and eating nonfood substances] b. Check for anemia 4. Breast feed the baby q2h while massaging the breasts while baby feeds to reduce breast engorgement 5. Placenta site in uterus usually heals in 3-6 wk so lochia should stop by then. 6. lochia timeline: a. lochia serosa day 3-4 & last till day 10 b. lochia albda wk 2-6 7. terbutaline sulfate[ Brethine] is a beta sympathomimetic drug that stimulates the beta adrenergic receptors in the uterus so stop contractions. a. Effects are: tachycardia, increase CO, restlessness , HA, nervousness 8. Mag sulfate effects: a. Depress DT, increase RR, flush warm feeling and dry mouth